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  1. S01.E04: F...This 2018.06.18

    I was the one who, in my post, noted all the whining and finger pointing, so I'll respond to my thought at least. I wasn't talking only about Plum, I meant more the entire dynamic of the show, including Marlo and "Jennifer." There is a lot of blaming of men, and a society whose rules are laid at the feet of men, and less so, women who enable it. Instead of spending time blaming others, reject it. You can reject it without killing people. And going straight to killing echoes the current environment around Me,Too/Time's Up and related claims where, as soon as a woman alleges something against a man, his career is over. That's death of a sort. There is no dialogue, no discussion, no investigation ... they're done. That makes me uneasy. Maybe I don't get it. I'm just saying that I would rather be who I want to be, and turn my back on body image and these aspects of society, or launch my own counter efforts supporting my perspective, than make other people pay for their opinions when it involves simply how people may view me. Of course it is totally different when it is physical abuse.
  2. YMMV I guess. We found those eps, and the British jokes as well as the British take on America, some of the funniest of the series. So what happened here after 8 episodes? More are coming? That ending seemed incomplete.
  3. S01.E04: F...This 2018.06.18

    Like Westworld, this show seems to insist that most everyone (humans in Westworld, and men in Dietiand) are either actively creating or passively supporting an immoral and unfair system whose weight is borne disproportionately by a specific subgroup. Leaving aside the gross assumption of how many people do this, in Dietland it also removes the power of the individual to reject that system and refuse to play by its rules. Sure it’s hard, but people do it all the time. Is it fair? Of course not. Almost nothing is fair. And some of the greatest stories in our culture were written by people who refused to play by the system. We all face challenges, many “unfair.” And we all can rise to them, submit to them or, like this show is starting to feel like, whine and point fingers. I’m trying hard in my limited way to stay with it, but it’s getting more difficult.
  4. S02.E09: Vanishing Point 2018.06.17

    What was with the intense, loud, drown out everything music after Teddy killed him self? Did Christopher Nolan direct? Seemed overdone. So MIB’s entire back story is that he is an asshole human. Well, this show is consistent.
  5. S01.E01: Impact

    Oh, I think we're there in the pilot. And it's not only the characters, it's the science itself. For example, if weather changes and temps drop, bodies of water takes longer to freeze than the air unless there is a source of cold in the water. Even if you wank that it is another planet and the water may be a mix of various elements (which, you know, raises other questions, like corrosion or chemical burns), if the liquid froze that fast than the air should have frozen even faster and much colder. So that all of their exposed faces sans helmet, and mom's exposed leg, should have had frostbite in seconds. None of that sequence made any sense. Also, given they were stuck somewhere where they knew temps would drop and they had no source of heat, why not put mom on a makeshift sled and everyone leave? They didn't have to stay. I won't get into the timeline of the walk to the magnesium and back. I can hand wave that. There were several weird attempts to connect to things we didn't see, like Will lamenting that Judy wouldn't be stuck if he hadn't "froze." Which I guess harkens back to him freezing in a similar situation in training. But if Will had gone instead of Judy, then it simply would have been Will frozen instead of Judy. Why feel guilty about that? I don't buy that he, with a smaller size, would have gone in at the top and made it back. There wasn't any sense of Judy being down there very long, so the time savings would have been minimal. I did like that they teased what must have been an awful change in their lives after the climate event, with people trying to get approved to leave the planet and some not making it. And she traded something to get Will on board. Hmmm. BTW, I think they made Will too young. I know there is the Wesley Crusher Syndrome to avoid, but still, he needed to be at least 3-4 years older. We also spent a lot of time trying to figure out why the wife was such a bitch to the husband. According to the timeline, he came back home as a surprise only two years ago, and all was well. Then the asteroid or whatever landed and caused a climate event. So Maureen hates him and constantly accuses him of "not being there" because for two years he was elsewhere either helping people or fighting bad guys after the event? And he even went with them on the Jupiter trip? I don't get it. So far, his wife just seems nasty. These kinds of things kept throwing me out of the show. I'll keep going and hope it gets tighter. Did like the robot, which I guess was a bad guy initially and now somehow is a good guy? Want more of that story.
  6. S01.E03: Y Not 2018.06.11

    Exactly, on the men issue. I just wanted to add that because the show is walking a fine line between exploring an issue and blaming men for it.
  7. S01.E03: Y Not 2018.06.11

    The show started out promising but is losing my interest. The tiger stuff was uninteresting and went on forever. I much prefer the glimpses at how fat women are treated and what that causes, and the exploration of perspectives like the big woman last episode who was big and fabulous. Also, I have to put in the point that fat men face issues as well. It may not involve models and being skinny, which is insidious I agree. But there are desirable male body types as well and if you don’t look like them, you can ha r similar problems. So these issues shouldn’t be laid st the feet of men only. It’s societal. Jennifer is too much, too soon. And who takes that long to read their email after a hallucination? That is the first place I would go after sobering up. That and social media.
  8. S02.E08: Kiksuya 2018.06.10

    Maybe I heard wrong. I thought there was a choice between wiping him and returning him and just updating him and returning him “to where he belongs” and I thought she choose the later, which would keep all of his previous memories in place along with the update. Also, Ford must own a lot of white dress shirts.
  9. S02.E08: Kiksuya 2018.06.10

    Like so much of this season, this was a long way to tell a simple story. Beautiful shots, but oh so slow. And as a result, all I want to know is, why, when they first identified Aketcha as living a decade with no update, did the woman seem to change and say put him back out there with an update? It seemed like she knew something of Ford’s plan. As soon as he used “Deathbringer” I knew it was Dolores. Heh. Can’t believe MIB lived through all that rough handling after almost dying by the river. And so at the end Maeve is talking with Aketcha. Ok, I guess. I mean, logically she could sift through the net and talk to any host, we know that. It’s poetic that she talked to the man with her “true heart,” but not surprising. I suppose she isn’t talking to her daughter because her daughter wouldn’t be able to understand. I don’t think Sizemore will stay away, do you? Though his conversion to weepy believer seemed to come on a bit suddenly.
  10. Thank god Tray didn’t shoot Wavy. That would have been truly stupid for the show. Even more stupid than Tray selling drugs again, which didn’t tie to anything in the end so what was the point? That last episode was very good, and is more what this show should be about. If they can keep that tone I’m in for season 2.
  11. S02.E07: Les Ecorches 2018.06.03

    Beat me to it. We know very little about Charlotte. And i am in the minority of people who like her character. She clearly takes charge, and while she isn't quite there in recognizing the perspective of the woke hosts, she is getting closer. Her viewpoint may be wrong, but she is largely unafraid (unless facing a bone saw, I hated that scene), inquisitive and taking action.
  12. S02.E07: Les Ecorches 2018.06.03

    I remember that moment, as well as Logan/William talking about being a white hat or a black hat. My only point is that, whether 50% or 5% of the guests/park are "good stories," they have to exist and the show has elected to include 0%. In fact, it goes out of it's way to show cruelty and assholery from humans. That's a purposeful choice, and it makes Westworld worse. I remember that, and it was NOT that long ago. It wasn't. I am sure of it.
  13. S02.E07: Les Ecorches 2018.06.03

    "UUUUGH could MiB be any more rich old white man than to assume that a woman of color needs another rich old white man behind her pulling her strings? I have never hated this dude more than I do right now." That is from the recap ... it never occurred to me that any of these characters were different colors, or that their differences in genders meant any more than their hair styles. They are all capable characters, with their own perspectives due to their past lives. Sometimes I wonder if the noticing is the problem. Don't forget that it wasn't only the humans who killed the "faithful" hosts. Dolores has done plenty herself, with her "not all of us deserve to move on" (paraphrase) line. I've been making this point since mid-season one. Humans are varied, so it makes no sense that all the tales in Westworld are destructive and cruel. Yet the show refuses to show us that. Hence, the show is creating a false dichotomy that really lessens my enjoyment of Westworld. I only have hope for Maeve and Elsie.
  14. S02.E07: Les Ecorches 2018.06.03

    All the humans in this show are assholes, abusive, cowards, incompetent or all of the above. Also? I like Charlotte. At least she is doing something.
  15. Roseanne: Aftermath

    I actually thought her acting and line delivery was wooden in the reboot (I watched some of the original series, but don't remember my impressions). Followed very closely by Becky, who seemed to be delivering one line at a time with emphasis every time she spoke. Dan and Darlene were far better actors, IMO, and when they spoke it was easier to get into the show (the kids' deliveries varied, and Jackie was very good, they just made her into Barney Fife so she was a bit jarring). I could easily see a show without Roseanne and revolving around Darlene finding herself taking her (deceased) mom's role, and Dan and Jackie adjusting to it. Don't know about paying RB for use of the characters, though. Maybe precisely because of this, she thought the impact and attention would get her what she wanted and also be limited? Who would rabidly defend VJ, vs., say, any well-known and liked black actor or media figure?