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  1. S01.E01: Keep on Truckin'

    Mary Steenburgen was on four seasons of the sitcom Last Man on Earth, which was just cancelled back in April or May of this year. She still looks good for her age, without any noticeable plastic surgery.
  2. S09.E02: The Bridge

    That's pretty much what I was thinking in terms of where they could have gone this season. The show just doesn't want to let Jeffrey Dean Morgan go, for whatever reason. And the season seems to be shaping up into an attempt at rebuilding civilization. The problem I'm having with it (among others) is that I don't really understand what sort of rules they're using in how these communities run. There was a clear group to follow for the first six seasons and now everyone is splintered, and I don't really follow the ins and outs of that, like how Rick has to negotiate with Maggie for Hilltop supplies. Or how it's Rick's decision on how Negan is punished. Seems like those two roles in particular should be reversed.
  3. S09.E02: The Bridge

    I can understand why nobody in Alexandria, the Kingdom, or Hilltop would want to take them in. Even if they were basically slave labor and would have left Negan were they able, they still benefited from what the Saviors stole from the others. They'd be eyed with too much suspicion. How is anyone to know who was really held against their will versus who was there willingly? I do think a lot of them would want to just set out on their own though, and I think there would be more conflict between those wanting to join Hilltop or some other community and those opposed to them.
  4. S01.E01 Pilot

    It was a lazy short-cut to explain the premise. It's the main thing I objected to, even though I liked it overall. In the case of a pilot, it's more about getting the network's attention so they'll buy it. They can't spend two or three episodes explaining the premise when they're trying to sell a pilot to a network. That's why pilots are so over-stuffed if they're being sold to a network or basic cable channel. What's baffling is why a reboot would need to do that. If the CW commissioned a pilot for a reboot of a known property, why on earth would the writers and producers feel the need to cram that much exposition into the pilot? The premise would, presumably, be already known to them. It's possible some the pilot was re-written and re-shot, if the network was too worried the audience wouldn't understand the premise if they hadn't seen the original show.
  5. S09.E06: Face It, You're Gorgeous

    Liam should already know this. What bugged me was that Lip and Ian (I think) were standing right there when Frank made Liam go with him to find Ingrid. You'd think they'd have stopped him. Why would anyone let Liam go anywhere with Frank? Is this their version of tough love? Letting him see firsthand how awful Frank is?
  6. Versailles: All Episodes Talk

    Me too. I also agree she seems a bit matronly versus Montespan and the relationship with Louis feels more maternal than sexual. But I guess they had to include her.
  7. S01.E01: Keep on Truckin'

    Well if this forum is any indication I'd say the new season is a hit. Lots of people tuned it to see it, anyway, and that's all the network cares about! I thought they did about as good a job with it as they could. They had a huge hurdle to get past and they did so while still maintaining the spirit of the show. Some great laughs - I got a big kick out of Becky responding to Dan's threat of driving into someone's house by saying "Don't. My ex-boyfriend did that and it's taking forever for him to get his license back." And needless to say, the final scene between Darlene and Jackie was about as powerful as anything the show ever did in its original 9-year run. Without Roseanne the audience has dwindled, I suspect a lot of Trump supporters are boycotting the show. But even without them it still ranked as the highest rated series debut of the season. Not too shabby. Dan was friends with Nancy when she was dating women and he was also friends with Leon. He might not have been 100% "comfortable" around them but it's not as if he lived in a vacuum either. Remember when he and Fred played a Halloween prank on Roseanne by climbing into bed together and pretending to be gay? I think his initial discomfort with Mark was worry about how he'd be treated at school and, now, just the idea of discussing dating with kids, whether gay or straight. He was all in once he thought it over. Kids today are surprisingly woke. Being gay or transgendered isn't some foreign concept to them like it might have been just 10 or 20 years ago. It's in all the mainstream shows and media that surrounds them. I'm sure there's still bullying and there always will be but Mark being open and having accepting friends isn't a stretch no matter where they live.
  8. S04.E01: I Want to Be Here

    Yeah I didn't care for Nathaniel's attitude either. At least Rebecca has the self-awareness to acknowledge she's got some stuff to work on. He clearly does too, because who else thinks getting beaten up then dropped off in the wilderness is a character building experience? He just wants to run away from his problems.
  9. S02.E04: Awful People

    I didn't remember her from a previous episode but I recognized the actress from the short-lived series GCB. She's a great comedic actress.
  10. Flip Or Flop Atlanta

    Not sure I agree about Anita being "appropriately dressed." She has a weird fashion style. A lot of boots and pants with long, flowing gypsy-style tops. That said, she's nowhere near as caked up as Christina (or Aubrey of Vegas). And I'm sure she's being prompted to dress up a bit for the cameras. But Ken and Anita seem to accomplish so much more with their remodels than Tarek and Christina. With the latter you get the same old thing every week: tear down the walls to make it open concept, then splash on the usual grey and white colors. Throw in the usual bickering over finishes and costs and it's the same episode week after week. Ken and Anita have much more amazing transformations, whether they're turning duplexes into single family homes, or turning split levels into traditional colonials. I'm always impressed and no two look alike. And . . . gasp! No bickering!
  11. S03.E04: The Snowplow

    Agreed, and I recognized that back in the first season. I take it to be a commentary, or parable, of most organized religion, wherein it is not your behavior or your actions that determine whether you get into heaven, but what you believe. Tahani did a lot of good work for the "wrong" reasons so she's damned to the Bad Place. That's basically what most religions say. You can be the kindest, nicest person in the world but if you don't believe in the right religion, you're doomed.
  12. S12.E04: The Tam Turbulence

    The thing Anu should be most worried about is that Raj has a history of dumping one girlfriend the minute he thinks another girl is interested in him. That's exactly what he did with the girl who was into horror movies - he dropped her like a hot potato once he met the girl in the comic book store who wanted to interview him. He's not only a dick but he's a flake. He had a nice thing going with that girl and had no reason to break up with her and then tried to get back together with her after the second girl rejected him. He lacks the emotional maturity to be committed and I've seen no reason to think he's learned or changed.
  13. Kidding All Episodes Talk

    I'd be surprised if the show wasn't initially greenlit for two seasons simply on the basis of Jim Carrey's star power (which, admittedly, has waned a bit from his heyday). They did basically the same thing with Patrick Stewart and Blunt Talk: your bigger stars aren't going to sign on for a series unless there's a guarantee of at least 2 seasons. The show is weird, and despite what Deadline claims, is not doing great in the ratings. I am strangely invested in it but at the same time I'm kind of repulsed by Mr. Pickles. He's just so damn creepy. It's mostly the hair.
  14. S09.E02: The Bridge

    So far. We still have Negan down in the basement speechifying and until they write this character off I fear the show is doomed. Agreed. This is a villain that should have been dispensed with two seasons ago, but I fear the show is convinced they need Jeffrey Dean Morgan now more than ever.
  15. S01.E01 Pilot

    I watched this a second time. It seems like all network TV pilots suffer from being overly plotted. The entire premise has to be laid out in an hour so the network knows what the show will be about. But since this is a reboot that shouldn't have been necessary. The original series used the middle sister's boyfriend as the first Big Bad. That eliminated the need to introduce extra characters that were only going to be killed off anyway. That's more or less where this pilot went wrong, IMO. Between the sorority girls, the guy who may or may not be Maggie's boyfriend, Mel's girlfriend, the guy who may or may not be Macy's boyfriend, the guy who was taunting Mel about the flyers and later showed up at the protest, and Professor Thane, there wasn't enough focus on the main characters. Not to mention their mother who was already long-dead in the original pilot. It's no wonder I was confused about who had been accused of sexual assault. In particular, I thought they did a really bad job of establishing Mel's girlfriend. We only saw a quick glimpse of her in bed when Mel got a text from her mother, so when she and her police partner were questioning Mel after she punched that guy in the nose, I totally missed the fact that it was the same girl. Yes, the professor was a demon who sucked the life force out of "strong women" which is why the previous victim was rendered comatose/brain dead. There should have been a follow-up where we found out she woke up after they vanquished him. I think the next couple of episodes will be much more telling about whether this can be well written or not.