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  1. Tre has a million issues, but I don't see her as emotionally needy the way Siggy is. Quite the opposite. I think she buries her shit so far you'd need a metal detector, map, and shovel to find that crap. She seems to stand on her own just fine.
  2. That's what I've always thought as well. Maci has her flaws, but I don't see her letting Bentley watch the show. I thought she was more referencing the scuttle butt around town getting back to him. But I did think it was a stupid thing to make a stand about, considering Farrah has never done porn ON the show, and others have done horrendous things ON the show.
  3. She doesn't kiss Tre's ass because her lips are permanently affixed to Siggy's. I think Dolores is still wounded from when she and Frank split and she was apparently cut off from their social circle. I think she likes Siggy, as a friend, because Siggy is very needy and it makes Dolores feel important. And she is so ride-or-die for her, because she's afraid of losing friends again.
  4. LOL, I'm 37 and know the movie they're referencing, but I still thought of the song first. I'm a Twitter moron. Don't have an account, only look at it when links are posted. Can someone explain the Tweeting between Coatland, his baby mama, and Jenelle? Who started it? Am I reading it right that Jenelle is being called out for contacting Coatland?
  5. Amber, you ain't gotta lie to kick it. We know you ain't even gonna bring Boo Boo to the park again, let along where ever in God's name you are right now. (Seriously, though, where is she? It looks gorgeous.)
  6. It might not have been THAT many visitors. Depends on the size of their server. It seemed that Tyler upgraded servers after the crash. He is really frugal (one thing I like about him), so he might have been trying to go with the cheapest server he could. Lesson learned. I had the same thought. Cate's "all about presentation", but for what they're selling, I thought it looked like too much. I'd be stuffing that shit in a padded manilla envelope and calling it good!
  7. 2, 29, 35
  8. I'll start and people can add to it: Leather trench coats Sultry selfies Reuniting adopted people with their bio families Posting about HIS bio kid on SM Writing really uncomfortably bad books Designing clothing you couldn't pay me to put my kids in Renovating homes he never lives in
  9. I think the worst way they enable Ryan is by allowing the delusion about his addiction to continue. Mack had no idea he was on heroin, he did 30 days in rehab, he's clean now. Etc. Etc. No one is going to stand up and say, "BULL SHIT. I love you, but bullshit". No one holds him accountable. They let him blame anything and everything but himself. Maci is a trigger. Jen's crying is a trigger. He will NEVER get better if he doesn't take ownership. Beyond giving him money and a home - to the point where he's stealing from them - is the fact that they refuse to acknowledge, and thereby don't force HIM to acknowledge, the depth of his addiction.
  10. I definitely through the first couple seemed to have very different styles and priorities! I hope she didn't feel pressured to have the baby and that they're all doing well.
  11. 2, 15, 29 Nah, Bumblebee Tights, I'll join you. I was upset that it HAPPENED, but I wasn't mad at Lorelai herself. I got why she did it.
  12. I live in rural Iowa, and while many people here aren't super fashionable (or well enough to afford nice clothing), they generally look clean and well put together. I don't care if Cate follows the latest trends, but she really just looks gross and sickly, to me. Being heavy isn't an excuse either. I've known some absolutely beautiful plus size woman. There's a gal at our local dental office is plus size, but so cute and well put together every time we go in. We live in a town of 2000 people. So I don't know that location is an excuse.
  13. They should change their motto from "Reign Over Your Dreams" to "Switch Dreams Every Few Months and Give Them a Half-hearted Attempt Until You Move on to the Next One".
  14. Yea, sadly, I would look just as bad - if not worse - without my makeup on. I photography horribly as well. If she posted that, that takes some courage.
  15. I love when David's sister gets angry and starts unleashing it all on SM. Interesting that David's visits with his son have been at her house. That goes along with what we've thought - that they're supervised.