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  1. S02.E07: Rings and Runaways

    I just noticed something odd while watching this train wreck again. In Clint and Tracie's hotel room, why are there so many used tequila shot glasses on the table? Did they have a party in there with lots of people? I know, in the rare times I have done shots, I used the same shot glass over and over. I don't go get a new shot glass with each shot.
  2. In the link that AZ Curls posted above, near the end of the article (written January 2019), it describes Caitlin's mom passing. Here it is again: https://starcasm.net/love-after-lockup-caitlin-married-twice-has-a-child/
  3. Yes, the smiling at inappropriate times and the way her eyes appear to be going off in weird directions. She is truly fascinating. I know deep down I should feel pity for her but she continues to say and do the dumbest shit I have eve seen on tv, so I cannot muster up empathy for her.
  4. S02.E07: Rings and Runaways

    I typed that same thing about the dine and dash as I was watching the show...total bullshit...then he was all "just kidding!" (as though Cait would have followed through with it anyway) so yes, it was absolutely scripted and once the scene was over, I deleted the post I was typing because the whole scene was just so stupid. Does Matt own any other shirts than the white wife beater and the long sleeved oversized button up shirt? It seems like he wears one/both of those in every episode.
  5. S02.E07: Rings and Runaways

    I've wondered if the entire thing is a script and production gets permission ahead of time for all the made-up drama. Because no way would any of these tools be free out on the street if they are really doing what is being portrayed on the show. Someone else on here said that there is no way to prove the drinking and drugs are authentic, so they cannot get in trouble; all they have to say is they poured apple juice into a Corona bottle for the show, etc.
  6. S02.E07: Rings and Runaways

    Normally I don't like people to do my laundry simply because some things need to be hung to dry, but I would never ever allow anyone to touch underthings. Did that poor mom load Caitlin's dirty panties into the washer? Just gross. I hope she wore gloves. And a hazmat suit.
  7. S02.E07: Rings and Runaways

    Lmao! I did wonder in the back of my mind if she has showered yet. On this show and on 90 DF, the shower scenes seem pretty common (even if it is just the audio - barf) but they haven't shown her wandering into the bathroom and turning on the shower.
  8. S02.E07: Rings and Runaways

    Why in the hell is Matt's mom doing Caitlin and Matt's laundry? Even folding her panties?? I must say, I think Tracie looks pretty at the "ceremony". Her hair and makeup look a lot better than previous episodes; her dress is a bit flashy with her upper thigh showing but it is still a nice dress. I am just watching it now so I'll probably be back to snark later.
  9. S02.E06: Your Card Has Been Declined

    How are they paying for all the hotels and dinners? Scott hasn't worked in two years. Caitlin had to leave her job to move away - in with Matt's mom. Marcellino - I have no idea. Sarah has never mentioned work (that I have heard) but I think Meghan does home health care (or did). Every scene of her shows her in the kitchen or bathroom or padding around her house all day long.
  10. S05.E18 Baldur

    Why did Gunnhild look so tall and huge next to Harald? Is she really about a foot taller than him or was that a weird camera angle or something?
  11. S07.E03: Robin's Story

    Woah, wait. I am watching the super size episode of Robin's journey. They just said James speaks German, French, and Spanish. Impressive! I cannot fathom learning 3 additional languages. I speak very limited Spanglish as it is.
  12. Family By The Ton

    Very true. Sadly, he is a huge liability to any company in his condition. I can say, especially seeing his attitude on the show, I would not hire that guy. Maybe he could find some kind of online work, I don't know though....
  13. S07.E03: Robin's Story

    I don't understand the obsession/addiction to McDonald's and similar places either. I haven't eaten there in years but I remember the last time I gave it a try, I spit out the first bite of the burger and threw it away. It was NASTY, just absolutely disgusting. I can get down on a burrito in a bowl (without the tortilla) from Chipotle; now that is delicious! Not the healthiest thing in the world but not the worst either - lettuce, rice, beans, tomatoes, guac - but definitely not gunk like a nasty fast food burger. Just eww. If you must eat a burger, Five Guys is most definitely the place to get one, I must confess.
  14. S05.E18 Baldur

    I agree. I was highly addicted to this show in the earlier seasons. Now I find myself looking for stuff to do while the show is on because it so rarely has interesting scenes anymore. Makes me sad. :(
  15. S03.E08: What Do You Know About Love?

    I know I am years late to this discussion, but I just found out about this golden dumpster fire. When she said something along the lines of "so I do not get a reward if we are married for a few years and then get divorced?" Who thinks like that???? A reward? You're not helping Crime Stoppers solve a mystery, sweetheart. He seems kinda harsh but he makes sense. He was burned once, he raised four children on his own, and he had to still pay his ex somehow (that part I do not understand). He is simply saying "if it doesn't work out, we part ways and have no obligations to each other, but I hope it works out this time".