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  1. The plane was on final approach, therefore a low altitude. If you hit pause at the right time, you could see it was on final approach and flying off the coast of Honolulu/Waikiki. Of course, for show purposes, they had to jump over a jungle, which wasn't the flight path.... This show doesn't get flight paths right.
  2. Season 10 all episodes talk

    And the younger two female lead actresses have had babies, which the show has worked with. I seriously don't think either the Mothership or NOLA would have been accomodating. It may be nothing more than a coincidence, but Sasha Alexander officially quit because of the physical work load ("never been so tired in [her] life" is the quote, IIRC), and was pregnant by the end of the year. This, so much. Harmon establishing some sort of "great wall of china" was a good thing for LA. Mosely actually came in for a good reason, the Special Operations group pretty much killed everybody they ran into, without consequences. Now, it turned out that while Mosely was the new sheriff cleaning up a gun-happy town, she was also using her position, her government resources, and the agents she professionally despised, for her own personal interests. And yes, the high heels and the two-handed shooting just irk. It isn't quite the Crucifix of Combat, but still bad enough. Holy crap, I just realized Mosely totally is the new sheriff come to clean up the town who isn't the hero, or even the anti-hero, but has all the fancy tricks.
  3. In both versions the rubber stuff made me think of early Doctor Who. Also of Nine, and the two parter that finishes with (I think) The Doctor Dances.
  4. Season 10 all episodes talk

    I've had a feeling for awhile that if I only keep watching one NCIS this is the one it would be. Not quitting the others, but I won't be fast-forwarding during this series this year. Callan pushed on until he couldn't, no hero-posturing keep going and don't fall down until everyone is saved crap. Sam did (as usual) keep pushing but when the kid ran away he went back to Callan, knowing that he wouldn't find anything he needed before the kid brought back the bad guys. When the kid did, in fact, bring back the good guys, that was nice. Kensi is bad-ass. That is all. Deeks has nice dreams, and knows when to regain consciousness when absolutely necessary. That the ex-priest and his wife couldn't resist that bounty was a believable touch, and they deserved to be rolled out of their own car. Mosely at least did some clean-up. Show seemed to have heard the fan complaints about consequences.... Gerald MacRainey makes everything better. I like that he was using Hetty's office and not Mosely's. Jeff Kober and the voice of Linda Hunt were not really enough.... Normally I hate it when a show reduces or outright cuts the title sequence, but for this show, with all the knowing poses and significant looks in the title sequence of old, it is a magnificent improvement.
  5. Actually, I thought this season opener was well done. As I watched the original Cocoon Friday morning (and then managed to be unable to watch the remake until tonight), I was very impressed with the amount of matching they did while tightening up a lot of sequences (the removing the "it" from the tank sequences, the entire thing in Hennessey's apartment, the overall exposition (Kray oversaw all the putting together of pieces, autopsies and so on, instead of McGarrett making the case at great, passionate length), Danny being Steve's "plus-one" in the apartment and later, the mole being the old friend/acquaintance who was also the source of intel. Shout-out for using original series fonts and captioning, including the title in quotes. The interweaving of modern bits, Adam's gun, the money (seriously, tsunamis, supermoons, and rising seawater, as well as inescapable damp? if you live near a coastline (I do), you have an immediate experience of groundwater issues and a large supply of Lysol), all filled what little bits of time were left over after the original hippie chick sub-plot (a gorgeous Nancy Kwan) was removed. Jerry was actually usefully useful, Lou (former SWAT) was a very good shot, Junior provided a tactic that made a way on board the ship AND stranded it at the dock, Tani has no vertigo, and Danny, once again, knows how to save Steve's neck. All that night shooting was gorgeous. Best of all, the Wo Fat fake-out. I was seriously trying to figure out how Wo Fat could have faked his death in episode 100 when they reset to a different bald Asian guy all in black. Nice!
  6. Hawaii 5-0 In the Media

    The actor (Kala Alexander) was there. I don't think Five-0 Kawika runs a chop shop.
  7. S01.E01: I Saw the Sun Rise

    Probably not November as they would be filming that now-ish, and there would be PR. The pilot crammed in a lot of stuff from the original series, including back stories that we didn't learn about until the fourth season. I've been thinking and I believe this pilot sold more on the strength of Lenkov's track record than the actual story. He's making money for CBS, rebooting H50, saving the MacGyver reboot, running Salvation.... My point is, these shows have gone multiple seasons and are therefore turning a profit, which television networks like. Also, Lenkov is somehow concurrently running shows filmed in Hawaii, Georgia, and Toronto/Vancouver (Salvation). So a Magnum reboot, by this showrunner, set in Hawaii where it can share existing production crew and facilities, was probably a no-brainer. After all, the original MPI sold in large part because the original H50 had ended, and there was all this studio equipment to use. With the current "shake-up" at the top of CBS, a lot of programming decisions can and probably will change.
  8. Magnum P.I. in the Media

    Yes yes yes! Military pilots are officers. and TC being a staff sergeant in the First Look et. al. really jarred.
  9. S01.E01: I Saw the Sun Rise

    Did You See The Sunrise? was a two-part episode broadcast on one night as the third season opener for the original series. This episode intersects in many ways, and also takes a few ideas from the OS pilot. Did You See The Sunrise? was excellent and shocking (killed recurring character Mac (the original Mac), killed one Ferrari, and at the end, the good guy / hero killed the bad guy who was going to get away because he had diplomatic immunity. The heroic good guy in american television usually doesn't commit premeditated murder... which we can infer was not at all closely investigated by anybody on either side of the Cold War, because a) Ivan's plan was known and probably inconveniently embarrassing to the Soviets and b) he was committing a really nasty incident on U.S. soil by targeting foreign royalty. One of the niceties of the Cold War is that the "battles" were usually fought through third countries.... So, apart from names, POW bonding, and Buck Green(e), not much in common. I did like the visual gag about why Rick doesn't go by Orville. Title sequence is too short, not enough theme music. In fact it is my impression that there was more theme music in the First Look clip. I'll give it a try. Frankly, about half of the first half of the first season of the OS was crap. Where is the new Robin's Nest? I want to Google Earth it. Assuming, that is, that they don't re-locate after the pilot. It looks very expensive, and much much bigger than the original Robin's Nest (which I found while on vacation on O'ahu in 1986 - I recognized the gate while driving by and managed to not cause an accident while slamming on the brakes).
  10. The Miniaturist

    I didn't read the book (couldn't get in to it) but I skimmed it. I didn't watch the show (couldn't get in to it) but I skimmed it. No miniaturist resolution in the book, just the show. Apparently the book was in a massive bidding war for publisher (11 publishers vied to publish it!), and it's won prestigious awards. For me, the book and the series are in the category of mystery, as in it's a mystery to me that it's so freaking popular. I had the same reaction thirty years ago to the Clan of the Cave Bear verbiage.
  11. S16. E01. Destiny's Child

    Fornell makes sense. He's also not dead, and hopefully still sober.... I "re-watched" the cliffhanger. Remembered the episode from the teaser, fast-forwarded to the tag, and remembered why it was forgettable. I think I'm still watching from muscle-memory.
  12. S16. E01. Destiny's Child

    This is how disengaged I've become: I didn't remember the cliffhanger, and must now do a rapid re-watch. Of the list you suggested, Tony is a) in Paris raising his daughter or b) has undergone a massive personality change so that he can avoid shaving and is hiding behind his scruff in NYC. Ziva is dead. Mike Franks is dead. If by Dormer you mean Dorneget, he is dead. The CGIS chick is in limbo because her actor criticized production practices in New Orelans. Ellie's ex's actor is now a DCI in London. Parnell??? one episode from nine years ago and I can't remember him, so no snark here. Abby - is on her quest in GB. And now I have run out of delaying verbage, and have to re-watch the cliffhanger. Joy.
  13. All Episodes Talk: TRMS 2018 Season

    Once in a cobalt moon the hand-off is include in Last Word. That hand-off was over eight minutes long, as I recall.
  14. Anyone who has ever whined to me about not wanting to vote for candidate X, and why bother voting at all, I have said well, why don't you instead vote against candidate Y? By not voting, those 90,000 mostly-Dems wound up "voting" for the Orange One. When I was in college and voting for the first time (at the age of 20), it was a big deal and I very carefully did everything I had to do to vote absentee. My vote mattered, and I wanted to make sure it was valid when it reached my home county's supervisor of elections. I had a roommate (who was genuinely barking mad) who used to whine about government, and one day admitted that not only had she not voted, she hadn't even registered. I suggested to her that deliberately failing to vote meant she should shut up about all those people she neither voted for nor against. The absolute righteousness of being 20! (I myself got worried when a friend of mine pointed out to me that when I argued with my roommate at meals, I almost always fondled my dinner knife - a side of myself I had never suspected and was briefly worried about.}
  15. S14.E 113 Battle Scars (and it's a Bait!)

    Casey broke the Wizard's galley table after losing about four hundred rounds of arm wrestling while drunk. He basically up-ended it, but since that's the sort of thing you batten down because boats do a lot of swaying, it was not the same as flipping a card table. Keith gave Freddie a fire ax, and they proceeded to the Cornelia Marie where Freddie tried to chop up the CM's galley table. Tried, because on the first swing the fire ax handle broke. Apparently the CM's galley table is mounted on a steel plate. It was Keith's idea, Freddie appeared to be stone cold sober and still agreed to do it, and please can the show be over?