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  1. All Episodes Talk: TRMS 2018 Season

    If the two biggest loans in a bank's history add up to $16 million (or whatever it was), it is a teeny tiny bank. And apparently Manafort didn't make any payments? I'm surprised the bank still exists, because it's not difficult for the Feds to shut down a bank and "persuade" another bank to take it over (bless the FDIC). A few years ago I think we had this happen to three or four local small banks. Bye bye bank name, bye bye bank executives, but the customer money is protected.
  2. S14.Special: Trials By Captain

    I have been restraining myself for the last couple of weeks, but, yes, please bring back the Time Bandit. Since Jonathan had to un-retire, and Andy is apparently staying off camera and dealing with *cough lawyers* the business side, it wouldn't be that difficult.
  3. I too preferred the original Ironside, although I find it unwatchable nowadays. But it was very late sixties hip (I'm from the midwest), filmed in San Francisco (at least had good location shooting), broke some ground on disabled people continuing to work (timely, considering the injuries returning from Vietnam), and I totally believed Ironside, a senior detective, as someone who could get his own unit created, funded, staffed, AND create his own mandate in the wake of his paralysis. While the reboot Ironside was much younger, didn't really seem to have the pull to get the unit he got, and was paralyzed by his partner screwing up. A more realistic take on life after permanent disability in the 21rst, but there wasn't any hook for me to keep watching. In fact, I quit with the pilot, if that's where the partner screw-up reveal happened. I usually can give a show three episodes before bailing.
  4. TNG in the Media

    Hetrick always puzzled me. She was cast in things and very popular with the male showrunners, and for that matter she and Sir PS were A Thing as I recall. But she always annoyed me (both the actress and also Vash), and I figured she was one of those women that men find attractive and women don't. I'm not disrespecting the actress, there are lots of actors I don't find appealing who are very successful, It's more a matter of I don't understand why a character can get such a big piece of an ensemble show, while the ensemble gets pushed to the side. Anyhoo, PLEASE no Vash.
  5. General Gabbery: DWTS

    Oh! That's what happened to the late night schedules for Sept 17!
  6. S14.Special: Trials By Captain

    As always, Disco is very inconsistent about what is posted and when. Last week's The Bait still doesn't seem to be on the website, but this week's is up here. Captains debate how to lead in life or death situations. Sig demands Casey pay up for deliberately cutting a $1,000 pot. And it's a showdown in the galley as former chef Keith Colburn judges which captain makes the best grub. This show seems to be losing interest here, which I totally get. The Hansens bad boy schtick (as in criminal behavior) this spring will probably make this my final year. Or maybe not, but sheesh, right now Josh Harris is a more appealing figure. That foolishness with the pots - Sig was lucky to lose only one (from what was a seriously dangerous situation), and if anyone had set on him like that, he'd probably break out the torpedoes. In fact, hasn't he been set upon in the past, and wasn't he really "unhappy" about it? ETA: I am now vewy vewy hungwy.
  7. Small Talk: Tea At Buckingham Palace

    My mother and I loved the book; my book club loved the book, and tonight we watched the movie. Terrific adaptation, left out a few sub-plots but absolutely worked.
  8. I was starting to research this earlier but sort of shrugged. However, wikipedia informs me that Andrew lives in Royal Lodge (part of Windsor), under a 75-year lease begun after the previous tenant (the Queen Mother) died. The main house is 30 rooms, etc etc etc. Sarah bought or rented or leased a house "next door" until 2008, when it was damaged or destroyed in a fire, at which point she also moved into Royal Lodge and I think is still there. Andrew's lease is basically rent-free, as he put in more than £5 million into necessary repairs. So country house rent ain't that big a deal. Also, Other Peoples' Marriages Are Always Strange.
  9. S02.E09: Paterfamilias

    If the baby had been born, it would probably have been swaddled in something (which might not have survived the force of impact), and it almost certainly would have had the umbilical cut. Frankly, any post-mortem reports are almost certainly unavailable, and official records could and did differ from reality when sparing the feelings of surviving family.
  10. S02.E09: Paterfamilias

    I seem to recall that it was generally believed that she'd gone into labor during a rough flight, and they attempted an emergency at Ostend in bad weather, due to which they crashed and all on board were killed. The imaginings of Philip as he dreams walking through the wreckage seem to reflect the conclusions of whatever inquiries were held. A contemporary newspaper article also seems to confirm this.
  11. S14E17: No Safe Harbor

    Online gets no respect; sometimes the next episode is up immediately after the last episode finishes, sometimes it's up on Friday, sometimes it's up as it broadcasts, sometimes it's Shark Week. This time it's up on Thursday here. A severe arctic gale batters the fleet, forcing captains to fight extreme wind and waves. For the second time, a greenhorn's life hangs in the balance on the Summer Bay. The Saga crew seeks shelter at St. Paul, where tidal forces snap Jake's anchor. And, oh, yeah, winter weather in the Bering Sea is scary bad.
  12. TNG in the Media

    I first saw Patrick Stewart at StarFest in Denver in March(-ish) 1988. It was his very first convention anywhere; he'd wrapped season one of TNG the day before, flew to Denver, did an hour on Saturday afternoon and another on Sunday afternoon before flying on home to London. He was soooo charming. He was very nervous, as it was (he told us) his first direct interaction with fans. He came from a stage background (he told us) so if we were ok with it he wanted to do the thing without using a microphone (we were ok with it, the chatter in the crowd was about nil so we could hear him, and he made it to the 45 minute mark on Sunday before his voice told him to use the microphone), and it was lovely. Sidenote: every other guest from TNG at this convention over the next many years informed us that they planned to use the microphone through-out; the only one who probably didn't need it was Michael Dorn. Seven years later he came to StarFest in Denver again, the day after he wrapped season 7. He'd clearly been to some (many) conventions in the interval, because he was effortlessly skillful, even with the recurring bizarro questions that the Denver cons seemed to attract (this one guy always asked every guest what they thought of some football team). Anyhoo, Sir PS is reliably great. If you have the opportunity to see him at a convention or a live performance, you won't regret going.
  13. Apparently she still has two dorgis, Vulcan and Candy according to Wikipedia at this instant (the word would look better with an apostrophe, and if it weren't for the current conversation I would use one as I seem to remember it being an obscure but correct use of apostrophe, but I am chickenshit for some reason tonight). A dorgi is a corgi/dachshund cross, first created when one of the Queen's corgis had an encounter with one of Margaret's dachshunds, IIRC.
  14. Season 23's fifth (Stephen Mangan, Johnny Vegas, Emilia Fox, Jess Glynne), sixth (Ryan Reynolds, Josh Brolin, David Beckham, Vanessa Kirby), and final a.k.a. Complitation Special, have not been aired on BBCAmerica. If past is prologue, these episodes will eventually show up, probably in season 24. When the show was flirting with a deal with Harvey Weinstein, half of that season didn't go to BBCAmerica until after the deal fell through.
  15. S14. E15. Greenhorn Overboard

    There are chase/escort ships for the show as well as the ones we follow. That's where many of those POVs from off the ships come from. I believe the Time Bandit was one of those in the first season. In one of The Bait episodes (Bering Sea Troubles, I think), they mentioned a guy who went overboard in 1999, from The Wizard. They never found him, because, among other things, it takes several minutes to turn a boat as big as The Wizard around.