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  1. Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    This is so scary. Fuck Jenelle....but those kids. I hate to judge domestic violence victims, but she has all the means to get away and protect her kids. David is a threat to ALL of them.
  2. Catelynn (and Tyler)

    I'd have to wade back through his poetry (and I'm not sure I want to do that), but when I first glanced over it, I'm pretty sure there was stuff that alluded to a fairly traumatic childhood. People deal with trauma in different ways; so just because he's not as vocal about it as Cate, that doesn't mean it wasn't there. Being in and out of jail means there was OUT time. It's not like Butch was never around. And, I think the very fact of HAVING a father locked up for a part of your childhood could be pretty traumatic itself. You never know when he's going away again, when you'll see him next. Tyler and Cate just have different personalities. I think most of how we turn out is a combination of nature vs. nurture. That's why not all victims of childhood abuse turn out the same way. But Tyler has said that he tried to commit suicide when he was much younger. And look how his sister turned out. That girl is a fucking mess. I'm not interested in comparing tit for tat; but I think both Tyler and Cate grew up in incredibly shitty ways.
  3. Yes, haven't there been reports of him flipping out and yelling at her (and her lawyer) in court? I think David is just better at controlling his emotions on camera than Shannon was. But it's quite possible those teenage girls decided all on their own that they're not interested in seeing him right now. Shannon aside; a lot of children take infidelity very very personally. And then David moved right the fuck on with this other woman. They may feel slighted by that, as well as slighted on behalf of their mother. I don't doubt Shannon talks shit about David. But, even so, I think there's probably plenty for the girls do take issue with.
  4. S37.E04 Time to Bring Out the Charmpocalypse

    That's nuts. We didn't even hear one word of Idol talk. I hate when production just assumes we don't need to hear certain information.
  5. S37.E04 Time to Bring Out the Charmpocalypse

    Opinions obviously vary; but I didn't find him obnoxious the first time he spoke to her. I thought he was sincerely trying to help her. I also imagine one could go from zero to obnoxious rather quickly with Natalie; the woman has absolutely no self-awareness and is as stubborn as a bull. This is the only thing that makes sense to me. It just seemed really odd that Kara and Natalia ended up having different votes. It was obvious, to me, that Kara deviated from the original plan after hearing what Alec had to say. But she didn't want to completely turn against her friend. And I can kind of understand that logic; because I did wonder how the Goliaths would take Alec's "betrayal".
  6. It's just like with the $200 thing (of which, CARY was the one who made it public) - D'andra makes it much bigger than it needs to be. Brandi is one of the bigger drinkers of the show and D'andra had just brought the girl shit-faced to an event, after a day of drinking. LeeAnn could have brought it up privately (although D'andra didn't afford her that respect with the Rich rumors), but I get where she's coming from. If D'andra had responded in a more level-headed way, it would not have even become the issue it became.
  7. Good Lord, you know it's bad if Honey BooBoo is on.
  8. S37.E04 Time to Bring Out the Charmpocalypse

    YES. She has shown to be a person of zero self-awareness. Jeremy tried to help her and she shot him right the fuck down. I have no doubt that if people stood up to her, it would NOT be some eye-opening experience that would cause her to modify her behavior. She'd totally just ratchet it up by several degrees.
  9. Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    I could so see Kieffer psychically abusing her! Not hardcore abuse, just fucking with her with his mind. Bahahaha
  10. S06.E03: I'm Also a Boat Captain!

    Yea, I was a big bugged by that as well. The main guest kept stating that veal was not on their preference sheets. But....exactly. It wasn't on there as a desire OR a no-no. Adrian also pointed out that "surprise me" was on the preference sheet. But when he brought that up, the main guest said something like, "Yea, surprise me with something FROM my preferences!" Really, dude? Really? I was expecting a meltdown. I'm glad they all tried it and realized Adrian knew what the fuck he was doing.
  11. S06.E03: I'm Also a Boat Captain!

    This is a good point. She seems to lash out at anyone who she perceives as slighting her. Major persecution complex. Maybe Borderline Personality Disorder?
  12. I agree with your assessment; and I would have loved to see that happen as well. Unfortunately, Tamra and Shannon sidled right back up to that scamming scumbag. She's a cockroach. She'll never die.
  13. YES!!! They are just waiting for LeeAnn to smash another glass and she's held it together really well this year. Keep it up, LeeAnn!
  14. "She has gaven....." Stop, Chloe. Stop. This video just proves that Jessica's gaslighting has been super effective. Max may have turned out to have some super sketchy problems. But that has no bearing on how Jessica treated her daughter.