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  1. The Media Kingdom

    Gil Birmingham & Dichen Lachman Set To Recur In Season 3 Of TNT Series http://deadline.com/2018/03/animal-kingdom-gil-birmingham-dichen-lachman-recur-season-3-tnt-series-1202316591/
  2. The Originals in the Media

    Alaric only? No Caroline?
  3. S22.E11: Week 10

    Well that was interesting.
  4. Kendall

    Vanity Fair Party:
  5. Odds of 99.9% it was going to be a girl.
  6. S02.E16: Vegas, Baby

    I loved that they actually filmed in Vegas.
  7. Steffy should say yes. I don't get the appeal of Liam. Bill calling Liam out about Hope to Steffy was so true.
  8. S22.E09: The Women Tell All

    "Yes, but this is..the.. Bachelor." LOL I loved Arie saying that to Krystal. He was awesome in how he handled her.
  9. S08.E09: Honor

    Awww RIP Carl.
  10. So happy she's telling Nick the truth, she had to after keeping the reverse secret. I only wish it would come out the length of time Chelsea knew.
  11. So happy Cody and Jess won! Great season and finale down to the end.
  12. S30: Cody & Jessica

    Aww congrats to them.