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  1. I have wasted too much time today already trying to figure out whose blouse that was. Anybody know? Talking Dead usually cracks me up because some of these cast members are so deadly serious with their explanations and character motivations and they're just acting whatever wacked ideas the writers have come up, nonsensical or not. Some (like Jesus) are less painful than Darma who just loves to herself talk.
  2. This is who I thought of the minute you made the original comment! Although Silvia does roll the Italian name off the tongue too
  3. S7. E8: Back To Reality

    Headboard? What about no sheets? they are always lying on the bare mattress. It was making me hate them more. And I don't know how many times I said aloud "just go do the laundry". Go Bobby and Danielle.
  4. S07.E06: Too Close for Comfort

    I actually called my husband into the room to watch that because we have the same thing for when my bathroom sink is absolutely clogged with hair! It's a toothy-like piece of thin plastic that goes down the drain and gathers all the clumps of hair. We found it in the plumbing section at Lowe's. I told him it was absolutely the only real life thing I had seen on MAFS. Except for Henry who is adorable and my favorite dog colors. I hope we make it to the end of the season because I think in another two weeks these people will all be crying to get out for one reason or another.
  5. She certainly knows how to show off her long nice legs! I love her necklaces. She has several that I have coveted for YEARS.
  6. S20.E01: Season Premiere (Part 1)

    Winston and his dog were very touching after the gun stuff and he kind of won me back. Also, I had a beloved, late dog named Dixie. However she was named more after Dixie Cooney on All My Children then any confederate purposes. Although my dog now is named Yankee so I guess I was aware. I am most sorry that Winston seems like such a nice guy (despite the gun stuff), but is 38 with no wife or girlfriend. The cop guy gives me the creeps too and What a Jersey guy.
  7. S01.E01: Pilot

    I never watched Castle at all so can't compare, but I did actually enjoy this. Except the whole time I kept saying to myself, I can't believe Leanne let Eddie do this. Rachel Bilson was so cute and perky that she (L) has got to be steaming with jealousy. I did enjoy that Rachel (what's her character's name?) didn't obey any of Eddie's directives to stay in the car or keep her mouth shut. Unlike Lou Grant, I LIKE spunk. And since this is a fluffy comedy I guess, nobody got killed.
  8. Texas Flip And Move

    FOUND IT! (the forum) Regarding the auctioneers-- Myers Jackson (always wondering if he is related to Barrett Jackson, the auto auctioneer) does the auctions where the flippers need to make their money. That's why he has the meetings to ask what they need to get. There are lower tier auctioneers that do the cheap first sales. I remember one or two different women and now a young guy who looked like he wanted to BE Myers but was too young and not as skilled an auctioneer. I think they are probably contracted by banks or realtors or developers to just get rid of the house and whatever price they can get. I think the crowds at both auction varies. I always see different people. Of course, I have no facial recognition whatsoever so I may be totally wrong.
  9. House Flipping Shows

    oh. I will look harder. thank you, chessiegal
  10. House Flipping Shows

    I could not find a subforum for Texas Flip and Move anywhere. Ben and Erin from Home Town had their baby I've seen in HGTV ads. I hope calling her Baby Girl in the ad is just to protect her privacy or they hadn't chosen a name yet and not some folksy Alabama name. I like them and hope their show comes back. Ben is so talented and both have good ideas but they are going to run out of houses in their home town to flip.
  11. All Episodes Talk: Freestylin'

    I like when Danielle goes picking as she finds different but still interesting things. The purported Frida Kahlo settee with a page torn from a magazine as provenance, a nice Saltillo blanket and whatever else she found in the attic in (I think) Michigan that the guy had a dubious connection to Kahlo. I wasn't a fan of the leopard print beauty chairs she got from the busty blonde, but I can see why she liked them. Robbie got some pieces from this woman too. Send Robbie and Danielle out more! Sometimes Frank and Mike do deviate to salvage or sculptures and paper items but there are WAY too many cars, motorcycles and bicycles at outrageous prices. I love it when the sellers jump to accept an officer and F/M know they could have gotten it for less. I would never give them a price on anything and would wait for their generous offers on everything. You can always say no. Speaking of which I hated the one where Mike kept after that poor French woman who had the clock from an optical shop that she did not want to sell and Mike would not take no for an answer and kept badgering her. after the 4th or 5th time I would have thrown him off my property. Can't remember if she caved or not. I don't think so.
  12. House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    Catching up very late here (and I haven't even seen the episode), but a lot of Florida homes have a landscapers bathroom with a toilet and shower in the garage or a shed that were supposed to be for the landscapers to use and clean up. Maybe THAT's a Florida bath? Although I never heard it called that, always a landscapers' bathroom
  13. All Episodes Talk: You Did What?!

    Nobody watched this last night? It was actually pretty good and addressed some interesting social issues.
  14. S04.E17: Bloody Noses and Crack'd Crowns

    Rent Party! Loved a Lyons Telethon for Empire that goes worldwide.
  15. S11.E24: The Bow Tie Asymmetry

    I got a big kick out of Sheldon's line when he recognized Mark Hamill: I have 4000 things for you to sign after the ceremony. And Amy, when Sheldon tells her Howard got them upgraded from Wil Wheaton on the officiant, Oh, so a guy with a beard, that's an upgrade I guess. Wonderful episode followed by a great Meemaw-heavy YS