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  1. Something Unexpected: All Episodes Discussion

    My son is 24, and he's still a chill and funny and fun to be around. All his friends love me and call me Mama Mostly. @teapot, I cosign every word of your post. You made an informed decision and it was the right one for you, probably because you were not a spoiled teenage princess or an ignorant know it all or a desperate damsel who wanted to hold on to her boyfriend and play house, but an intelligent young woman who could see the bigger picture.
  2. Something Unexpected: All Episodes Discussion

    Exactly. I'm not one of those nay sayers who's always raining on people's parades ("wait till he's TWO!" "wait till he's a teenager and hates you". I could never understand people who said these things, and I can say honestly I loved every age. My son was a blast and super fun and great to be around. He had some toddler behaviors but he was not a monster. As a teen he was chill and funny and never hated me or his dad. Kids are fun. BUT, I was 39 when I had my son. I was not a spoiled high school girl who wanted to go out and "be a normal teenager". I didn't have to watch all my friends go do fun stuff, go to college, have experiences outside the home town. I understood the reality and didn't mind it at all. By the time I became a mother I was more of a homebody, didn't mind housework, didn't care at all if I didn't leave the house for two days. (that is my idea of perfection now!). I had a good job and was able to take 6 months maternity leave. When I see these girls bleating about going to prom or wanting to go out with their friends or wanting to do cheer, I feel sad for them. They still don't realize that that ship has sailed. They've made other choices. And now they have to live with them. I don't think its necessarily helpful for people to scold them endlessly about how HARD and EXPENSIVE and GRUELING it is to have kids. But someone should talk with them seriously about pros, cons, choices, and priorities. Emily was talking about going to college and doing cheer and I was thinking "she wants the college experience her friends will have. And she is not going to get it. She won't live in the dorms and go to parties. She'll have to commute to class and rush home to pick up her baby". She doesn't seem ambitious and focused. If she does make it to college she won't last a year. They never seem to see the bigger picture. McKayla wants a big splashy wedding. Maybe if she'd bought a box of condoms she could have one.
  3. Something Unexpected: All Episodes Discussion

    McKayla wants a wedding, not be married. If she wanted to be married, she and Caelen would go to the courthouse. But of course we all knew that. The whole thing is an attention grab. First they get knocked up and have showers and gender reveal parties and gift registries, then they're at the hospital, the center of attention, then they out and about with a cute baby and everyone coos and makes a fuss. This ends. Eventually she's a frowzy young woman in yesterday's clothes, with a couple of grubby, yelling toddlers and everyone at Target is judging her. The pretty young mother with a cute baby thing does not last forever. McKayla wants a big wedding to hang on to the spotlight. There'll be a wedding shower, engagement party, rehearsal dinner, bachelorette night......Someday she may learn that the sun doesn't rise and set out of her ass.
  4. S01.E16: Stay in Your Lane

    Where lumpy, ugly, inarticulate, unintelligent, fatuous Kyler gets the idea that he's some kind of prize is a mystery for the ages. That he scored a cute cheerleader boggles my mind. He looks like he eats paste.
  5. Something Unexpected: All Episodes Discussion

    McKayla, sitting in a chair and blandly expecting her grandparents to fork over $30,000 for her wedding, and expressing surprise that maybe they wouldn't unquestioningly give her whatever she wanted, was, um, really something. That level of self centered takes effort.
  6. S01.E16: Stay in Your Lane

    If Kayla's pediatric practice was anything like mine, she probably couldn't wait because she's lose her appointment. If you were five minutes late for mine, you were not seen and had to reschedule. No exceptions. Either way--if Stephan wasn't going, would it kill him to call and tell her? Its all about control for him. He has a built in reason to blow his stack at Kayla no matter what she does. Go? He's mad. Call him to find out where he is? He's mad. Wait for him? Probably mad too. I loathe him the most of this whole unprepossessing bunch of ragey, mumbly, feckless losers. OK, maybe not Bar, I kind of have a soft spot for him. Ashley is pure, unadulterated, spoiled trash. Shen's a nightmare, but Ashley cannot ever just grit her teeth and walk away. Probably learned at Pastor "I'll kill a motherfucker" Tea's knee. I feel bad for Bar, who seems like a nice enough kid. He's walking a knife blade between Ashley and his mother. It must be hard.
  7. I am beside myself with joy! See you all over there!
  8. S01.E16: Stay in Your Lane

    Kayla needs to move to another state and change her name. Stephan is one barely contained rage ball. He makes me recoil every time he's on screen. Nice job, Kayla. You found the most unstable, meanest ugliest guy in the state to father your child.
  9. Something Unexpected: All Episodes Discussion

    Hahaha, great point. I'm sure they'll be handing off their phones the minute the baby can grasp them. Like many of you, I itched to smack that smug smirk off Laura's face. She thinks she's all that. Just wait a year or two honey. You'll be pushing your cart at Walmart, with a dirty faced toddler and probably a crabby, tired baby in tow. Any hope of hanging on to your fresh teenage face is long gone (she already looks ten years older than she is). You'll be staring daggers at young, pretty high school girls, and talking smack about them (probably in earshot). You'll have to work night shift at the Waffle House to make ends meet. Your crap boyfriend will be long gone. Good luck with that. McKayla, holy shit. She's quite accustomed to being the queen bee. Someday poor old Grandpa Tim is going to work himself into a heart attack or a stroke. I'm pleased to bet 5 dollars American right now that Princess McKayla will be pretty scarce when that time comes. She won't be sitting by his bedside or helping her grandma clean the house or driving her to the hospital. Just a wild guess. I'm 64 and liberal as they come, I think your mother and I would get on very well indeed. I don't want to shame pregnant teens. But these endless parties and special attention send the wrong message, imo. Sure, have your grammy and your girlfriends and your aunties come over for cake and punch and give you some diapers and crib sheets and cute, but useless, outfits. Renting a hall? Registering? Hahahahahahaha. These girls are looking for attention and they LOVE the fuss. Having a baby is a blessed event, sure. But its also a one way ticket on the Reality Train. Its life changing, its work, and sacrifices have to be made. You want to be a grown up? Then grow the hell up. And don't expect me to let your spotty, mumbling, asshole boyfriend move in either. Where do these girls find these treasures? I have a son and I have known many, many teenage boys. Who have largely been sweet, smart, good mannered young men who would never ever show a tenth of the attitude to the parents of their girlfriends that these prizes show. And I know they weren't choirboys. They were normal teenagers. But this crew makes them look like it. Labor lasts a long, long time. Why shouldn't the kid take a damn nap? I can't stand people who have to live everyone else's lives for them. He wanted to take a nap, he didn't strangle a kitten. Jesus, Jessica needs to switch to decaf.
  10. S01.E17: Decisions, Decisions

    Ashley is pure trash. Does she even hear herself? Dumbdumb Lexi is still sighing over gormless, charmless, personality free Kyler, I see. Jade and Sean are so toxic it actually makes me uncomfortable. Why isn't Stefan in the slammer yet? That guy is an assault charge waiting to happen. He always looks like he's about to haul off and clobber someone.
  11. S02.E12: Tell-All

    Simple. They want a TV show. Publicity so people will contribute to their GoFundMe. Attention. Oh god I never thought of that but you are right on the money. She'll swan around in her mutton dressed as lamb wardrobe, flirt outrageously so she can feed her own ego, be the "cool mom" who leaves the condoms in a candy dish in the living room, and offer the boys a beer. Gag.
  12. S02.E12: Tell-All

    Stacy and Clinton would have told Rachel to "dress for the body you have", and called her outfits "I give up" wear. She could be much more attractive if she made the most of herself. She's not fat. She's not a size zero but she's not fat. She has pretty long hair and nice skin. A nice smile when she bothers to crank it out. If she'd find some decent pieces that fit her she would look 100 times better. Stacy and Clinton would get her in some twill trousers or dark wash jeans, a nice silk blouse with a modest print, and a jacket, with some nice boots or cute flats. A pretty, flirty, girly dress with an Empire waist and some metallic sandals, with a pop of color in a clutch bag. Some statement earrings or necklace. Ted would take six inches off her hair and give her some layers so the natural wave could come through, and add some subtle blond highlights. Carmindy would "enhance her natural beauty" with a nice plum colored eye shadow, lots of (waterproof, of course) mascara, a soft pinky/coraly blush on the apples of her cheeks, and pink lip gloss. Voila! Why she chooses to be so frumpy I don't know. And agreed on Angela. If Michael hadn't said "elder" she would have latched on to something else. Anything. She was going to find a way to dramatically throw down that ring and flounce off. Guaranteed.
  13. S02.E12: Tell-All

    I agree. Rachel and Jon are acting like a couple of teenagers who think they're Romeo and Juliet. And Jon is nowhere near past his rage. He is just getting started. So, has anyone heard any dirt on Darcey's new guy? He's not a really hot Muslim guy from Algeria who speaks no English, is he?
  14. S02.E12: Tell-All

    Oh, they totally did. I agree, her period was late and she consulted someone for a remedy to bring it. Old suspicious controlling Tariq just jumped to conclusions. Remember when Jesse's stepdad was waxing eloquent about his astonishing masculine beauty, and how he was constantly besieged by beautiful young women who threw their panties at him? They're all fucking delusional. Eh. If any of us saw Angie at the 7-11 and started berating her in person, calling her names and so on, I'd look at that askance. If someone was on her twitter or Facebook and lobbing insults I'd think that person was an asshole. But to talk smack about a thoroughly crass and trashy person who elected to appear on TV, and furthermore, embraces and flaunts her trashiness? Fair game, I'd say.
  15. Darcey is going full on Priscilla Presley. She was so pretty. Even if she had just gone subtle with the enhancements, she could still look good. But at 42 she does not need the amount of work she's already had done, and she'll continue to get more and more in her endless quest. You can see how bad her skin looks already--it seems that people who go in for botox and other fillers do so at the expense of their skin. She looks leathery and her skin doesn't look soft or smooth--it looks coarse textured and rough. And lip fillers look awful on just about everyone, imo. Their mouths look all cockeyed. She is a mess.