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  1. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    I think Tyler or Fessy will get it.
  2. Kourtney

    Kind of odd for them to egg this on if he's still with Sofia.
  3. Kylie

    I liked the party theme and even all their outfits.
  4. S03.E11: Your Passages Have Been Paid

    Doesn't a board member need to be officially told of a vote? Whether they attend is different, but they need to be informed. Micah needs to be slapped upside the head, his friends are going to end up being first occupants of the jail. Does her mother really want to go there? Where Darla was during this time seems to be walked on eggshells about but her mother keeps bringing up RA's people in his house now like it's the worst or his jail time. How about they bring in where Hollywood to point out he found Blue in a motel while Darla was having sex with a john for money.
  5. The Bachelorette in the Media

    Loved Becca's response to Rachel.
  6. That van is like 25 years old.
  7. Becca looks happy and I loved they showed them on their secret weekend considering what last secret weekend footage we got with Becca,
  8. Blake breaking the internet will make him The Bachelor lol
  9. Blake kind of looks like Johnny Manziel.
  10. Code Black In the Media

    They were stupid to cancel based on it's performance.
  11. S3.10: Here Besides The River

    They seem to be slapping things together this season and dropping it. I also don't see te point of Davis haing the teenager just yo drop it? Micah instead is being a brat with his new pack instead of dealing with having a sister. He hasn't even mentioned it! Darla's parents are funding this entire thing for her, the house, the job, calling child services. RA was handling it alone, they only now got Vi only got involved because of Darla's manipulating mother.
  12. Season 3 Discussion

    That didn't feel like a series finale. Wasn't really the overall ending I expected. Did Ryan even wake up?