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  1. I like Trixie, glad she won but this was Ben's to lose and I'm still disappointed that Ben just walked away. Milk's dangling thread eyelashes and lipstick annoyed me to no end, I kept wanting to reach thru the screen and snip them off.
  2. I still think Ru should just give Ben the crown in the finale next week, if not then go Trixie. I'm so over Shangela even with the fat suit reveal stripper dance. Also, it just wasn't the same without Alaska and Chad's crazy Handmaid antics.
  3. With Ben gone I don't think I care who wins...unless it's Shangela. Ugh. Would love if Ru surprised the finalists at the end and still crowned Bendela the winner. Snaps to Chi Chi or saying she didn't want to be this AS's Roxxxy. Ha!
  4. S03.E05: All Stars - Warhol Ball

    I would pay to make this happen. With Ben as Waylon? Love love love finally seeing Tituss Burgess as a judge, finally! I like Shay, it's residual PLL love from when the show was still good, but she didn't have much to offer here. I'm feeling a bit underwhelmed at this point even tho I'm loving the return of Bebe and Ben slaying left and right. The Handmaids twist better be a good one.
  5. S03.E04: All Stars - Snatch Program

    ITA and as manic as my beloved Jessica portrayed Ru, she still made Ru laugh. I feel bad for Chi Chi but she's still young, she will be Fierce as she continues to mature. I heart Bendela but Kristin should've been given the Snatch Game win...she brought her own booster seat! LOL
  6. S03.E03: All Stars - The Bitchelor

    Bendela as the cougar on the Bitchelor was what I needed after the week I had. Her assault on that poor banana was just beyond. LOL Hope she and Trixie are there til the end!
  7. Yeeeeeessssss on both counts. I think both will be in the final three, I honestly cannot choose between them at this point. Loved the Divas challenge but some of the singers sounded nothing like certain divas to me, which distracted me. Julie Andrews was spot on though, as was Bendela! So disappointed in Milk and Thorgy, which makes me sad since I liked both during their original seasons. Cannot wait to see what Ru and Handmaids Chad and Alaska have in store for those that have sashayed away...
  8. Locas, I may have squeed when Bebe appeared as the final all star. LUV her. I don't really dislike any of the queens this season, even Shangela. I know! I felt for Morgan being first out but can't believe she made such a mistake wrt strategy and announcing it like she did. How perfect are Chad and Alaska in those handmaid outfits? And honorable mention to Vanessa Hudgens for her LSFYL vs Pork Chop. Ru asking for gravy was perfect. LOL
  9. PLL Cast & Crew in Other Projects

    Wow, good for her! As much as I support the Liars post-PLL I may have clapped in glee when I saw Tituss' name. Love him!
  10. S29.E08: Mr. Lisa's Opus

    Can't help still loving Artie Ziff after all these years, Jon Lovitz's cracks me up. Was not disturbed by Moe's robotic legs but WAS disturbed by Lenny and Carl literally bound together in Hell with Barney's head between them. Ew. Was that Martin's CHUM as the rowing team's coxswain??
  11. Cast and Crew in Other Roles

    Thank you for the confirmation, EB! I'm always glad when actors from a show I love find other roles.
  12. Cast and Crew in Other Roles

    I swear I just saw Danielle Campbell (Davina) in either the first or second episode of Marvel's Runaways on Hulu. She was a high schooler in charge of the school's dance team tryouts.
  13. Even after all these years the show can still make me LOL when Homer passing gas is mentioned or actualky shown. Homer's parade balloon farting confetti made my night! Well, that and the female Joseph Goebbels line. 😅
  14. S29.E05: Grampy Can Ya Hear Me

    And now I know what a tiddle is. Thank you, show! Willie's Trainspotting homage had me LOL'ing, I almost lost it when the hamster ball appeared. So I assume the Hans Moleman song was tacked on at the end because the ep itself wasn't long enough? Don't get me wrong, I heart the Moleman (Shauna attempting to scan his arm at the supermarket cracked me up), it just seemed weird to me.
  15. You're welcome, hope you enjoy it! 😃