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  1. I was so not invested in this that I totally forgot it came on tonight and missed it.....while watching game shows....I know! And Food Network Star.....were we correct?
  2. Season 5 Discussion

    I liked this show the first season but since then it's hit or miss and when I do watch it I agree with most of the above -pretty much everyone gets on my nerves. I thought Barbara was an unnecessary addition and she's just gotten worse every time she's on screen Could they not think of anything else except bringing back the ex husband again from the previews?
  3. Suits in the Media

    well they also said the entire cast have been submitted for one so maybe they do that every year or maybe they just did it because this was the last year of the original cast. Personally I feel like Gina Torres should have been submitted a long time ago. I doubt seriously she would even make it to the five or six nominees
  4. Jeopardy! Season 34 (2017-2018)

    after seen it on this board so many times I still don't know what vocal fry is but maybe that is what bothers me about her. There's something about her that is annoying which is odd because she is not nearly as bad as several other people have been. the last two 2 Champs before her couldn't leave fast enough for me and she is polar opposite and she still is aggravating something in me when I watch her.
  5. The actor kavan looks like a imitation Ted McGinley in his younger years. I have yet to see him in anything that I like
  6. it will probably be the ols he was always the one in love with her but she rejected him so he was going to have her killed and they killed her fiance instead of her by mistake. Nancy Grace was horrible in that one where she was a receptionist or something and I too don't understand why they're going the cameo route with her
  7. I don't believe everything I read, and even if it is true the same person who supposedly said he didn't want to be there also acknowledged that he gave a great performance regardless. Over the years there have been many actors who have admitted that they hated the roles they played, many for several years, but continued to do so. People every day go to work and complain..that doesn't make them bad people. We are all lucky to have a job in today's economy, but that doesn't mean we appreciate it every day. Maybe he was saying that because of the toxic environment and would could blame him? I don't think Damon has lost all his money and was out there desperately searching for work. Right now there is too much he said she said, and articles being written where they don't identify "sources" by name. Who knows what really went on? I would guess that if they were both equally at fault one would hope they BOTH would have been fired, especially if most of the cast was supporting Crawford. Why would they want to continue with a show with Wayans and a crew that hated him if he was the big problem? If that is so, they are probably moving forward for some other reason that made more financial sense to continue with a third season rather than cancel so that they can write it off or something and don't expect it to be successful. Other than being extremely disappointed that two grown professionals were engaging in such a childish conversation I am particularly offended by Crawford's comment that Wayans is only in the game because of his "brothers" plural. True his BROTHER Keenen created Living Color, with him but the other brothers as I remember it are younger, and Damon is the one that has had more television and film roles....if you are going to insult someone be factual. Crawford did an ok job, I was not blown away by either performance. It was something to do that was not a reality show. I don't get all these passionate "I will NEVER watch again!" reactions. It is not like it was Law and Order or NYPD Blue.....both shows who parted ways with a crazy person.
  8. S07.E13: Inevitable

    I don't know if Paula is the right one, but Donna certainly is not. I also feel like it is a forced relationship because of feedback from fans.
  9. S03,E20: Dark Side of the Moon 2018.05.28

    I know what this show is, come on it is about a fictional superhero in a fictional city....but my goodness...it has gone to the pit. I cannot deal with Reign's perfectly lined black lips, the smoky eye, and long manicured talons. She is all but doing the "evil" laugh. She is such a cartoon and over the top performance that I just can't care or even watch the Regin scenes. I am also tired of the high pitched squeal that all these incredible minds have not come up with earplugs for....especially when Kara knows they faced something similar with Black Siren or whomever she was in the Nazi crossover. \ James and Lena are boring...if they were not going with James and Kara why not bring back the Jenna Dewan character that I don't care enough to remember her name? Winn has never interested me , and Mon El in his super tight suit that does nothing for his body just annoys me. Alex was more interesting before the whole mommy drama, and the only thing worse was the alcoholic story they were heading towards. Jonn is my favorite. I have no thoughts on Kara's mother except why now?
  10. S01.E08: God, I'm Tired

    I am not thrilled about watching Eve be attracted to someone who killed her friend Bill! I get what the show is supposed to be, I am just not sure it is for me. Sometimes the dialogue is sharp and witty and sometimes it is just juvenile and seems to be thrown in for shock value, such as when Villanelle tells Eve she masturbates while thinking about her. I am also starting to like the supporting characters way more than the leads....Eve's unexplained relationship with her husband and her lack of concern for his safety and the safety of others is disturbing and cannot be explained away as her inexperience in the field. It doesn't take experience to have common sense. Villanelle was enough, we did not need the annoying daughter. Is Eve really into Villanelle or just into the idea of someone being that into her? Does Villanelle really want Eve or does she want someone who reminds her of Anna that will give her what Anna wouldn't? It started out great for me but I got less interested and enthused as the series went on. Maybe next series will be better. I am curious enough to watch, but will not be happy with another season of Villanelle making great escapes.
  11. Small Talk: Suits

    Gina Torres is gorgeous. Why she is not the face of a label I don't know. Clothes look so elegant on her...
  12. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    I do get tired of Judge Judy imposing her own moral code regarding raising children on everyone else. Great you can afford to pay for your children to go to college, get a car, etc., but everyone can't. It is not a parent's responsibility to give everything to their child, or take care of them for the rest of their life. If that daughter asked her parents to move into a larger place and split the rent into 1/3, and that is what SHE suggested and they agreed, she should have to honor that. It is not the business of the judge who else is living there, what they are paying, or if the parents helped her through college. Whether she agrees with parents charging their children rent or not is irrelevant. That is what he daughter agreed to .
  13. S06.E23: Life Sentence

    All the CW shows are becoming unwatchable. I could not make it through this episode. Thanks to everyone for the recaps...they are better than watching the show.
  14. I tried to watch the episode today and I just couldn't. I had to fast forward through most of it. I used to like Cheryl, but even she is annoying now. Season 1 was so promising...I have no idea what this season was.
  15. Jeopardy! Season 34 (2017-2018)

    My friends used to call Jack in the Box tacos "dog meat" tacos for some reason...many years ago they used to have a really good apple pie. I only got to go there when I would visit my family in the South.