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  1. I agree. I have a hard time reconciling the show with the novels, as there are so many changes, but if I think of them as two entirely separate things I can enjoy the show for its own sake and appreciate what they are doing to widen its internal universe and flesh out the characters. I really like Bash, so I'm also happy he is sticking around. It bothered me all season that his face looked familiar and I couldn't figure out why, since I've never seen anything else he's been in. Eventually I figured out that he reminds me of a guy I used to work with! Something about the shape of the face and the beard. Funny how that happens. It's been bothering me that the show made Gilbert an orphan, which is pretty far from his book storyline, so I'm glad they've given him a new family. Ruby is really cute and it pains me to remember how her story ends. Can't but be glad that the years covered within the first book are being stretched out over multiple seasons here, even if the fleshing out does go a bit wildly astray sometimes.
  2. S02.E08: Abre Sus Ojos

    Yes, someone was guiding that earlier meteor - I think the US government eventually coughed up responsibility. It was the reason the Russians were so hostile throughout season one, they suspected that this new asteroid crisis was similarly engineered. Someone else might recall more detail?
  3. S02.E08: Abre Sus Ojos

    Fair enough, that makes more sense, but imo the responsibility still lies with Alycia rather than Darius, and was never really about the computer programme (well, for him at least, it was for her). It was about trust. It is pretty clear now that the reason Darius was so reluctant to work with Alycia was because he knew damn well that she would take any cooperation offered and use it to effect a double-cross. And he was proved right in that belief. He offered to work with Alycia to combine the rail gun and solar sail and instead she demanded that the rail gun be handed over to Resyst. He agreed to release Liam in exchange for disarming the nukes and Alycia promptly reneged on that agreement as soon as she got what she wanted. Cooperation was not possible because Alycia and Resyst could not be trusted, and actively sabotaged every attempt at forging a peaceful resolution to the crisis they'd engineered to begin with. They didn't want peace. They wanted to be in control at all costs. Cooperation is only possible if both sides agree.
  4. That's the impression the show seems to be giving, yes - it is one of the changes from the source material that seems oddest, to me. I mean, I get that the writers wanted to flesh out the characters, I just can't see the rationale for giving them such an utterly different backstory, especially given their situation and connection with Josephine, etc. Surely they could have been written as snobbish social climbers, if so desired, without changing their nationality? I mean, in the books they are one of the wealthier families in the village, without having to have immigrated with money from 'the old country' to achieve that status.
  5. S02.E08: Abre Sus Ojos

    See, I think this was merely a closing down of one long-running sub-plot, which had been dragged out long enough already, and the seeding of new stories to take its place. I have very little doubt that new twists and complications will arise next week to throw spanners in the works, and that this temporary victory will soon be over-shadowed by new problems - a bit like how they had a similar victory last year when the EM drive was finally launched into space, only to realise the following week that their problems weren't solved after all, and it has been a steady downward spiral ever since. I am expecting something similar to happen again now. Resyst have suffered a defeat, but they are still out there with all the same hacker technology they used to manipulate nuclear conflict in the first place, even if they don't have TESS anymore. We still don't know who Nero is or what they are likely to do next in retaliation for this defeat (no way will they just roll over and take it). Jillian's cult storyline has barely begun and will probably start to ramp up now, she has definitely been singled out due to her privileged access to the White House. The Q-17 cabal has only just been introduced, which means this is only the beginning of that storyline, which is sure to have all kinds of twists and turns along the way (just because they've been invisible so far doesn't mean they will remain that way). I don't believe for a moment that Alonzo has given up his vengeance quest, it simply didn't play a part in this episode (not all sub-plots need to be touched on in every episode, they should weave in and out). And just because Darius and Grace have finally hooked up, doesn't mean they get to live happily ever after - bringing them together simply moves their relationship from one stage into another, which then comes complete with all kinds of new storyline possibilities. So I see this victory as merely one battle in a much longer and larger war, rather than as the beginning of the end of the entire story. After so many defeats, the good guys needed a win, narratively speaking, but that peace won't last. There is too much of the season still to run, if nothing else, and I know they are hoping for renewal, whether that is likely or not, so are likely to start laying foundations now for a possible season 3.
  6. In the UK, legal drinking age is 18, so fake IDs really aren't a thing over here the way they are among college-age folk in the US.
  7. S02.E08: Abre Sus Ojos

    Having seen this episode now... If I were Jillian, I would be furious with Nate for overruling my very clearly stated wish to be alone and instead siccing a whole group of people onto me, but she didn't seem to mind very much. Yet just moments later, Cult Leader Guy was telling her how 'special' she is, which is another big red flag, not to mention that the whole thing was clearly an intervention aimed at making her stay in her job, having threatened to quit - that guy totally sent Nate to make contact with her in the first place specifically because she is in a position of trust within government, as Darius's assistant, so of course they don't want her to pack it in, having groomed her thus far. Darius's Raul disguise was excellent, well done, make-up team - very weird to hear his regular voice coming from the wrong face, though! No, the threat of nuclear destruction was all on Resyst, not Darius. In a hostage situation, the person to blame is the hostage taker, not the person trying to stop them. Resyst deliberately manipulated two superpowers into a nuclear standoff specifically so that they could take control of one of those nukes and then claim credit for stopping the others. They then used the nuke they had control of to hold the whole world to ransom. They refused to cooperate with Darius when he was willing, because they wanted sole credit for saving the world - and Alycia stated very clearly to Liam in this episode that they had no intention of ever giving up their leverage, that once they destroyed the asteroid (and their plan was to take control of the rail gun Darius created, remember, so they could claim credit for that as well) they then intended to rule the world as so-called 'benevolent dictators'. Don't fall for the spin they were selling Liam, casting the blame for their own actions onto others to make themselves look better. The only people to blame for the threat of nuclear destruction were Resyst. This, exactly. Alycia needed to believe herself the victim, and she desperately wanted Liam to agree that she was the victim, but she never was. For all her repeated claims that she never stole anything, which is another thing she clearly needed to believe for her own self-image, everything she and Resyst had was stolen - including the nukes and all those scientists. She also wanted to steal the rail gun. Bottom line: she lost her job after attempting to steal intellectual property belonging to her employer and because of that she went running off to join a terrorist organisation bent on taking over the world and re-shaping it in their own image - an organisation that has been actively sabotaging other peoples' attempts to save the world because they want sole credit for themselves. Darius is not the bad guy in this. He was right about Alycia from the start - as Liam eventually realised. Doesn't matter how much she tries to claim that Resyst's ultimate intention was to make life better for people - if you are doing it at the point of a gun, you are just another tyrant. Alycia and Resyst are hypocrites, hiding behind a supposedly liberal manifesto to conceal their true megalomania. It is a weird law of TV that no matter what happens, the bad guys always have a steady supply of armed goons ready and willing to do their bidding! Happy ending? This is only episode eight out of 13, in a show that throws out constant twists and turns - Darius and Grace having a happy ending in one episode, after a much-needed victory, does not imply Happy Ever After. There is a long way to go yet! Plenty of time for more things to go wrong again... Shhhh. You aren't supposed to remember things like that! TV science! Like the fireball in space - TV science! At the start of the season, Darius told Grace he couldn't think about a personal relationship now that he was vice-president, there was just too much on his plate. I guess he's had time now to adjust to his new role, plus can see light at the end of the tunnel at last with seemingly no obstacles now standing in the way of anti-asteroid efforts, and then the lack-of-sleep and the sheer adrenaline rush of pulling off his crazy scheme simply got the better of him! And hey, at least Darius has now proved once and for all that Croft was wrong to call him 'a celebrity, not a scientist'!
  8. Team Asteroid Clubhouse

    Thank you! There's been so much talk about solar sails and rail guns, I didn't remember the magnet discussion at all!
  9. S02.E08: Abre Sus Ojos

    There's a video of the makeup team performing the transformation:
  10. We have in our family archive a collection of postcards written by my great-great-grandfather to his son during WWI - it is pretty clear from the content that no, he didn't get to visit home during the four years he was on active service (he gets quite melancholy about it at times, writes plaintively toward the end of the war of how he longs to talk to his son face to face and put an end to all this writing, and states quite clearly that he has been four years continuously away from home). They had leave, yes, and some were able to make home visits depending on where they were stationed, but not everyone had the capacity/funds to travel long distances during that leave, especially if the route was dangerous/blocked.
  11. Team Asteroid Clubhouse

    A random thought: at the very end of the season one finale, it seemed like both Liam and Darius had a similar brainwave about how to resolve the asteroid problem using magnets, yes? Has season two mentioned this, like, at all? Because I don't remember any talk about magnets, and they certainly aren't moving forward with any magnetic solutions.
  12. Plus this Danny is already involved with Colleen, who has become a good friend to Misty, so there would have to be a fair bit of story shenanigans to get them from where they are now to a point where Misty and Danny could come together believably. It isn't beyond the bounds of possibility that the Netflix universe will eventually shuffle the relationships to bring them together, but it would need to happen slowly and organically. They have to do what's right for these versions of the characters in this version of the story, rather than feeling bound to stick to what happens in the comics just because. Comics and TV show are separate universes and what works for one won't necessarily work for the other. I don't see Misty being marginalised at all - heck, she is now a series regular in two different shows, which says to me that the showrunners are invested in the character and want to build on the foundations they have laid for her. It seems defeatist to not bother watching her journey at all just because it seems to be following a different course than she had in the comics.
  13. TV show timing is often a bit janky. sometimes you have to just roll with it or go completely insane trying to reason through the kinks. And we don't actually know how long Darius had been sequestered in his office before Harris and Grace went in and found him missing - he could have been gone ages before they noticed, the guards weren't checking because they had no reason to suspect he could sneak out and he'd told them he wasn't to be disturbed. Exactly where he'd have gone to procure the disguise and an internet connection is another matter, but he's close to home so could well have a bolt hole all set up. I mean, he conjured up fake IDs and disguises for himself and Grace at a moment's notice in Russia, so achieving something similar on his own doorstep should be a doddle in comparison! Okay, I am prepared to believe in the theory still - with this show, just about anything seems to be possible!
  14. Ooh, thanks, so that blows a hole in the theory - there was no actor credit when I looked, so that must have gone up later.
  15. Sorry, I forgot you haven't seen season one yet, so that was slightly spoilery for a season one episode. If you want an explanation, since the cat is out of the bag, I'll put it under a spoiler tag so you can choose whether to read or not: