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  1. Good Sunday everyone! Thanks to all who commented, I appreciate it! I just saw some posts that said SK was on a “well deserved vacation” - I looked at her IG for the first time in a while, she usually posts many photos when she’s on a “well deserved vacation”, but this time it’s weird - has anyone else seen them, particularly the last one? Is she hungover? She looks hungover...could she be hungover? She sincerely looks hungover....wow, really disheveled and unkempt looking, kind of pathetic and lost.....I know she’s a huge attention hound, and very insecure and narcissistic, but boy, that photo is disturbing - like “help me now, someone, anyone”... I also noticed that lots of shade is being thrown on her IG about the show changes.....people seem to be quite upset about it! Oh well..... Have a peaceful Sunday everyone! Cowabunga
  2. Good Morning! I love the idea of Q2 @ 3am!!!! I caught just the first seconds of the LOCO show and SK asked LG if she was OK with her being her host - she asked, “Are you going to keep me? Did it work for you last week?”, while they were both in the shot and then before LG could answer, SK walked away and LG was left standing there with her mouth open and the camera in on a pretty close shot - quite hi-larious, but not attractive, standing alone gaping after a manic tweener in a 46 year old woman disguise....yikes, I had to switch over to MSNBC before I broke out in hives..... Have a terrific Tuesday all! Peace Cowabunga
  3. Hi all and Happy Friday! Thanks to everyone who “hearted” me yesterday...I was surfing last evening on my way to MSNBC and saw this too small glitter Mini-Cooper sweater layered over a too large ruffled/frayed (?) denim shirt with TOOOOOO long palazzo pants over probably knock off Madden Girl sneakers and thought to myself that this is just so wrong in so many ways and on so many levels.....how juvenile, how messy, how unstylish, and how sad. Her insecurity and need to fib and misrepresent is what has turned me against the QVC - no truth and quality in what they sell anymore and so many of the hosts are not keeping it real. Thank you so much to all of you who watch and keep us up to date. :) As I mentioned yesterday, if the Q is trying to pull in a younger audience with her, they will fail.....and here’s food for thought - let’s put this in perspective and do the math folks, she is 46, not old but, she realistically could have at least 2 twenty-something children of her own.......just sayin’. ;>} Have a safe peaceful weekend! Cowabunga
  4. Hi Everyone, This is my 3rd post and I’d like to say THANK YOU to everyone who has “hearted” my thoughts! With regard to SK now demoted to being on the LOGO shows, ( and I do think this is a demotion) wow...I personally don’t care for the LOGO look, too messy looking, it looks like someone trying too hard to be on trend and be noticed, (hmmmmm....sounds like SK to me - ureka, I may have hit on something here, snarky lol), not to mention WWWAAAYYY over priced...she just can’t pull it off. I don’t know if QVC is trying to hook younger buyers with this disaster of a clothing line, but it won’t work. I am a recently retired teacher, (30 + years in public schools) and I sincerely have never seen elem., middle or high school gals or staff dressing like this; like one poster mentioned, they have a much cuter, hipper style than this dreck...and those dirty boots she as on in the D&C photos above, she has been wearing those for YEARS!!!! :>{. If the Q is trying to attract younger viewers, why use HER?!?!? For the love of Pete, she’s 46 years old, not exactly millennial territory....I’m loving that everyone is posting about these new shows she’s in, because friends, I JUST CAN’T.....Please, don’t make me watch, please.....I can’t wait to read the comments when she starts co-hosting with Jane the Pain Treacy - don’t get me started there, can you spell PHONY? yikes... One more thing if I may, I have no experience this this and maybe someone with more knowledge on the subject can help - I would like to know how much crack/cocaine Rick Dopemier is snorting before he comes on air?!?!?! He needs re-hab NOW and his dealer needs to fall back! ;>} Peace to all. Cowabunga
  5. Hi everyone - Do you think the Louboutins are real? Knock-offs maybe, used from Poshmark or EBay? I think someone as fake as SK is would wear fake shoes - if the foo sh-ts.....just sayin’......was surfing this afternoon and saw her on!!! What’s the Up?!?! Yikes - can’t see her filling in for anyone, a diva can’t do that... everyone else does and has a turn on the Q2 also - I’ve only seen her on the Q2 once last fall and she kept saying that she was filling in for someone....too cool for Qtwo I guess. The look this afternoon was not good, sadly again, just trying too hard....wacky is wack kiddo, not attractive.....good style is everything...take a class. Thanks everyone! Have a restful evening and Cowabunga!
  6. It’s so much fun reading everything everyone writes here.....is there a place like this for “I love saying my name all the time” Jace Treacy? And Rick Dopemier, I mean Domier, Obnxious/Impolite Amy Stran, “Too Cool for School” Kirsten Lindquist? SK is far from the only fake, hard to watch, unprofessional, disrespectful, rude host on QVC - I don’t/won’t watch/shop anymore - JT practically induces a seizure in me whenever I hear her voice - I wish she would have stayed “off air” and that QVC would have never allowed her to return years back, but they did, so I just come here every few days and read everyone’s comments....so many of you are very talented and really make me laugh out loud. Thank you all! :)