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  1. S06.E08: Sand Trap 2018.06.18

    It's possible but he wanted her to go out and investigate a new case right then and there, so that didn't really suggest it was evening. She didn't seem to be working on anything pressing on her own so I can't imagine she didn't have time to change before picking up the birth mother or greeting her when she showed up.
  2. I don't think they were actually at the wrong place. Those were the right condos they were vandalizing. It was just that initially Craig remembered there being a restaurant there before they built them, and once they were inside, he realized the restaurant was actually across the street. (At that point, they would have left if they realized they were in the wrong place, instead of continuing to smash the place up). They were still accomplishing their goal, which was to make the condos less desirable for potential buyers.
  3. S03.E23: Battles Lost and Won 2018.06.18

    So from what I gather, both Mon El and Winn are being written off the show. Which means I probably won't be back for Season 4. Winn in particular was one of the last real draws of the show for me. And if they're going for an "Evil Supergirl" story next, didn't they already do that? Ugh. I think I'm done.
  4. That was a disappointing finish to the season IMO. And I say that as someone who is interested in the Salem witch trials. But this story was very similar to one of Sarah Jessica Parker's. Her ancestor was likewise spared from execution because the executions were halted while she was waiting in jail. And this was another episode where it felt like the show just searched for something to give us a little history lesson about that had no real immediate connection to the celebrity - I'm sure if our family trees could be established far back enough, any of us could find someone back there that could serve as a grounding point in a history lesson. It just doesn't feel personal - you could pretty much just drop the celebrity altogether and do straightforward history lessons every week.
  5. S06.E08: Sand Trap 2018.06.18

    It seems like last week's episode was meant to be the mid-season finale if the show had aired during the regular broadcast season, hence the three month jump. It does seem like he was rather abruptly cured but that wouldn't have been the case if the show had gone off the air for three months and this was the first episode we came back to after that. Yeah. As soon as he popped his head out of his office I said "that's the guy." They make it too easy sometimes. So they finally mentioned Clyde, but I'm starting to wonder if something happened to the turtle and that's why we never see him anymore. I thought it was odd when Sherlock got home and Joan was wearing a suit and tie. The pregnant mother had just arrived and so it's not like she was going in to work. I know this is sort of her look and that's OK for work but if she's trying to impress upon the birth mother that's she's maternal in any way that's not the outfit I would suggest.
  6. All Episodes Talk: The Bennett Living Room

    I kind of thought the jealous boyfriend was going to go after Colt. First Rooster told him Colt was screwing his ex-wife, then she herself told him if she were going to sleep with one of the Bennetts it would be either Beau or Colt. I thought for sure that was going somewhere. I did like the ending with Beau finally trying to make amends. He is kind of a shitty dad so it was nice to see him acknowledge that. You could tell in the very first episode that Elisha Cuthbert was already visibly pregnant the way they tried their best to hide her, so the time jump was necessary. Debra Winger always manages to disappear for part of each season so I'm guessing they don't have the money to pay her to be in every episode. Not that I mind, necessarily. She's kind of the weak link in the cast IMO. They kind of left the stolen generator storyline unresolved. I'm assuming Colt will still take a plea deal for probation, but now that he and his father have made amends I wonder why Lisa couldn't just drop the charges like they agreed to originally. Maybe that will be the resolution next season. I'm kind of over impromptu weddings officiated by friends or family who got ordained on the internet. It's become too much of a TV cliche.
  7. Karamo takes people places and has them interact with people. Whether that has any meaningful or lasting impact on their lives is debatable (and yes, probably varies from person to person). Antoni teaches them how to cook one thing. Whether it inspires them to pursue cooking other things on their own is also variable. In any case, neither of those two functions has the visual impact of the hair makeover, clothing makeover or home design makeover. That's really my point - I might enjoy the things Karamo or Antoni introduce but they aren't immediately tangible like the other three things and often feel superficial and superfluous. This isn't necessarily a criticism of their skills, it speaks to an imbalance in the structure of the show. It was the same way in the original version. Occasionally, Jai would contribute something that really did help someone. Most of the time, though, his participation felt unnecessary.
  8. The hipster mayor dude looked great all cleaned up, but he didn't match his girlfriend anymore. She is clearly a hippie/bohemian type and he looked too clean cut for her. I predict he will go back to looking like a member of a grunge band within months with a full beard again. The problem with the Fab 5, whether the original group or this incarnation, is that their functions just aren't equally relevant. The hair and grooming guy and the wardrobe guy are always going to have the most visible affect on the makeover, followed by the furniture guy who redecorates their home. The roles of the food guy and the lifestyle guy seem comparatively irrelevant in most cases. I can't think of anything Karamo or Antoni did this season that had any real meaningful effect on these guys' lives.
  9. Exactly. You mean the same way he couldn't change the ACA because Democrats did it? Oh wait . . . I always wonder where they get these kids too. Do you suppose they are the children of the show's staff?
  10. I can't wait for y'all to catch up to episode seven because we've got to talk about Sean and Lulu. That boy just ain't right. There's is seriously something off about him. Starting with the fact that he was raised by a woman he's calling his godmother, and apparently was handed over to her as a newborn by Sean's parents who "couldn't take care of him." WTF? Are they even around or in his life? This kid is so sheltered he has no concept how to behave around normal human beings, and I got the impression that Lulu indulged his little fantasy that he's a singer-song writer to his detriment. From what little I heard (and notice how little they showed), he's not talented enough to make a living doing this stuff. Sometimes home schooling can be a wonderful thing; sometimes it's more detrimental than not. In Sean's case it seems more the latter. Everything about him just seemed so robotic and mechanical - inhuman, almost. Like an alien that learned how to act like a person by watching them on TV.
  11. I'm back to not minding Jonathan within the context of this show. You just wouldn't want a whole half hour of nothing but him talking. And I think he'd be kind of exhausting to be around for any length of time. There's some really weird censoring on this show. Sometimes they bleep out swear words and sometimes they don't. In the episode with the handyman who wanted to move to Reno, you can clearly hear Jonathan say "that's a bad fucking idea" when the other boys want to play with the flame thrower. Then, in the very same episode, the make-better guy is writing things down and the word "fuck" is blurred out on one of his notes. WTF?
  12. I honestly don't know who George Will thinks is a left-wing equivalent of Trump. Clearly, he himself could not produce a name. But I think you're right - in his mind, someone like Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren is "lurid" because of their far-left policies. Not their personal behavior. And saying "honest liberal" is an oxymoron makes him part of the problem of divisiveness in this country.
  13. OK confession time. After Season 1 I found Jonathan kind of hilarious and endearing. I looked up his Gay of Thrones videos and found those hilarious as well. So then I started listening to his podcast. Oh, dear. I got through maybe four of them and that was enough. Now I can barely tolerate him. Everything is "c-yoooot." Everything. And he can rarely shut up long enough to let anyone else get a word in. He had Antoni on as a guest and he talked all over him and never let him say a word. Annoying as hell. Worse, he has a shocking lack of knowledge about some of the very most basic things. In short? Just not that bright. Anyway, I've seen the first two episodes so far. These guys will cry at the drop of a hat, won't they?
  14. I was initially a bit embarrassed that I wasn't really familiar with George Will, but if this is typical of the nonsense he spouts it's no wonder I've never paid attention to him. He's no better than any average Fox News talking head, resorting to what-aboutisms and blaming Democrats for everything. The left could produce a candidate just as lurid as Trump? Name one. Oh, he can't think of anyone. Not one name. Because Bill is right: a foul-mouthed, race bating pussy grabber isn't going to appeal to the liberal base the way Trump did to the right-wing base. And Will has to go all the way back to Woodrow Wilson to blame Democrats for Trump? Talk about a stretch. By the time he got around to arguing about climate change being "unsettled" I had chalked this guy up to being a garden variety crackpot. He's no statesman as far as I can tell.
  15. I think the drug dealer was willing to let Nicky walk out without paying what she already owed him for drugs, but then she walked out with that big bag of coke as well. That was a step too far.