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  1. S04.E01 Smoke

    When we first see him, I was confused as to who he was. He looked and walked somewhat like Mike, but he sounded like Jimmy, at least to me. I assume Mike chose to steal HIS badge because of the resemblance. I actually at first thought it was a time jump backwards, and that was a younger, skinnier Hank. Or that it was Hank and the actor had lost weight. I thought the time jump for quite a while in that scene.
  2. S04.E01 Smoke

    Loved this episode. Yes, the pacing was slow, but it was very interesting to watch. The shot choices (underneath the box when Kim opened it, water swirling in the sink before heading down the drain, etc.) were all so different. And of course the trademark music where something is happening and you're not sure what, but it's enjoyable as hell (Mike as security guy). So glad this show is back. Only one question: What did Mike see on his check that caused him to say, "Huh?" I was hoping it was something odd like a United Way contribution, and he went to the trouble of sneaking into the Madrigal facility solely to do something about that. He didn't, but still wonder what he saw. To be fair, Howard immediately ruled out accident, based on what Howard had seen in the past. I was more surprised that suicide would be the conclusion because Chuck loved himself so much, why would he kill himself? Yes, Howard mentioned Chuck was "strong." But that's not the same thing as thinking so much of yourself, and your contributions to the world, that you couldn't possibly fathom ending your life - that would take your presence from the world! Nobody went there, though.
  3. If that had been true, then i could have better understood how Shades was portrayed. Because he did keep a lot inside, and I kept wondering if it was a choice or a direction of an actor's limitation. It worked better on SOA (which I also watched), because he was playing a newbie/jr member, basically. Someone who would do anything to be accepted, and not drive things himself. In Luke Cage, he was a driver. He propelled events forward, and while sometimes people wouldn't listen to him (Tone, last season, shooting up Pop's, and Mariah this season), he still instigated many things. But he always did so almost dispassionately. I supposed you could see something in his eyes, but mostly to me they just looked wet regardless of what emotion he might be feeling, and his expression never changed. Between that and Mariah being all over the place, those two were inconsistent but enjoyable. Misty was spot on, I thought. I still enjoyed the season a lot.
  4. I've been thinking about Shades and how Rossi played him. YMMV, but I thought Rossi was way too stiff and formal. Think about what Shades might have been with some actual warmth and emotion (even as he was a murderous criminal), vs. the stilted confessions about what happened with Comanche in prison. And how powerful would have been his turn to being a snitch because "enough is enough" if he had shown more depth? Shades may have been my favorite character if he had been portrayed more like a human being who was a criminal than as almost an insecure robot. More stuff happened to Shades than anyone else, and yet it almost seemed to bounce off of him vs. be part of him. I wonder if Rossi played him as he did because he was asked to, or it was Rossi's choice, or Rossi couldn't play him any other way.
  5. I liked this season quite a bit. Some causes to root for, some changes of allegiance and some good villains. I wasn’t crazy about the end; because Luke owns the club doesn’t mean he has to change his behavior to be like criminals. But at least it adds another layer to whatever is next. And I liked Misty saying she will be watching. This season was far superior to JJS2 and to most of DDS2, and to Iron Fist. I hope DDS3 raises its game.
  6. S02E11: The Creator 06.22.2018

    I’m digging it. The point of the show is that nothing is as easy as just taking people out. There are consequences for the good guys, and the bad guys. I agree that Mariah is a little inconsistent and out there, but I love that we have a worthy villain, a family that has been evil for generations. I don’t think Bushmaster is long for this earth. What a crappy life he has had.
  7. S01.E10: Bedwomb

    Agree, and as a man, I am driven nuts by that kind of logic. It's clear than many men are thoughtless and don't realize it, some men are misogynists and an even smaller number of men allow that hate to become abusive. We ALL can be better men (and yes, some should be in jail). But aside from forcible abuse, none of that has to define what women do. Women can make their own decisions. And before someone says, "but men have the power," it is worth knowing that while some men do indeed have the power, many other men don't. For instance, I don't golf, never cared for it, and because I don't, I have been left out and blocked in my career by men with power who view golf as a prerequisite for "knowing who you truly are, to move up." And yet my decisions are my own, and don't revolve around those men. Does it hurt me career wise? Yes. If it fair? No. But it's my choice, and they can play golf, run the world and F off. I define my own happiness. I do benefit from being a man, no doubt. I also face similar challenges. As for Plum, she doesn't seem to know what her happiness is. It started as losing weight, and she realized that wouldn't fix her life. But also, she seemed to think that a second date with a weirdo, a fixation on an ex-cop who has admitted he is using her, telling off someone who has been a friend because one time he said she should think about losing weight for her health and induction into a murderous cult were all good ideas that could help her fix her life. Clearly these are not good choices. She's supposed to be smart. I hope she is learning something. I am not.
  8. S01.E10: Bedwomb

    The one who was shot was the angry ex-military woman who had been pushing Plum. Trope: The angry warrior always dies, usually because she or he can’t live any other way and when the jig is up, they choose to go out. ITA about Plum not saying anything when Soledad told her to move her far ass. She clearly noted it, and considers it... and then didn’t bring it up. It didn’t have to be a heart to heart but seems like some kind of line should have been spoken. Otherwise we’re left to assume that sometimes it’s OK to say things like that, and if that’s true, what’s the point of the show again?
  9. S01.E10: Bedwomb

    It’s a fractured world, alright. Sadly, it’s also one I don’t care much about. Crazy Leeta, whatever. Chatty Jennifer, not interested. I still don’t know how any of these people killed anyone. I guess maybe others did, based on Soledad’s comment about having “tough friends.” It’s amazing to me how almost every episode they have Plum say something that *is* interesting (the opening comments about having to live with fractured parts of yourself, then the discussion with Sofia about how fat people being unhealthy is a myth)... and then they abandon it almost immediately. Stunningly consistent with that. The shot of Jennifer all sleeping together was visually terrific, along with the music. I don’t know what they do all day. So men are as screwed up as we are... so we kill them? At least there is an acknowledgement that some guys are OK. I don’t trust that FBI agent at all about “protecting” Verena. Of course, it’s a dude. I didn’t like Plum’s “status quo” part, either. She capitulated too soon. The updating the OS was pretty good. Cheryl and her little “not the right home for me” passive aggressiveness. Proving Kitty’s point. Verena and her smug little smile. Ugh. What? They arrested Julia and never checked the Beauty Closet? Where Leeta is? Ridiculous. Need to look up that PG song.
  10. S02E09: For Pete's Sake 06.22.2018

    I'm actually digging most of this season (as opposed to Iron Fist and JJ S2). I think the story could have been told better, but at least there is a story and I can see how the various characters connect and what they want. Not sure why it takes so long to learn some key motivations. Mariah is all kinds crazy, and some of it is sympathetic. That's one of my favorite kinds of villains and it explains her mixed motivations. Bushmaster has the bones of a good villain, but he seems to be more interested in Stokes than being a bad guy. That's a weak link. I'm also curious whether Bushmaster's abilities are his own or tied to nightshade, and if the later why does nightshade do that for him and not others? I wish Misty were a little more strategic, and less hot headed. Also, is she spending any time trying to learn what her new arm can do? She seems to inadvertently discover aspects of it but doesn't seem to be testing it methodically. Luke is Luke. I like him, he has a good heart and he is clearly learning, albeit slowly. But he's kind of dull and dogmatic, in the same way Superman is dull and dogmatic. At least he doesn't whine about having super powers. I'm so glad one of these powered people isn't spending half the season whining.. Also like the fact that his reconnection with his dad is a side story, taking up the right amount of time (vs. JJS2, which went on and on).
  11. S01.E09: Woman Down

    For these very reasons, I wish she *had* tried to press charges and then ran into some of this. Maybe it would have been redundant for some, but it would have served as more reason she sought out Jennifer. ITA. I wonder sometimes if the show intends to set up Plum as "the smart one" who corrects all these oversights and becomes Jennifer's leader. Then the one-time, skinny bitch wanna be will turn out to be the leader of a much more effective group of women (people?) who crush all who try to body image shame/assault/etc. women.
  12. S02E06: The Basement 06.22.2018

    Neither did I, though I kept wondering why Comanche felt so emboldened to talk the way he did to Shades and Mariah. "I'm not afraid of you?" to Mariah? Where did that come from? Now we know. You're not wrong! It's hard not to find him appealing as he is basically every Kevin Hart character, and Hart's characters are in comedies and generally endearing. I did like when the injured Piranha talked quietly about his life with Luke. That made him much more real, and got beneath all the bluster. I don't understand Mariah. Is she a criminal who cares for her community, or is one of the other of those positions not who she is? She seems scared and insecure a lot of the time.
  13. S01.E09: Woman Down

    Obviously within the context of the show, we don't know what Stephen would do but - IRL, I think most people would comment on your two examples long before they would ever mention weight. Cautioning a friend who drinks a lot is pretty common, IMO. Sexual behavior is less so, but that's largely because it isn't as visible. I'd also add smoking and health as something a friend commonly makes a comment about. I actually think most people don't comment about weight. Maybe the fashionistas and "skinny bitches" do. I don't know any of them. Now, many people *react* in a variety of ways to those who are seen as very overweight. But that's a different thing. And i wish that is the line this show stuck with and focused on.
  14. S01.E09: Woman Down

    Is it possible that has been what the show intended? I just assumed it was a failure of intel by Jennifer. Or some kind of aside that was meant to show Jennifer doesn't do enough due diligence to really have a clear view. Because at no point in this show have I ever thought Julia was white, and I don't know who would. Mr. Robot style, right? I never get how those kind of hallucinations work. They are meant as metaphors for the real character thinking through something, but the interaction is so lively, and some things that are said by the real character I don't think (in this case) Plum actually knows on her own, that I get lost. I know she is reading Leeta's diary so that must be the source of new info, but it's still jarring. In that way, you're right - it is a reflection of our society. No context, little thought ... just reaction based on inarguable positions.
  15. S01.E09: Woman Down

    While I appreciated the fact the show walked down the list of all the excuses Plum (and, metaphorically, real life rape victims) used as to why she she didn’t want to press charges in her assault, I appreciated less the way her list went from realistic to ridiculous, undermining the whole point. She didn’t want to hurt his feelings? Really? I’m sure some small number of women feel that way, but adding it just made the scene ridiculous. It felt more like the writers were straining to make a point than anything realistic based on what we saw and know of Plum. And she is still a virgin? So... did the guy have his pants down or not? It’s still an assault, and yet to Plum’s point, it wouldn’t be viewed the same. Yep, more men kill women than women kill men. No doubt, men are stronger, etc. so let’s try to dig a little deeper shall we? Let’s look at data about the men who who this. I’m betting there are some similarities. Probably a better route than blaming all men. So some women kidnap Plum and hold her hostage, and ... it’s OK in service of the story. If men had done that, wonder how that would be treated on this show? Why is patrolling an abandoned factory treated like infiltrating the front lines in a war? Who are they going to run into? Bums? Cops? Security? I suppose there are gangs, but if armed gangs find them the women will need a lot more weapons to win that. Better to stay unseen, vs. wandering around with a flashlight. Makes me wonder how they captured and killed the men. And Jennifer thinks Julia is white? What? So Julia’s sisters not only want out, they will finger Julia? That seems ... harsh. Dominic is a loser because... he bent department rules to get confidential info? What? Was he drink or high at some point? I don't get whatever the back story is. If anything, he seems *too* dedicated to his job, so the reason that would upset his wife and cause her to leave would not be the reason that would upset his boss/higher up/relative.