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  1. Questions and Speculations

    http://westworld.wikia.com/wiki/Peter_Abernathy Short version - he was Delores' dad. He was decommissioned. http://westworld.wikia.com/wiki/Wyatt Short version - he was an "insane" character in a backstory we never actually saw play out on screen. Apparently, Arnold gave that personality to Delores so she can become the badass she has become.
  2. S07.E17: Standing in the Sun

    I don't feel like Eli was Command when he was puttering around his house with Quinn in his basement - when Olivia called his bluff and he didn't follow through. He didn't have all the answers then - why should I believe he has them now? There is nothing this show can do at this point to make me root for ANYONE, which is a shame. Even when they're trying to do the "right" thing, it feels selfish. Poor Jake. He never gets anything he wants.
  3. S14.E13: You Really Got a Hold on Me

    So are we to believe that first-responders don't have any rules with regard to how they choose to save a life? SHUT UP BEN.
  4. S01.E02: Fallen Angel

    There was definite wang in episode one, in one of the alleys, when Tak was drugged up in the red light district.
  5. S03.E10: Daddy Darhkest

    My only small issue with this episode is that Nora should have recognized the crew during her adult interaction with them. I don't recall even a throwaway line that she's met them before - unless I missed it. But these people trying to help her should have been a memorable point in her life... even if Dahrk 'brainwashed' her and turned her against them, at the very least she could have said, "Guess you guys couldn't save me." or "Nice to see you again." *shrug* Otherwise, fun ride.
  6. S07.E09: Good People

    Of course Quinn's alive... but it would have made more sense to take this the way I thought they would and show that it was all pre-planned by both Quinn and Rowan. That would've been a smart team-up. Both Quinn and Rowan see Olivia going down this dark path and put this plan in motion to get her to finally face up to the fact that her hat is blacker than black. But no, Quinn - typically the smartest person on the show - was easily kidnapped by a 60-year-old man in an elevator and stuck in a basement for days...crying? WTF? Such a disappointment. Fully prepared for this show to be over.
  7. S14.E10: Personal Jesus

    But that's not what's happening here. This was specifically spelled out in the episodes. Jackson donated the money anonymously to create a competition in which he could actually compete - fairly. He's not trying to buy an award. He just wants to participate in a competition that doesn't have his name on it, so he has an actual chance of winning without anyone believing it was a case of nepotism. That's why he donated anonymously. And he wants someone to run the competition fairly. And he wants to participate. The end. Full stop. Apparently, the joke here is that no one wants to run it because everyone wants to participate - which is silly (not everyone is working on some big award-worthy ground-breaking project) but whatever.
  8. S02.E11: Bullet + Pen

  9. S01.E13: Memento Mori

    The family was all killed at the park / merry go round. The bedroom scenes were just artistic license. There was more to the gang cartel thing than just killing Frank (which was the intention; his family was just caught in the crossfire). There really was heroin/drug dealing going on... Rawlins *claimed* it was to fund America-helping stuff, but we all know *nudge nudge wink wink* that he and his cronies were lining their pockets. At the end of Daredevil, when Frank has Schoonover - before he executes him - Schoonover basically says, "You know this isn't over right? You know this isn't about drugs, right? Remember Khandahar." And that's when Frank begins to realize there was more to it and that his family's blood is on more hands than Schoonover's. At least, that's how I understood it. Perhaps a rewatch of both series is in order?
  10. S01.E13: Memento Mori

    Frank believed he killed those involved with the death of his family. It happened in Daredevil Season 2. In that series, we were led to believe that it was the 3 drug cartels that had a shootout at the park and his family was caught in the crossfire. Castle destroyed those gangs but ultimately found out that Schoonover was involved too - and killed him. And right around then, we find out there was more to it... In this series, we find out that Frank was actually the target... Agent Orange and the rest of the Khandahar gang was trying to clean up their mess. Russo knew about the hit, but didn't warn his buddy... cost of doing business, as far as he was concerned. Ultimately, "who killed his family" rests on Rawlins, Schoonover and Wolf. They engineered the cartel mess to get Frank killed. They're all dead now. Yay?
  11. S01.E10: eXploited

    Not sure why Esme needed any of the Underground in on her plan when she just knocked her partner out anyway? Explain to me, again, why she did do all this when she planned on just going for it on her own anyway? Maybe she just doesn't know how to drive? So confused.
  12. S01.E02: rX

    It bothered me so much that Lorna continued to have serious makeup in all of her prison scenes. Crying for hours - makeup still perfect. Took a shower - makeup still perfect. Got the crap kicked out of you - not even a smudge. Talk about long lasting lipstick.
  13. S03.E01: They're Back, Aren't They?

    Linda survived learning his true identity and they eventually became friends again. Yes, being involved with Lucifer in any way can put you in danger, but she chooses to be a police officer and that puts her in danger every day. Eventually this "secret" has to come out. He's been telling Chloe he's the devil for a while...and there was a time that she was actually starting to believe him. Honesty is kind of an important foundation for any relationship - partners, lovers, friends... My point is, he's finally ready to share and his "devil face" doesn't work. So whip out your fucking wings, dude. That just didn't make sense. Chloe has adjusted to a lot of crazy things over the course of the show. And no, I don't expect her to be, "oh, you're the devil, cool, let's totally do it" - but yes, she is smart and she does trust Lucifer so I don't think an eventual relationship would be that farfetched. Theoretically, just as with Dr. Linda, Chloe's feelings for him could overcome her supernatural shock. He's obviously trying to become a good person. He obviously cares a lot for Chloe and her daughter. And "the devil" is really only an Angel cast out of Heaven. I'd totally date an Angel. ;)
  14. S03.E01: They're Back, Aren't They?

    So, you can't show her your face, but you can certainly show her your wings. I'm tired of the secret being kept for no apparent reason. I understood why it made sense so far, but it just doesn't anymore. Let's move on. I'm sure the writers can think of another reason to keep them apart.
  15. S03.E09: Crackback

    Were were supposed to glean any insights from Spencer bonding with regular-joe-driver-guy? Cause I didn't.