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  1. Yes...glad we were spared eleanor's wedding but I will miss Robert and Sebastian
  2. Media for Shooter

    First season was great. The last two not so much but it is still better than most shows.
  3. well the shows been cancelled. I still never was the last episode and a half, so maybe I will Now that I don't have to worry about whether or not they were going to redeem Robert or not haha. I sincerely doubt they will get picked up by another Network. Hope Max Brown finds a job
  4. S06.E15: How to Get a Head

    I don't know what happened but I had an episode of NCIS. Did I not fast forward it enough for the Sherlock part to start? In any event I missed yesterday's episode
  5. Okay so I just got a chance to see the series with Holly Robinson Peete. It looks like they took one of the old wigs from the Aurora Teagarden series set and gave it to Holly. I guess the budget is tight.The wig color was horrible and her makeup foundation was so bad at one point that I had to do a double take. Holly is not an unattractive woman but somehow they made her look that way. Is it a requirement to have a strange name for the lead? There is no Chemistry between Holly and Rick Fox. overall a no for me. I hope the books are not this bad
  6. S08.E04: Revenue Per Square Foot

    So they spent several seasons building up Robert Zane as as well respected highly-skilled lawyer and now he's so reprehensible that his own firm outed him and he can't get along with anybody and of course he had to be a young black man that committed a crime. Meanwhile Harvey who knowingly bought in a fraud as somewhat of a joke is On higher moral ground, and that's without getting into the other things that he's done. Rick Hoffman has become unwatchable for me and of course Donna always has to be right.
  7. The Bachelorette in the Media

    I don't know if she feels like she has to prove it to him or just these Anonymous fans that she doesn't even know. They say the best revenge is living well and who is she trying to convince? If she really does have a happy ending why is it so important that that be shown to people or played out on TV for strangers? I didn't know that they were all guaranteed a wedding. If that's true then they need to deliver but if that's not true then she just needs to get over herself. She also needs to own that even if ABC edited footage to make it appear that she and Peter had a connection that they didn't, she was present in those scenes. Obviously she was either pretending or really feeling something that they felt they could edit to make look like there was even any competition. It's not like she wasn't eagerly turning her face up for his kisses I think what she's hurt by is that Peter came on that show to further his business and didn't really have any interest in her, but honestly did that make him any different from most of the rest of them? I'm sure she gets access to events, products and other things just for the nature of the fact that she was The Bachelorette. She needs to enjoy the things that humiliating herself afforded her because clearly those were more important than her Integrity in the first place. I don't watch the show and so I didn't know that most people turn on the lead and all these other things but then again I wasn't going on the show. She should have done her research. I saw maybe two and a half of Nick's season and I already had reservations about her because anyone who could either genuinely be interested in him or who was fake enough to fake it already was a red flag. I didn't see what happened to her with Peter( I was already done with her season by then) although I heard about it. I don't know if she was an angry black woman then and I'm not saying she is one now what she sounds like is a bitter entitled adolescent. I said all along that there was a reason why she seem to gravitate more towards the younger girls that were on her season. She just seems very immature to me as does the man she chose. She should be above these vicious blogs and that word I hate" clapping back" at people on social media. That is so directly opposite of the classy woman she claims she wants to portray. By the way is the other girl that was from Dallas hitting up reality shows in complaining about not getting a wedding? Why is she also still so bitter towards Peter? Sounds to me who she should be bitter or angry with is ABC but then again she doesn't want to bite the hand that feeds her. Surely there are other people from this franchise that just get on with their lives instead of constantly still trying to be in front of the camera
  8. The Bachelorette in the Media

    I heard she mentioned having it in whatever South American country his family is from. I guess this means her father is willing to participate. Did it occur to her that maybe they learned from last year especially if there was backlash? Would she have felt better if it happened to someone else? Maybe therapy will her move forward instead of living in the past
  9. The Bachelorette in the Media

    I don't keep up but my friend said that she has been saying that they're too busy and all these other reasons why the marriage has not happened. So at least she had the guts to come out and admit that she's just waiting for them to offer her a free ride as compensation for how she feels she was portrayed. My thing is this she may feel that way, but why not let Becca have her moment in the sunlight for the next couple of weeks or however long it usually takes for people to stop with the interviews before she starts complaining and drawing attention to herself? she had no problem in furthering ABC's agenda with a heavily edited scene (complete with her chastising him for making excuses) of will saying he prefers white women or whatever it was but she felt like she needed no explanation for the lack of black minorities in her final five six or seven. Then it became you like who you like and you feel (fill)what you feel. Double standard. To be fair I never watched the final Rose or whatever you call it or even the men tell all just read the comments about it. Again I don't know how bad it was but she did sign up for it. She got what she deserved for trusting ABC with a minority lead. There is a reason why they hadn't had one all along but she was so desperate to be the first as if she was knocking down important barriers. She could have gotten as many Instagram followers without going to law school just ask Amber Rose or one of those people. Rachel never would have been chosen as Bachelorette if her father wasn't a judge, she a lawyer, more the father. ABC. She had the pedigree to be their first and they were hoping for an interracial couple so that they could have one couple in the franchise to show how diverse they are. Mission accomplished. Now she's trying to guilt or shame them into giving them a TV wedding Grow up. Wasn't that a year ago? Was she the one who said she was living her best life? If she really is then something somebody she didn't even care about said a year ago shouldn't even bother her anymore. They were supposed to be the older mature couple and she's always somewhere spouting off like a teenager. Are they still working? Was her boyfriend the one accused of fraud? My point is doesn't she have other things to worry about?
  10. The Bachelorette in the Media

    I have the unfortunate pleasure of living in the same area as Rachel so the local news really promoted her season. It was the first and only season I half watched and not only was I not impressed with her men she eventually lost my respect. I got wind of this today and had to return here to vent. Not only does the franchise not owe her she is the one..lawyer that she is..that signed her name to the contract. Essentially she gave them the right to do what they wanted and she is not so outraged that turning her back on the opportunities and stopped associating with the franchise. She is surely cashing in on Instagram and reality shows after talking abt wanting to just be a lawyer and find "true love". Like the rest of them she and her fame hungry beau are trying to stay in the spotlight...hence ruining my Lip Sync Battle. I read it as precursor to trotting out the race card....how they ruined her season with the Lee etc.issues and then Peter and because of that she is a special snowflake. Rachel is still mad that so many viewers were there for Peter, Dean and anything but her "love story." Has every person that got married frm this franchise received a tv wedding? She is believing her fans when undoubtedly ABC has surveyed the interest and it is lacking in people wanting to see her wedding. My fanatic friends said that some of her suitors or other non winners are more popular on social media and that others in the past more that were more popular have just moved on and not sought the spotlight. If she has her true love and is getting the career opportunities she wanted what else should she need? She and her chosen one have decent jobs and probably have gotten a ton of freebies so pay for your own wedding and move on. Having nothing to compare it to I thought it was a terrible show and she is proving that they are not as "different " as she kept saying they were. What happened to the Rosa Parks of Bachelor nation using her "platform" for others to represent Black women? If lip sync battle is any indication they are busy working on showing off their gym honed bodies to gain shallow Instagram fans. Every time I happen to see them on something he is trying to be shirtless. I thought he was a chiropractor not a personal trainer I am sure she is hawking something . My husband said she was on ESPN and was terrible. I miss some of the people on this forum but based on the issues in the news abt contestants this year may have been worse than Rachel's season. Yes and hate me all you want but her hair is still awful. I was blaming the hair stylist on the show, but she has been off the show a while now and she surely can afford to take care of it better. I forgot to check for the spider lashes
  11. S14.09 The Newest Star

    I guess I should be ashamed to admit that I just bought some 2 days ago. not quite as bright but still Orange
  12. S14.09 The Newest Star

    Really? We knew it was Christian from day 1. Jess as #2 instead of Manny? Ok. I would have had Manny and Jess
  13. S14.08 Who Gets a Pilot?

    Is that it? I know that I've heard on TV before but I keep thinking it's from a old sitcom from like the neighbor who used to show up or something. All I know is that however he says it the tone ,the rate,or pitch something is very creepy to me and it makes me think of the inappropriate boss or uncle or somebody who always pops up and makes you feel uncomfortable. It is not endearing although I do think he comes across as very mellow and unassuming. to be fair to him he can definitely be dressed up and made to look less sloppy so they know they can work with that.
  14. S14.08 Who Gets a Pilot?

    I don't know why they're pretending that anyone has a chance against Christian. I honestly think I have tuned in to at least some of the episodes since this competition started. The only people that I can remember liking was fit Chef Eddie, the party hardy boys or something like that. Most of the time the people that I like getting eliminated in favor of more dramatic contestants or those that were not quite interesting. Other than guy I can remember very little of any shows that people had nor being excited about any of the actual winners. I never thought I would admit missing Kermit and Medusa, but I do. Now I mostly hate watch to complain about the ridiculous meaningless challenges when they've already clearly chosen their the winner and whomever the judges are. I agree about their website being terrible I'm not into Twitter and Instagram so I don't know about that but I would imagine those are just as poorly designed. I cannot believe that I mentioned the fleekywoman and then she showed up. Just another example of why the show is comical. The year that Guy won I actually liked the runner-up better Reggie somebody. I always wondered what happened to him. If he had been on a few seasons later he would have been one of the runners-up that maybe got another show on the Cooking Channel or something. I always expected to see him show up with his own baking show but he seems to have disappeared. I don't know what year he was on but I did like the Jeffrey guy and I noticed that anyone that comes come on who wants to do healthy or vegetarian never wins. One of my guilty pleasures is game shows. Unfortunately I msnagef to watch an episode of to tell the truth and they actually had the person on there who created that horrible phrase. She was just about as you would have expected someone who could create on fleek to be. The whole time I just sat there thinking to myself ...and you're actually proud of this?
  15. S08.E02: Pecking Order

    You tried to warn me. I kept waiting for the episode to get better and then it didn't. Yes if they talk to each other instead of cursed at and threatened each other then I guess we wouldn't have a show. I'm not quite sure what Katrina's role is supposed to be right now. Louis' point needed to be made, but it didn't have to be made the way that they did it. I missed a lot of the episodes with Sheila for whatever reason since I haven't been faithful the last two or three years, but when did she become so awful? I waited all this time for Louis to get a serious romance and I get this? I hate the way they turned Louis into comic relief