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  1. S30.E02: Heartbreak Hotel

    Marge having the cd rom game of The Amazing Place totally gave me flashbacks to my sister having the board game version of the Richard Dawson-years of Family Feud. And us being forced to play it. Shudder. Surprised it took this long for the show to do a Virginia Woolf spoof since they have been showcasing Marge's shrewish tendencies for years. The return of Anger Watkins, yay!
  2. S30.E01: Bart's Not Dead

    Jesus struggling to forgive Bart made me lol. And not only did he hit Bart with his hands and the Love sign but gave him that extra kick or two at the end of the pummelling. Oh, Jebus! Loved all the guest voices, especially Gal Gadot and Emily Deschanel AND hearing Jonathan Groff's angelic voice is always a treat.
  3. I may have to watch the finale again but I was not impressed with how things were wrapped up, very similar with how I felt after TVD's finale. As always it was nice to see Kol again, also glad that Vincent made it out alive, but Elijah choosing to go out with Klaus felt like a cop out. I'm still wavering on whether to watch the spinoff featuring Hope or not.
  4. RPDR: In The Media

    So happy the show is getting awards and recognition, congrats to Ru and the other winners!
  5. DG did a great job directing this ep. Aw Josh. (Sniffle) He had become the heart of the show and it sucks he went out like that. At least he and Aiden are together again.
  6. S10.E14: Grand Finale 2018.06.28

    ITA. I so love other queens from other seasons but Nina is just it for me, has been since her first scenes during season one. Locas forever!
  7. S10.E14: Grand Finale 2018.06.28

    This is Miss Vangie's world and we're all just squirrels trying to get a Vangie. I admit to not really caring who was crowned season ten's winner after seeing the return of the season one queens in all of their season ten-lighting glory. Nina! My season one love!! Ongina! Jade! Squee! But where the hell was Tammie Brown? Walking children in nature?! I am glad that Monet and her sponges won Miss Congeniality and especially because her fellow contestants cast the votes, she seemed truly surprised and touched. I still heart Mayhem and Monique, would not have minded if either of them had won Miss Congeniality. And Sasha, you gorgeous, mythical, fantastic treasure. You slayed, queen, you slayed. (snaps of respect)
  8. S10.E13: Reunited 2018.06.21

    Monique's dress and popcorn eating were my Everything during the reunion (I keep wanting to type Ru-union) as was seeing my other season ten beloved, Miss Mayhem. I still heart Miss Cracker, hopefully she will see her star rise in the NY scene. TBH I want all this show's contestants' careers to thrive, there is a place for everyone, and this world needs as much positivity and love as we can get right about now. I don't follow anything on social media, just read about it here from you all but I commend Asia for not giving up on The Vixen and for standing up for her to Ru. Vangie's "who are you again?" to Kalorie made my night. I resolve to have a Vangie moment daily, she is a multi purpose thing after all!
  9. ITA with Morrigan2575 re YG but ya'll may have known that already. LOL Am I the only person who thinks Elijah's compelling of Declan did not take? Not sure why, I guess this show and TVD has trained me to expect a new character that is somehow tied to a current SL or character, knows more than they let on, etc. I still don't care about Hope and I'm trying, I am, I only pay attention to her when Klaus is in the same scene. Also don't care about this new (to us) group of night walking vampires. Bor-ing.
  10. S10.E12: American 2018.06.14

    I seriously cannot. I want to hear the rest of Vangie's "Vangie is a multi purpose thing" (paraphrased) that is used in the teaser clip for the Reunited episode this week. What does that MEAN, Vangie?! LOL
  11. Ah yes. This was most welcome. And of course Kol was the only sibling to find his own key. He did not allow himself to be distracted by anything, unlike his siblings. Must say that love love love DG as Elijah even more after this ep, if that's even possible. His entire physical demeanor, his presence, switched right back to Elijah's usual, controlled, suave movements when he regained all his memories, all that made him Elijah. Also, I felt bad for Antoinette. Your fiance just saved your life, the second you start feeling better and expect the both of you to reunite as you smile at him from your sick bed...he just leaves. Wow.
  12. S10.E12: American 2018.06.14

    LWith each passing episode I miss Monet, Mayhem and Monique more and more. Hell, Cracker's only been gone one episode and I already miss her. Todrick shading Asia's lyric delivery in front of Ru's producers should have been wrong but I still rewinded several times to see and hear it again. Find your inner Whitney, Asia. LOL I guess I'm Team Kameron, I can be shy and quiet too but am nowhere as fabulous as she is, and she just keeps fighting and working hard and slaying. I wouldn't mind her or Asia snatching that crown. Vaaangie.
  13. S10.E11: Evil Twins

    Aquaria just does not impress me. I remember slowly being surprised with Violet as her season dragged on. We're at final four and I'm still not warming up to her. Really annoyed that Cracker's gone, I like Kameron and Asia and I guess I prefer them over Eureka but...yeah. Never watched Girls but am aware of Lena Dunham, love how thrilled she seemed to be a guest judge. Untucked using "Vaaangie" before and after commercial breaks made my day. LOL
  14. I still cannot believe that the showrunners thought nazi vampires in the final season was a good idea. Or maybe it's these particular nazi vampires that I don't find compelling. Still on Team Vincent. I'm starting to like Ivy more and more too. Even at his most annoying and frustrating, JM still portrays Klaus in such a way that makes me want him to do better, to learn, to mature. I'm looking forward to the Mikaelson family reunion next week, I heart Kol and Rebekah so much and would like for Elijah to yes, remember his family and past but to no longer take the "always and forever" oath so literally.
  15. S05.E06: What, Will, I, Have, Left

    Agree that at least Hayley went out protecting her child even though I never liked the character or the actress. Even though she may not have been able to use someone else's daylight ring she could have grabbed Roman's shirt or something to wrap herself in and escaped with her daughter. I never felt much for Declan other than he seems nice, now that I know he's related to Cami I had to fight an eyeroll. I actually don't mind Caroline at times, this was one off them. Always love to see Klaus called out on his shit. LOL