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  1. You don't really think Lani is going to admit sleeping with Eli while she was dating JJ, do you? I'm sure she'll tie this back to her PRIOR relationship with Eli instead.
  2. S36 Ghost Island Preview and Speculation

    And this is why they should have gotten rid of Michael, the strategic and physical threat on the opposing alliance, rather than Stephanie, who doesn't seem to have much game at all.
  3. I thought that Marlena was the biomom, but it could have been Kate. If it was, Marlena was the surrogate.
  4. S02.E01: The War to End All Wars

    In order to protect the timeline, Jesse had to die before he did any more damage. "Historical" Jesse was supposed to be dead already. So Lucy had to kill him to restore the history she knew.
  5. S36.E01: Can You Reverse the Curse?

    So much crappy game play. Gonzalez was playing WAY too hard (and was annoying to boot), so of course they voted her out. Jacob came up with an unnecessary lie, and couldn't sell it. He would have been better off telling the truth, or lying that he had a shot at an advantage, but didn't get it. Dominick is lucky his tribe won immunity. He was smart not to tell about the idol, and marginally clever in making a fake idol. But then he showed the fake idol to the person he'd already told that he DIDN'T have an idol. WTF? He should have "teamed up" with Chris to look for the "idol" and let Chris find it. The only person who seems able to keep a secret is the yoga instructor (can't recall her name), who played Jacob, found out all his secrets and then voted him out. She's the only one on her tribe with this information and has no reason to share it. I don't think she told anyone that his idol was fake; if she had, they wouldn't have split the votes.
  6. Julie is Hope's (half) sister and stepmother, so she's Ciara's aunt and step-grandmother.
  7. I expect that Steve will need a cornea transplant. I suppose John could be the donor, but these are usually from cadavers.
  8. Spoilers And Shockers

    Does this mean they'll meet up with Belle and Sean? Lucas has previously spent time in "Hong Kong" as well, but I doubt they'll be sending him there.
  9. So the ISA lady is going to threaten Tripp and the daughter of the Salem police commissioner? How does she think this will work out for her? If she had half a brain, after dispatching Billie, she would have assumed a different identity and vanished. I'm sure that's in the ISA skill set.
  10. Not only that, but letting another potential suspect/witness (Stefan) buy you drinks HAS to be a conflict of interest. She deserves to lose her job and to be disbarred.
  11. History Talk: The Victorian Era

    Typhoid is caused by Salmonelli typhi and is spread by the fecal-oral route. Typhus is caused by Rickettsia prowazekii and is spread by body lice. They are two very different diseases with similar names. I have no idea what killed Albert, but it could have been typhoid fever.
  12. I think we all knew that Will wasn't Austin's child from the moment of conception, but Sami kept up the charade for a LONG time. Sami knew, but Austin and Lucas did not.
  13. S01.E01: Catfish

    I love Patton Oswalt, but this show is TERRIBLE! There's no way the parents of the students in his class would let the school get away with this. They're taking A.P. Bio to get college credit, which they won't get if they don't do well on the A.P. exam. They would demand a teacher who can TEACH them the subject matter, not a former Harvard philosophy professor who was denied tenure.
  14. Why is Nathaniel still working there? Once his father's firm lost the shares, wouldn't they recall him to one of their other offices?