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  1. Mick raped Billie, kidnapped Irene and did something with baby Luc as well I think. Mason is behaving like a 5 year old - ridiculous.
  2. I was expecting Toadie to go away without knowing about Sonia but they surprised me by him finding out so quickly and then them getting back together. I don't blame Gary at all for being vindictive for a moment after the way Terese treated him. Hamish is just getting worse and worse. Why didn't Mark show the picture to those who would have said she was Hamish's EA as well as a nurse?
  3. I wanted them to explain why Casey didn't know their dad had left them and Sam did.
  4. You are prophetic. Yeah Mason is being ridiculous and not helpful at all. Eta I am glad Tori raised being uncomfortable with Ash's aggressiveness.
  5. Heh yes, these soaps are not very concerned with being realistic re jobs, businesses dealings and money. Yeah Sonya is doing my head in the way she keeps talking about Toadie's issues as if she had none herself and of which she has heaps as just evidenced in the way she reacted re the job Sam went for.
  6. Am I remembering this right, didn't Scarlett's husband send some goons to kidnap her a while ago? They are completely ignoring this? Wow Tori says bulimia isn't a life and death matter? It sure can be. If I saw a guy I was interested in being so impulsive, aggressive and stupid like Ash it would put me totally off him.
  7. Yeah overall I enjoyed it too despite my complaints. I agree with the less contestants, and for me also less days.
  8. Yeah I don't understand the wellness centre either but then they have never made a lot of sense with their businesses. Ugh I am so sick of Terese and her miserable face and what she did to Gary was inexcusable. And why so much focus on her? I don't think she is a very interesting character. I would rather see Sheila get more of a story line. Were Paul's family actually happy when they thought Paul had gotten together with Terese? How thoughtless. I had to chuckle at Xanthe walking like Sheila the other day in her heels, wonder if she is doing that on purpose.
  9. Disappointing winner for me. I also thought Jericho shot himself in the foot with his crowing over how he conned everybody, that felt so unpleasant to me, don't understand how he got so many votes. But then Tara admitted she only started playing the last few days. My pick out of the final 4 would have been Michelle. I wonder how Tara's husband feels about her crush on Lockey.
  10. Just watched last night and loved the peg challenge and the advantage of voting out a jury member. Both fresh ideas but sure sucks for Tessa.
  11. Yes Ben is such a control freak and so rude to his family and others and Maggie keeps coddling him - can't stand him. Yeah I didn't realize about Scarlett either. Glad she and Kat made up. John was really mean to Robbo. Olivia is being insufferable about her business, first she expects orders to come flooding in within 30 seconds and is totally freaked out when they don't then freaks out when she gets orders and can't fill them and treats her friends abominably.
  12. Yes how are there 3 more eps with 4 people left now? They sure are dragging this out. I like Jericho so much better out of Luke's influence.
  13. Oh yeah, what happened to Dee/Andrea? Good pick up that that might have been the same guy. He was pretty dodgy the way he left the money either way. So they just mentioned Terese's cancer again. Terese in a camper van - as if. They are so mismatched. And I am sick of her being so miserable all the time. So unfair to Gary. He is a good guy. Yeah Hamish can move on already. And can't they give Sheila a good guy for a change? Heh yes Yashvi is a moron but she makes me laugh now whereas at first I just found her irritating.
  14. Yeah they are just taking Hamish at his word as far as I can see. Bad writing indeed about the whole Courtney thing. As it was about Amy not following up on Paul admitting he set Nick up just because he got into more trouble in jail. At least he wouldn't be doing more time for something he didn't do.
  15. Finally, I cheered when it was Luke. He way overrated himself and his influence and game play imo. But I do have to give him that he was gracious in the end. Please not Jericho, he is just as full of himself and immature. I would much prefer any of the others.