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  1. Thank you and MaryWebGirl for answering my question. :-) I truly love the friendship between Shea and Sasha and it shows in their chemistry in challenges. Lurve them!
  2. Homer using the Dachshund as a weapon gave me the biggest laugh and I'm still not sure why. My heart is almost as tiny and black as Mr. Burns' is at this point but when he was reunited with his hounds I may have melted just a bit. I heart my doggies too even though I don't release them on anyone. :-D So that was the season finale. Meh.
  3. ITA with ElectricBoogaloo's entire post. Amen, sister. As for Vincent shutting Klaus up...yeeeeeessssssss!!! Have always loved Vincent, so glad he was the one to finally shut that immature brat up. I was hoping Sofya would actually die post-Hollow possession, that's how much I detest the actress, she is so bad. Also ITA with Moxie Cat's assessment of next season's CW remake of Dynasty and who is portraying Kristal. Could not STAND the actress on TVD, seeing her again in the trailer made me shudder.
  4. Wow. I've always liked Valentina but her inexperience and youth really flared up to screw her over this time. I agree with others re: her being offered a part in AS2. I still have not seen Untucked but I'm almost dreading it. I am still living for Shea, Sasha and Peppermint. I like Trinity at times but feel those three are the strongest contenders. I still love Nina but she's become this black hole of paranoia and self-doubt, I don't know how much longer she can continue on Drag Race like this. Sasha begging Shea's toes to not jump (the staging of it, Sasha's emotional pleas) was THE best moment for me in this ep, hell their sitcom actually had me LOL'ing. I barely recognized that Noah child (I gave up on Real O'Neils after its first year) but had no idea who Lisa Robertson is. I will forever love Carson's one clap for Nina and Valentina's sitcom, hee!
  5. Thank Ru that we finally got to the Reading Challenge. I would not have chosen Valentina as the winner tho as much as I like her. At first I felt a little bad for Alexis wrt the reads about her body and history of image issues but as others have mentioned, she herself has pointed out others' queens' physical characteristics soooo... Hooray, Peppermint won! I so love her, want her to do well, want her in Top 3, if not winning the crown outright. She just keeps getting better and better. Sasha also continues to impress me and my lurve for Shea remains as strong as it did at the beginning of the season. Hearing from Peppermint and Sasha about their experiences in Russia absolutely TERRIFIED me. Every morning, post-Inauguration Day, when I wake up in the morning I am immediately seized with fear. It scares me to no end that during the next four years, we'll see hateful behavior made into law here. I'm hoping Farrah will continue to mature, she is beautiful but ITA with the assessment that she does not really know who she is yet. What did Alexis wave with during the LSFYL? At first I thought it was chest padding but now I'm not so sure. Thought both Farrah and Alexis did well during the LSFYL and omg I had totally forgotten that Dolly Parton had hopped on the disco train back in the day! Thank you for the memories, RPDR. LOL
  6. Where was Vincent?? I smiled at Alaric's continued hatred of Klaus and when Alaric exploded his car to temporarily dispatch of Sofia. It was nice to see Davina again, too bad her plan to sacrifice Klaus failed. I may, MAY, have aw'd when Hope derailed the plan to save her father. Awww. But never do that again, young lady. LOL
  7. That is great news! Thank you for the link. :-)
  8. I'm so grateful for you guys, this show has been confusing me for years and I know I can come here and be reminded of who did what to who and when and why. I don't have high hopes for any resolutions by the time of the finale to actually make any damn sense. (rubs temples)
  9. This skit was sooo funny! The one mechanic explaining to the others what fish/fishy actually meant had us lol'ing.
  10. Trinity stealing the show again with a comedic role (and her unabashed in-it-to-win-it attitude at the beginning of the episode) is making me want to see her in Top 3. Also especially enjoyed Valentina and Shea's performances in 9021-HO. I like Aja but the tantrum was too too much. Loved Peppermint giving her what she wanted and then just shutting her down. Seems like Nina just cannot take constructive criticism without becoming so defensive. I heart her and really want to see her in Top 3 but as of last night, Peppermint pulled ahead of her for my Top 3 wish list. Jennie and Tori surprised me with how well they did as co-directors and judges (and I thought Tori did well back in Season 1 as a judge too) in this episode. Re: their Tiffani Amber Thiessen shade...I want more, spill, ladies! LOL
  11. Ya'll know I heart Elijah but his behavior this season is OTT even for a Mikaelson. I know he's feeling desperate about all this but damn, murdering those four young witches, he should have known better. Was totally feeling Vincent's desperation and apprehension at reaching out to Davina, just knowing that perhaps, hopefully, she was not completely torn apart on the other side made me smile. So we get what, just a couple minutes of Josh in Marcel's body but will no doubt be stuck with the Labonair Holler in boring Sofya? Ugh. More Josh! I believe it is. Hope and Marcel were adorable. As with every character on this show he sometimes annoys me but I like that he has a soft spot for children. And I may have cheered when Klaus finally, FINALLY, beheaded Dominic, man was he annoying. Still don't care about Freya and Keelin.
  12. I'm still not feeling Freya and Keelin either but still willing to see if I change my mind. Klaus is such a pain in the ass but I find JM's portrayal riveting. Maybe I was reading too much into it but near the end when Sophia explained when and where she first saw him, what he did to her and her family, her hate for him, there was a flicker or something on Klaus' face that I read as ok, he may not exactly remember HER 500 years ago but he realized yet again that his past evil actions are never really forgotten, they just keep coming back to the surface to haunt not just him but to threaten his relationship with his child and her safety. Vincent has chemistry with everything and everyone, I would prefer him and Freya NOT get horizontal (I love how much he hates the Mikaelsons) but strangely enough, would not mind at all if he and Elijah decided to take a chance on each other. As long as we get to watch every. single. minute. of it. :-) More Josh, please.
  13. My crush on Denis O'Hare continues, as does my love for Nina, Shea, Sasha and Valentina. I knew that Alexis' Liza was going to win Snatch Game (she was sooo good) but I was also loving Sasha's Marlene Dietrich, her portrayal of another true legend was inspiring. Marlene propositioning Candis Cayne made me giggle! Besides that the only other fave moments for me were Valentina's comedic efforts as Miss Columbia and of course Shea's Naomi Campbell saying she had to resort to borrowing Nene Leakes' pre paid Cricket cell phone, ha! I really cannot say anything positive on the others' impersonation attempts, for me they ran the gamut from uninspiring to boring to truly awful. Why the hell couldn't Cynthia be Charo?! Instead of cucu-ing she could coochi coochi and make her answers almost totally unintelligible in that endearing Charo way. After last season's original Night of a 1000 Madonnas let down I was not looking forward to this season's. At least Valentina went in a totally different direction referencing the Sex book but I wasn't that impressed with the other queens' looks. I like Cynthia but damn if Peppermint didn't wipe the floor with her during that LSFYL. Her locking, loading and shooting that imaginary rifle at Cynthia all in time with the lyric was THE best thing I saw this week, I stood up and cheered "yeeeeesssss queeeeeeeeeeen!!!" and scared the dog. Love ya, girl!
  14. OMG Denis O'Hare! Squee! ETA, locas, there's previews of the Snatch Game episode around. I only saw the ew.com one and spoiler alert: don't click on the ew.com site if you want to be surprised at who's who in Snatch Game, the title and pic right at the top tells you who one of the celebs is, as does the teaser vid just below it. I cannot WAIT!
  15. I cannot with Meghan Trainor. Todrick is always a delight. I also cannot with that "K" family but enjoyed seeing some of our queens turn it out, especially Shea and Alexis with Peppermint as Britney as honorable mention. I heart Nina but hope this isn't the start of a downward slide for her confidence. Anyone else wanna know who Ru would've chosen to sashay away?