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  1. S02.E02: My Mom Doesn’t Like You

    Yes, this. I don't have a care in the world if teenagers are having sex--as long as they are responsible and use protection. But I would object in the strongest possible terms if my teenage daughter blandly expected me to let her methy, drug addled, abusive boyfriend to move in. Uh uh. You guys want to play house? Fine. Get an apartment. Live the dream. Don't expect me to support you and your stupid baby daddy. The girls want their mothers to support them, provide free child care, and look the other way while they're doing the mattress tango. They want to be teenage mothers, with an ersatz "husband" and a cute baby, and they want to be normal teenagers, go to high school, do activities, go to parties, and date. Wrong. You made your choice. You don't get both. And you certainly don't get both under my roof and expect me to pick up your slack. If dad wants to come over and help out, be involved in the baby's life, have at it. But go home to your own parents. Every day.
  2. Season 2-more Rattled!

    SHE works for the church too! AND its her father's church! But if she has helpers they are gowned, gloved, and probably entering through a sterile airlock. I have never seen a more ridiculous germaphobe. My son was in NICU for almost 6 weeks and when he was sent home the staff told me to treat him like a regular baby. Have people wash their hands, and obviously don't let anyone handle him who had a cold or anything. I'd be begging people to come over and they'd say "oh I can't yet, I coughed this morning". I'm still boggling over her not letting her friend into the house "because its flu season"!!
  3. S02.E02: Face to Face

    Exactly. Ricky is not making a romantic gesture, he's a creepy stalker.
  4. Season 2-more Rattled!

    Right? Jesus, girl, switch to decaf. Everything that could have gone wrong went wrong? Talk to triplet mama, who spent 2 months in the hospital on bed rest being pumped full of drugs so she wouldn't go into labor, and then spent countless days and nights in the NICU. Talk to anyone who labored for 24 hours and pushed for 3, and still had to have a C section. Talk to anyone who had a stillbirth. Talk to anyone who almost died from blood loss. Talk to anyone who tore so badly she needed 100 stitches. Mariah is a self absorbed spoiled brat. Her baby seems quite placid and she herself says she stays up to "watch him". Choices, we all make them. Part of being a grown up is understanding that we make choices and live with them. The world won't stop for you. She's another one of those silly women who pushes out a baby and thinks she's the only person on earth who's ever done it. Get. Over. Yourself.
  5. S02.E02: My Mom Doesn’t Like You

    Shaeden swanned around Kelsey's house being extremely rude, dropping his dirty clothes everywhere and ostentatiously leaving the room when Kelsey spoke to him. He is at the very least emotionally abusive to Lexus. He was horrible to the baby when she first came home--refused to give her a binkie when she cried, saying she'd "get addicted to it", didn't want to pick her up when she cried, saying she'd be "spoiled". His tone to Kelsey is always rude and dismissive. He says things to Lexus like "don't do things that make me mad". He's already been to jail. Seriously, the pickings must be slim in the places where these girls live. It looks like each of these girls searched far and wide to find the worst possible person to procreate with.
  6. Season 2-more Rattled!

    Don't even get me started on triplet mom dressing up her babies like dollies and taking their picture the instant she got them home. Seriously? and its so not stressful to bring the babies into a room that's lit like you're going to be doing eye surgery in there. No wonder they were crying. Sheesh. Its very formula, isn't it? "I'm exhausted! Its so hard to take care of a baby!" Mariah isn't sleeping. Not because her baby's fussy, but because she has to always "check on him". And get her lashes on, of course. And fight with Raymond, who as far as I can see, is being helpful, is rational, and is doing what he can (when he can get the baby away from pushy grandma). Everyone's freaking out about changing diapers. People. You are not splitting the atom here. Your dog could probably do it. Calm the hell down.
  7. Season 2-more Rattled!

    Mariah and her pushy, overbearing mother can miss me. "Are you baptizing the baby? I'm getting a vote, since I am the grandmother!" So mom crashes in and takes over the whole conversation. Raymond was not being obnoxious or disrespectful, but he will always be outnumbered and treated like he's just a bother while they're playing house at MIL's. And Mariah? Pro tip. If you have a newborn and are exhausted, do not spend your free moments gluing on your false eyelashes and troweling on the highlight. Lie down and rest. Matt, I see you. You are not fooling me, even if you are fooling poor hopeful Jamie Lynn. Ryan works in his father in law's megachurch and even he can't get more than a few days off when the babies come home? That's poor.
  8. S02.E02: My Mom Doesn’t Like You

    Max seems to think he's king of the universe because one stupid, doe eyed girl hangs on his every word and is eager to do his bidding. Even when her mother speaks to her directly, he answers. I don't think he's a sociopath, but I do think that he's very narcissistic and full of himself. I agree on Shannon. I have stated on these boards more than once that I am baffled by these parents who let their kids play house with their boyfriends in their homes! The reasoning that they're there "to help with the baby" is bullshit! I would say "sorry honey. You decided to have a baby at 16. And now you get to deal with the reality of having a kid at 16. Find out a way to take care of it, get your schooling, and make some money. Your pig ignorant, disrespectful ass of a boyfriend may come over during the day and help you, but will not be living here for extended periods. If you want to live together, get an apartment." I'm not strict and I don't have anything against teens having sex, as long as they are smart about it and use protection! These dippy kids think they'll just go on with their normal teen lives, but have a cute, attention getting baby to show off. The derp is strong. Diego is nothing but a brat, who hides his insecurity with bluster. And I agree that showers should be ladies only, no guy really cares. BUT if he was there, he should have sucked it up and been polite. So massively insecure he's afraid his buds will tease him about it. He'll be gone before the next snowfall. Bye.
  9. S02.E02: Face to Face

    I was being sarcastic. Fat shaming is pretty prevalent in shows of this type.
  10. S02.E02: My Mom Doesn’t Like You

    Diego's mother had me rolling. Does she still cut up his food for him? No wonder he's such a big baby. Ugh. His behavior at the shower was terrible, of course. But oh my god, that was such a sad little event. No one was laughing or enjoying themselves. Shaeden will be back in jail with a quickness, so there's that to be thankful for. Maybe Lexus will be able to meet someone else and move on if he spends enough time up the river. Red flags all over the place. "don't do things that make me mad". Oy.
  11. S02.E02: Face to Face

    If you're crafty I bet you could make one! Looks like you could have a thriving cottage industry! Thanks for your post, @millennium. I'm one of the people who speculated that Melissa could be either be unattractive, a guy, or (worst of all!) FAT. I most emphatically did not mean to imply that trans gender folks are deceivers or somehow "lying" about themselves. I was speculating that the pictures that Ricky "fell in love" with were not actual pictures of Melissa, but that some guy was messing with people's heads by posing as a "hot" woman. (As we've seen on Catfish more than once.) Not that Melissa is transgender. I would never refer to a transgender woman as a man. Ever. I hope you were not caused any hurt by my post. But if Melissa is in fact transgender, I guarantee Ricky will not be cool with it. Either he throws up in public often, or (I fervently hope!) he nipped into the nearest drugstore for a toothbrush and toothpaste. Because ew.
  12. S02.E02: Face to Face

    Raising hand. Me me me!! Jesus, Ricky. Have a little pride.
  13. S02.E02: Face to Face

    Oh Ricky. Bless your dumb and hopeful heart.
  14. S02.E02: Face to Face

    So Paul got a new translation app? Never occurred to him to take a few Portuguese lessons? Sigh.
  15. S02.E02: Face to Face

    Karine. Run.