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  1. S04.E09: Elseworlds Part III (2018.12.11)

    Can someone tell me who the guy in the gold mask is supposed to be and why it matters that he's locked up next to Deegan? Also, count me as one who did not enjoy RR as Batwoman. Blegh. I much prefer her as the lead singer of Evermoist. For everyone wondering why Supergirl and Flash would've burned up at Mach 7.... it wasn't because of Mach 7, it was because Deegan "wrote" it that way.
  2. S05.E09: Elseworlds Part 1

    I watch all three. I agree that the characterizations were off and the plot was stupid, but damned if I didn't enjoy the hell out of it anyway. I giggled. A lot. There was so much funny and it played, to me at least, that the actors were having fun together. I found the Supergirl/Superman section the slowest and most boring part of the show; I thought the Lois actress looked way too old for the Clark actor and it bugged me throughout their scenes together. I love the way Flash and GA worked together - nearly all their scenes made me smile. I'm all in for any and all present and future crossovers.
  3. S03.E13: A New Napkin

    But they wouldn't know that or even suspect that. And the writers could have (and maybe should have) gone that route. Because it still doesn't make ANY sense that no one even made an attempt.
  4. I believe Nip/Tuck's Matt. I don't think he had anything to do with Nate Sr.'s murder. Poor Bon Bon.
  5. S02.E07: Hubert

    It was a test to check on his memory. He specifically gave it to her before the procedure because he was worried about it being stolen. She tried to prompt his memory with her line (I forget the specifics), but when he failed to take the hint, it only proved to him that he's missing a beat. It's funny that you call her Cuddy. :)
  6. S09.E06: Who Are You Now?

    I'm with the viewers who are a bit irritated by seeing a chubby ZA survivor... but more than that, what are the odds that excellent fighters are dropping dead left and right but someone who is ***deaf*** has made it through a decade of zombie overrun? One of the very few things that helps saves lives in this show is hearing the dead sneak up behind you...hearing the moaning and groaning in forests and behind doors...the shuffling outside your tent. How is it even remotely possible that not only is there enough food to keep Chubby chubby, but in 10 some-odd years, a deaf woman (and her kid? sister? maybe?) survived just fine? Suspension of disbelief, table for everyone. That's not even taking into account that zombies should eventually fall apart, right? Or is there a point at which they stop decaying? I liked this episode, though. I enjoyed little Judith and I'm ok with adults giving in. She is, after all, what's left of Rick - and representative of the future they all aspire to have. I enjoyed Eugene's progress. Watching him efficiently take out a bunch of walkers made me feel a strange sort of pride. I liked the new group, even though I have serious questions about some of the writers' choices here. I loved bad-ass Carol and I'm so happy to see her again! Negan didn't irritate me nearly as much as he used to; I loved his new haircut. Overall, I was pleasantly surprised with the ZA post-Rick. Looking forward to more.
  7. S01. E07. Cucaracha/K'uruch

    I didn't see Adelita's plan as sloppy at all. I always saw her as several steps ahead of Galindo and his crew. It seemed obvious to me she owned the border guards - how else did she get in to see him when he was being held?
  8. S03.E13: A New Napkin

    But Hitler got people to buy into his ideology. His lieutenants believed in what he was selling and ordinary people who knew it was wrong had no individual power or means to stop him. I’m looking at trained FBI agents who hated themselves. In particular, a woman, in a position of power, whose CHILD Fisk killed...who shot a fellow FBI member in cold blood. She had the motive, opportunity and means. It just seemed so silly. These cops and feds who were numb to the violence at this point didn’t just think “to hell with this shit” and pop him? Eh. I just couldn’t buy it. But yes, fiction and plot...I get it. Still entertaining as hell to watch.
  9. S03.E13: A New Napkin

    I loved Dex as a character, but I gotta say - all this talk about 'putting the work in' and comparing him to Matt with regard to mental illness...There really is no comparison. Dex doesn't have a moral compass at all. He has zero compassion/empathy; he is a true psychopath. That's not to say I didn't love him; I did. That's not to say I didn't want to see him take his shirt off; oh did I ever. But Dex was always a bomb near the end of its fuse. You were reminded of this time and time again with his, "That must be hard. That must be really hard." He was playing a part. He couldn't work to get better. He couldn't BE normal; he was "working" to fit into a society that would never understand or accept him. He would/could never be happy, regardless of Julie or Fisk or his job. It was never going to get better for him. I posted this in an earlier thread before I completed the season, but I feel it needs to be said again now that the season is over. While I really enjoyed the overall arc, I gotta say, the reason one of the FBI agents didn't just put a bullet in Fisk completely escapes me. If there were SO many agents/cops/etc under Fisk's thumb - all apparently against their wills, why didn't someone just shoot him in the head? At any time? Ever? No one even considered it? Fisk killed an agent's CHILD and she never thought that putting one between his eyes was an option? There were 10 agents in that room with him. If one pulled out his or her weapon and shot him dead, was there no way for the other 9 to come up with a plausible scenario to keep them all out of prison? Whatever happened after would HAVE to be better than continuing to fear for your and your family's lives day in and day out. This ginormous plot hole ruined much of this season for me. When all I could think was, "Shoot him now." "Just shoot him now." "How bout now?" "Now?" "What's stopping you now?" And with regard to Vanessa - while they obviously didn't flesh her out, they did show her to be strong woman and gave us hints to her nature. When she saw the blood on the frame of the painting... when she made the call 'tie up loose ends' (re: Naveen) in the video surveillance room, I felt like we got a taste of her cunning and malice. She never shut down; she never turned into a blubbering damsel. She always seemed to be in control. That was enough for me. Hopefully there's more to come with her character.
  10. S03.E09: Revelations

    Someone explain to me how 10 FBI agents (one, at least, who believes her CHILD WAS KILLED BY FISK) continue to work for Fisk when any one of them could have put a bullet in his head and had the others vouch that it was self defense or an accident or what-the-fuck-ever.
  11. S03.E06: The Devil You Know

    For what it's worth, both Daredevil and House of Cards were on the front page for me (for quite some time).
  12. S02.E05: Game Day

    Growing poppies isn't illegal - but the amount they were growing would certainly raise some eyebrows. I guess now they'd have a hard time proving the entire field was poppies and what evidence did remain was contaminated. This one's easily hand-waved, I think.
  13. S01. E08. Rata/Ch'o

    And, granted - plot, but hey writers: Celia was a drugged out hooker. How hard would it have been to just clean up finger prints and leave her dead in the tub? Make it seem like a John did it or a pissed off dealer. She probably would've rotted there for days before anyone noticed she was "missing" or someone complained of the smell. It's not like the cops would even care all that much, right?
  14. S01. E08. Rata/Ch'o

    Yep. The priest has shown himself to be a rat. Pretty sure the priest is as good as dead.
  15. S01. E08. Rata/Ch'o

    Except Galindo just told his wife that he has an army of 2000 just waiting to for the devil to lead them. He's talking about Adelita and her crew. Sounds to me like he's going to accept her offer in return for her help in fucking up whatever it is the government is trying to do.