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  1. I think it was a smart move. If she takes the vote from the swing voter, she flushes the idol (from someone she isn't really allied with) while keeping her former tribe with the numbers. If they guessed wrong, Desi would be gone, but so would the idol, and the former healers still have as many players as the other tribes (and if the heroes had targeted Joe, Joe would be gone, which would be fine with her). She really did Devin a favor; now he could claim that he would have voted with either side and there's no way to prove otherwise.
  2. Because Brady threatened to turn over her "confession" to the cops if she did. And Eric isn't a good liar, so he probably couldn't keep that a secret.
  3. It might mean that they didn't look for any, or that they couldn't find any, or that there aren't any, or that they DID find someone, but for whatever reason didn't include it on the show. I don't think we can draw any conclusions from the absence of any reference.
  4. I'm pretty sure the "mulatto" slaves of Larry David's ancestor were his children (or the children of another male relative). I'm surprised that Gates didn't bring this up.
  5. The dental records would show where there were fillings, etc., which is way more specific than a bite impression on a bologna sandwich.
  6. And they didn't even go into the arson "evidence" issue. Texas executed a man based upon already discredited "evidence" of arson (the fire was almost certainly accidental) for a fire that killed his children: Trump probably heard on FOX News that a senator was in the hospital. Not that it would have mattered, they didn't have 50 votes even WITH the "missing" senator. Math is not the Trump family's strong suit:
  7. But he's not a ghost, he's a hallucination! In Lucas' conversation with "Will," it's clear that he's in Lucas' mind, not a ghost.
  8. My impression is that he was an older boyfriend, and possibly a mentor. Definitely not a pimp.
  9. I'll try to avoid spoilers, but I've finished the season. I'm not sure where they'll be going with next season (if there is one). I WOULD fast forward through the torture scenes, but TNT On Demand won't let me. :( The anachronistic glam-rock vibe is okay with me, but I liked REIGN as well. This really feels like a CW show. Perhaps they passed and that's why it's on TNT?
  10. Since there's only a topic for the pilot, and none for any of the other episodes, I thought it would make more sense to have a catch-all topic vs. individual episode topics. They're all available on TNT On Demand and I've been working my way through them. I think I'm up to episode #9. I have no idea what Marlowe was really like, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't what we're being shown here. Nonetheless, he's entertaining. I like the plot about the fate of the theater, but really don't like the "inquisitor" plot or the cousin. Too much torture, and sanctimonious hypocrisy. Will's interaction with his wife and kids was pretty good, but his relationship with Alice is not very believable.
  11. I'm also a LI native (well, actually Brooklyn, but we moved to Bethpage when I was 7).
  12. So they know that the medication orders came from Kayla's tablet, but they don't think to check the time stamp? It would be clear that the order for the wrong drug on the patient who died of pancreatic cancer was changed after he was already dead. What kind of crappy medical records system do they have?
  13. And Eric was paroled by the Governor after saving his daughter's life by talking her off a ledge (literally).
  14. He's shitty, but didn't kill anyone. He changed the chart of the already dead patient to make it look like Kayla's medication order killed him. (This completely ignores the fact that there would be a nurse's note in the chart showing the actual dose that was administered.)
  15. I'm sorry that JL doesn't want to come back, but there's nothing stopping them from recasting the role and bring (Jeannie) Theresa Donovan back to the show. There are a lot of unresolved plot threads for her.