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  1. Veronica Mars Revival

    One thing I really appreciate is how excited Kristen Bell, who doesn't need the money or exposure, keeps wanting to come back to the role that gave her her real start. She's loyal, and clearly loves the character a lot. Cool to see from an actor.
  2. The Good Podcast

    First, I am aghast that KB has ever dipped, and admits to dipping regularly. Also, her story at the end would be enough for anyone to divorce anyone, but she did tell a story on a breastfeeding podcast about Dax needing to "keep at it" until a plug got out. So I guess they are right for each other. The last one dropped today. Everyone involved in this show is so nice and so thankful for it, and to be a part of it. I fear I like The Good Place too much for it to be healthy or normal. But healthier than taking a mouthful of someone's dip spit :)
  3. The Good Podcast

    They're really quiet about clues, but Shawn appears to be back in Season 3, which makes it clear it won't be just about the four of them living on Earth. I think.
  4. I think they could, but they either have to do the whole season there, or skip it because the next two books are going to need a season. I think you can combine them, but I don't think you can start with Cibola and then into the destruction of Earth without then going right into Marco's war.
  5. I think they could/will skip Cibola Burn. It was a nice book and a neat story if you're invested in the overall series, but don't you think you could just as easily skip straight to Nemesis Games and keep the narrative going? You'd have to resolve the Miller/protomolecule situation, but I think they'd be losing a lot if they dropped into Ilus for a season without dealing with the situation back home, which is the key narrative for the next three books (I'm only up to seven).
  6. Ah. Okay. Thanks -- my son's soprt of obsessed, so I'll try to find it for him.
  7. The show description said there was going to be a performance of some sort. I guess I missed it or my wife FFed through it.
  8. Did Dear Evan Hansen perform? We were watching, and it didn't show up in the Denver broadcast. Also, what did DiNiro say?
  9. S06.E10: START

    That's the oddest thing I've read in a long time. Only bright red? Every time I think I get a handle on the way women are thought of and treated in every day life, something like that pops up and I have to shake my head. Weird (and sort of gross) policy to have.
  10. S06.E10: START

    I think you're giving the FBI both too much and not enough credit. First, they don't know where the safe houses are, and the people who did know have left. They might be able to trace the phone person, maybe, but who knows what she knows. Maybe enough, maybe not. They're working under the assumption that DC worked the same as Chicago, and it may have. But, in reality, their efforts at duplicating Chicago have been fruitless in DC. Had Stan not happened to be the next door neighbor of the Jennings, and had they not happened to invite them over for Thanksgiving, there's no evidence the FBI would have been caught them at all. They might -- might have gotten them after Andrei, but that's a big jump. He didn't know their names, and the description he gave, while accurate, only worked when confirming suspicions. But even if they find them, any traces of Paige can be explained away by the fact that she's their daughter, and it's perfectly reasonable to assume that stray hairs, stray fingerprints and such are normal in a family setting. Also, that Paige might not know what the houses were for, why she was there, any of that. If she doesn't admit to working with her parents, there's not a lot to connect her to their work. On the second side, though, you're assigning the FBI an vindictive streak I don't think they'd have. The illegals they were after have been stopped, but they are also GONE. Nothing about this makes them look good at all, and I think they'd just as soon have it go away as pursue it. So if they get vicious towards Paige and Henry, it will just accentuate that a KGB operative lived across the street from a counter-intelligence officer for seven years, had dinners with both he and his supervisor, things like that. I think you might be right about the punitive nature of bureaucracy, but even they have people to answer to, and those people would much rather this disappear than be brought into the sun. I'm sure they'd debrief the kids, but in reality, Henry doesn't know anything and if Paige told them the things she did know -- with an offer of immunity, which any lawyer would ask for and the FBI would give -- it would all be water under the bridge. Likewise, now that the Jennings are gone, Oleg's got no reason not to decode the message, and if said message turns out to be about internal Soviet affairs, then he's not working against US interests, is he? I mean, I could see the FBI shooting him before I could see the DOJ convicting him.
  11. S06.E10: START

    What would she be going to prison for? There’s no evidence we’ve seen that the FBI has anything on Phillip and Elizabeth Jennings, much less anything that would implicate their daughter. You have to have proof to convict in the US. Unless P&E kept records of their activities at the house or agency, it sure seems like a hard case to make. And even if they make it against P&E, making an actual legal case against Paige seems even more daunting.
  12. S06.E10: START

    Don't forget that this is still America, and Paige is entitled to a lawyer. If she just keeps quiet, it's hard to implicate her in much. My guess is Stan -- or even Aderholdt -- would push her to get an attorney before they questioned her too vigorously. And a lawyer would tell her to keep quiet. Even if she talked, parental coercion and extenuating circumstance wouldn't be hard to convince a judge of. And if she gave up Claudia and Gabriel -- even if they'd left the country -- that would help mitigate any punishment she receives. I also think it's important to consider that the FBI has very little actual evidence of criminal activity by P&E. MY guess is they kept very little around. So all the crimes we know about, the FBI may suspect but they would be very hard to prove. Thinking that these crimes were committed by illegals is a long way from being able to prove these crimes were committed by illegals. And even with Stan's testimony, Phillip never actually confessed to anything. I've no doubt that -- if the FBI wanted to -- they could get convictions in absentia for P&E, and if Paige confessed to seeing the General, maybe murder with E (though, if E told her about the guy's previous treasonous act, suicide might be enough to create reasonable doubt). But unless P&E kept some kind of trophy room, actually convicting them of crimes beyond espionage would be difficult, and holding a teenager responsible for her parents espionage would be even harder.
  13. S06.E10: START

    Without starting any kind of argument, would you feel the same way about an American who put their country first, last, always? An American spy who was willing to sacrifice everything for their country? Because it seems to me that's something most consider heroic. It's just that this time those "virtues" were for our enemy. But does it make it any less heroic? Just curious.
  14. S06.E10: START

    I don't think Stan betrayed his country. I think Phillip's case was that he was doing his job. Stan did his job in Indiana. I think Stan understood what it means to be a soldier. P&E killed and spied for their country. They didn't do it for personal gain, or for revenge (don't forget for a second what Stan did in a "war" situation). They followed orders. He would have been justified in bringing them in, of course, but I can see her POV in letting them go. Plus, he did find them. He did stop them. He just didn't make them pay for their crimes. Maybe in a war situation, that's enough. I think Paige skates. I wish there had been a scene with P&E telling her to take care of herself -- rat them all out -- or if that last scene at Claudia's had been with the FBI in tow, but as I write my epilogues, that's what happened. The episode climaxed halfway through it -- once Stan found them, there was no doubt in my mind he was going to let them go -- so the rest of it just carried this sad, defeated feeling to it. It was solidly acted, well put together and maybe the "happiest" ending there could be, but every bit of it just felt sad.
  15. S06.E09: Jennings, Elizabeth

    My only doubts about Renee is that after Martha, EVERY significant other would be seriously vetted. I don't this suspension of disbelief could survive another breach at that level. Plus, when Renee hooked up with Stan, he was off counter intelligence. I'm still betting CIA or NSA. But there's a good chance it's nothing.