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  1. S06.E09: Jennings, Elizabeth

    Stan would be my guess, maybe he gets something right next week. That was surreal, like a scene right out of Police Squad or Sledge Hammer. Not sure if that was intentional or not. The show has done those weird offbeat jokes before, but that was a strange moment to do it. I guess getting killed by the other would've made the day only slightly worse for either of them.
  2. S06.E08: The Summit

    That background may complicate matters. If Stan tells anybody at work about his suspicions, even if it's just Aderholt during lunch, this will probably look bad for Renee so Stan will have a motivation for whatever solution he comes up with. Or it may be just enough of a delay so things can unfold as they should.
  3. S02.E06: The Trolley Problem

    Yeah that's what I think as well. What's the "Ride or Die Protocol"? Great episode, the show's really running full steam on track (quite literally this week, that subplot was just epic). It's probably way too plot heavy for a large audience to ever really take off ratings wise, but I'll be damned (and off the bad place, where I'll go anyway if the show's scoring system would be applied, so screw it!) if this isn't the best comedy right now. The whole cast was absolutely on fire as well, with no exceptions. Favorite moment this week goes to Jason for popping the Pikachu balloon, that was just perfect comedic timing. Ted Danson is getting better every week (how is that even possible?), his gleeful evil version of Michael is the best thing ever, period. Count me in among the "wants that shrimp machine" crowd. Eleanor is right, this is the dream. Who cares about that boring lump of carbon?
  4. S07.E07: The Dragon And The Wolf

    Well, that's the books - the show never mentioned it, possibly because (f)Aegon was the third. I'm also not sure it stands for dragon rider in the books - three heads could just refer to three figurative heads, the heads of the House Targaryen. Or maybe Aegon and Jon do ride the dragons there and Aegon goes down with Viserion in a similar (hopefully much less stupid) way like Viserion in the show. They never bothered to attack them, it seems. Maybe never noticed. So I assume they just let them walk and way and then... I dunno, maybe the old spies behind the line routine? It would be a nice subplot to start off next season.
  5. Season 8: Speculation and Spoilers Discussion

    They can just send Sam to the Citadel to look for a treatment. Or maybe Mel knows something - your ending is possible, but I doubt that this is what GRRM has envisioned for her from the very beginning. Re: how long is Cersei going to stick around? They'll probably capture a wight next week and arrive in KL in the season finale. Cersei said she likes an armistice so she can plot to kill her or whatever, so she'll accept Dany's proposal. Dany, Jon et al will move up north and the continuing skirmishes against the WW and Cersei's plotting is likely how the first couple of episodes of season 8 will play out. The penultimate episode (in this case, episode 5) will likely be the big ass battle with Dragons, WW and whatever else HBO can afford, with the finale probably being the killing of the NK and resolution. Episode four should be the transition episode leading up to that final battle. Cersei's downfall is going to be a great couple of scenes and shouldn't be overshadowed by a WW battle, so I guess she'll get her big moment(s) in episode three or four.
  6. S07.E05: Eastwatch

    Sam wins hypocrite of the week award - that was right under your nose! Arya vs LF is going to be interesting. I'm he's got something up his sleeve, but Arya's a level 20 assassin (and she wisely didn't neglect to put some points in lockpicking) now with heavy plot armor - good luck in that fight... Speaking of Arya: She got right to Sansa there - yeah, she knows those thoughts are wrong and she can not act on them, but Arya's right that they're there. So is Cersei's plan now to accept the armistice and strike them in their back? Sounds about right. The Gendry stuff was handled pretty fast, from KL to north of the Wall in fifteen minutes of screen time. But luckily for him, he seems pretty adept with that war hammer - crushing skulls sounds like a good way to take out a wight.
  7. S07.E03: The Queen's Justice

    Looks like Sam will be staying at the Citadel for a while now... which is fine with me. A lot more interesting than his previous plot and a lot funnier too. "I've read the directions in the books and followed them" was a great line. Dany's conquest so far is pretty much a complete and utter disaster. She's lost her fleet, she's lost Olenna and the Sand Snakes - and with them Dorne and the Reach, plus one of two Greyjoys in her camp. And the Unsullied are currently trapped in Casterly Rock, which is strategically pretty worthless. Cersei has simply outsmarted Dany by a mile, kudos to that - and now Dany will have to take out her dragons and get in on the action herself (no, not like that!) - too bad that Cersei has a shiny new dragon slaying ballista now. This is gonna be one hell of a fight. Great pep talk there Bran... sheesh. Maybe could've said something about Littlefinger arranging your parents deaths, ya know? Oh well, they clearly have to wait until Arya arrives - which means she could also use his face. Which could come in very handy. At the very least she could impersonate him when he'll have to talk to the Lords of the Vale. Weekend at Littlefinger's - I want that! And the Orphan-Black style comedy version of it too where where Maise Williams does all the impersonations - there's your spinoff, HBO!
  8. S07.E02: Stormborn

    Fair enough. But I think Cersei can work around that acceptance problem, as she did this episode - it's not like Dany's overly popular among the noble houses of Westeros and there aren't any other, more legitimate options.
  9. S07.E02: Stormborn

    Why does it even matter if Cersei would be anywhere close to being Tommen's legitimate heir? The point is she took the Throne because she could.
  10. S07.E02: Stormborn

    If I recall correctly, only Tyene dabbles in poison and she never got close to him (not yet anyway). To be fair, it was very dark - if Euron told his crew to keep the torches under deck until the attack actually starts, it would be very, very hard to spot them. Maybe they could've sent scouts and maybe they even did - but they may well have been captured. I also heard a theory about someone in their camp being a spy for Euron, which isn't impossible - I doubt Euron planted him there before the Kingsmoot as he was pretty unprepared (otherwise he would've made sure to stop from from escaping in the first place), but maybe someone loyal to him thought quickly and just pretended to run away with Yara and Theon. Either way, that Euron managed to surprise them wasn't unbelievable, at least not to me.
  11. S07.E02: Stormborn

    No, it was Whip-Snake at the front and Grumpy Snake at the top. Ellaria will probably die at the hands of Cersei (and I'm very much okay with that).
  12. S07.E02: Stormborn

    Yeah, the valonqar thing. But even if it weren't, we'd still have that whole "Jaime already killed a mad monarch who wanted to burn the city to the ground once" thing, which I'd be shocked if it's not going to mirror with "I'll burn the whole city to the ground if I have to" Cersei.
  13. S07.E02: Stormborn

    Yeah, I'm also firmly in the Jaime-kills-her camp, but who knows? Tyene also lived (for now at least).
  14. S07.E02: Stormborn

    I thought it was one of the Sand Snakes - not sure which one, the one with the whip I think.
  15. S07.E02: Stormborn

    You're crazy ;) Seriously, she ain't going south. That path clearly leads north - it looks just a little bit more wintery there than the other route, but it's clearly a directing choice so we know where she's heading. Besides, Cersei isn't going to die that early in the season.