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  1. Damn. I so miss Felix and Donnie. It was so nice seeing Art especially without his annoying Neo partner. Mud still annoys me, sad backstory, low self esteem and all. And biggest surprise for me, I actually felt for Ira. I was hoping he would not slit his wrists as he laid his head on Susan's corpse's lap, I'm hoping with the loss of Susan he decides to be Team Sestra and not chase after Coady like a sad, lost puppy. Cannot wait for Cosima to be reunited with Team Sestra. What a pleasant surprise it was to see TM's boyfriend as Len! Krystal still cracks me up, forever falling ass backward into something that is more than it seems and usually related to the sestras/Dyad. Re: Scott and Bree...no. Please, no. I hate Rachel more than ever. Is she gonna get stabby again when the secret of PT not really being PT gets out? Is it too much to ask that she loses everything during these final episodes! S's warning that one day Rachel will need them sounded so prescient.
  2. How awesome would it be if Ru won Outstanding Host again! A few other awards in other categories would be grand too. :-)
  3. I hope the show wins an Emmy but would love if it won Outstanding Variety Sketch Series. 😃
  4. I can't believe we have only five more episodes left, I feel like there's more that needs to be explained/dealt with than can be covered in just five episodes. Also, an episode without Felix or Donny feels so empty. :-( Ira is glitching at a really bad time, I did laugh when upon Rachel's arrival he remarked that he had removed all the knives. Still loving that S is working with Scott and Hell Wizard (I can never remember his name!). I just hate Rachel more and more with each passing episode, when she walks onscreen I always hope someone she's hurt hits low and trips her so she ends up sprawled on the ground. I know that's not nice to say but I'm hoping she gets the mother of all comeuppances. I refuse to believe that Sarah would fall for a Kira hustle. If she does here's to S out-hustling them both!
  5. At this point I'm just glad that Scott and Hell Wizard are still around and supporting the sestras, I heart those two. Thanks to ElectricBoogaloo, who has christened the monster in the woods Sloth, I will now hear the Goonies' pirate theme whenever we see him. Goonies never say die! :-D I'm hoping Ferdinand appears before the end to wrap up not just his own story but also somehow affect Rachel's. Love the actor and the unpredictability of the character.
  6. Mona/Janel is MVP of this series finale, hell, MVP of the show. I smirked when Mona dropped her snowglobe and it fell and broke a la Citizen Kane. I'll just say the finale could've been worse. After about half hour I told my brain "Brain, just pretend you're watching Showgirls for the very first time, the more you watch the more you realize what a piece of sh** you're watching yet you can't stop watching because it's so bad it's actually funny." I will say thank you to whoever approved of the Liars' moms reuniting and getting drunk again. Bravo!
  7. Thank you for posting this! :-) Helena will do anything to protect the sestras, can't wait to see her in mama bear mode once her two little miracles are born. Glad to see I'm not the only person who is not a fan of Kira. I had always hoped her father would take her out of town. For good.
  8. OMG YES WINTERGREEN! Love love love her. Can she appear on every new season of RPDR and just be Wintergreen? Please? I am still Bob's bitch. When she walked on stage I gasped. Drop. Dead. Gorgeous. And of course the dig at Valentina! And thank you, Mayberry, for posting the pre show runway...purse first! And Bob threw in Tyra Banks' infamous ANTM screeching speech for another Valentina dig. Agree with so much of your comments. I'm ok with Sasha winning although I'm still a big fan of Peppermint and Shay. If you had told me that Sasha would be crowned after delivering an epic LSFYL to a Whitney Houston song I would have laughed in your face. I'm glad I was wrong. LOL
  9. Ha! I thought the same thing, that Vincent did what he did to yes, save Hope, an innocent child, but also to kick the Mikaelsons the hell out of his city for good. ITA with those who think this ep would have made a good series finale. I dread what Plec has in store for next year.
  10. Was Helena writing in Ukrainian at the convent? Anyone have a translation? :-) I really hope that Alison returns by the finale, I heart her so much. Imho she's just as brave as Sarah (and as rash at times) and the sestras really are stronger when they're together. Loved how she finally met Rachel and was not intimidated. Hopefully we'll continue to see Donnie...all of him, not just the various bits and pieces he may inadvertently flash in public! Kira can go suck on a lemon. Can't have it both ways, brat.
  11. I seriously thought for the first say, twenty minutes, of this episode that we were watching a clone having an actual nightmare. Rachel/Neolution takes over and the remaining clones and their loved ones just...accept it? I've seen some really disturbing shit on tv shows over the years but Ferdinand murdering MK in a (to him) Rachel-induced rage ranks right up there. Here's to hoping she left Scott and/or the Rabbit Hole's proprietor her hard drives, etc, to continue working on behalf of the sestras. Art's new partner annoys me to no end. Any guesses as to when she'll end up buried in the Hendrix garage? Kira choosing Rachel made me want to retch.
  12. I don't follow anyone on social media so I had no idea that Valentina's fans were throwing out death threats to anyone. And that she's done nothing about it? WTF?! Ru getting up to dance made me clap in glee! I really liked how this reunion was just Ru and the queens onstage in an empty theater. No audience to play to or be interrupted by or to distract us from what was happening on the stage. Besides Charlie's multiple excuses for her horrid LSFYL attempt and Valentina's immaturity showing and perfect little mask coming off to show some of her true colors (and I was on her bandwagon almost from the get go this season, she pulled one over on me!), I thought all of the queens did well for themselves during the reunion. I still feel for Nina and want her to get help.
  13. I still find it so bizarre that Marcel has yet to mention Davina, even in passing. I know he's trying to save his city and all but still. One of my hopes was quickly dashed when the Hollow seemingly killed Sofya...and then Sofya just shows up soon after like nothing happened. Sigh. The actress portraying Hope is just too cute. Loved her little smirk at the end when she stepped up to the stage and turned to face the Hollow's acolytes. She's sooo much better than the actress actually portraying the Hollow. The finale better not have Vincent dying, I love that he's one of the few that doesn't cower before the Mikaelsons and bluntly tells them what needs doing and why.
  14. I heart Shea but she really should've been clocked for that weird, unfortunate bustier/bra situation she had going on in the final runway. I mean WTH, girl...no. Re: the non-elimination, I don't know. Trinity's gumption has really impressed me, she has shone in certain challenges that I thought she would not, I've come to really like her. I've been loving on Shea and Peppermint since the beginning, and Sasha has really grown on me as well. I really couldn't choose which one of them should have sashayed away at this point. I really love that Todrick has become such a big (for me) part of RPDR, he always gives his all both as a judge and as a a mentor/director in various challenges. Cannot WAIT for the reunion!
  15. As glad as I am that Kol will finally be happy (for however long), I agree with ya'll that it's strange that Davina did not mention Marcel at all or even try to reach out to him. Once Klaus finds out what Kol did to enable the Hollow to jump into Hope's body, I'm sure Kol and Davina's happiness will not last. Which makes me sad. Gotta admit I loved Rebekah's pettiness, not bothering to use Sofya's actual name during her and Marcel's conversation. Heh