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  1. Hawaii 5-0 In the Media

    That's inspired casting.
  2. I like "The World's Most Extraordinary Homes" (Netflix) with Piers Taylor and the inimitable Caroline Quentin. In the first episode of the first series they firstly visit the airplane house in California (made of parts of a Boeing 747 and known as the 747 Wing House), and then move on to a fabulously stupid concept house in the middle of the Arizona desert. It's indescribably bad - none of the rooms connect internally, so you have to go outside to get to the next room; everything has windows or walls that open up hugely to the desert; you can't drive up to the house, so there is a hike; the approach to the front door has high "risers" and no railing; the desert may be hot in the day but it is also going to be freaking cold at night, so inside halls are generally a smart and people-friendly thing; the owner/builder-of-his-lifelong-dream-home-in-his-dream-location spent $$$$$$ (or possibly $$$$$$$) building it; when it was finished in the fall they went home for the winter and somehow didn't close doors and windows, so nature invaded over winter; and the owner and his wife were interviewed separately. I had the feeling that the only reason the wife wasn't suing for divorce was because there were no funds left. But kudos to the show for highlighting the stupid parts as well as the views and luxury baths.
  3. He may not have been wearing a seatbelt when spotted driving afterwards, but IIRC one of the witnesses says the (Land or Range?) Rover rolled a couple of times. If he wasn't belted in for that, then he was being banged around inside the vehicle like a marble rattling around in a closed tin box. He would not have been able to stand or walk after being extracted from the car. I take the AARP senior driving class every three years (my insurance company likes that). As we age our physical abilities do deteriorate in addition to our cognitive losses. And it happens slowly, so that like the frog in a pot of water who doesn't notice the heat is rising, we adapt to our "new normal" while maintaining our "old cock-sureness".
  4. Lady Edith: Sex and the Single Girl

    Mary was also really really irritated to discover that everyone else in the family knew about Marigold while she had been deliberately kept in the dark. For Reasons, Of Course, which she herself would have acknowledged if she'd been told at some point instead of figuring it out for herself. So I think part of her bitter vengeful fury was driven by her feelings of being duped. I'm not sure Mary ever figured out just how large a fortune Edith inherited from Michael; not being landed gentry, paying the death duties would not have devastated his estate, and Michael seemed like a person who kept his financial affairs in order. But she had to know that Edith had money of her own. She could sneer at the source, but Edith wasn't facing a decades-long payment schedule for Matthew's death duties. Being forever out-ranked by Edith would have had a major influence on Mary's feelings too.
  5. The Duchess of Kent's two children from her first marriage were not part of the British Royal Family, and when Victoria was nine it was still just barely possible that the Duchess of Clarence (wife of soon-to-be William IV) could have a child. So yes, Victoria was being a petty child. Her beloved sister escaped their mother and Sir John Conroy, while Drina was stuck.
  6. History Talk: The Victorian Era

    Feodora said she'd been at the spa in Baden, and unable to return home. It's been pretty well demonstrated that Daisy Goodwin doesn't really give a crap about historical accuracy. Loads of the courtiers are based on real people but cast at vastly different ages; Ernst and Leopold spend lots of time in England; people just show up without any kind of advance warning (even poor Royals didn't just show up knocking at the door palace gate). Princess Louise was born in March 1848; the Royal Family decamped to Osborne House on the Isle of Wight in April. IIRC the gates of the Palace were not attacked by Chartists, and no one threw a rock through a window - it would have been a helluva throw, as the fence shown on screen was set well back from the extant building of the Palace. It seems to me that the only historical fact DG is interested in getting right was the story of her great-great-great-grandfather, Robert Traill.
  7. Rachel was having an affair with Danny at the end of season one. She got pregnant, and they were all going back to New Jersey. Then Steve and Kono got arrested (him for killing the governor, her for being part of the money theft out of evidence). Danny sent Rachel & Grace on to NJ while he tried to work on things in Hawaii without the task force and without his ties (something about defrocked cops not wearing ties). Also in the Show timeline week between the S1 finale and the S2 premiere, Rachel told Danny she had her dates wrong (Anvil) and the baby was Stan's and they were going to try to work things out, back in Hawaii. So mid season 2 Rachel goes into labor early (Anvil) while Stan is on a business trip (China, I think). Danny wound up being the labor coach. Baby was named Charles William (Anvil) Edwards. A week or so after that, Stan showed us all what a mensch he was when he allowed Danny to shoot him as part of the search for the kidnapped Grace. That's the last we saw of Stan (who was shot "cleanly" in the shoulder and who did survive), because the actor got a role on GCB. As part of his career progression and part of their marriage therapy, Stan got a transfer/promotion to Las Vegas. This is when Danny put his foot down, and in Danny style embraced that he and Grace were now both locals. Fast forward a few years to the season 5 premiere. Danny & Charlie "know" each other from the parental hand-offs of Grace. But Charlie got very sick and needed a bone marrow transplant (Anvil Hits Water And Makes Big SPLASH). Testing showed that Rachel wasn't a match and Stan wasn't the father. It is implied that a major reason for the Williams' divorce was Rachel's fear of Danny's professional risks as a cop, so when he chose 5-0 over his family, she decided to make as much distance as possible. This was the point of no return for the Edwards marriage; they divorced and Rachel seems to have re-located full-time to Hawaii, with joint custody of both kids.
  8. Show Recommendations Topic: Ask or Give

    Oddly enough, even though they dropped the show like last year's fashion, USA Network is still streaming the entire series (26 episodes) of Playing House here. AND, they actually list the Available Until date, which is January 1, 2021. So, about thirteen hours of show and two years to watch it. For me the greatest thing about this show is that all the characters are real people, not Trope-ish Stereotypes.
  9. TDS 3.0: Season Four Talk

    Next week fer shure. I track the late night shows by the dates that tickets are available. What showclix is telling me at this moment is that Show has tickets available for eight straight weeks, January 7 through February 28, Monday through Thursday. They usually don't show more than two months in advance. This doesn't work when they are showing special episodes (like the Best Of shows) during their dark weeks, as those are clip shows. The other thing you can do is go to The Daily Show site after 11 p.m. (Eastern) on a show night - the full episode (if it's new, but not if it's Live) is usually up by 11:05. I may perhaps spend a lot of time figuring stuff like this out.
  10. S06E01 Dr. Hans Koehler

    Since the house was apparently 20 (or so - I'm not rewatching) steps from the beach, yep, it would have been rebuilt. Or else someone is paying a metric ton of taxes on an empty lot, and tracking the owner of that would be easy.
  11. BBCAmerica is doing its usual holiday scheduling futz-up. Anyway, currently January 4 will be the show broadcast in the UK on New Year's Eve, with Olivia Colman et al. January 11 is the Emily Blunt Lin Manuel Miranda Mary Poppins show, which aired in the UK on December 21. At least they (so far) are not skipping episodes in this series, as they did with series 23.
  12. I think Capaldi's tenure was somewhat tragic, because he'd been a fan of Doctor Who since he was a kid (which made One his First Doctor), because he gave up a terrific role on The Musketeers (Richelieu) to take the part, and because he ran straight into the trope of Showrunner-Who-Falls-In-Love-With-A-Character-He-Created-Slash-Actress-He-Seems-To-Crush-On. I liked Clara The Impossible Girl. I did not like Clara The Insufferable Brat. I liked the original concept and tease of Danny Pink. I did not like the change of course that led to his horribly pointless death. I liked the original "ending" of Clara's arc, where the Doctor visits Old Clara. I did not like that turning in to A Horrible Dream (With Wrinkles). I even like that just as Eleven finished his run several thousand years old, Twelve clocks in at several billion years. I liked his finale with River Song, and how nicely it bookended the first episode with River Song. And I really liked the Bill arc.... That's the writing Capaldi should have been given from the beginning.
  13. All Episodes Talk: TRMS 2018 Season

    Actually I'm pretty sure tonight's (New Year's Eve's) MSNBC primetime line-up were all broadcast on Christmas Eve first...
  14. I thought he was too tall to be comfortable sitting on that couch, along with his clothes perhaps being too tight to be comfortable. Or he prefers a wider stance while sitting. Seriously, if he'd sat facing more or less forward, I think his knees might have been halfway to his shoulders.
  15. We did a 7-day Nielsen diary. I was very excited & carefully planned what we would watch. And then we got the damn things the week of the 2016 RNC, so there was a lot of dvd & on demand viewing instead.