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  1. Who are these "relatives" of Theo's in South Africa? Are they related to Abe, or Celeste? I can't imagine they're DiMiras.
  2. I don't know that this is actually true. They probably edited out a lot of repeat trips for many of the teams.
  3. I would be fine with that. As long as they know ahead of time, they can tailor their strategy around it. It was the way it was employed that bothered me, not the actual "twist" itself.
  4. Are they are in Israel with Robin?
  5. So if Theo comes out of the coma, he'll have to deal with the guilt of having driven JJ to suicide? Great "parting gift" there, kid!
  6. I totally agree. If Devon had won the fire-making, and gave a halfway decent performance for the jury, I think he might have won over Chrissy. Being able to cite the very recent success, and other good moves like putting down Mike's name and getting Ben to be a "double agent" (and being more personable than Chrissy), I think he could have won. Without the fire-making, he looks a lot more like a coat-tail rider and would probably have lost to Chrissy.
  7. Sure Ben was "on the bottom" but HE PUT HIMSELF THERE. He HAD an alliance that he screwed over and lied so much that no one could trust him. It's not like prior seasons where someone was on the "wrong" tribe and was the target because everyone else had already been Pagonged. I have zero sympathy for this. But Desi was right that the other four should have been tailing Ben in shifts, so they're somewhat to blame as well. Devon shouldn't have stopped practicing his fire making when he broke the flint. Still that last "twist" really sucked, and I don't say this just because I hate Ben and love Chrissy (neither of which is completely true). It basically negates most of the purpose of the game, which is to be sitting next to people you can beat at the FTC. If Devon had won the fire making challenge, HE probably would have won the season. Chrissy had almost no chance of winning due to this. So winning the final II only meant that she would get second place (unless she somehow won the fire making challenge).
  8. Except that he was single-handedly responsible for her ouster, and was lying to everyone. She's the one woman that Chrissy DIDN'T target for elimination, so I can easily see her voting for Chrissy.
  9. Since they couldn't vote out Chrissy or Ben, Ashley was the obvious choice. She's the only challenge threat left after Chrissy. Dr. Mike will NEVER win immunity, and is the perfect goat. Since Devin, Chrissy and Ryan are a new "alliance" (although I'm not really sure how committed to it any of them really are), Ashley had to go. Ben just keeps getting more obnoxious, which is not good juror management. Chrissy isn't warm and fuzzy, but she only seems really hostile to Ben, so I don't think this will hurt her as much. I think Chrissy will win if she makes it to FTC. If she doesn't, Ben might win despite being obnoxious. If neither of them make it to FTC, Devin probably wins, but Dr. Mike has a long shot chance if he makes a good argument. Ryan has no chance unless he does something amazing next week.
  10. I assume so. They didn't say anything more about the "accident," so we're left imagining what happened (it's cheaper than showing it!).
  11. They didn't show the "accident" but the police called Sami after he was arrested for drunk driving and "rolling" his car. She got him to agree to go to rehab and called Maggie in to talk to him/arrange this.
  12. In the show, it was BOTH. His half-brother was in first class, his step-brother in second, and poor Tony was relegated to third class. I have no idea what happened in reality.
  13. They're so clearly doing "It's A Wonderful Life" with JJ. I HATE that movie, but any excuse to see Jack might be worth it.
  14. So much stupid: Lauren: Broadcasts that she found the idol, leaves her extra vote at camp, gives half her idol to Dr. Mike. Chrissy: Brings EVERYONE in her alliance with her on the reward, leaving NO ONE at camp to spy on/try to flip the others. It was probably smart to bring Ashley, but she should have left Ryan at camp and taken Lauren, too. Mike: Throws Lauren's half-idol in the fire. Devon, Lauren and Ashley: Not lying to Ben about what they were talking about at the well. It would have been SO easy to say "Dr. Mike wants to vote you out, and we pretended to go along with it, but we are lying to him." Everyone who isn't Ben: Not considering the possibility that he has an idol. The only smart moves were Mike turning everyone against Ben and Ben playing his idol (after NOT telling anyone else about it). This could have gone Lauren's way if she hadn't done any of the above and used her advantage to target someone else and player her idol. Whoever she targeted would have been out!
  15. The name of the show is "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel," so she HAS to be "Mrs. Maisel." It's HER name now, and her children's name, too. I think you're reading too much into this.