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  1. S08.E29: Trouble in Paradise 2018.07.16

    I think their custody is close to 50-50. I think Leah has them 3 days and Cory 4? But I do believe he IS considered the primary custodian.
  2. I've called my kids "feral beasts" on occasion. Also, "wild scallions". Never on national TV. Never singling one out for all to see. It was the way she seemed to be comparing her daughter to the boys. It's probably too early to judge, but I thought I might be picking up on a wee bit of favoritism there.
  3. I agree about Brett. I'm not a huge fan of his, but when Angie was going off like that, I loved that he just stood there and was like, "eh". She was being hysterical and it wouldn't have done him any good to engage with her.
  4. Does she have three kids??? For some reason I thought she had just two - the kid she had forever ago as a teen. And then I thought she got pregnant not that long ago and wasn't telling people who the father was. Man, you can really tell I've been out of the mix for awhile. I better catch up on Bristol before the show comes back.
  5. Mackenzie Edwards: Jesus, take the wheel.

    Coulda bought that u/s pic off the internet.
  6. Farrah

    Not a comma or period to be seen.
  7. Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

    Are you talking about Adora's friend, who is nice and welcoming to Camille? In the book she does talk a bit about Adora having a rough time growing up. HER mother was apparently very withholding and cold. I also remember something about white hair and long fingernails. She really probably just wasn't loved. So she didn't know how to love HER kids. And on and on.
  8. I'm fine with this addition. Bristol was a teen mom, who is now in her 20s. Same as the rest of them. None of them have been shown struggling for years, so why not add a girl who never really had to struggle? At least her idiotic family should add some levity to the show. I don't agree with Palin politics (I'm an anarchist, so I hardly agree with ANYONE'S politics), but I've always found them to be pretty zany and harmless. It could be a breath of fresh air.
  9. S20.E10: Power of Veto#3. 2018.07.18

    LOL, you should see the sheer number of other show threads I already participate in! I have a full page of content to check almost every time I log in. It's ridiculous. Every once in awhile I have time to duck into the feed thread. But not often.
  10. I'm one of the few who actually LIKES Hardwick. But I quit watching TWD when they killed Carl. If I was still watching I'd be bummed to see him taken off of the show. I love YNB, but I don't know that she works as a host. Either way, I won't be watching, so it doesn't matter much to me. But I do think Hardwick is currently being raked over the coals for very very little.
  11. I think they might see it more as a core 4 - The bros with Angela and Rachel. And then there are several outliers - Tyler, JC, Kaycee, and Sam. With one of the bros gone, that might make it more even. To be honest, even though Tyler was part of the original L6 and Sam wasn't, I see him being more loyal to her than anyone. I don't know, I don't watch the feeds. But just from what I see, I don't necessarily think those on the outside are as much on the "outside" at all. We shall see. I think waiting this way may have been her best best. I mean, yes, you still have to actually win the challenge. But knowing that, they can be a lot more thoughtful in who they put up if they win. And if they keep it completely quiet that Sam HAS this power, and Foute wins, maybe Tyler can orchestrate to get their best players on the block. We shall see. HAS he been exposed, though? All the drama with Angie and Brett after the eviction seemed to nicely detract from what the votes really were. And most of them still don't trust Kaitlyn, who flipped before. So I think there may be room for doubt. Not everyone watches the feeds. It was my sister and BIL's wedding anniversary. Does that count for anything???
  12. Angie being stuck on the rock wall was super freaking hilarious. The best part was when Kaitlyn was tossing all these cliche platitudes about "letting go" at her, and Haleigh just walks up and starts telling her exactly what rocks to use to get down. Angie can go because I just find her so annoying, but Kaitlyn can stay all summer, because she brings so much to snark on. It was cool seeing Sam's hometown and family. Her artwork was pretty cool. I loved that reindeer she made on the wall in the house. Since I'm rooting for Sam and Tyler, I was glad L6 got their way and sent Winston packing. Out of the bros, I found him the more offensive of the two anyhow. But I still have yet to understand why everyone finds Brett so funny. I want to know more about that "bomb" Brett dropped pre-eviction - about Angie planning to flip and blame it on Kaitlyn. Clearly that didn't happen. Both girls voted to keep Winston. But I had to wonder if TYLER didn't have something to do with that. If he got Brett to say that, in order to throw suspicion off of him and onto the girls....well, that would be just genius.
  13. S20.E10: Power of Veto#3. 2018.07.18

    It's pretty annoying, really. I don't like being given highly edited "characters". I want to know what's really going on, what people are actually like, etc. Problem is, I simply don't have to time to watch the live feed. I don't even have time to peruse the Live Feed thread. I may take a quick peek if they do a cliff-hanger HOH and I can't wait to find out who wins. But other than that...three one hour episodes per week is already a lot for me. I didn't have a strong opinion on the bros before this week. Didn't love 'em, didn't hate 'em. I was just really bothered by the way Winston started talking all violently about Scottie, just because he was put on the block. Brett seems less problematic, but still very arrogant. I'd actually like to see one go home, just to see how one plays without the other.
  14. Kailyn: Kail Smash!

    Yea, Quay and Bone are sisters, so it would make sense if they were both on the outs. But it appeared Kail had a new friend on the Hawaii trip. Miss Know-it-All.