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  1. Wawa girl here and I think it's way better than 7-11. They also usually have clean restrooms which matter when you're traveling and have to stop for gas. There was also something called the Wawa effect or culture or something where people are generally nicer and a bit more polite at Wawa's.
  2. I think you mean Laura Dern.
  3. S05.E21: White Whale

    Loved this episode! Amy being her true self and spelling out y-o-u-'r-e under arrest was the best because that kind of grammar mistake makes my teeth itch, also when she was mad about the perp using the wrong "to" when saying you're too late, had me cracking up because that would make me madder than him getting away. Who would have thought 5 seasons ago that Amy and Rosa would be one of my favorite couplings on this show? Holt explaining to Gina the kind of envelope he used to mail his letter was great. Even Hitchcock and Sully were useful. Great use of the entire cast. Loved all of Jake's lines about his groom gut.
  4. Just saw the news this morning and couldn't wait to join all you guys in giving a big "nine-nine" shout out! I am deliriously happy!
  5. Thor: Ragnarok (2017)

    Loved this scene and Hulk's "no" when Thor came to apologize, he just looked so hurt and Thor knew he had gone too far.
  6. S01.E08: The Book of Revelations

    I have been enjoying this show a lot. I agree with a lot of posters that the show really moves at a fast pace. I wonder if this is supposed to be a one season run or if something major is going to happen with the season finale to shift the focus. On any other show it would be a few seasons before Gambi revealed his true identity to Jefferson and another few seasons before the girls manifested powers and they certainly wouldn't tell anyone in the same or next few episodes. How can the showrunners maintain this pace without a huge shakeup?
  7. My UO is that I didn't love Kilgrave on Jessica Jones. I didn't find him charismatic or that he elevated the series. On second watch I generally fast forwarded through most of his scenes. I am relieved that he won't play a significant part in season two.
  8. S02.E07: The King Over the Water

    I agree with everyone else who loved this episode. Just a nice little getaway. I can see it is clear that Albert is not a fan of Lezhen but this show has never spelled out why he doesn’t like her, or have I just missed it. Can’t believe Mrs. Skerrit didn’t even give the hot Scot permission to write.
  9. I really enjoyed the first episode. I felt bad for Dave because that's a kid who clearly needs some adult supervision. I'm glad Louis figured out what was happening and stepped in to provide some support and boundaries. Also, Marvin may be crazy (how old is he?) but he does come through with good advice for Louis.
  10. This Is Our Spoiler and Speculation Topic

    Natasha Richardson, she was married to Liam Neeson at the time of her skiing accident. Interesting theory about Jack.
  11. Suddenly I don't know why I don't have more boxed sets of shows I loved. But I do have Farscape including the Peacekeeper War, Scarecrow and Mrs. King and Homicide: Life on the Streets
  12. S04.E09: Sugar Daddy

    It was a bit heavy handed and Dre acting like a baby over testing his levels just had me rolling my eyes. Having said that, I've had family members die from diabetes complications so it's a real problem and you can't just wish it away. Never was into Rick Fox during his playing days, mostly out of loyalty to Vanessa Williams, but he has turned into quite the silver fox.
  13. Justice League (2017)

    I suppose that could work except for the fact that Clark's body was seen in a coffin in Martha's house at the end of BvS. It wasn't a matter of thinking he died, they knew he died and they buried him.
  14. Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017)

    Really looking forward to this, can't wait for December 15th, may have to take off work early. I still don't completely trust Poe. I haven't been able to reconcile his getting off that planet and back to the resistance, haven't been able to buy his explanation to Finn. So I can't relax when his character is on screen enough to get invested in a potential relationship because I still think he's shady. And just no to any kind of Rey/Kylo romantic relationship.
  15. S03.E10: Built, Not Born

    Still catching up, what a great episode! For all the reasons everyone already mentioned. I had forgotten about Arrian but was wondering why Chase looked familiar. I never trusted Victor and now I feel justified. So much has already been covered but just have to ask why we were deprived of Ryo/Four smiling, because he has an amazing smile.