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  1. S10.E09: Breastworld

    First Alex Trebek, now Stephen Colbert...who's next in awesome guests?! Omg I would squee if Chris Pine would ever pop up on Drag Race, I loved his SNL skit where he and other "manly" characters discussed that season's contestants and he LSFYL. So much focus on Kameron, her struggles, etc last night succeeded in making me think she was next to sashay away, thank goodness she didn't! New Attitude was the last song I would have ever thought that either she or Eureka would slay but glad I was wrong. Aquaria's runway look was my least favorite. Maybe if her bodysuit had purposely saggier skin all over I would have thought "oh I see, she's a senior citizen queen!" Cracker totally sold the Upper East Side rich old lady vibe. As for Breastworld, it was...not good. I'm surprised no queen has ever done Jocelyn Wildenstein on RPDR, talk about a look, yikes.
  2. S05.E05: Don't It Just Break Your Heart?

    Yes, YEEESSSS. Him and Hayley since she willingly allowed twelve wolves to be slaughtered for some info on her parents years ago (ok so this happened on TVD but still). There are times when I wonder if his constant hypocrisy will cause his head to explode one day. I so felt for Josh. Dragged into Klaus' mess yet again and gets an ass whooping for it. Vincent was sorely missed. The lack of Hayley, however, is still most welcome.
  3. S10.E08: The Unauthorized Rusical

    I'm really hoping that Kameron makes it to the end, she seems like such a sweet person who is crazy talented. Also, finish that arm wrestling match with Asia already, don't keep us in suspense! I still heart Cracker too and would love to see her reach the end too. The show should recruit Asia as The Villain Whisperer from now on, the way she spoke to The Vixen was so great. Hopefully The Vixen learns something, gets help, etc to help her express herself without attacking others. Groove is in the Heart is my jam. Lady Miss Kier showed me that white girls can move and yes, I learned her moves. LOL
  4. I always thought Alaric's love of good liquor was established years ago on TVD; he and Damon were known to bond and snipe at each other over bourbon, I believe. Even after all these years I still cannot with Klaus' grand plans and the way he treats well, everyone (although still love JM's portrayal of him). And as always I'm Team Vincent. I'm totally giving Diamond Sweat the side eye. Add that Nazi symbol and I immediately thought hm, he does seem like a perfect Nazi prototype. I am totally down with the search for Hayley resulting in finding her corpse. Come on, show, do it!
  5. S05.E03: Ne Me Quitte Pas

    Did not know JM directed this ep, I really liked it, flashbacks and all. I think DG really exceeded his usual excellent portrayal of Elijah with this ep and I wonder if having JM as director pushed him to that next high level. Bravo! I also really liked Antoinette, I've seen the actress before in a few other shows and find her engaging and relateable in those roles. Dare I ship Elijah and Antoinette?? I so want to but Klaus is so selfish I can totally see him disposing of her to keep his rock, his older brother, to himself.
  6. S10.E07: Snatch Game

    Aw me too. She seems like such a nice, cool person, I hope she gets an infusion of cash and bookings from all the love and laughs she gave on the show. I have never heard of that LSFYL song, why in the world was it picked?! I seriously whooped in glee when Bianca and then Alex Trebek appeared...twice! Can we bury the Beyonce impression from Snatch Game for good now? Yowza, tonight's was so so bad, as was Blue Ivy. Make an auction paddle, raise it in the air to interrupt someone, shield yourself from Honey Boo Boo with it, call out for the butler and demand a juice box. Sigh.
  7. S05.E02: One Wrong Turn on Bourbon

    I'm always amazed at how many vampires and werewolves there are in/around NO. Weekly mention of Vincent's foine-ness here. Yum. I would freaking love if Hope is the final season's Big Bad. That's right, show, go out with a bang! I would actually LOL if she is controlling her mother now that Hayley is no longer in the coffin. She is her parents' child, after all. JM and CMD just seem to elevate whatever scene they're in. Bravo.
  8. S10.E06: Drag Con Panel Extravaganza

    Proportionizing! I wish for Blair all the love and support in the world. Such a beautiful, positive light she is. My crush on Kumail Nanjiani is still unwavering. I'm still on the Cracker train, I cannot wait to see how she and the other queens handle the Snatch Game next week!
  9. S05.E01: Where You Left Your Heart

    ITA with the poster that mentioned how codependent the Mikaelsons are, they have all used cell phones and computers before, use them again, dum dums. I totally knew Rebekah's answer to the proposal was um, no, since Claire is listed only as a guest star. Marcel can now take his foine self back to the NO. Elijah at the piano = me dreamily sighing and basking in the yumminess. I know it's only the premiere but not impressed with Hope (other than her short scene with Kol). I usually end up hating a SL concerning a teenager and how life is so difficult for them and blah blah. Poor Vincent, always the sensible one that people eventually stop listening to. AND that lovely top of his just ruined by the blood rain!
  10. S10.E03: Tap That App

    Had no clue who Nico the guest judge was. Courtney looked facially refreshed. And omg the mini challenge was So Much Fun, love love loved it! Ru's off camera directions were hilarious and the queens' willingness to follow those hilarious prompts made my night. We need more fun challenges like this, show, please! I was living for Kameron's runway! Some of you have mentioned her similarities to the Princess, I totally see that but really hope that Kameron does not follow her lead by sashaying away too early. The Vixen's takedown of Aquaria on Untucked gave me a thrill and honestly, I normally do not like confrontation. I can only hope that Aquaria actually learns something from this and that the Vixen is not villified (please note that I depend on you guys wrt the queens' social media presence, their fans & haters, etc. Every time a queen divulges coming out on the show and Untucked, the pain, the emotions, the reactions from family and loved ones, the scars that may still resonate to this day, I just want to cry and hug that beautiful soul. You are loved, my beauties, you are loved.
  11. S10.E02: PharmaRusical

    I agree, I was surprised she was just safe. She looked like a Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper I had once. Still on the Cracker/Mayhem/Monet love train as well as Kameron of course. The Vixen also continues to fascinate me, love her! Loved all 3 guests but especially Alyssa & her professionalism, guidance & observations. (tongue click)
  12. S10.E01: 10s Across the Board

    I can honestly say that so far I like ALL the queens, usually a couple or a few really annoy me during that first episode of the season. But as usual I have trouble remembering so many names and faces so I'll just have to refer to ya'll's posts' & Mark's recaps here to help me out. Ru looked amazing on the runway. Killer Metropolis Tron realness. As much as I liked the premiere what I loved most was seeing so many of our past queens! They all looked soooo good & Jinkx's quip made my night, ha! And just remembered how much I enjoyed Untucked, especially when Monet removed a cut up sponge from her dress to hand to a sobbing Mayhem (still learning names here), that makes me love them both even more. Hee.
  13. I like Trixie, glad she won but this was Ben's to lose and I'm still disappointed that Ben just walked away. Milk's dangling thread eyelashes and lipstick annoyed me to no end, I kept wanting to reach thru the screen and snip them off.
  14. I still think Ru should just give Ben the crown in the finale next week, if not then go Trixie. I'm so over Shangela even with the fat suit reveal stripper dance. Also, it just wasn't the same without Alaska and Chad's crazy Handmaid antics.
  15. With Ben gone I don't think I care who wins...unless it's Shangela. Ugh. Would love if Ru surprised the finalists at the end and still crowned Bendela the winner. Snaps to Chi Chi or saying she didn't want to be this AS's Roxxxy. Ha!