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  1. Robbo is awful and I am over him. I liked him at first but he is just an other thug. Kat deserves much better and to find out the truth about him.
  2. Ugh so tired of that story writing of getting a couple together and breaking them up over and over. It's so boring, imo. Willow is a total pain, run away Justin. Heh @ the cop shop being a great place to run into your friends. Every time I think they have mellowed Alf a bit he loses it again. I find it so tiresome.
  3. Yes not good for the kid at all to save them from the consequences of their actions, imo, does not help them mature and take responsibility. Just cripples them. I think I remember Toadie and Sonja having fertility problems before and Nell being a bit of a surprise pregnancy? Dipi needs to mind her own business and stop trying to run other people's lives for them. She annoys me. Eta - Good stuff tonight, imo - several people stood up to Toadie's dreadful mother, Terese stood up to Paul and Sheila stood up to her bully. Eta - so it's over for the year. Glad Tyler finally fessed up. I am guessing it's not him who killed Hamish though. What a cliffhanger though - who took Gabe, is he safe? I would have been pissed at Paul with the whole apartment thing with Leo and David.
  4. Heh yes that was funny with Gabe. So Mark has insight and pain about moving way out of line with his moral compass but still stops Tyler from telling the truth. I am getting over this storyline now, let's just find out what happened to Hamish already.
  5. I didn't understand why they didn't even mention the possibility or why it wasn't one. It was such an obvious thought for me.
  6. Yeah stupid of Ash and Tori to get together straight away. Alf finally thought of something better to say and get through to Mick.
  7. Yeah it was all a plot contrivance to have VJ leave. And the new female has brought a whole lot of new criminals with her, blech.
  8. Yes agreed about giving Tyler the wrong message. To me Mark was much more worried about his own feelings than Tyler's. Tyler was obviously distressed over keeping it all a secret and Mark just bulldozed him. But that's not the point for me, it is that his attitude was straight down the line with Paige, no room for grey areas and he even arrested her, at their wedding no less, then with Sonja and Tyler he is breaking the rules in a major way. Also majorly bored with Terese and that whole storyline, but I quite like Gary and Sheila.
  9. Oh great, MORE criminals in the bay. They are such lazy writers. So VJ is gone, I didn't see that coming at all. Lovely Ash, fights tooth and nail for Luc then just drops her like a hot potato for his own child - horrible man. Run Tori, run. Oh Olivia - silly girl.
  10. I still think it is totally ooc for Mark to tamper with evidence again. Glad Paul and Courtney didn't get married, he did the right thing for once but tough on her. I thought it was ooc for Toadie to be such a at the auditions too, that was much more Karl's speed imo.
  11. Yes true. Oh my goodness, I didn't think Mark could get any more stupid, but then he has that conversation with Paige and totally doesn't get it.
  12. Heh well Sheila thought Gary had done it so they are even really. Yes they were totally hiding it from the viewers with all their vague conversations which made it so obvious that neither of them had killed Hamish. I didn't see Gary interfering with the crime scene before the reveal so you may have read it somewhere else. Groan, Mark is being so stupid.
  13. I liked this series, love both main actors and am looking forward to a second season to explore who killed him. Many possibilities indeed. Something that infuriates me is when people not only cheat and lie about it but when the partner gets suspicious they lie straight to their faces and make out as if there is something wrong with the partner - gaslighting in a sense. My ex used to do this with me and I felt like I was going crazy. I find it deeply offensive. Tom and Katy both did this. I can even understand getting into an affair, though very wrong, but that just ratchets it up for me and feels so cruel and insulting.
  14. Yes totally predictable. Lol @ them all going for the date. Gary and Sheila are so dumb, heh. And what's up with Mark also and again obstructing an investigation? He hasn't learnt has he and I still think it's out of character for him. I hope they don't break up Aaron and David, I like them together. Just tell the truth Aaron, it's going to come back and bite you.
  15. Thanks, I see, I either missed or forgot that.