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  1. S02.E04: War of the Wagners

    This whole episode was cringeworthy. At least Lena’s dad showed the dog some attention.
  2. S32.E18: It's Always Sunny in South Africa

    Lol at John and Tony finishing behind TWO girl/guy teams. I thought Natalie/Paulie passing Ashley/Hunter and John/Tony while going uphill was pretty impressive. I don’t think we’ve ever seen so many production personnel during a challenge before. It was interesting to see TJ running the course as well. Nice of him to come down the hill a bit to cheer Kam/Kayleigh on to the finish. If anybody, looking at you John, needs help with how to lose gracefully, Kam and Kayleigh just showed you how. Watching the opening is strange because most of the people they show in it left so long ago it feels like they were from a different challenge.
  3. S06.E05: Naked Smoothies

    Plus he was washing dishes in the kitchen, in his costume. I’m no jizz or condom expert either, but I think the ‘juiciness’ was merely condensation from the nearby smoothie glass. The liquid was around the base of the glass and had flowed down to where the condom was. It looked to me like the condom had been twisted closed before being left there. Ugh, disgusting leaving that there for someone else to clean up. Curse you Charles Yim, now I have to go wash my hands after typing this.
  4. S32.E17: Scandal

    Or, Natalie just wanted to dance, chat and have fun with guys other than John or her partner. She was already friends with Nelson from her previous season so it’s not surprising she’d hang out with him at the bar, plus it would piss John off. I have to admire Sylvia remaining relatively calm to get the job done and add to John’s elimination losses. I don’t mind Paulie talking himself up sometimes. He totally killed that challenge. It’s clear he and Natalie don’t want to go back to the redemption house.
  5. S02.S03: We Need to Talk About Karen

    Emma was my favorite character this episode. It looks like they’re heading into War of the Roses territory with Martin and Lena.
  6. S32.E16: The Leftovers

    I hope someone kept an eye on Tony to make sure he didn’t have a concussion. Head injuries are no joke. Why didn’t TJ give Hunter and Ashley a time limit like he did Nelson and Shane? They’re not consistent with the rules this season. Would it have been too much to ask for Devin to punch John on his way out? I mean, he was leaving anyway.
  7. All Episodes Talk: Jersey Shore Family Vacation

    Ronnie sounded like an abused person who covers for their abuser with his excuses and ‘it was an accident’ shit. Deena and Chris are cute together. Angelina and her Chris, not so much. It’s odd but I didn’t hear anyone ask why Roger didn’t come with Jenni. I wish they wouldn’t use the flashbacks, Jenni and Mike are practically unrecognizable from how they look now.
  8. The Buffet Line: All-Seasons Discussion

    Shots bride (Kara) even said she needed a shot while they were waiting for the limo to see who won. They cut away pretty quickly but Emily (the reserved one) looked like she turned her head and rolled her eyes when Kara exclaimed “F**k!” while waiting. You stay classy Kara. I enjoyed seeing her come in last place. This is from a first season episode I just watched: “I expected more from the centerpieces”. There’s no need to put so much pressure on innocent centerpieces, lady.
  9. S32.E15: Wheel of Fortune

    Even after Zach explained that the LLs were using them to further their own game, Amanda still didn’t get it. If she had trusted his game play they would still be in there. Bye bitch, hope to never see you again. I’m glad Paulie and Natalie won, that elimination looked pretty brutal for Natalie. Haha Kyle, you got beat by a girl. I’m also glad Cara and Marie are returning but why is the redemption house still in play? This season will never end.
  10. S02.E01: Sign Language

    The bleeping of the curse words annoys me. If the show runners wanted to use that language why not get the show on a channel which allows it. Also, can no one just address her as Lisa instead of saying Lisa Apple every time? They had a couple of sweet moments between Martin and Lena but yeah, the premise would be ruined if they reunited. Maybe Lena might wind up pregnant from their special weekend.
  11. S32.E14: Lavender Is the New Black

    Condolences to Devin for the loss of his dad. He and John would have made an interesting team. Instead we get CoryIvegotadaughter, who is apparently trying to appear on as many MTV shows as he can. I can’t bring myself to actually root for John, nor for the LLs or TYB. I’m going to just cheer for Cara/Marie and possibly whoever comes back out of the redemption house. Marie looked pretty at the club. She and Cara were adorable in the voting room. They probably should have picked Ashley/Hunter to go against for two reasons: 1) See Ashley lose her shit 2) those two don’t work too well together. Lol at Nelson quoting his elimination record. Wins against Cory probably shouldn’t count, dude. I don’t see the difference between that headbutt and a punch. Sylvia should’ve been sent packing. Redemption house is getting a bit crowded.
  12. S32.E13: The People vs. Johnny Bananas

    The same thing could be said about Amanda. If Ashley couldn't understand Amanda's reasoning (if she'd voted for Hunter and Ashley) after the season she's a sore loser. It really would have been fun to see Ashley lose her shit if Amanda/Zach had put her into elimination. Amanda's alliance could have lost a pair and still had numbers. Zach's could not have. Amanda thinks she was 100% right standing by her character and beliefs, but if Zach does the same he's wrong? At least Zach was willing to go into elimination to stand by his beliefs, Amanda just expected Zach to cave to her wishes. Amanda is such a trashy screechy person I don't blame Zach for not wanting to continue to discuss anything. She seems exhausting to deal with. Stupid move on Zach's part or not, I totally enjoyed Amanda's reaction when she realized they were really going in. She kept saying she wanted to prove to everyone, including Zach, that he didn't run the team. Sounds like she was trying to teach him a lesson, even if she didn't verbalize it that way, it was still wrong. Who cares who runs the team as long as you win? I don't think Zach meant 'teach her a lesson' due to her gender, I think he meant teach her a lesson in terms of game play. Not saying Zach was totally in the right, but I'll never side with someone who wishes death on someone's animal with no remorse and then justifies it in some way. After all these years of wishing the newbies would take John out, this isn't as satisfying to watch as I'd thought it would be because the LLs and TYBs are such assholes. They have to be pretty insufferable for me to hope John beats them, because he's a dick. I didn't expect much from Jozea after seeing him on Champs/Stars but he and Davonne have impressed me on Final Reckoning. At least they'll have friends in the Redemption House which gives them an extra chance to get back in the game. I don't know Paulie other than from this show but he doesn't seem more of an asshole than the other guys are. Kyle is the one who didn't want Cara but didn't want anyone else to have her either. I feel like Paulie and Natalie should have shirts which read "I went to the Challenge in South Africa and all I got was a month-long vacation in the redemption house'. At least they're getting along and he's helping her with her confidence. That head butt next week should be a DQ.
  13. The Affair in the Media

    Count me out for season 5 too. It’s bad enough that Ruth Wilson is gone, but I only started watching the show because of Joshua Jackson. I don’t care what happens to Noah, Helen and their insufferable brats.
  14. All Episodes Talk: Jersey Shore Family Vacation

    More scripted and ridiculous nonsense tonight. And eating.
  15. S32.E12: Unhappy Days

    I want to root for Zach but I can’t stand Amanda. If they win I hope Zach keeps all the money. These Lavender Losers are so obnoxious they’re making me root for John/Tony or Jozea/Davonne. Kam is so annoying with that announcer voice she uses in her THs. Why did someone comment about such a big move being made so early in the game or someone leaving so early in the game, it seems like it’s gone on forever.