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  1. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    I gotta wait until the Purse Lady shows up in her minivan. The girls in my front office will let me know (this is a real thing, y'all, a lady shows up outside our building with fake designer purses from Canal Street in NYC and sells them out of the back of her van. I always go out and look because I have one grown daughter who is a purse expert and always tells me how to spot the knock-offs - mainly because the C's in Coach look like G's. the Louis Vuitton bags come in styles LV doesn't make (and the leather is terrible and doesn't age the way good leather does), among other things. But I do love the younger girls in our front office drooling over this fake a$$ stuff while pulling wads of cash out of their bra-zzeres to pay for dem purses Gosh, guys, I'm just a giver. What can I say? Plus it gives me leverage later on for when I want you to babysit my kids for a month for 14 hours a day for $12. Well, I would, but I just took out a title loan to pay my sister's cousin's hairdresser's baby daddy's bail for his 32nd DWI - course he promised to pay me back so I can get that 72 inch big screen TV. Maybe I can get my auntie to get you a new Iphone and put you on her plan.
  2. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    In case anybody was wondering (like I was), I googled Nancy Gonzalez purses. (which JJ was mentioning a few days ago during one of the cases). They sell them at Neiman Marcus and Saks and they average $2000-$3000 apiece. So I'm buying you all one for Xmas.
  3. S01.E10: Don’t Shoot the Piano Teacher

    Jackie was fragile like broken glass - all fight and bravado covering her very fragile nature. Becky comes across as ditzy but I don't feel like they have really delved into everything that went on with Becky (and Mark passing away). Earlier Roseanne shows were basically funny. Mid-shows were more a mixture. Perhaps this show doesn't want to come across heartfelt at all, just going for laughs. A couple of unpopular opinions here - I don't like ditzy Becky. Becky used to be the intelligent one of the kids. Darlene was a brooding slacker. I understand how things can change (and with Sarah being the lead, I''m sure she doesn't want to appear to be brooding and dark anymore. And I don't like Mark - it has nothing to do with his clothing or lifestyle choices. He's just this perky Disney-esque kid. He almost seems out of place for the Conner household.
  4. S01.E10: Don’t Shoot the Piano Teacher

    I found it disconcerting that Jackie "who-is-Lanford's-leading-life-coach" wouldn't have drawn from her previous experience with Fred - i.e. how she pushed Fred away for all that time when she was pregnant with Andy (FREE ANDY!!!). Why wouldn't she have said "Listen, Becky, back when I had Andy, I pushed Fred away the same way you're doing with Emilio - and I realize now that was foolish and not in the best interests of Andy" (or something similar). I'm always looking for ways for this show to tie into what was said and done in the previous Roseanne show (as a LONG time viewer of the latter). It's like the writers pulled a scene direct from the previous Roseanne series except interjected Becky into it instead of Jackie. Next thing Emilio will be stuffing money into Becky's tip jar and Nancy will come and steal it away.
  5. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    I don't think JJ decides the cases totally before she grills the litigants. But she is a sharp cookie and goes over that paperwork and info with a fine tooth comb herself. Plus I have read that she watches the litigants' demeanor before she comes out (perhaps even when they are in the green room, but definitely while they are being sworn in) and that she gets a lot of her information by how the litigants act beforehand (like if the person is all peppy and then comes out acting like they lost his/her best friend - neck brace is an added plus - plus there's always the BIG cross on a BIG chain dangling between the buttons of that freshly unpackaged dress shirt with the fold lines still in it). "But if we don't have guys like the Sainted Plaintiff (and I made that rhyme, how cool is dat?) so I can buy a 15 year old Mercedes SL-Hoopty with my tax refund money that I got for declaring my hairdresser's baby daddy's kid as my own? You don't think I DESERVE a luxoory car? What about my FEEEEELINGS? " ***flips hairdo back off my sainted face
  6. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    I'm thinking the 16 year old daughter or one of her cohorts did something to the BMW. And who else is wondering what the deal is with the special needs kid? If the plaintiff had all these properties, couldn't he afford to get a nurse (a large strong nurse with hefty forearms) to take care of his kid for one day so that the plaintiff would have some witnesses? I wonder if they signed up for one of those "Flip Houses and Get Rich Quickly" seminars they feature at the local Marriotts all the time. I get ads in the mail where you get a FREE (hah!) seminar, but there's always a catch - "if you want to REALLY be successful, then sign up for our extra-special course where you can make REAL CA$H MONEY EVERY DAY from your distressed properties!" (the one I remember was Armando Montolongo who was featured on one of the house flipping channels from Texas).
  7. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    I have a distant relative who is a defense attorney with his own solo practice. He doesn't always get paid in money. In fact he has gotten paid with services and items, like cars (with clear titles, thank goodness), lawn services, etc, plus the usual handful of sweaty crumpled bills). I was getting the vibe that perhaps the defendant had engaged in the lawyer in some way and was paying off his "debt" by his interior design services (ya get what ya pay for in this case). The whole "I met him in a coffee shop" and then "I met him at the furniture store" thing seemed to be some kind of mutual ruse in my mind. Although if there was a Boy Toy on that episode, it would surely be Long Beach Surfer Lawyer - not the trollish defendant in the earlier case. And since I'm the nosy type, I'll just leave this here: https://www.longbeach-injurylawyer.com/?utm_source=GMB&utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=longbeach
  8. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    Byrd, I feel ya on that. I went to get belonging out of the Ford Escape at the tow yard two days later. (the accident was the day before Xmas). They led out to the lot and the entire roof had caved in at the front but thankfully the framework held where the headrest was. I had my own hoo-hoo (my word for the ugly cry). I had managed to hold myself together while sitting next to her in the emergency while she was strapped to the backboard and picking the glass out of her hair from the shattered windshield Xmas evening but that smashed in roof did me in. So many yeses on this. The bonus is when they grow up not to be entitled twats that appear on JJ with titty-tats on a platter in their low-cut shirts or permanent DUH face going on saying "I FEEEEEEL I'm entitled to $5000 for __________________(fill in the blank, open episode test, just pick one of a myriad of eye-roll-inducing excuses)
  9. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    When my girls got their licenses, I was told by my insurance agent that nearly every single kid they insure gets into an accident within a year of getting their license. Of course, my agent was in a fairly affluent area where kids routinely get BMWs (and not 20 year old ones) and souped up Hondas with all the bells and whistles for their first cars (obviously not my kids who paid for their first rides by themselves - the only accident was when a 92 year old woman ran a stop sign and T-boned my younger daughter so hard that the SUV my DD was driving flipped and landed on its hood. Thankfully she was okay. I'm sitting at my desk laughing way too hard. I've got the vision of Napoleon Dynamite throwing the ham at Tina the Llama in my mind. Starlina the Squished was too much. Imagine her not being able to make MORE money than she was supposed to! She was surely entitled. That's what happens when Karma bites ya on the booty.
  10. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    I too was watching the Red Litigant Lying Creeping Blotch Attack crawling across the plaintiff's mother's chest. Holy smokes. That's why kids need to be driving hoopties and not super expensive fancy trucks or cars. AngelaHunter, my JJ was preempted for a short while (ironically due to a police involved chase where some yahoo stole a truck and ended up crashing it into a train crossing and one of the train cars on live TV - gotta love those helicopter bird-eye's views). I came in mid conversation and kept wondering who Haley was. Had they already gone to the witnesses? Was Haley a guy and was just named after some female relative? She did sound like a boy, but man, she did make herself sound bad, which made me believe her testimony even more. No teen wants to sound like a dumba$$ on national TV. Plus I was looking at the plaintiff's son who had some weird kinda lip thing going on - one lip was dragging weird like he was super sad but the rest of his mouth hadn't caught up with his lie yet.
  11. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    I'm wondering why they just didn't encourage him to get a G.E.D? Because he won't "walk" with a cap and gown"? Because there are no parties for G.E.D. students? My kids were homeschooled and both got G.E.D.s and had no trouble being accepted at college and getting scholarships. Plus while they were getting their G.E.Ds and took the prep classes, they saw loads of other kids and young adults being tutored to pass the G.E.D., several with learning disabilities/ challenges. That guy was kinda cute, but doing the textbook lying routine - squirrely eyes, nervous stammer, shuffling papers.
  12. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    I grew up in Las Vegas WAY back in the day (1960s). The minute you leave the city, there's miles and miles of desert and people go out there and dump all kinds of random stuff in the desert - old cars, garbage, construction supplies, sheet metal, you name it. My dad used to drive us all out there on the weekends to peruse valuable stuff that people dumped out there (I got my first trike that way). So perhaps Eyebrows McGee didn't realize that sainted family plot of land actually belonged to somebody who cared. I was reading some of the older posts and I wanted to add something - I worked for a pediatric orthopedic clinic for many years. You cannot believe the times where people brought in kids on Medicaid and were suing the school district or their car insurance or whatever entity their hurt child was touched by for big bucks. Apparently people think an injury is a boe-nanza (thanks Judge Milian). They come in with cards from their lawyers (usually the type that advertise during JJ commercials with snazzy jingles). Sometimes it's for random stuff, like a kid ran into a pole at school and broke his arm (not the school's fault obviously). But hey, if there's money to be made and a TV or "tablet" to be boughten, let's get busy. Hey folks, not everything is somebody's fault.
  13. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    I found this case fascinating. Both the plaintiff and the defendant were compelling and while the defendant was being a bit of an ungrateful brat, they were both clean and well spoken. The plaintiff didn't want to punish his younger brother, he just wanted better for him and the defendant was certainly blessed to have so many people trying to help him out. I pass through this one particular intersection several times a day, every day. There are a group of "hustlahs" that started hanging out there a couple years ago. One chick and several random guys. All weaving through traffic with "Anything Helps God Bless" signs. They take turns. I've seen several of them arrive in a car later in the afternoon to "spell" the other ones. Clean clothes every day. I don't give any of them a DIME. The chick is looking really busted in the face these days (looking like Mugshot #5 in the Faces of Meth series). If I want to give money to the homeless, we have ministries downtown as opposed to handing money out to scammers.
  14. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    It seems they were offended because the dog most likely "herded". DUH, that's what Border Collies/ Australian Shepherds do. They are herding dogs and herd they do. It's in their DNA. It's like people that buy Dachshunds (which are fierce little dogs who used to chase badgers down into holes) and wonder why they are aggressive little firecrackers instead of armchair dogs. And I love your description of Freaky-Eyebrow Metal Booger Girl - she's like the teen version of the kid that wipes her snotty nose on her sleeve in the classroom.
  15. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    I actually admired Mr. Sluka for his organizational skills - there's nothing worse than litigants shuffling through piles of paper when JJ asks for something simple like a receipt (I notice that lots of people these days have Post-Its on their paperwork, so I'm guessing the assistants at JJ are helping them mark their stuff, cos most of them don't seem too organized in their personal lives. Anywho. . . back to Mr. Sluka who made me wonder why he had Hooter Hoodrat in his house. Perhaps he enjoys a walk on the wild side, watching that half shaved head tell of the exploits of Hooterville when he arrived home. However, Hooter Hoodrat was just pitiful, y'all. Pretending he didn't get any texts from the defendant after a certain time? Pshhh, sit down, dude.