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  1. Actually, they did know. In an earlier season we saw Patrick give up smoking after reading a journal article (and losing a patient to smoking-related illness).
  2. If Sami's back, I hope that means that Johnny, Sydney and Allie are back as well. I always liked the kids, and Lucas hasn't seen his daughter in ages.
  3. I think the main storyline is slavery. The farm workers are essentially slaves to the owners. The teen prostitutes are slaves to their pimps. The Haitian nanny is a slave to her employers, etc. (And murder.)
  4. A "good" girl wouldn't, but there was plenty of extramarital sex going on, particularly in wartime.
  5. I think Hale is a "real" doctor, but just hasn't taken a test required by the US Army to be a doctor in the army.
  6. Even if Stefano is alive, Hope shot SOMEONE. If it was Stefano, it's attempted murder. If it was the unidentified man in the grave, it's still murder.
  7. No, Hope used Bo's gun. Stefano's gun was never fired.
  8. LCK magically appeared on Xfinity (Comcast) On Demand yesterday. I think there's just a bit of a lag.
  9. That may be true, but she's in an alliance with David. And she seems to like him and Ken a lot. If she lets Adam be the "backstabber" who takes out David, and is somehow able to get rid of Jay, I think she has a good chance to win.
  10. No, Brett is far from a "challenge monster," but if the options were Brett or Sunday, who's more likely to win ii? Also, one of them had to go as they were a single voting unit with two votes. Far too dangerous this late in the game.
  11. I think Hannah's targeting of Sunday was very smart. Not only did she worry that Sunday would be taken to the final instead of Hannah, but leaving Brett in the game reduces the chances of Jay winning individual immunity and taking out one of her alliance members. Brett is no strategic threat, and is also goatier than Hannah, so keeping him there isn't a big deal.
  12. I don't think either of those opinions are particularly unpopular.
  13. Yeah, the Press Secretary probably bought a week or so, but sleazy ex will shoot his mouth off to someone else pretty damn quick. FLOTUS should have told Leo the truth right after she got back from her prison visit (which no one seems to have noticed?).
  14. You really don't want to win the reward challenges. Not only does it create bad feelings in your alliance (UNLESS you've already decided the best way to pick the others so as not to leave "loose cannons" back at camp to be flipped by the opposing alliance), but it makes you a "challenge threat" to be voted out the first time you lose individual immunity.
  15. Jenn Lilly was on Grey's Anatomy last night. She played a pregnant, estranged daughter who crashed into her father's funeral procession.