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  1. S01.E07: The Black Mandala 2018.07.18

    I assumed the bruise was psychosomatic, like stigmata.
  2. S01.E06: Pas De Deux 2018.07.11

    Chris was dull, and Mara became dull when she was around him. Hope he doesn't come back. BIL was a surprise to me. I felt for the dancer, too. I can see the company not wanting its clients dying, but I can also see clients preferring to go out happy and comfortable. There might be a use for the system in hospice care... but the company probably wouldn't be thrilled with that.
  3. S01.E06: Pas De Deux 2018.07.11

    oh good! i was afraid i'd forgotten to watch it again. :) (switched over to the news after the fireworks.)
  4. S01.E05: Altum Somnum 2018.06.27

    Well, next week's ep looks interesting... this ep was a bit meh.
  5. This ep was a bit better; i actually forgot to watch it last week.
  6. S03.E12 Elmsley Count 2018.06.10

    Well, not sad Chuck got fired, but too bad it was by Jeffcoat, who's an even bigger sleaze. So I assume this has been renewed?
  7. S01.E02: Bond. Jane Bond. 2018.06.06

    Yes, this ep seemed a bit better. Hope the trend continues (even though i still expect it to be three and out).
  8. Cast in other roles

    BDW on stage off broadway: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/06/04/theater/the-great-leap-review-bd-wong.html
  9. S03.E11: Kompenso 2018.06.03

    Wendy's job is to keep all the traders in tip top shape to make a ton of money for Axe. The real question is why the traders all seem to be emotional 4 year olds.
  10. S03.E11: Kompenso 2018.06.03

    Oh Taylor, I wouldn't try to compete with Axe (and anyone who is not working for Axe is by definition competition); he likes to eat his competitors.
  11. S03.E25: Boo Normal; Once Upon a Time

    haha! well, that makes as much sense as anything else in this show. :-)
  12. S01.E01: Apertus 2018.05.30

    Not terrible; I'll watch Shahi in anything, but i think this will be three and out.
  13. Cast in Other Roles

    Am watching a new thing called Reverie, and there's Shaw acting normal. :)
  14. One of the writers on Designated Survivor has a column in Politico where he basically says the same thing for his show. :-)
  15. S03.E25: Boo Normal; Once Upon a Time

    Wish Gaiman would have actually shown up onscreen. :)