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  1. S02.E11: Quarantine, Part 2

    I liked the quarantine plot bringing different people together. Was this supposed to air before Christmas and it got pushed? A little late for a Christmas carol music ending.
  2. Sami has a billion family members, but she needs Rafe to come look after Johnny? The cop who hates his father? Sounds like Johnny is going Dimera, may be Sami should have called Will, Theo or Chad instead of someone not even related.
  3. Nick sure got over his Phyllis anger fast, they're horrible together.
  4. Shouldn't Leonard have more of an issue with his current only way of having child is Zach? I think they brushed under the rug his feelings on Penny not wanting kids.
  5. I loved the Love Actually cards move by Raj. Date 1 should be Anu watching it.
  6. S10.E11: A Moving Day

    Pam is the worst, she's not funny. Twins! They can't raise twins in that garage.
  7. Grown-ish

    They need Cash back.
  8. Jersey Shore

  9. A lot of it is. While Chad's behaviour and Chad's reactions are on him, he needs to own that. All his reactions are based on everything Gabi did to him. Would Chad have handed that baby over to Stefan if he knew Charlotte was his? No. None of this would have gone down the way it did had Gabi not changed the paternity to say that the rapist was the father. Another thing she had no issues with, having an innocent child be handed to a rapist.
  10. Good, they should ask Drake instead. lol
  11. Jersey Shore

    Same nonsense, different day. https://www.tmz.com/2019/01/02/ronnie-ortiz-magro-person-interest-alleged-burglary-jen-harley-split-fight/
  12. Kanye? Any thoughts? He's going to throw a family betrayal rant. And is his Drake obsession just coming from the fact Drake was #1 in basically everything music this past year?
  13. Khloe

    There's no way that calvin's pic isn't photoshopped.
  14. Kourtney

    That's very amicable. lol I guess since this has lasted so long, Kourt needs to meet half way but this is way beyond that. lol