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  1. S02.E13: Get Ready

    It's not just you, I didn't find that relationship at all believable. I don't think Jennifer Finnigan is a very good actress. She pretty much has the same expression all the time. We were promised an asteroid and got an alien spaceship. After all the crap we've watched them go through over Samson I feel as let down as Ralphie did in A Christmas Story when he found out that Little Orphan Annie's secret message was a commercial. A crummy commercial. Son of a bitch. Given the fireball we saw, I'd say the object definitely entered Earth's atmosphere and was just hovering in front of the Moon due to perspective. What are the odds that it would enter the side of Earth where Washington was, when they had a full moon. Also, did no one else in the control room want to come outside to see what was going to happen? And what were the objects floating around the hovering non-asteroid formerly known as Samson? If the show is not renewed I think this could stand as a good series finale too.
  2. All Episodes Talk: Jersey Shore Family Vacation

    I don’t know why I’m still watching this.
  3. S32.E09: Bro-ing Pains

    Wasn’t Devin in the previews as a mercenary as well? The voting shenanigans make my head hurt. I can’t follow the strategy most of the time until it plays out before Armageddon. Shut up Tony. And John. If you performed better and won a mission you wouldn’t have to worry about no one having your backs.
  4. S02.11: Celebration Day

    It’s amazing how everyone acts like Q17 has been neutralized just because Uncle is in jail. They really are all over the place with the various threats. Why aren’t Darius and Liam gleaning any information they can from Alycia about Resist, I imagine they could still be a threat (but not the threat du jour apparently). I’m thinking that instead of spending all that money on the Ark, Darius should have just built his own elite shelter to house the 160 or however many it was. I realize that means he wouldn’t have the Ark for the next plot twist but whatever.
  5. S02.11: Celebration Day

    I don’t care if Zoe is rescued or what happens to Jillian, I want to know what the hell happened to Grace’s dad? Is he still waiting by the airplane to go somewhere?
  6. All Episodes Talk: Jersey Shore Family Vacation

    I need one of those sequin pillows. I would play with that thing all day.
  7. S04.E10 Episode 10

    Another moment I found humorous was when Noah Fucking Solloway went to talk to Cole at the cemetery. When Noah stepped closer, Cole looked at him suspiciously as he put a protective hand on Alison’s urn, as if Noah was going to grab it and run. I like Joshua Jackson so that might affect how I view Cole in general, but I think he’s right that Alison would have wanted to be buried by Gabriel.
  8. All Episodes Talk: Jersey Shore Family Vacation

    Meet the baby. Meet the baby. Meet the baby. Reminds me of that Seinfeld episode (minus the ugly baby). Ariana is adorable, I feel bad her parents can’t put her first over their drama. First Paulie complains that Ronnie isn’t acting normal, ie not drinking or raging, then says he knew this was going to happen after Ronnie has an altercation after he starts drinking. Ugh.
  9. S04.E10 Episode 10

    You remembered correctly, Helen did tell the kids she was driving and was the one who killed Scotty. It was just before her parents dragged her into the panic room and she ended up locking them in. S03:E09 Whitney was the only kid not there.
  10. S02.E09: The Manchurian Candidate

    Apparently the people were only upset about the presidential dispute, they calmed down after that was settled. Because, you know, the question of the legitimate president of the US is much more worrisome than the potential destruction of the earth. :/ You better hurry up Samson, they have another plan. Drink Jillian, drink.
  11. S04.E09 Episode 9

    Ben said “Yeah, she said she was gonna go see her ex-husband” future tense, but he also said he kinda stopped paying attention after she said they didn’t have a future so he could’ve misunderstood her too. However, when Cole and Noah spoke to him at his office Ben remembered all kinds of things that Alison had said. Those two conversations were both from Cole’s perspective. I can’t help but think that if Alison did kill herself she would have left a note. I noticed on rewatch that Alison’s front door stayed open during POV #1. I couldn’t bear to watch to the end again, these last two episodes have been heart wrenching.
  12. S04.E09 Episode 9

    I rewatched after reading the article and you can see Alison step up slightly when she gets to the sink, into her pants I guess, and then see the back of her top/dress jump a bit as the bottom of it is pulled away. I wouldn’t have noticed that at all if not for the article, but that was great work by the crew changing the sets and the cast in one continuous shot. The only things I had noticed different on my first viewing, other than Alison’s clothing was that the dining room table was clean in the first POV and was cluttered with stuff in #2. That’s what I get for crocheting while watching. IMO the #2 POV starts at the sink when she hears the knocking followed right away by the thunder, just before she cuts her finger. The knocking and storm doesn’t fit in #1. The detective said there was a storm that night so there is some truth in POV #2. I don’t know what the significance is but in both POVs Alison looks at her reflection in the window while standing at the sink, the same thing Noah did last season when he was stabbed/realized he stabbed himself. When Cole saw Ben in Milwaukee, Ben said that the last time he spoke with Alison, when she broke up with him, that she had said something about going to LA. She had already been in LA at that point so was Ben lying about that because he knew she was already dead?
  13. S32.E06: A Series Of Unforunate Events

    Ugh, Cara. Listen to Marie, get off his lap and show some self respect. I know Marie grates but I like her IDGAF attitude in her THs. It was hilarious that Kyle and Brad didn’t even make it across the beam, yet Cara and Marie did. I’m surprised they decided to try it perpendicularly, none of the teams who did it that way made it. STFU Amanda. I’m disappointed in you Joss. It would have been interesting if they could’ve brought Sam back to be Zach’s partner.
  14. Team Asteroid Clubhouse

    “Seeking a Friend for the End of the World” involves an asteroid and is pretty good. If you’re looking for other end of the world movies, “Last Night” from 1998 is about an unexplained extinction event where people know exactly when it will happen.
  15. S04.E05 Episode 5 2018.07.15

    Does Vik expect Helen to have his child and turn it over to his parents, or just keep it herself with no support from him (physically or financially)? I can’t see her having the baby and having anything to do with the parents once Vik is gone. If it’s his immortality he’s worried about he could just donate sperm regularly until he can’t anymore, although age restrictions might prohibit this. I’m sure lots of women would choose cute doctor sperm and there would be a bunch of little Viklets (or Viklettes) in the future. Or he could just freeze some sperm and leave it to his parents along with all of his assets, then once the parents accept that he’s gone they could select a surrogate to carry their grandchild(ren) if they so choose. As to why Ben is stalking Alison, could it be that he read Noah’s book and became obsessed with the real person it was based on? Count me in as wanting to see Cole and Alison back together.