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  1. All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    I agree. His neighbors who still defend him... did they not hear the tapes?? If that were me and I had taken him in, etc, I would’ve been grateful to still be alive after all of that!
  2. All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    I’ve seen this case before. I forgot how close this town was to some of my family. This was one messed up case. Those kids were awful, but they deserved jail, not death. That guy was batshit crazy. He laid a trap and waited for those kids to come back so he could murder them. Those tapes were chilling. I wonder if the sister knew how bad Brother was. Sounds like he was a bully and all-around shit.
  3. S01.E08: Weiners and Losers

    Yeah, I thought it was just a running joke, not that it would turn into an actual plot point. I don't get why absolutely no one helped Patty when she was getting attacked. I doubt that fall killed Dixie and I don't think anyone could even really blame Patty for what happened. The girl straight up bit her neck! That weiner crown was hilarious lol. Besides the crown, I thought it oddly flattered Patty with the white tights and white jacket with the bright dress underneath.
  4. I've pre-ordered season 4 and bought season 1. I'll get 2 and 3 as soon as I can. I would be rewatching all of them again now, but there's actually a lot of streaming things on Netflix and Hulu that I'm watching. But, I love reading everyone's comments so I hope others continue to rewatch and comment!
  5. S02.E12: Duels 4

    I couldn't agree more! I was thinking these exact thoughts during the episode. The lack of uniformity in the costuming really took me out of the routine!
  6. I didn't even notice as I try to ignore her as much as possible.
  7. This show is so compelling to me. I find myself having some sympathy for these killers, and that just makes me feel... wrong somehow. I've watched three episodes but had to take a bit of a break. James Robertson is a bad, bad person. I don't necessarily think that being in solitary confinement made him any worse than he ever was going to be, but it is a sad state of affairs when an inmate WANTS to be on Death Row because they're treated better. There definitely should be a time limit for solitary confinement. I forget what they called it, but if it's the equivalent of solitary confinement, why was another inmate put into a cell with him? Kenneth Foster. I don't really buy his story. They were out to do damage. That's why they were joy riding. Especially once he made his confession about goading his friend into going after that guy, he definitely should be held accountable. He had to have known how his friend was going to react. I'm sure Kenneth knew he had a gun. Maybe he felt it was unfair since he didn't pull the trigger, but I don't. Justin Dickens is a tougher one for me. If any of these three that I've watched could have been rehabilitated, it would be him. I don't think he felt bad for his actions at the time, but I feel like once he spent some real time away from the toxicity of his environment and Dallas, particularly, he got some perspective. Also, that prosecutor who kept telling the shopkeeper that his recollection was wrong was ridiculous.
  8. S07.17 Derek & Annabelle

    A mystery email leads Nev and Laura to help Derek track down his online love Annabelle. After digging, they uncover a sexy Snapchat scandal, betrayal, and a conclusion that hits closer to home than Derek could have ever dreamed.
  9. Marcus Lemonis and executive producer Amber Mazzola look back at the making of a Season 1 episode to share production secrets and some never-before-seen footage
  10. S01.E02: Skinny Is Magic

    Christopher Gorham. ;) I think it's funny how he used to play the awkward, dorky characters but gets a six-pack and now he's always playing "hot" characters with their shirt off. I still think he's a bit dorky looking. Patty's friend isn't only loyal. She completely has the hots for/is in love with Patty. This show is campy from beginning to end. I love it!
  11. I think this is a bit of revisionist history. He's had time to think of a good excuse (even though baby brain is a perfectly good one already). Why would you think "you can't just say Barak"? That's EXACTLY what you hope would happen. One guess and move on to the next one!
  12. I am not really following NXIVM, so I didn't realize Grace Park was involved. Wow!
  13. The Profit An Inside Look: LA Dogworks

    I agree. That part made me cringe, but more because there was ways to make that better and the owner just didn't do it.
  14. Since I was looking on IMDB to see exactly who was in this, I thought this would be a fun place to discuss where we've seen the cast before. James Roday will always be Shawn Spencer from Psych. I really loved that show. I saw Christine Ochoa was in Valor, which I watched for completely unknown reasons, and recently in Animal Kingdom. Grace Park is obviously from Battlestar Galatica and Hawaii 5-0 And then, the one I didn't even recognize at first- I've seen Allison Miller in Selfie. She looked completely different with short, black hair but she was so funny!
  15. I seriously doubt they're saying their lives are better after their friend/husband/whatever kills himself. I'm sure it'll be framed more along the ways that these people learn how to continue living their lives without the person. Is the push back from people who have seen the pilot episode, or are they basing it on the preview? Because if they haven't seen it, it's really unfair to make such a claim without seeing, at the very least, the first episode. Also, I don't agree that 13 Reasons Why shows suicide in a positive light, but that's a discussion for another thread. ;) Anyway, I am in for the following actors, in this order: 1. James Corday 2. Ron Livingston 3. Allison Miller (took me a minute to place her from Selfie- RIP) 4. David Giuntoli (I only watched about 3 episodes of Grimm but he is nice to look at) I am not here for, and wish they weren't in this: 1. Grace Park 2. Christine Ochoa I've seen them in enough things to recognize they are weak actors, so it bums me out a little.