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  1. S01.E08: The Book of Revelations

    Comcrap has real trouble with this channel; will have to rewatch this on the app. But what i could see of it looked good. :)
  2. S03.E17: Let Pinhead Sing

    “I want to live in your spleen.” Hahahaha! And oh god, the lieutenant needs to never, ever, EVER sing again. Not. Ever. The illusionists were awesome. The duet was also pretty awesome. :) And I really liked CeCe's sweater.... But Dr Linda and Maze's squabble? I have no shits to give. And i still wish the lieutenant and Dan would go away.
  3. Season 6 Live Posting Thread

    Well damn, he healed quick...
  4. Season 6 Live Posting Thread

    I totally agree with Oliver.
  5. Season 6 Live Posting Thread

    I’ve had pizza delivery guys actually ruin the pizza on the way...
  6. Season 6 Live Posting Thread

    Shoot. Him.
  7. Season 6 Live Posting Thread

    Oh just shoot him
  8. Season 6 Live Posting Thread

    Kirk A does bring the crazy pretty well, you have to admit.
  9. Season 6 Live Posting Thread

    My feet hurt just looking at hers.
  10. Season 6 Live Posting Thread

    Saw that coming—yes, Q is delusional.
  11. S02.E12: The Final Frontier

    "Kirkman is treating the driver like he deliberately murdered FLOTUS rather than it being a case of distracted driving that it apparently was. How the public will react to the purloined video is hard to predict. " Well, but there's always an escalation of outrage depending on who the victim of something like this is. Drive distracted and kill some random adult? "That's terrible. He should go to jail." Drive distracted and kill a child? "That's horrible! He should go to jail for 40 years!" Drive distracted and kill a pregnant woman? "That's criminal! He should be charged with two counts of murder and get the chair!" Drive distracted and kill a law enforcement officer? Well, that may actually end up being a high level felony, depending on the circumstances. So, in this case, driving distracted and killing a high profile public figure, a mother and FLOTUS to boot, public sentiment may be with Kirkman.
  12. S02.E12: The Final Frontier

    Lior is an idiot too. When is he going to leave? And i don’t see what's so bad about what Tom said to the driver in jail..?
  13. S11.E08: Familiar

    Had technical difficulties—who was in the clown mask at the end?
  14. S01.E07: Equinox: The Book of Fate

    Aww poop; i liked Lady Eve. And it was totally awesome that her calling card was a tiny casket with cremains.
  15. S03.E16: Infernal Guinea Pig

    Ok, I lost the plot somewhere—I thought the whole point was to have Abel kill Cain? So why didn’t Cain die?