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  1. S02.E08: Messy

    I agree with everything you said. I was hoping the last episode was a step toward moving away from a Lena/Martin endgame, but I feel like they took 5 steps back this week. I hate what they did to Vlad. I think Paige looked great, but I still really didn't like her character. A lot has to do with AL's "acting". She always has this smirk on her face that I want to wipe off.
  2. S 10 E 08

    I’m pretty sure the no birthday stuff is because of allergies and other dietary restrictions, not summer kids being left out.
  3. S 10 E 08

    This was a constant battle in our house. My husband and I both grew up in households where our parents would force us to finish our plates, regardless of how we felt about the food. I have memories of sitting at the table HOURS after everyone else finished. When we had children, I would allow them to have a say in SOME of their foods, but only after they gave an "honest try" (a real, actual bite, not a pretend bite) and that they kept periodically trying the same thing. I would provide 1 alternate item sometimes to offset the item my daughter(s) didn't like. But not at every meal. Mostly, the occasional dinner. This has resulted in my daughters hating and then loving LOTS of foods. My husband didn't necessarily agree with that tactic and wanted me to figuratively sit on top of them and force feed them (obviously, not really). Kids taste buds are different, but if parents stick to their guns, they will learn to appreciate different foods. I never got the parents who would say "my kid ONLY eats chicken nuggets", or some such thing, and that's all they ate for every single meal for years. Overall, this episode was terrible. I hated the "Mother" name. I would never associate the word "mother" to a beverage. I think that's the very first thing that needs to change. I'm still not convinced that adding all that other stuff even maintains the healthy benefits of the apple cider vinegar anyway. Beth was such a bitch during this pitch. Well, she always is. I don't like her at all, but the way she said that they should've warned them was extremely rude. I have no other experience with her other than having a general idea of who she is and then this show. From the little bit shown here, I will avoid her like the plague. I was extremely grossed out by the pimple popper thing. I honestly do not get the appeal to this. Yumely, while I guess is smart targeting to the kids, I just don't think we (the universal "we") need another food subscription plan. I've tried several plans because I like them in theory, but we either don't cook the food fast enough, there aren't enough options for what we want for the plans I can afford (healthier options), the serving sizes is not enough for my husband (2 servings is not enough, 4 is too many and jacks up the cost) that I will just stick to going to the grocery store and buy stuff and look up recipes online. Bollywood workout- looks like it may be fun, but I avoid the dancing workouts because I'm not coordinated enough. Also, seems like a fad that could die out. But, then again, Zumba has been around for quite some time. I wish him luck.
  4. Reunion talk
  5. S37:E13 Finale

    Finale talk Please note that this is to talk about the ENTIRE finale including the announcement of the winner, even if it technically happens during the reunion.
  6. This is where you can talk LIVE during the reunion
  7. S37:E13 Finale LIVE CHAT

    This is where you can talk LIVE during the finale.
  8. S37:E12 Are You Feeling Lucky?

    One castaway will earn a one-in-six chance at the title of Sole Survivor after winning a crucial immunity challenge.
  9. S01.E09: Perspective

    I’m mostly confused why Regina asked Rome if he wanted her to call “the super” and then later his father said he was a “home owner”. Are they in a condo or house? If it’s a condo, do condos have “supers”? I really don’t know. We’ve only ever owned a single family home.
  10. S02.E06: No More Mr. Nice Kai

    I also thought t was a really weird cut between the scene when Manfred was talking to Patience and telling her to go back in the room because of hearing screaming and then him being in the weird pool room and hitting hot cowboy in the head. I also think its Patience that’s evil.
  11. S1:E07 Little Cyst

    Hey guys. As has been mentioned, we have a thread for nitpicking the period stuff. Let's take those discussions to the appropriate thread: http://forums.previously.tv/topic/75072-my-generation-period-set-style-slang-etc/?page=2&tab=comments#comment-4900321
  12. S01.E07: The Ride Along

    I a, the least interested in that storyline, so yeah I wasn’t looking. Thanks for correcting me! I like the Ashmore’s, so I guess I’ll pay attention now
  13. S01.E07: The Ride Along

    Granted, I was multi-tasking, but I am pretty sure neither of the Ashmore's were in this. I checked IMDB and neither were listed for this episode. I knew it wasn't going to be a girl, but I just figured he'd pick up a book. Did Henry say his roommate moved into his girlfriend's dorm? I, for some reason, just automatically assumed she lived off-campus. But, again, multi-tasking.
  14. S37:E11 So Smart They're Dumb

    I've had to hide a few posts. If you fully suspect something is a spoiler, repeating said "spoiler" is then perceived as a spoiler and gets people upset. Posts related to this "spoiler" have been removed. Also, as a reminder, it is not your place to scold another poster. If you have an issue with what a poster says and think it's something that should be dealt with, report it. Contrary to what some people would like, references to someone's looks on a television show is allowed here. You may not agree with that person, but you cannot tell them they should be ashamed of themselves, etc.
  15. S37:E11 So Smart They're Dumb

    Reminder: there is NO preview talk in episode threads. Zero, Zilch, Nada. ANY mention of the previews in your posts will cause the posts to be removed. Previews can be discussed in the Preview & Speculation thread.