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  1. S07.E07: Episode 7

    The English translation is different even if it is in the old testament. Here's one version I found on line: A psalm of David. I want for nothing, for Adonai is my shepherd: it is God who lets me lie down in pastures of grass and who leads me to calm waters to restore my spirit, who walks me in level pastures as befits a shepherd of sounds reputation. Even though I must sometimes pass through dark valleys, I fear no harm for You are with me; indeed, Your crook and Your walking stick are sources of constant comfort for me. You set a table for me in the presence of my enemies; You have anointed my head with so much fine oil that I feel like an overflowing cup. Nothing but goodness and mercy pursue me all the days of my life; indeed, I feel certain that I shall dwell in the House of Adonai for days without end.
  2. S07.E07: Episode 7

    I was raised Jewish, but I know the words to that prayer just from living in a primarily Christian world. So I'm not bothered that Phyllis would know them since she grew up in an Anglican country. They never specified, but Barbara appears to have had meningococcal meningitis and septicemia.
  3. S03.E03: Assured Destruction

    Errinwright is the Littlefinger (GAME OF THRONES) of the future. I don't think he's loyal to Earth so much as he's trying create chaos (a situation which he can then exploit).
  4. S07.E07: Episode 7

    You're all forgetting Sister Evangelina, who did die and was, IIRC, one of the original midwives.
  5. S07.E07: Episode 7

    While strep meningitis and sepsis COULD cause the same symptoms (although much less commonly), they would not give prophylactic antibiotics to the contacts unless it was meningococcal.
  6. S36.E10: It's Like the Perfect Crime

    Both Desiree and Kellyn were on Dom's original tribe, so from Laurel's POV, either one going is a positive. And she buys goodwill with both Dom and Kellyn buy ratting out Des, further solidifying her place in the "secret 4" alliance and making it less likely Kellyn will be gunning for her anytime soon. So she saves BOTH of her 4-person alliances without making it obvious.
  7. Not only did Julie leave the drinks unattended, but there was no reason for her to bring them to Miguel in the first place! I really hope Brady got the spiked drink instead of Lucas.
  8. I only got to see the last 20 minutes of yesterdays show (thanks a lot Trump/Macron). Did anything important happen?
  9. S07.E06: Episode 6

    They seem to be implying that she has meningococcal meningitis with meningoccal sepsis. The "rash" is purpura fulminans, which is caused by bleeding into the skin, and is indicative of meningococcemia. The head ache and stiff neck are signs of meningitis.
  10. S02.E05: The Kennedy Curse

    It wasn't a college, it was a boarding (prep, high school level) school.
  11. Sonny's mother, Adrienne, is Jack's sister. Will's father, Lucas, is the (half) brother of Jennifer, who was married to Jack.
  12. John the PI can't track Marlena's phone? And Chloe should hire a decent PI to investigate the person behind the job offer before jetting off to Mexico.
  13. S01.E05: We've All Got Our Junk

    Perhaps it's a parallel to SPRING AWAKENING?
  14. S36 Chris Noble

    Not too bright, are you, Chris? First, you KNOW that Dom and Wendell are going to write your name down, and you "convince" everyone else to split their votes between them. Not that any of the other 10 could have said ANYTHING differently when they were ALL there. But you have a chance at an idol, which you get. And then you stupidly risk your vote to get the idol to last longer (when the time you need it is NOW), and lose your vote. Then, you never consider the possibility that Dom and Wendell might both have idols, or that your "allies" might be LYING to you and you go home with the idol in your pocket (and NO ONE votes for EITHER Dom or Wendell)!
  15. I thought Stefan "turned off" the cameras (actually he erased the tape and CLAIMED the cameras had been turned off) to hide the visit he and Vivian had with Andre.