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  1. All Episode Talk: They Did BLANK?!

    Yeah, I was thinking Jim Beam but then I also thought of Johnnie Walker. I didn't even think of Jack Daniels. But, in my defense I don't drink any of these. ;)
  2. Season Six All Episode Talk

    I feel it would've cost less if they had both tore down the houses completely and started over from scratch, but that's not their shtick so I guess that wouldn't have worked. I loved the guest bedroom with that window, though! Amazing!!
  3. This was my point I made when this was announced! I'll watch it all right away because I love Joel, but the format is all wrong for this type of show.
  4. Yes, that will definitely help.
  5. I loved, loved this show when it was on. Seeing this thread makes me so happy. I think the later seasons went off the rails a bit, but I still loved the overall premise.
  6. All Episodes Talk: Tread Carefully

    I was a little confused when the prosecution kept bringing up a footprint on the back of her leg. That was never introduced. I believe 100% he was guilty. The problem, from what I saw in this documentary alone so I could be wrong, is that the prosecution was so focused on the blow poke. I was wondering why it had to be the blow poke. Why not something else, or why not just banging her head against the floor? I don't know enough about forensics, but the blow poke made no sense to me because of the tight space, the lack of cast-off etc. I would've liked to have heard more about ALL of the evidence in this documentary. I thought that family we creepy/weird before I heard about the pipe bombs. Their jokes and stuff were just so awkward. I never understood the preserving of the blood in this case. Is that normal? I thought that was the point of photographing the scene. Granted, even the photographs had issues (supposedly) but I still wouldn't think that a crime scene in a lived-in home would be expected to be cordoned off and not used for literally YEARS. Also, who's to say that it was NEVER touched during that time frame?
  7. The remaining finalists team up to create food podcasts about colorful snacks.
  8. S04.E03: 45 RPM 2018.06.15

    I agree. Wasn’t it too late to “save”Deacon anyway? He was on the other side of the beam. It wasn’t like they could just reach through and grab him. So, yeah, it sucked but they didn’t callously leave him. Maybe Cole could be been a bit more sensitive, but there wasn’t anything they could do. I also love Cole and Jennifer’s relationship. This show has done relationships pretty well, imo.
  9. Binging all the episodes now. My love knows no bounds!
  10. I thought paper bag, too. Since, they're literally called brown paper bags lol. But, it's easy to do from the couch lol.
  11. All Episodes Talk: Tread Carefully

    When that one friend in Germany who pointed out how much Elizabeth and his first wife (I forgot her name) looked alike, my first thought was he killed Elizabeth by accident. But, I’m not sure he killed her really. Such an odd coincidence if he didn’t though. I do think he killed Kathleen though and also believe she found out about his lifestyle and threatened to leave him. But, I agree- there is no real evidence to this so the prosecution didn’t do their job. ETA: I’m watching episode 12 and Michael said something I found very strange. He said “I’m going to have to admit...I’m not going to admit. I told them that, never, never would I admit that I killed Kathleen”. Wouldn’t an innocent person say “I would never SAY I killed Kathleen”?
  12. There were so many things she could’ve said. Same with the “brown one” lol.
  13. Or maybe for time. I think the other two,were left in because they were both teachers I thought of taffy too!
  14. Hi! Your post got put into this thread because we already have a thread about gifts- but I also wanted to reply to you about this because my daughter is currently in culinary school and has worked for some chefs and gotten them some gifts. To better help, is this a new chef (ie, graduate, or just starting out) you're getting a gift for, or an established chef? The gifts my daughter and her friends have gotten their chefs were more personal, fun gifts. The first one was a chef who used to sing a certain song all the time, so they recorded him singing the song one day, went to Build-a-Bear and used that recording so when he squeezed the bear's hand it would sing. They have a video of him and the chef LOVED it! The other chef my daughter bought a gift for was when she completed her externship. He had a certain saying he would say when he left every single day. My daughter put the saying on a tshirt with a picture of his face and he also loved it! My point is, if it's an established chef, they don't need any "chefy" things. They have everything. If it's someone just starting out, well that could depend on what kind of chef they are. My daughter is a pastry chef and she was excited yesterday when she got a good deal on a marble slab. What kind of chef is it?
  15. It was never going to go any other way, as I far as I saw it. Ezra really took to being a conman. Yes, he struggled with what he did to that mug girl (Charlotte?), but I'm sure he'd be fine figuring out other ways to con people without going the sweetheart route. Honestly, if it had been picked up, I fully would have expected the new season to pick up 6 months later with the Bumblers meet-up and realizing they all missed each other and the game and Ezra admitting that he picked up the Dr.'s mantle and them eventually coming around to working with Ezra. I personally couldn't care less about Maddy, so I would hope she had stayed gone. So, I guess that's my head cannon since this show is gone. I'm sad because I literally just picked up this show a couple of months ago and binged to catch up and I already am missing it. :(