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  1. S01.E01: Pilot

    I recognized her right away. I was going crazy trying to place Gunter. I had to look him up and remind myself he was on Galavant. sigh. I miss Galavant. I liked it well enough to stick with it but I immediately thought of Castle and The Mentalist too. How many other ways can they possibly get a civilian assigned to a police squad? Very contrived. But, I like the cast well enough I'll watch.
  2. Lol. Me too. TherE was zero reaction from any of the girls to the feathers. Is this normal for Japanese school buses??
  3. Season 4 All Episode Talk

    The facial hair growth on some of the guys says otherwise, as well as the nails. Not sure why you think they were there for only 5 Days.
  4. Season 4 All Episode Talk

    I think she meant while she wasn’t in the pod, not that she was trying to decieve her mom as to whether or not she was in jail. But I also noticed how quickly and easily she lied. Either she did it out of habit, or she figured the only person her mom would help her contact is someone who is going to help her get clean and/or a job. I also wanted to see everyone’s reactions, especially Nate’s. I think my biggest concern for these people are if/when some of these inmates get out. It’ll be easy to figure out who the participants actually are and go after them. I at first thought the same about Nate’s girlfriend, but quickly realized she knew he was coming. I think she’s just nervous/ackward in front of a camera. When was Emmanuel made? Was that the first time it was mentioned they thought he was a snitch?
  5. S04- Angele Track Star

    I read their bio and just picked what they identified themselves as. She said she was a track star.
  6. S04- Angele Track Star

    I’d like to agree with you, but she never went in with good intentions. From her very first interview she basically said she’d not respect and listen to the guards. She was more than ready and willing to go “full inmate” from practically the word go. She learned zero intel that helped the program. All she did was party, have sex and blow up the program.
  7. S11.E16: The Neonatal Nomenclature

    Probably lol. I was 10 days late with my first and was doing all kinds of things to try to induce labor. Luckily I was only 1 day late with my 2nd but still just wanted that part of the pregnancy over with. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed both my pregnancies, but that far into it I was ready for it to be over and just be with my newborn. I also am glad they didn't show a long, drawn out birth. I had both of mine so fast and most certainly didn't scream so I hate TV births. I don't mind Penny & Leonard, unlike some of you. They're a married couple. I don't want drama. Maybe something fun once in awhile would be nice, though.
  8. S01.E07: Full Moon (Creepy AF)

    I didn't even realize! Yay! Nice to see him again. Ok, so I'm letting you all into a guilty pleasure of mine from when I was about 10-12 years old. I loved Popeye the movie with Robin Williams. Flat out FLOVED it. Watched it about 80 times so I was so tickled pink when the Olive Oyl song came on during the tapeworm ambulance scene. I was also grossed out, but I just focused on the song. I'm another fan of Abby and Buck. I am glad I let go of the stuff they were getting wrong and just go along for the ride because this show is batshit crazy, in an enjoyable way.
  9. S36.E01: Can You Reverse the Curse?

    This isn't a new rule, but we may have new posters, so I am restating it here: There is NO preview talk in the episode threads. While not hard-core spoilers, previews contain information for the next episode that many of our posters avoid purposely. To then accidentally read about the preview in the episode thread ruins the experience for them. All posts that mention the previews will be removed We have a separate thread for Previews and (non-spoiler) Speculation. Please take all preview talk there. PTV is a great site where the posters (mostly) respect each other. Let's please keep it that way. Thanks and happy posting!!
  10. S36 Ghost Island Preview and Speculation

    Happened to me too. I just have been using my name as my mother intended it all my life without incident. :)
  11. S36 Ghost Island Preview and Speculation

    Reminder, this is a SPECULATION thread about this season. Not a general discussion thread on how to make the show better, etc. Let's keep this on topic, please.
  12. I'm not gonna lie, I kind of miss the suits because I think Joel looks awesome in them, but other than that I love the freedom Netflix gives. I hope this sticks around for a long while. Paraphrasing: "Last week, or, since this is on Netflix, five years ago..." hahahaha.
  13. Me too! I had a stupid grin in my face for the whole episode!
  14. Season 4 All Episode Talk

    Oh, I won’t blame her either. Not directly. They (the producers, the Colonel, whomever else) shouldn’t have let it get this far. This program was on limited legs anyway since the inmates already know about the show. There’s not much more they can do with this premise.