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  1. S07.E29: Mixed Feelings

    But NuMatt is a Sophisticated Man of the World. Did you know he reads the New Yorker?
  2. S01.E25: Babies Have It Made

    This is amazing to me. Are the girls in Crapville so hard up they'll have sex with that mean ugly stupid cretin? Why? Girl, go get a vibrator and call it a day. Kayla is being really monumentally stupid to post pics of Izaiah and her new BF. Stephan is a powder keg and nothing will be gained by lighting his very short fuse. He's already attacked her once that we know of.
  3. S07.E29: Mixed Feelings

    Lets all just hope and pray that Amber does not see "Afflicted" on Netflix. She'd get a ton of ideas for phony ailments she could milk for attention. "I have heavy metal toxicity! I'm sensitive to electricity! That umbrella makes my ovary throb!" All said from her bed. I only watch so I can snark with you all. It was so obvious that Gary's bio-dad was related to him! Same face, same way of speaking, same smile. Glad for both of them.
  4. S01.E25: Babies Have It Made

    I agree, I thought Kayla handled herself well. She stayed calm and focused on the matter at hand. To Stephan that baby is just a pawn in some power game that only he is playing. Seriously, this guy baffles me. He seems to have no ability or life skills at all. He's just a bundle of resentment and fury. He does not know how to act around people. He's like a dog with a bone, he won't let go of Kayla, even though he doesn't want her. I agree he is scary. His rage is barely contained at the best of times. He's like a coiled spring. He "yes ma'am"'s his mother but its strictly rote, he doesn't take in what she says. He probably brags that he was raised right by a strong mother. Shudder. What did Kayla ever see in him?
  5. S01.E25: Babies Have It Made

    Agreed. He is very bad news. What is with all these elaborate birthday parties? Does renting a hall seem a tad extreme to anyone else? When my son was little I just had a family party at home. Until he was old enough to know what a birthday party was.
  6. S01.E24: One Day You'll Thank Me

    HI guys! Here I am, with my weekly "WTF Kyler?" post! Who is this idiot? Being too stupid to finish high school and not having even the modest ability to determine what it takes to do so is nothing to be proud of. What goes through that lump of Swiss cheese that resides in his skull where his brain should be? Jesus, at least Chelsea's Adam was cute when they were in high school. Kyler, not so much. I cannot find one redeeming quality. Not one. He's not actively cruel but he's passively so. If not cruel, then very selfish and unkind. And I agree, the minute Lexi gave him a taste of his own medicine he'd be running to her side. Sadly, Lexi's standards and expectations are so low that she'd be beside herself with joy when Kyler showed up at her doorstep with a bunch of dandelions he picked from the side of the road, mumbling "for you". Gah. He's terrible. He'll be that guy who goes to the high school parking lot five years after he graduates to show off his car. Stephan. Stephan Stephan Stephan. Who didn't predict he'd show up at the party and make a scene? I don't really mind Kayla finding a new guy. She and Stephan have been done for a year. Luke seems like a nice guy. Maybe she realizes she doesn't have to settle for ugly mean violent Stephan.
  7. S01.E24: One Day You'll Thank Me

    "Men always talk a good game when they in jail". (singing) Speaking words of wisdom, Pastor Tea.
  8. S06.E09: No Way Out

    I've said since day one that Leida is not rich, she's a grifter. And so is Eric. Hilariously, they each got conned! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA How DARE Colt give his fiancee an engagement ring! Why, Asshole Cousin gave Hippie Pixie a hand crafted ring he made from some pine needles. Not for her that glitz and glam of a cubic zirconia! According to Colt, he's a software engineer.
  9. S06.E09: No Way Out

    That's his version of "go shoot some hoops with River". Going to restaurants, and getting pedicures. If Coltee's jackass cousin loves Debbie so much, let her move in with him. Or maybe its a little crowded over there, since obviously Jackass and Hippie Pixie's mothers must live with them, right? Since family is so important and all?
  10. So long everyone! Another great night! See you around the forum!
  11. One the one hand: "Get your shit and get out!" On the other: "Don't do anything till I get home!". I'm getting whiplash.
  12. Tasha is on fire and I am here for it.
  13. Leida's going to let Eric pay child support. What a great gal.
  14. So let me get this straight--Colt is mad at LARISSA because his asshole cousin flew off the handle and insulted her to her face? He's mad at Larissa for defending herself? While he, Colt, heroically sat there like a lump of wet play doh? Colt is as big a jerk as his cousin is. Must run in the family. Debbie's no prize either.
  15. Oh, please Colt. Tell Larissa to calm down, that always works.