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  1. S05.E05: Warriors

    I think it's fate was revealed in an episode or two ago. The Mexicans couldn't hold it, so rather than let it fall into the wrong hands, they destroyed it themselves. What FnkyChkn34 said.
  2. If I'm not mistaken, same shift just on truck 51. The truck with the water. This would have been the group of guys that were manning the hose during that tower fire the previous week. They called for relief and Hermann and Stella showed up. That's when Stella ran out of air. Truck 51 is called during lot's of their calls since season 1. They just never had actors for it. They focused the show on 81 and Squad 3. From what I recall, they have 51 on scene using real firefighters? I could be remembering wrong though.
  3. All Episodes Talk: Now We're Talking

    I had to laugh today. Sharon's pronunciation of controversy. Sara heckling her. Eve backing up Sharon. I started singing Controversy. Meanwhile Sheila E. is sitting at the table and later they discuss Prince and his music.:)
  4. S32.E14: Lavender Is the New Black

    Unfortunately, Marie touched Sylvia first. She put her forehead on Sylvia and moved her head back and forth. That's when Sylvia headbutted her. Both should have been disqualified. Looks like the show just decided to ignore it. I cannot wait for some of these people to go. The Lavender Ladies are annoying as hell. Yes, I was rooting for Johnny/Tony, that annoying!
  5. S02.E03: Three Words

    He was in the last three episodes of season one as a guest star. Now he's a regular, which means many more episodes and scenes with him. Since I don't care for him as a actor.... that along with literally being bored is why I decided to bail.
  6. All Episodes Talk: Now We're Talking

    I think everyone knows she was talking about Leah. Then she had the nerve to ask Sara to name names when she's obviously too scared to name her "bully". She's full of what she threw over that fence.
  7. The Outpost in the Media

    Yes! I just read this same article. Looking forward to Season 2.
  8. She did. It may have just been the cut of her jacket.
  9. S05.E05: Warriors

    It's utterly appalling what they have done with Danny and Kara. I think that they are separated. I remember him first meeting Frankie. That he can now spend so little time with him is just heartbreaking.
  10. S02.E03: Three Words

    I removed this show from my dvr after this episode. Boring. The addition of Malcom Jamal Warner didn't help it.
  11. I remember that too. Her head started looking too big for her body. The women have to be in shape but some of the men seem like they make no attempt to stay in shape. Double standard. The woman has to look good for the lingerie and love scenes but the guy can flaunt moobs all day. SMH Not something we should have to see. Once seen, it can't be unseen.
  12. Sigh. That little boy. That little kid. He has a name Ridge use it. My guess is you just don't remember his name, because you really don't care about him! This happened a couple of episodes ago, but I had to laugh at Ridge's sweated covered shirt as he returned from "working out". It is unfair that female actresses are expected to be slim and trim, but their male costars are sometimes not even close to being in shape. Not even at all.
  13. All Episodes Talk: Now We're Talking

    I was bored again.
  14. Season 1 Discussion

    Hey I was right! Pretty gross that colipsum users have been doing fly eggs. Good on Janzo for figuring it out and standing up to the mistress and burning the rest of her supply. So disappointed that Talon didn't get her revenge. He got away and that traitor is still working for Gwynn. I was very disappointed and confused about what is going on with the quadrangle. Especially where Garrett stands. He appears to love Gwynn. So what the hell has he been doing flirting with Talon? He appears to care for her too, but wants Gwynn more? Janzo was brother zoned. I never bought that Talon had romantic feelings for him anyway. His character is way too cartoonish sometimes. His posture drove me crazy! He reminded me of Jerry Lewis as either Junior or the Nutty Professor in his looks and demeanor. Keeping my fingers crossed that they bring this back next summer. I have to know more about the dragman! Edited because how could I forget that he was probably flirting with her so that she would use her army of demons to help Gwynn. Doesn't explain him flirting from day one though.
  15. S05.E04: Tropic of Cancer

    Sasha's make up and mirrors. BWAH! That's why they can't carry any grenades, huh?