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  1. Yes I think Benji has taken on a bit of an American accent from living there for a while as many Aussies do.
  2. Thanks and wow he has had bad luck with his fingers.
  3. Lol Yeah Mat you don't get to complain about being betrayed when you voted Lydia out. I have liked him until now but thought he was acting very high and mighty tonight. I only noticed last night that he has bits of 2 fingers missing on his right hand, anybody know what happened?
  4. Yeah Nell is adorable and I love how they let the children be children on the show. Cassius has become much more interesting to me than when he was solely being used as eye candy. Finally Aaron said something, hopefully they can sort it out now. Paul is being such a d..k to him, I have had enough. And David has been absolutely clueless. Why on earth did they have both parties at the same time? Eta Yay David saw Paul being a bully to Aaron.
  5. Yeah I didn't mind Jackie and liked her final speech. I have liked Lydia up until now but thought she was obnoxious with all her talk of getting rid of dead weight, she sounded really up herself to me. And I thought she was married, what's with drooling over Rob like that. Her ability in challenges is amazing though.
  6. I wonder why they didn't call the medic in for Moana and give her some iv fluids which may have helped her a lot.
  7. Seriously??? They let Willow and the baby in first without supervision, and then when Andrea/Dee started screaming they let Toadie in without supervision? What sort of hospital is this? Wow Leo is getting super creepy imo. And Gary way too obsessive in the process harming Xanthe more.
  8. Yeah the Finn storyline has become idiotic. I am liking Cassius more now that he is showing more of a personality even if it is quite subdued - he is becoming more interesting to me with the book discussions and photos.
  9. Yeah they are totally relying on Cassius' body, but his personality sure doesn't match it so far. Love Nell and now Hugo, what a gorgeous baby. Heh I laughed at those 'hiding' places, ridiculous. I can't stand Dipi, she is so self-centred. I don't care about Ned and Lauren or Terese and Paul - they keep dragging that out. Bad Leo for trying to make that happen again, lol. Eta Sheesh at Mark and Karl sending Elly and Susan of all people off to chase down a man they think is fishy, controlling and an abuser.
  10. How does nobody see Finn lurking around in various places? I know, it's soapie invisibility. I never get it when people are planning a surprise and the person being surprised is feeling hurt and betrayed how the people who know about it just watch them. Why do they want that person to suffer for the sake of a surprise? They could have told Steph earlier and she could have had the delight of anticipation and knowing Toadie hadn't rejected her. And then Steph even felt guilty for doubting him when she had every right to on the information she had. I just don't get it and hate it every time they do something like that. And yes it is Mishti's fault, she brought a complete stranger home. Such a dangerous and dumb thing to do imo.
  11. General Episodic Thread

    Really Tori? Ash is back to his usual self? His usual self was aggressive, hostile, quick tempered, violent, dishonest - she doesn't seem to remember any of that long before Kat died. What is with all the Saint Maggie ads? I have never warmed to her and all that saccharine stuff is just putting me off her more.
  12. Yeah David was a bit different to the women who deliberately came outside to check Cassius out, but I thought he was still pretty obviously checking him out.
  13. Yes agreed. Then they addressed the inappropriateness again with David only for it to be invalidated AGAIN straight away with Cassius saying it was fine with him and he used it to his advantage. Imo it is sexual harrassment and no excuse makes it ok.
  14. I feel really uncomfortable with all the women drooling over Cassius. Glad Piper at least raised the issue of whether it would be ok if it was reversed. And no I don't think it it is ok for women to objectify men at all.
  15. S02.E13: Day 492

    I hated the way they kept showing Maia on the cell phone while she was driving.