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  1. S04.E05 Episode 5 2018.07.15

    Does Vik expect Helen to have his child and turn it over to his parents, or just keep it herself with no support from him (physically or financially)? I can’t see her having the baby and having anything to do with the parents once Vik is gone. If it’s his immortality he’s worried about he could just donate sperm regularly until he can’t anymore, although age restrictions might prohibit this. I’m sure lots of women would choose cute doctor sperm and there would be a bunch of little Viklets (or Viklettes) in the future. Or he could just freeze some sperm and leave it to his parents along with all of his assets, then once the parents accept that he’s gone they could select a surrogate to carry their grandchild(ren) if they so choose. As to why Ben is stalking Alison, could it be that he read Noah’s book and became obsessed with the real person it was based on? Count me in as wanting to see Cole and Alison back together.
  2. S02.E04 Indivisible 2018.07.16

    “Let’s call him Redbeard”. ”That’s Vice President Prick to you”.
  3. S32.E01: The Final Reckoning 2018.07.10

    The previews answered your question. John, ugh, just stfu. Why’d they have to dig him out? Lol at them disguising the buried partners voices. Did they think the outside partners would refuse to dig them out if they knew who it was? Some of those reactions to seeing their partners were priceless. I know some people say Sylvia’s not as good as she thinks she is, but she did find and dig out her partner faster than Kyle and CT did.
  4. S02.E03 Crimes and Punishment 2018.07.09

    McKenzie and her administration are acting like the Keystone Cops again. Madam President is getting whiplash watching her secretary of defense and Vice President go back and forth on how to handle the Bennett situation so she stops them to remind Grace that she’s her senior advisor, so she should advise. What a stupid scene, all so Grace can choose to side with either her former lover or her new crush, and be reminded to do her job. I did appreciate Darius’ quip “He blew the dog whistle and the whole pound turned up” after watching Bennett’s speech. Bennett sounded like he was making a campaign speech saying he was the only one that can save us from the impending Armageddon and that he has a plan that will stop the asteroid. So he’s only going to share that plan if he wins?
  5. S04.E04 Episode 4 2018.07.08

    The doctor told Alison that Gabriel died of secondary drowning, when water inhaled into the lungs causes swelling which prevents oxygen from entering the bloodstream. When dry drowning occurs, no water is inhaled into the lungs. Spasms in the airway from inhaling water into the nose and mouth cause blockage which prevents air from entering the lungs.
  6. S02.E03 Crimes and Punishment 2018.07.09

    That song was Run from Me by Timber Timbre.
  7. S02.E03 Crimes and Punishment 2018.07.09

    3. Richard and Larry. Since Richard showed up this episode (Jonathan Silverman) and then Bernie, I mean Clare, washed up, I’m guessing her body got away from Larry while he was trying to pick up Jillian.
  8. S04.E04 Episode 4 2018.07.08

    Luisa was beyond selfish for wanting to ask Alison to relinquish her parental rights to benefit herself, knowing Alison’s background and experiences. She’s a manipulative bitch. Didn’t Cole agree last season to have a baby with Luisa by surrogate? Maybe the writers forgot about that. Cole mentioned to Alison that he would send over the papers for the sale of the Lobster Roll for her to sign. Since he’s gone, does anyone else think that Luisa might slip in that parental rights letter and have Alison unknowingly sign it? I was also thinking Luisa might say Cole deserted his daughter and that she should be Joanie’s guardian. This whole walkabout thing is ridiculous. And what’s up with nobody knowing what it was? Didn’t they ever watch Crocodile Dundee?
  9. S02.E02: Détente 2018.07.02

    People not showing up to work, deserted streets as most citizens hunker down with their families not sure of what the future holds because there’s a huge asteroid hurtling toward earth but hey, DoD classified document delivery boy thinks he and Jillian should catch up and grab a drink sometime. I don’t know what it is about Tovah Feldshuh but her acting in this seems so bad to me. Most of the time she reminds me of the Jewish mother-in-law she played in “A Walk on the Moon” and I feel like she’s getting ready to ask Grace if she’s shtupping the blouse man. The best things about this episode: Mark Moses, and Santiago Cabrera’s bare chest.
  10. Jersey Shore Family Vacation: All Episodes Talk

    Did these peoples get together before their ‘vacation’ and make a list of phrases and gimmicks to try and make happen? First it was “no thank you” and Pauly screeching awkward things. Now we get Nicole hollering “it’s happening” countless times and Mike adding an ‘s’ to the end of most words. Nearly an entire show for Mike to “do a proposal”? No thank you honeys.
  11. Ugh, Tony’s never going to let us forget that he won a challenge. Of course he won’t mention that he couldn’t have gotten past the puzzle on his own. I too wanted Louise and Casper to win just because the champs were so intolerable this season. Even with the two-minute delay they were doing very well and could’ve taken it if Casper hadn’t acted such a fool at the eating station. Yay, the season’s over!
  12. Jersey Shore Family Vacation: All Episodes Talk

    Deena needs to read her script better, she kept saying Laurens instead of Lauren. Maybe she needs a wine. I just love Mike and his food love.
  13. Does “sabatoge” mean something different or did they merely misspell sabotage?
  14. S01.E08: Heat Wave

    Why does Martin always look like he needs a shower? And why does everyone have to say Lisa Apple when they discuss her, why not just Lisa? You can make a drinking game out of it. I have a feeling the writers are so proud of the cutesy surname they’ve given her that they have to constantly point it out. Please stop. I got a chuckle out of Lena’s “I don’t want Josh in my hair” line.
  15. LA to Vegas in the Media

    I’m glad I still have all the shows on the DVR. Fox sucks.