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  1. Becky's self-admitted boozer trailer trash tramp character is really the only reason I'm still watching. Her lines are the only thing that make me laugh. Also what deal did she make with the devil to be 42 years old and still look no more than 27?
  2. S09.E04: Meri's Crazy Idea

    Kody, re: Meri: "It's like we're a divorced couple just living on the same street." Me: "You ARE a divorced couple just living on the same street!"
  3. S09.E07: Thanksgiving IX

    That? Was fantastic, IMO. (Apparently that puts me in the minority). Best episode of the season easily. But then, I've always said this show is at its best when all five family members are together. And somehow, when they put them all in a car together, comic genius ensues. Every time. Although I was sad they didn't bring up the Death Napkin this time. So many great lines. And the impromptu roadside Thanksgiving was great. I have a feeling this may end up being one of my favorite eps of the entire series. And I've watched all of them. A lot. God I'm gonna miss this show. Oops, I see Maharincess beat me to it! :-)
  4. S16.E04: We're Sleeping Wear?

    Is Heidi on speed this season?
  5. S16.E01: One Size Does Not Fit All

    So I'm not the only one who mutes the tv when the twins are speaking right? Yeah, I thought so.
  6. The Keepers

    Jean telling her story in a national forum is the single bravest act of courage it's ever been my honor to witness. She has earned my undying respect.
  7. Oh Rewatchers! Which ones do you skip

    Hungry Games, Foreign Exchange, Get Your Business Done and The Guidance Counselor. Those last two I really only skip parts of because some of it I like, especially the part where they go to the African-American church. But the rest is weird. I also skip any part of any episode that features Dave Foley's school therapist. I've like him in other things but he just annoys me here, both his character and his whole backstory. In fact, I blame that character for ruining my (otherwise) favorite episode, which is Life Skills (4x11). Without the Foley stuff that's an excellent episode. I've actually considered submitting it to EHG for the Canon, but I think the Foley parts would sink it.
  8. S08.E22: The Final Final

    More specifically, it's Sue Heck's dream, and we're all living in it :-)
  9. S08.E22: The Final Final

    This! Yeah, it was a little odd coming out of nowhere. But I'm a sucker for a song and dance number and often randomly burst into song for no reason in my real life, so I was probably the target audience here. Guess I need to see La La Land at some point? My one peeve had to do with the professor. As a professor for 17 years I can assure you of one thing: professors do not break out the booze and reggae the minute their last final lets out. They kinda have to, you know, GRADE those finals first, and then turn in final course grades, which usually takes a couple days at least. So it bugged me that he kept saying he was done.
  10. Meri Brown and her Wet Bar of Tears

    Ok, so I've managed to successful avoid Lularoe in my life. I've had some acquaintances try to invite me to groups or sales on FB, but I have just ignored them and so far that's worked out fine for me. Until today. As soon as it happened I knew I had to come here and share the experience with you guys. I went to pick my daughter up at the house of a fairly new friend. I had met her mother casually at a couple of school events and we had spoken on the phone, so I felt comfortable letting my daughter go over there (she's just turned 14). When I went to pick her up, I ended up having to go into the house (ugh) and was immediately greeted by the overly-cheery SAHM, who to be fair does seem like a very nice person. But I had been in the house less than 2 minutes when my daughter came running down the stairs with her friend wearing, I kid you not, lularoe leggings with CHINESE FOOD BOXES all over them. I assure you she did not have them when she left my house. Yeah. Apparently her friend had given them to my daughter as a birthday present. Well, they had let my daughter pick out whatever pattern she wanted because (and here's where I realized I was in trouble), her mother sells Lularoe and has an ENTIRE ROOM, floor to ceiling all around the perimeter completely covered with lularoe crap. I'm not exaggerating. It looked like a warehouse. The mother insisted I step in the room with her as she babbled on happily about how much she loves lularoe and the clothes and her business, and, I surely had some lularoe myself by now, right? No!? I didn't? Well, how is that possible? Just feel them. (I admit, they do feel really good). Has anyone come to your school (I'm a teacher) and set up a display for your staff yet? Oh, please give me a call--here's my card--I'd be happy to do that if you have a vendor day at your school (we don't, to my knowledge). Because I was actually taught manners growing up I didn't verbalize the first thing that came into my head, "Are you batshit crazy?" and instead said (in a politely curious tone), "I've heard of lularoe, of course, but I've also heard that sometimes the leggings rip easily. Is that true?" Then I got a 2 minute lecture about how, yes, they've had some trouble with the quality in the past, but that was just some of the first batches and the company has it all ironed out now so there's no need to worry. (My daughter's leggings seem, on first inspection, to be fairly strong and not like something that would rip easily, so . . .maybe?) Anyway, I was seriously starting to worry that I wasn't getting out of that house without buying some damn fugly leggings, but fortunately I managed to politely disentangle myself and my daughter. So my takeaways from that experience: 1) This lady really genuinely seemed into selling these things as a "fun" thing to do that she really enjoys, and didn't seem to be trying to get rid of stuff to get out from under it. 2) But that may be because her husband is a lawyer and local politician and they seem to be doing quite well financially, so it's not like they NEED any money she brings in from the business. It's possible it's just a hobby for her rather than a necessary money-making venture. 3) The leggings seem soft, and there were some decent looking floral patterns and what not, so not everything is ridiculous. But a lot of it was. 4) They are cute on my 14 year old, because 14 year olds can do whimsy in their fashion. 40 year olds, not so much. Fin.
  11. The Flash in the Media

    Thank you! I'll look into that.
  12. The Flash in the Media

    Hey, sorry to break in, Flash (and comic book in general) newbie here. I need some help and I figured you were the people to come to. My daughter turns 14 this weekend and she has become a HUGE Flash fangirl/nerd in the last year. As a birthday present we're thinking of getting her tickets to a comic con or some other event that might feature members of the Flash cast. A cursory Google search is not helping me find anything. (I've found a couple with Arrow people, and that might work as a backup cause she loves that too.) I would prefer one in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas or Missouri. Probably can't afford to go much further than that. And if Grant Gustin were appearing somewhere, that would be ideal (although I'm reading online that he doesn't do comic cons, although he just recently did his first?) Any guidance in this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  13. S01.E04: Henceforth Known As Property

    And on TGW they couldn't even refer to it as "Reddit" but called it "Scabbit" (barf!). And they use Chum Hum, yet I'm pretty sure Grace at least once refers to a "Google alert." So, . . . yeah, it makes no damn sense.
  14. S08.E06: A Shocking Revelation

    I'm behind so I'm just now catching up and had to come here to say: Kody actually demonstrated some good parenting!? And ROBYN IS THE VOICE OF REASON AND INSIGHT!? This is no fun. I blame Trump.
  15. Where even are they in that picture? A bowling alley, I assume from the shoes? I mean, they've been married two days, are on their honeymoon and the most romantic thing they can find to do is go bowling? I'm not disparaging fun activities outside of the bedroom on a honeymoon--Mr. Rhondinella and I went to Disney World for our honeymoon (it was a thing back then), but at least hanging out in the World Pavilion is slightly less pedestrian than a bowling alley. Weird.