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  1. S14E12: Winter's Fury 2018.06.26

    The Winter season brings 40 knot winds and 20 foot waves. As accidents plague crews, the Bering Sea singles out one greenhorn for the worst. Strategy is more critical than ever with crab on the move and tension between Wizard co-captains reaches a breaking point. Discovery has not yet posted an early peek of this episode. I'll try to update if they do. This is a two hour episode, and the title was only released on Tuesday - I suspect from the various teases that this is the episode where
  2. S03.E00: Comfort And Joy

    George IV was George III's eldest son. George III's fourth son was Edward, Duke of Kent, and he was one of the Royal Dukes who wooed and wedded in the Heir stakes.
  3. All Episodes Talk: TRMS 2018 Season

    I remember that particular strip was so CONTROVERSIAL that some papers moved Doonesbury to the editorial page.
  4. History Talk: The British Monarchy

    The crash happened at 12:23 a.m. in Paris, which is an hour ahead of the UK. So late night at Balmoral; she died at 4:00 a.m. in Paris The boys were not woken up until it was over, and their father broke the news.
  5. Season 9 Talk

    This is true for me as well. While the plots and situations are absurd (about average for CBS), I've been able to stick with the characters better than the other two series. NOLA is just dumb (I'll happily blame that disgusting (ex?) showrunner and his enablers), and NCIS should have ended when Gibbs reached the NCIS mandatory retirement age (55), which. if he was 18 during the Bicentennial in 1976, means he would have aged out no later than 2013. The only long-term character who has aged well is McGee, and that is probably more an accident of original age and writers not goofing it up too much than anything else. Both Tony and Abby Should have been at least mid-30s when the show began, and Tony was rarely allowed to mature nicely, while Abby freaking devolved. Ducky is a live-forever guy, and had good health; Ziva was Ziva (never a fan of any character that showrunners lurve and make into their fantasy Mary Sues). Sasha Alexander very smartly got out while the getting was good - she finished the second season and a year later had her first child. Anyway, to my mild surprise, if I do a culling this fall, I think NCIS LA is the only one I'll keep (which, if Moseley has a bucket of water flung on her and melts away will be a very easy choice).
  6. It appeared on Netflix very shortly after the Stern interview dropped. I knew it was there because I saw it when I was downloading the Stern interview, and also next-episode.net had it, which meant tvmaze and/or thetvdb had it too.
  7. Give The Devil His Due: Lucifer In The Media

    But look at the pluses - now you can watch the rest of the DC Comics series. And The Crown. And Fawlty Towers. And Transporter: The Series. And SlowTV.
  8. In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

  9. Season 10: All Episode Talk

    My mother & I enjoyed this one the most of this season. It was incredible that she found people who remembered her grandfather, and the stories he told about her mother (!), and that the storyteller knew her family's story. And not only did she find her family, but also the family's land that they still owned, with the walls built by her immediate forebears... It was very dusty in our house at the end.
  10. Could be. Tom Horton died in 1994 (when Macdonald Carey died), and Scotty Banning was born in 1977, so he could have SORASed his way through medical school. More weird trivia I remember: Scotty's great-grandmother Addie was killed in a car crash three years (1974) before he was born, but shortly after she gave birth to Hope Williams, her daughter with Doug Williams, who two years later (1976) married Addie's elder daughter Julie, after she divorced Bob Anderson. So, Scotty's grandmother (Julie) raised her little sister (Hope) with her former stepfather-turned-husband (Doug). And Scotty's great-aunt (Hope) was only three years older than he was. Could any other American soap have this kind of family history? The Bradys try, I'll grant you, but they appeared fifteen years later, and have only had five generations on the show (so far), and the last of those contains only one kid (so far) who is still a little kid. Sheesh, I don't even watch this show any more.
  11. Yes, I take your point; the Bradys did a lot of SORAS. But Alice Horton was born before World War I, and had I believe all of her kids before World War II. Both families are equally freaky - two Romans vs the son who didn't die in Korea and came back with amnesia and fell in love with his little sister until they finally realized he was Tommy, and little sister went and became a nun, just as an example.
  12. S14E11: Blackout 2018.06.19

    I'm off the road tonight, and still nothing witty. So, here. A blackout leaves the Saga close to disaster in unfamiliar waters. Unwilling to partner, Josh must fill his quota single-handedly. Keith makes an offer only a captain could refuse.
  13. Does anyone beat the case of Alice Horton (Days Of Our Lives)? The actress played the part for over forty years before retiring, but the character lived on until Francis Reid's death in 2010. According to wiki, Alice had five children, ten grandchildren, twelve great-grandchildren, and to date five great-great-grandchildren, at least two of whom are adults, one of them recently SORASed. I've always wondered but never cared enough to research it: does any other soap character match that? I mean, Alice's husband was born in 1910, she married him in 1930, had twins in 1931, one of whom was presumed killed in Korea in the Fifties.... And oh yeah, their wedding in 1930 was invalid, so they had another one.... Why do I remember this crap??
  14. All Episodes Talk: TRMS 2018 Season

    Rachel & Lawrence both had podcasts from last night; Chris Hayes & Brian did not. I dipped in to see if it was worth watching the recording (had other things going on last night) and realized pretty fast that it was not, so that's four hours of my life saved. Gave up military exercises for a promise of eventual de-nuclearization (that based on history will be broken)? Yep, the sucka got played. Looking forward to tonight's analyses.
  15. Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Losing a job suddenly because business conditions cratered is one thing; losing a job suddenly because management had been whistling past the graveyard forevuh is also one thing; losing a job suddenly because the Key Critical Irreplaceable Player blows it up is A Whole Other Thing. Perhaps a better metaphor is losing your job because your uninsured but otherwise profitable workplace burned down is one thing, but losing your job because the person running the (uninsured) business burned it down is another. Either way, no income in a gig economy when your gig is over-saturated is never a good thing.