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  1. oh, and just wanted to add that I didn't miss the pesky hard rock girlfriend at all.
  2. ah yes, thanks. i knew i recognized it but didn't hear enough of it to click. (and even hearing it over the car crash didn't click it for me re: the kids.)
  3. Hmm, didn’t expect to hear Yaz in this show... and what song was it that Lyor wanted the little kids to sing? So did the woman playing the first lady get another job or something? Now, the only problem with killing her off that way is that usually a FLOTUS motorcade shuts the streets down in rolling roadblocks; it's also trailed by an ambluance. Didn't notice if they had one on the show.
  4. Ok, well we all knew Esme wasn't on the up and up, but i gotta admit i'd like to see the tables turned and the mutants winning for a change.
  5. I totally want Lucifer’s house in the hills....
  6. Aww, bummer. Flaws and all I still like it. But, yeah, with the JP issues they wouldn’t be able to keep it up.
  7. Wait— I thought they shut down the guy’s account?
  8. Well, that’s going to be awkward
  9. And he drove Dinah back into Vince's arms..... are we supposed to care?
  10. Don't think, just do what NotLaurel says!
  11. Well, that's *if* the newbies want to come back...
  12. Yeah, but Rene knows the location of the sooper sekrit lair...
  13. Did we know this about Rene before?
  14. I hope it was Dinah.. but it probably wasn’t any of them
  15. Well, at least Chloe wasn't as dumb as she's been being lately... Sinnerman is kind of interesting; will be interested in seeing what his deal is.