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  1. I cannot with Meghan Trainor. Todrick is always a delight. I also cannot with that "K" family but enjoyed seeing some of our queens turn it out, especially Shea and Alexis with Peppermint as Britney as honorable mention. I heart Nina but hope this isn't the start of a downward slide for her confidence. Anyone else wanna know who Ru would've chosen to sashay away?
  2. I feel it's so so wrong that I guffawed when I saw Jenna leading her squad of the blind at the coffeeshop in the promo EB posted. Addison is already incredible, one scene with her and I already hate her.
  3. Goodness, that clip is a dream come true. Elijah and Vincent sharing a scene? Whoo boy (fans self).
  4. Add me to the ride til PLL dies train, it takes a lot to make me drop a show, I've hung in this far, only what, 9 more eps left? We can do this, ya'll. Awful ep with only a few bright spots: the board game (I would so buy it along with the girls game pieces and set it up in our den to creep out my boyfriend), Spencer and her can't stop/won't stop, my hero Paige for not putting up with Ali's shit, and of course my queen Mona. Honorable mention goes to Jenna, still delightfully creepy as hell.
  5. No Vincent?? Bor-ing. At least I was treated with the gift of more Sebastian Roche (Mikael) AND Mary's continued hate of any and all Mikaelsons. I will never tire of the distasteful look on her face when she sees one, she hates them so much. Hee! Every time I hear "Hollow" on this show my fried brain immediately things of Justified and their hollers. I like Keelin (spelling?) but her and Freya getting closer seems forced to me. I just realized: Hayley admitted she has really done horrible things to find her parents but still no direct admission of her betraying those twelve wolves over on TVD and having them sacrificed for more info on her parents. I know TVD is done but it still irks me that TO still doesn't have her admit that particular betrayal.
  6. Besides the lack of mini challenges like Reading is Fundamental there's also been a lack of the Pit Crew. Fix this, Mama Ru, fix it! And just when I was celebrating no Wendy Williams during the episode, along comes next week's teaser. Why oh why, VH1/WOW?! When Aja chose Valentina for her morning show team I figured it was because she knew Valentina is the judges' fave and that they would not choose her team as the losing team because of it. Valentina continues to impress me with her maturity and professionalism, I am still on her love train. Finally! I've been waiting for Shea and Nina to break out and show us how great they are, not just with their looks and runway but during a challenge. I love love them both and add Sasha to my fave list too, she and Shea had me LOL'ing during their news segment. I do feel a little bad for Charlie sashaying away (I wanted an "older" queen to do well) but her non-effort in the LSFYL sealed her fate. Trinity did turn it out nonetheless. As for the runway, what runway?? It went by so quickly. I liked the two guest judges too. Off to watch Untucked...
  7. Cannot wait! June 10 seems so far away.
  8. Cheynne Jackson is almost TOO damn attractive, isn't he. Yummy. And my love for Todrick Hall continues! Re: Cynthia's explanation of cucu, I had figured as much (culo --> cucu). I cracked UP when she mentioned her mother hitting her with a chancleta (aka house slipper), I do not condone violence but growing up in a PR household, the threat of that chancleta being taken off mama/abuela's foot may have been occasionally used to bring certain naughty children in line... ;-) I'm fine with Kimora sashaying away, she did not show much in her two episodes other than "I'm pretty. See?" Farrah Moan was all Farrah Whine in the work room, ugh. I really hope someone helps Aja tweak her makeup for the lighting of tv, I want to see her do well but she needs help. Petey the Pilot Light and Trinity's redneck sidekick had me LOL. I'm glad Trinity won, she certainly learned from the previous week's challenge and applied herself 100% to the princess/sidekick challenge, bravo! Valentina continues to shine, I love how polished she is at such a young age and continues to shine (and learn). And more Nina, please. Still have not seen Untucked come up on YT yet. I'm dreading having to hear Farrah whine tho. Ok so just watched Untucked, Nina's "I plead the 8th" was what I needed first thing in the morning to make me laugh. But Aja. Oh Aja, that shade of green does not look good on you. :-(
  9. "Burns University (no refunds) will grab you by the pants and fling you into the job of your dreams" made me both LOL and literally cringe at the same time. And omg LOVED Homer's "as American's it's our duty to either stop evil billionaires or elect them to the highest office" was just perfect, perfect! I will never tire of sexual predator Lindsay Nagel popping up anywhere and everywhere there's money to be made. Drunk Lisa made me sad but did love her giving Homer all of the inspirational teacher movies, and his notes on each were typical Homer. And more Neil de Grasse Tyson and Robert McKee please! Smithers' continued Mr. Burns fantasies continue to get more and more disturbing.
  10. Klaus drives me nuts but damn if Joseph Morgan around kids doesn't make me melt just a little. Hopefully Hope is a better artist than Klaus. :-D I must have been a good girl because more and more Vincent is happening and I likes it. Loved seeing Maisie again as Eva and more background re: Vincent and Eva's marriage. Btw Marcel's ridiculous car just really annoyed me, I just had to let that out. I will miss Kol and Rebekah. I can understand Freya's obsession with keeping a large amount of Malraux (and I know I spelled that wrong) wolf venom around but damn, have some damn compassion for Keelyn (probably spelled that wrong too). All I could think of during Elijah and Hayley's, um, physical reunion was that they better be quiet or they'll wake Hope up.
  11. Why exactly is Wendy Williams still associated with RPDR? Ugh. I'm not surprised Jaymes was the first to sashay away, she just seems not on the same wavelength as others, I really hope she finds her footing IRL and gets better. Was surprised that Lisa Kudrow seemed to just drop by for the hell of it and did not have anything to do with the challenge or was a judge. I've been quietly hoping for a while now that she and Mira Sorvino would pop up on the show as the inspiration for and judges of a RPDR Romy and Michele-inspired challenge. But LOVED the B52s! They did not deserve that lackluster LSFYL tho (I was hoping for a double Ru-imination because both Jaymes and Kimora did not impress me). Love their comments and especially Fred singing along to Love Shack. Valentina is so surprising me, she seems so polished already after only doing this for what, just under a year? I'm starting to warm up to a few more queens like Charlie and Peppermint and Shea; I'll have to rewatch to see who else I'm liking. I'm glad Cynthia returned (and not Shangela) and that she is in remission but Cynthia, girl, PLEASE let up with the cucu!
  12. I think a show's direction/producer(s)/writers are doing something right when they force me to not immediately pick a side when it comes to characters' motivations, actions, etc. With this show I can totally see why I'm supposed to hate say, Klaus, but still understand why he does/did the things he did, same with a character like Marcel, hating the Mikaelsons but pretty much acting very much (at times) like them. Loved Kol's interactions with Josh. Has Kol changed a little? Maybe. He actually allowed what Josh said about not ever forgetting Davina to sink in, sure he stole Josh's cell but then he caused Josh and um, his cute boyfriend whose name I've already forgotten, to reconnect at the end. Is this the last we've seen of Cami? Even as a figment of Klaus' imagination she annoys me. Any excuse to give more Vincent more to do, more screentime, I am for it. Finding out that something his ex wife did in the past has reared its ugly head and is the cause (I think?) of whatever is causing children to go missing was such a plus for me.
  13. I have not watched Untucked yet but now I can't wait to since reading above, it seems like Gaga continues to give actual constructive, helpful advice to each queen, finishing what she started during the pageant. I must say I LOL'd when her first talking head was her boy self just before she made her work room debut, AND the the queens' reactions when they slowly realized who had actually walked in. I always have trouble keeping track of the queens' names and their boy talking heads at the start of the season (I get better week to week) but I do semi-recall the ones that do not impress me. Like Jaymes. Who knows, she may surprise the hell out of us and either coast week after week or get better but...I don't know. It took me a while to realize that Ru was not going to transform into Glamazon Ru, was this the first time ever?! And Michelle seemed off, maybe 'cause all attention was on Gaga? If the returning queen is Shangela I will scream and throw something. I spoiled myself already reading the other thread here that announced who it was but I would not put it past WoW to psych us out.
  14. Thank you for for the link! I may have squeed at almost every pic. June cannot come soon enough.
  15. Doesn't Mr. Largo sentence her to chalkboard writing punishment in the ep Lisa's Date with Density for, in his words, being a snicker puss? Nelson suggests that she use that four prong chalk holder on the board to write "I will not be a snicker puss" or something like that four times at a time vs writing it once at a time using just one piece of chalk. How could I have missed the screamapillar in the couch gag?! Must re-watch...