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  1. S03.E09 Highs and Lows

    He looks amazing!! He's such a handsome man, and he looked adorable with those cats. He's been relatively active lately; I know he was on some show called Chesapeake Shores (which I don't watch) last year for a string of eps and I remember seeing him in Rizzoli & Isles a couple of years ago, although he looked much better in American Housewife. It's the beard, man. He wears it well.
  2. S03.E09 Highs and Lows

    Once again, I think they made very good usage of Franklin in this ep and his line about having FOMO cracked me up (as did Anna Kat's face when he showed her his chickenpox). I don't often like Kathryn as a character, but I thought her plotline with Oliver and Taylor was actually pretty funny. I loved the scene where she shoved Taylor into the bushes and she just bounced back up very nonchalantly while looking at her phone. Kathryn's mini-breakdown over realizing that she had been broken up with ("my only rebound was a crow I befriended by feeding him berries through the window!") also made me laugh. Katy and Greg's plotline was cliche and not terribly interesting, but it still had some fun moments and those actors work very well together so I can't really complain.
  3. EHG Mark I

    I jump around a bit when listening to the podcast, so I heard a few references in future eps (in the successful Mr. Show and failed Kids in the Hall submissions I think) to the time that Joe submitted an SNL ep to the canon and promptly talked himself out of it, so I was so excited when I actually got to the ep and it didn't disappoint! I also remember hearing a reference or two to a GI Joe centric episode that people apparently complained about, but I got to it yesterday and thought it was super funny. Cold Slither, jesus christ.
  4. I love the tapeball pictures! Jared looks so cute in that one.
  5. EHG Mark I

    lol, I actually just listened to that one earlier this afternoon!! I had to pause it at a couple of points to regain my composure because I was at work. The way that Joe eventually began to criticize the episode more than anyone else while Dave and Tara periodically yelled "what are you doing???" as he continued to sabotage himself and the way he defended himself by saying"this is an experimental canon submission!"was so funny. I almost lost it when he was finally like "I'm not voting for this." I also totally didn't realize that Joe was the one who originally came up with the "Will Dave Hate This?" segment! Such a fun recurring part of the show. That Under the Dome thing was also very funny, as was any time they discussed the show and Tara would have an emotional breakdown over how stupid it was and how much she hated recapping it
  6. lmao, Claudia. I understand desperation, but no one should be that willing to sentence themselves to marriage with David. Nothing is worth that! Also, when I was scrolling through the visual aids, I thought Pia was Shannen Doherty for a split second. There was less resemblance when I actually got a good look at her, but it would have been pretty funny if they brought Doherty back in a one episode guest spot late in the show, cast her in a totally different role, and never said anything about it.
  7. Worst of Friends: Your Least Favorite Moments

    I forgot about the water scene! It was pretty funny, you're right. Chandler looked so excited (and adorable in his little sweater vest thingy)
  8. Worst of Friends: Your Least Favorite Moments

    I really hated the plotline in The One with the Birth Mother where Erica mixes up Chandler and Monica's file with another couple's and Chandler (like a sane, reasonable person) wants to point out Erica's mistake while Monica decides to go along with the charade and pretend that she and Chandler are both doctors or whatever the other couple's professions were supposed to be. Aside from the fact that the ruse would have absolutely been discovered eventually even if Chandler hadn't convinced Monica to come clean, the whole thing made Monica look like a borderline psychopath. I know we were supposed to sympathize with her because the adoption process is extremely stressful and, as she pointed out, it could have been their only chance to have a baby but committing identity fraud in order to manipulate someone into giving you their child is horrifying and Monica's emotional breakdown when she was convincing Chandler to go along with her plan wasn't sold very well in my opinion. And then Erica decided to let them adopt her baby anyway because they admitted they were lying (eventually). What the hell? You aren't giving them $50 because they did the right thing and returned a lost wallet, that's a child. I would have kicked them out of the room. There's also an earlier ep during Joey's soap opera days where he dates someone obsessed with his character Drake that's really creepy in hindsight. The woman is literally delusional and genuinely believes that Joey is Drake and he goes along with it because she's hot (when previously, he seemed weirded out by the idea of a stalker because he assumed she was ugly). The fact that he tricked a mentally unstable woman into believing he was his own fictional character because he wanted to sleep with her was super grody and it's one of those eps that's aged extremely poorly. The other character's reactions to it were pretty gross as well from what I remember. That said, I still really like Monica and Joey! I just think those episodes made them come off very poorly
  9. S14.E07: Unhuman Nature

    That's my main issue with the Nick/Lucifer plotline as well. I think it's something that could be done in an interesting way but, as you said, it's already a shortened season as it is. I thought it was bad enough spending so much time on Lucifer during season 12 when all the BMOL stuff was going on,especially since the plotlines rarely seemed to intersect in a way that was actually meaningful. I mean, I think the BMOL provided that egg thing in LOTUS or whatever but for the most part, it felt like the Lucifer plotline was from a totally different season. In fact, I very often forget that it was season 12 and often accidentally lump it into season 11's Lucifer shenanigans. And now in season 14 it looks like we're heading there again even though the Michael thing and the AU hunters seem like more than enough to sustain the season as far as plot goes. Not to mention they also need to resolve the whole "Heaven is all jacked up" storyline from last season.
  10. Unpopular Opinions

    I didn't care much for the epilogue but I agree with this. It happened over ten years ago, it's time to stop acting like JK Rowling murdered your childhood. I mean, she pretty much had to write some sort of epilogue and I don't think anything she could have come up with would have satisfied most people. It was just a tall order.
  11. S14.E07: Unhuman Nature

    This is my feeling as well. I understand why some people had a knee jerk reaction to Jack saying that and I totally get why some people might not enjoy his character, but considering that Jack actually was tortured by Michael in the last season and was in the AU world long enough to become very well acquainted with how badly Michael ravaged it and its people, I can understand why he would claim to want to kill Michael and stop him from destroying their own world as well, even if it was at the cost of Dean. We see later that this was probably just said in a moment of anger without the actual will to follow through though; when Dean comes back soon afterwards, Jack isn't the slightest bit suspicious and immediately embraces Dean. I also seriously, seriously doubt that he would have said the same thing to Sam's face about Dean. It seemed like he was just having a bit of a tantrum during that episode and I don't entirely blame him for it under the circumstances.
  12. this definitely cracked me up! especially since it comes from this clip of the movie Cable Guy (so that's Jim Carrey's tit squashed against the window): Stephen Amell and Jared have such a cute and goofy friendship. Always love it when they rag on each other
  13. EHG Mark I

    I know this is a super old post and I doubt you even check it anymore, but thank you so much for making the original podcast available, Dougal. I've been having such a great time listening to it over the past week, and it's really nice to finally be able to listen to The Canon submissions that I could see listed on The Canon page but couldn't actually access. After listening to the current EHG podcast for so long, it's still a little weird to listen to Mark I and not hear Sarah on it regularly (sometimes I'll be like "huh, Sarah is being really quiet-- oh wait") but I absolutely love being able to listen Joe on almost every ep, so it balances out. The ep where he and Mark talked about college jeopardy and discussed the contestants they hated (and had crushes on) was hysterical. It's also very funny in hindsight to hear the several early episodes where Tara talked about how much she didn't want to get a dog
  14. Anyone else feel different about Friends now...

    I still really enjoy watching the show, but on my most recent rewatch, a lot of things about it bothered me that I previously didn't notice about it. To bash Ross, a lot of people will use Joey as an example of a much better and ideal male character, but I think they forget that, especially in the first several seasons of the show, there were a lot of "jokes" (often very brief ones so it's not like it was a huge narrative focus) about Joey getting excited by the prospect of drunk or emotionally vulnerable women because they were an easy lay and there were several occasions where he had no qualms about sleeping with women who were married or in a relationship (which I think was a whole moral quandary for Chandler in one ep even though the woman was in an open relationship). I believe that Ross and Chandler might have done similar things at certain points, but it happened with Joey enough times that it was basically a character trait of his. I think a lot of people don't really think about this aspect of Joey's character because his womanizing was softened by the fact that he was also very dumb and lovable but...guys, if Ross is gross for how possessive and weird he was about Rachel, then Joey is gross for doing those things. He definitely wasn't a Barney-from-HIMYM level sociopath or anything like that and had many other good qualities, but there's some super dodgy stuff about his character that just hasn't aged well (although this is true of most of the other Friends' characters and 90s sitcoms in general). His and Chandler's friendship was still adorable though and I very much enjoyed the eps where Joey showed what a supportive person he was to everyone. Rachel was also a huge asshole towards Julie and the narrative at least acknowledged how irrational she was being, but I was really surprised by how unlikable she was during that plotline and I spent most of it feeling very sorry for Julie. I hope she somehow found happiness with that weird Ross clone. Later, she was also a giant douche about Phoebe hooking one of her friends up with Ross as soon as she found out that the friend was hot and had hair again (when she was previously gleefully vindictive when she thought that Phoebe was trying to set Ross up with a bald woman). The plotlines where she literally sexually harassed her assistant Tag (him being receptive to the advances eventually didn't really make it better) and pretty much stalked Joshua were also deeply cringey. Ross' romantic endeavors and behaviors in relationships were also very difficult to root for, but I don't think Rachel has a very good track record when it comes to men either. Despite that, Rachel is still my favorite character and I think Jennifer Aniston was still extremely funny in the role. The scene in the Pilot where she's on the phone with her dad still cracks me up and her delivery when she was reading the letter about her dead dog in a later episode was hysterical. I also enjoyed the Monica/Chandler relationship a lot less on this rewatch and ended up really mourning the fact that Monica/Richard weren't endgame even though they had very valid reasons for breaking up. Weirdly, I started to really like the idea of Rachel and Chandler being a couple. Their dynamic wasn't always showcased but I thought they had a good rapport and some cute subplots every once in a while.
  15. I'm super jazzed about the upcoming book about 90210 and am looking forward to pre-ordering it. Very excited to see what kinds of listicles and additional content will be included. It was also really nice to see Kim on the podcast again and I'm glad that Little House on the Podcast will be picked up again. I also really enjoyed the conversation about what characters everyone would take on a lifeboat with them and lol'd when Dave asked Kim what exactly Sookie would be cooking on the lifeboat. I do concur with Kim's choices though-- Sookie, Ma Ingalls, Ron, Leslie, and Watson seems like a pretty well rounded group.