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  1. S06.E14: All That Glitters Isn't Gold

    What kind of sense does it make to request no sugar and then drink all that alcohol?
  2. S06.E14: All That Glitters Isn't Gold

    “There’s just too many dicks on one boat”.
  3. S06.E13: I Said I Got It!

    Adrian’s hair doesn’t look like he uses a comb either. Rhylee is absolutely exhausting to deal with, but her hair usually looks nice.
  4. Floribama Shore

    What a bunch of whiny, moody little tattletales.
  5. S02.E08: Messy

    They did the same thing to the guy Maya liked. They made him clingy and weird. I really can’t stand the kids. Every week when this shows up on the DVR I wonder why I haven’t canceled the series recording.
  6. S32.E21: Reunion Part 1

    Yes, my DVR has it scheduled under the Challenge title.
  7. Four Weddings

    I’m guilty of this too. Of the 10 or so brides I’ve found, only Alana (the bride whose missing bouquet delayed her wedding) was no longer with her husband. They do have two cute kids though.
  8. S02.E05: Yes, Deer

  9. S02.E04: War of the Wagners

    This whole episode was cringeworthy. At least Lena’s dad showed the dog some attention.
  10. S32.E18: It's Always Sunny in South Africa

    Lol at John and Tony finishing behind TWO girl/guy teams. I thought Natalie/Paulie passing Ashley/Hunter and John/Tony while going uphill was pretty impressive. I don’t think we’ve ever seen so many production personnel during a challenge before. It was interesting to see TJ running the course as well. Nice of him to come down the hill a bit to cheer Kam/Kayleigh on to the finish. If anybody, looking at you John, needs help with how to lose gracefully, Kam and Kayleigh just showed you how. Watching the opening is strange because most of the people they show in it left so long ago it feels like they were from a different challenge.
  11. S06.E05: Naked Smoothies

    Plus he was washing dishes in the kitchen, in his costume. I’m no jizz or condom expert either, but I think the ‘juiciness’ was merely condensation from the nearby smoothie glass. The liquid was around the base of the glass and had flowed down to where the condom was. It looked to me like the condom had been twisted closed before being left there. Ugh, disgusting leaving that there for someone else to clean up. Curse you Charles Yim, now I have to go wash my hands after typing this.
  12. S32.E17: Scandal

    Or, Natalie just wanted to dance, chat and have fun with guys other than John or her partner. She was already friends with Nelson from her previous season so it’s not surprising she’d hang out with him at the bar, plus it would piss John off. I have to admire Sylvia remaining relatively calm to get the job done and add to John’s elimination losses. I don’t mind Paulie talking himself up sometimes. He totally killed that challenge. It’s clear he and Natalie don’t want to go back to the redemption house.
  13. S02.S03: We Need to Talk About Karen

    Emma was my favorite character this episode. It looks like they’re heading into War of the Roses territory with Martin and Lena.
  14. S32.E16: The Leftovers

    I hope someone kept an eye on Tony to make sure he didn’t have a concussion. Head injuries are no joke. Why didn’t TJ give Hunter and Ashley a time limit like he did Nelson and Shane? They’re not consistent with the rules this season. Would it have been too much to ask for Devin to punch John on his way out? I mean, he was leaving anyway.
  15. Jersey Shore

    Ronnie sounded like an abused person who covers for their abuser with his excuses and ‘it was an accident’ shit. Deena and Chris are cute together. Angelina and her Chris, not so much. It’s odd but I didn’t hear anyone ask why Roger didn’t come with Jenni. I wish they wouldn’t use the flashbacks, Jenni and Mike are practically unrecognizable from how they look now.