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  1. S20. E21: Nominations #7. Hacker #2

    We get the exact same people every single year. There's always a mop-headed surfer dude. There's always a muscle-head dude, there's always a frat-bro dude, there's always a nerdy/geeky dude, there's always a cartoonish gay dude, there's always some southern yokel with a twang, there's always some chick with pink or purple hair who fancies herself new-agey or some shit, there's always a sweet but dumb blonde girl, there's always a sassy token black woman, and there are always about four generic bikini models. There's an actual cast of characters. They just have different people playing them each season. That being the case, not everyone who enters the house has an equal chance of winning. Some are clearly picked to be fodder. I read an interview with Julie Chen who said the show was successful because they settled on casting "mostly young 20-somethings" who play more emotionally which is more "entertaining." Translation: they're more interested in young, good looking model types in hopes they will hook up. Network reality shows prioritize finding the next Rob and Amber over all else. That's why Swaggy C is still a thing despite being booted Week 2. It's all they have, hard as they try to milk something out of Faysal and Haleigh.
  2. No but Kenzi did and brought it with her, so he has them. Which makes me wonder how much of a coincidence it was that she found that particular bag and wound up finding him the very next day. It seemed like an odd thing to have - a great big bag full of candy, but as someone above pointed out, he might have been instructed to bring that or even provided that because of his blood sugar. It appears that there are only four episodes of this series, so it's not much of an investment.
  3. She's definitely had some bad luck the last couple of times she's played. I think a lot of it has to do with chemistry though - you need to be matched up with the right player and working on the same wavelength. If she's getting bad clues she's not going to guess the right answer, and if she's got a dumb partner who can't guess the right answer that's not really her fault. I can't think of any specific time she just gave a bad clue - but it's possible she didn't give a second or third and stuck with just the one she was using, which is almost just as bad. I could have sworn his name was Emmett so thanks. But . . . if what he's saying on Twitter is true that kind of just makes it worse. The subject was clear enough, "people named Obama," not "people associated with Obama." He'd have been better off saying he misread the clue and thought it said "people named Osama." That's more understandable.
  4. S20. E21: Nominations #7. Hacker #2

    I just can't jump on the "Tyler is a genius!" bandwagon because . . . he's not. He's doing a good job, to be sure, but he also benefits from things that are outside of his control, like the fact that this show is invested in casting the dumbest people they can find so we can all laugh at them. He benefits from twists and things that just fall into his lap. He benefits from the fact that the show is only interested in casting the type of girls who say things like "My strategy will be flirting with the guys." He's handsome and charming and has girls hanging all over him. Derrick's season was boring too but he didn't really benefit from his looks the way Tyler does. And that's what I mean. Credit to Tyler where it's due but also, credit to the producers for casting mostly idiots who don't seem to realize they are helping Tyler win. And that's not because Tyler has "misted" them and done a great job in fooling them - it's because they're idiots who don't see the writing on the wall. And let's not forget some of them are recruits that never even watched the show before. Tyler benefits from that too.
  5. S04.E02: Breathe

    I really didn't get what happened in this scene but my best guess is close to yours. Jimmy sort of snapped back to life last week when Howard took responsibility for Chuck's suicide, but essentially I think Jimmy is still broken. And I think this scene served to show that there's an inner struggle between Saul Goodman pulling one of his cons, and the more humane Jimmy who pities the people who fall for these kinds of cons. It's similar to what he did to that old woman last season, tricking her into signing off on the settlement, the feeling so bad about it he sabotaged himself to get her out of it. I'd be interested to know what's in Chuck's letter, because obviously he couldn't have written it any time recently. It was in Howard's possession so I assume it was at the HHM offices and not in Chuck's home. That seems to indicate it was written years ago when Chuck was still mentally OK and working out of the offices. If the show is going to imply the letter was written more recently, that sort of contradicts the timeline. Can somebody remind me how Lydia and Gus are connected? Does she move product for him through Madrigal? Do we know how they ever connected in the first place?
  6. S06.E16: Uncanny Valley of the Dolls

    The ending was absolutely hilarious but I can't really think of another time in the past five seasons where Sherlock displayed anything near this kind of sense of humor. Not that he doesn't possess some humor but not in a practical joke sort of way. I still loved it though. "If you think I won't be doing the same thing to Watson you're not the detective I thought you were." The episode was good overall, too. I never lost the thread of what was going on. I tend to agree, however, that the professor would not have been able to keep someone out of his class out of some vendetta and get away with it. One thing that cracked me up is that every time someone said "Dr. Fukata" what I heard was "Dr. Verkakte." Those with a passing familiarity in Yiddish will understand.
  7. S20. E21: Nominations #7. Hacker #2

    That just goes to show that Tyler's own alliance is just as blind to him as the other side of the house is. They've all got his back, for no reason other than they trust him. Didn't Angela say she'd take a bullet for this guy or something? Everyone thinks they're Tyler's No. 1. What's irritating is that nobody seems to realize they are all playing to help Tyler win. Even his own alliance. Even if, say, Angela and Kaycee have it somewhere in the back of their minds to get rid of him once it's down to four or five players, it will be too late by then because they will have taken out anyone who could beat him. And it's been that way since around Week 2 which is why I just don't find this season terribly compelling.
  8. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    Too little too late. It's done what production wanted it to do.
  9. That was the aforementioned Emmett. "People named Obama" and he says Bin Laden. Me too. I've heard that the celebrities practice with the producers for "a day" (which, you know, could be anywhere from 2 to 8 hours) but I don't know about the contestants. They sure has hell don't seem to have to qualify by trying out, like they do on Jeopardy.
  10. S01.E06: Cherry

    It's possible to be a high-functioning alcoholic, but not in the way it's being portrayed on this show. And not so that you would still look like Amy Freaking Adams either.
  11. What difference does it make though? Isn't baby-killer already serving life in prison? It's not like they could add more time to her sentence. I suppose she could be put into solitary confinement but that's about it.
  12. Yeah that was an awesomely awkward scene, but keep in mind the kids probably already knew this information and were asked to re-enact this scene for the cameras. Plus the fact that teenagers in general have about zero interest in their parents' histories at that age.
  13. S03.E11: Jackpot

    J has a clear goal in mind, and it includes his cut from the stolen storage locker stash. He needs that money to buy his own businesses to launder his own money. So he still needs Smurf until he gets that money.
  14. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    Why is he even using it? What's the point? Angela comes down and Kaycee goes up . . . what's the difference? It's still one L6 player against Rockstar, and Tyler has showed his hand to Haleigh, Faysal, and Scottie. What's in this for him? Or Level 6, for that matter? Uh, I'm not part of "us," clearly. There's something about him and Brett laughing at how stupid the other people are that rubs me the wrong way. I just find it distasteful somehow. Yeah, Haleigh and Co. are dummies, but crowing about how you're taking advantage of dummies isn't a great look IMO. "Look at me! They're stupid and I'm taking advantage of them! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!" Yeah, no.