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  1. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    I had a smoke detector that kept going off randomly and finally my daughter drove 30 min at midnight to tear it out of the ceiling because my dog would howl whenever she heard it beep. Two days later we had a replacement from Amazon that just popped in the slot with a hookup like plugging a landline into the wall. Took about 30 sec to hook up which included daughter getting the ladder out of the garage. SSM was just a lazy a$$ not to fix it. Augmented Fourth, you are correct - Shrek Vs Mullet. I thought "No way, somebody just made up those names". The plaintiff looked rather Shrek-ly to me as well.
  2. S01.E01: Keep on Truckin'

    **raises hand*** I have a very small hoard of pain pills from an old back injury in my medicine cabinet (not opioids because I'm allergic). I also had some Ambien that I stopped using years ago I've passed a few of the pain pills off to a relative when he broke his ankle. (the Ambien finally got taken back to the pharmacy for disposal recently). So this isn't that shocking of a story line. I'm a practicing Christian and didn't take Geena's statement too seriously. It sounded like a typical Conner style joke. Jackie cleaning the kitchen was heartbreaking. I'm no Susie Homemaker but I did the same thing when my father passed away. I was scrubbing the corners endlessly under a cabinet that nobody could see with a 2 year old hanging off me.
  3. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    Cos apparently SSMOT doesn't know about 9 volt batteries, only us old farts that used to have transistor radios - and of course taking said Old Fart 9 Volt Battery to Walgreen's or the 7-11 to match it for a replacement is too much for her to bear **fans self dramatically while smoking UNDER the dead ass smoke detector******** The plaintiffs in Solar Panel DAD (Dumb A$$ Dude) are lucky the city didn't show up and fine their butts for chopping up that tree in such an unfortunate manner. Code Enforcement will getcha here for not using an arborist to determine how to properly trim a tree and fines can run around $1500. Somebody hatracked my co-worker's tree several years ago and that's exactly what happened to her.
  4. The Conners: Speculation and Spoilers

    I've solved the mystery! It's Crystal! She's always popping up unexpectedly pregnant! :D
  5. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    That tatted up lady with the red hair (I just can't make myself post that picture again, it scares me) reminds me of some kind of love bird or crazy Quaker Parrot-type bird. And I'm sensing a theme with the last few days of cases - the Halloween hair is in full swing on JJ. I wonder if the producers subconsciously clumped those hair-scare cases together.
  6. Small Talk: Judge's Chambers

    I just saw this (can't keep up with where things went). I also live in Broward County (heeeyyyy!!! representing!) but the girl I talked about has roots in Miami and quinces are big business there. All the girl dancers came from Broward, but all the boys but one (the "gringo") came from Hialeah and Miami. The Hialeah guys were all friends of the choreographer (who is also born and bred Hialeah) and those guys are like his male dancer posse and partner all over Miami and south Broward.
  7. So am I. Beyond the quirkiness (of which is there is a ton of), I'm taken by how human these people are and how sweet Dud is, even after everything he has been through. It's like he and Liz are two sides of the coin - she's depressed but realistic but Dud is just this optimistic-to-the-point-of-semidelusional guy with such a good nature. Oh and I'm also hoping the beard comes back - he looks a little too much like his sister Kate and it's unnerving to see a manly Kate-type face on there. Plus the beard kinda matches his personality. I grew up in SoCal back in the 70s and he reminds me of a lot of the surfer-type guys from that era.
  8. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    Depends where you live. From what I understand, in Cali where there are more Mexicans, a quinceanera is celebrated by going to Mass/ church and then a big party in the backyard with family and friends (the ones I knew at least). Here in South Florida, we have more Cubans and quinces are BIG deals. My kids were in their good friend's quince years ago - there are 15 couples that learn and perform elaborate partner dances (salsa/ meringue/ etc). My kids practiced for about 12 weeks for about four hours each week in the hot Florida sun. They all wore matching long royal blue satin dresses (think bridesmaid's dresses) and had matching hair which was sculpted to look like elaborate flowers. The Quince girl wore a strapless wedding-style cupcake dress. All the boys wore tuxes and they rode in a limo to a very fancy place. That said, the family paid for everything but the girls' dresses, including food, alcohol for the adults, the hall, portraits, limo, the choreographers, etc. Ironically there weren't enough male dance partners for all the girls, so the choreographers "imported" some Cuban teenagers from Miami to come and dance with them. Apparently in Miami Cuban culture, there are "boys" that just dance in quince after quince (there was only one "gringo" boy that agreed to dance with his GF, but all the girls were "gringo" except the Quince girls). The more you know lol. The Plaintiff in the half naked picture case looked perpetually surprised and sounded like a low-rent Betty Boop. Whenever I watch JJ, I try and imagine how these jilted lovers end up with each other and sometimes, there's no logical answer.
  9. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    Oh I have one of those - an old dry Swiffer handle. I used it the other day when the smoke alarm went off after I was vacuuming and sucked up the sleeve of a shirt that was dangling from the bedroom hamper and when I pulled the sleeve out, I set the belt on fire which caused the bedroom to fill with that burning tire smell, which in turn set off the smoke alarm and screaming dog. (Yes, I am aware I'm a mess). I'm talking getting-on-a-ladder-and-pulling-the-smoke-alarm-out-of-the-ceiling stuff. DD unhooked the smoke alarm which was literally going off randomly about every 10-15 min. She Amazoned me a new one and plugged it in the next day. Or every day here in South Florida.
  10. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    CrazyinAlabama, I laughed way too hard when I saw this. My smoke alarm started with a few chirps and then the random shrieking that caused my dogs to howl like they were lit on fire. Since I have been banished from climbing ladders by my grown children, my daughter drove 30 minutes at midnight to disable the smoke alarm. And we all STILL looked better than Patricia Bean That said, I'm so glad some of you got to catch the Patricia Bean episode. I had it saved on my DVR ever since it happened until a few days ago when it gave up the ghost and had to be replaced. I know she gets the info ahead of time and reads over it (when they show the evidence at the end, you can see where she underlines things and writes in the margins) and I also read that while she's in her chambers, she observes the litigants while they wait for the trial to start. I think that's why sometimes she comes out on fire toward one of the litigants. I also like the way she varies how she questions the litigants, starting with the defendants many times. What was up with the litigants in today's fence case? The Bobo Sisters (dressed in bright Halloweenish taffeta) were all offended because the fence guys put a mark on her iron fence? (BTW my Cuban Mom used to call any clownish people Bobos so I couldn't stop laughing when they were introduced - it fit pretty well). And then the niece of the plaintiff threw a medicine bottle over the fence? With her name on it? Maybe the niece was shooting up in the backyard and just flung everything over the fence cos going to the garbage is not a priority. There were some odd statements about Compton in the hallterview and "going back where they came from". Did anybody else catch that?
  11. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    Bless her heart, Jasmine looked like she had been dragged out of the underground bomb shelter she had been living in for the past ten years while being chained to a cot and fed dead flies and saltines. BusyOctober, I loved your courthouse repartee. Do you perchance live in Florida? Because that's what the folks that show up here look like - People of Walmart rejects that you KNOW have spent extensive time at the courthouse in bond hearings, pleadings, sentencing. . . . . JJ was in rare form today with the case of the dingleberry college student and his scary-browed mama (somewhere there's a Sharpie trying to find its lid) trying to pawn off hospital bills for his alcohol poisoning to the aging college student defendant. Hmmm she didn't even have to bring up that under 21s aren't even supposed to be drinking. (BTW BrowMama needs to be thanking her lucky stars that her kid is alive - I lost a brother to alcohol poisoning years ago - he just drank too much and laid down on a park bench)
  12. Small Talk: Judge's Chambers

    I follow a lady on FB and Instagram who called herself the Pug Queen. Her name is Izabella St. James and she lives in Los Angeles and rescues pugs all over LA as well as Mexico and other places. Apparently LA has a huge problem with backyard breeders and people have poor dogs tied in the yard with open sores, no water or food, etc in the blazing sun so they can breed them (pugs can't tolerate heat). The Pug Queen goes and pays money to these yahoos and takes the dogs to her place and rehabs them medically and emotionally and adopts them out. She has also rescued pugs from China (where they get sold for food, yikes) and other places in Europe. Interestingly this lady's love affair with pugs started when she was a Playboy Playmate and got her first pug as a gift from Hugh Hefner.
  13. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    Dearest Judge Judy - ever hear of Dave Ramsey? He's some financial guy and part of his system is putting money in envelopes for different purposes. One of my daughters was "doing" the Dave Ramsey system and we went out to dinner and she was pulling money from her "entertainment envelope" out of her wallet when we divided up the bill. Oh and don't come to my house either because I got money hidden in my house in an envelope as well - just various small chunks of money that I'm using to save for a vacation. Karen The Supposed Dentist could have very well been Tinderized enough to want to move to St. Cloud with Big Dumb Scammy Dude Who Byrd Flew Up On and Gave A Talking To. I remember seeing a woman who was a radiologist on Dr. Phil or some other sleezy talk show and she was insistent that Joran Vandersloot (the guy that offed Natalie Holloway) was innocent and she was in love with him and flying down to see him and giving him boatloads of money. That woman was probably in her 50s and enamored with a jailhouse criminal that didn't even live in the US (oh but he was stringing her along and she could not even see it) I'm super bummed I missed the Flying Snowmobile case! Damn DISH network had a local outage that day and all that was on my DVR was 30 min of "Yes We Know Your Local Station Is Out, But It We Are Working On It" with some jazzy gee-tar music.
  14. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    Me thinks the litigants show up looking every bit the weirdos they are in real life. I see women with those wigs all the time at my job, waiting for the bus, driving 10 MPH in the left lane while Snapchatting their baby daddies in their 1993 BMWs with 380,000 miles ("only driven to the Moon and back!") Y'all need to head ovah to the courthouse on a spare afternoon and watch the parade of fools there - they pretty much look like JJ litigants, including the fresh-out-of-the-package dress shirts (complete with neck tie borrowed from their dead Grandpa) and wigs, nails and jewry galore. I don't think these are fresh cases. I think it's the bottom of the barrel cases that were left from last season all congealed together in a meatloaf of meh. I think they're waiting to sock-it-to-us with real juicy goosey cases in a few weeks. AngelaHunter, Topo Gigio indeed! I can't stop laughing at this gem. CrazyinAlabama, hope you are safe and dry and moved to higher ground. We got clipped by now Hurricane Gordon when he was a wee tropical storm yesterday and it dropped so much rain that I was hydroplaning all over the road in my tiny car (which I have insurance and a current registration for)
  15. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    Here's my giant DUH to the plaintiff on this one. I cannot believe a dog trainer would feed two dogs together (out of one bowl much less). I used to separate my pugs when I had two of them - the second was a rescue who came from a house where they were all fed out of one big bowl (pug, chihuahua and weimeraner all together) and she was super food aggressive. First Dog would wait until Rescue Dog would come over and they would get into it over the food. Oh and dogs like Boston Terriers, Pugs and Shiz Tzus have those googly eyes that can pop out very easily so it would behoove the idiot trainer to protect herself by separating a Mastiff from a Boston Mix just in case. Oh poor little Miss Priest had some serious picky meth face going on there. I guess a pound of heroin might getcha some major time in the pokey. The dad wisely need not spend any more time bailing out the most likely entitled (and Most Likely To Be Reincarcerated) daughter.