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  1. How does nobody see Finn lurking around in various places? I know, it's soapie invisibility. I never get it when people are planning a surprise and the person being surprised is feeling hurt and betrayed how the people who know about it just watch them. Why do they want that person to suffer for the sake of a surprise? They could have told Steph earlier and she could have had the delight of anticipation and knowing Toadie hadn't rejected her. And then Steph even felt guilty for doubting him when she had every right to on the information she had. I just don't get it and hate it every time they do something like that. And yes it is Mishti's fault, she brought a complete stranger home. Such a dangerous and dumb thing to do imo.
  2. General Episodic Thread

    Really Tori? Ash is back to his usual self? His usual self was aggressive, hostile, quick tempered, violent, dishonest - she doesn't seem to remember any of that long before Kat died. What is with all the Saint Maggie ads? I have never warmed to her and all that saccharine stuff is just putting me off her more.
  3. Yeah David was a bit different to the women who deliberately came outside to check Cassius out, but I thought he was still pretty obviously checking him out.
  4. Yes agreed. Then they addressed the inappropriateness again with David only for it to be invalidated AGAIN straight away with Cassius saying it was fine with him and he used it to his advantage. Imo it is sexual harrassment and no excuse makes it ok.
  5. I feel really uncomfortable with all the women drooling over Cassius. Glad Piper at least raised the issue of whether it would be ok if it was reversed. And no I don't think it it is ok for women to objectify men at all.
  6. S02.E13: Day 492

    I hated the way they kept showing Maia on the cell phone while she was driving.
  7. Mark is some detective, just jumps from one suspect to another re Chloe - took him long enough to get it right.
  8. Yeah I think Yashvi is gorgeous. Sure didn't take Sheila long to make a mess of things for Gary. Glad Steph took him back, I think it's a good position for him. And yay for him setting a boundary wtih Sheila, needed to be done long ago. Why didn't they take Xanthe to hospital if only to get her bloods done for the police?
  9. General Episodic Thread

    Ebony is such a boring villain. I didn't like Izzy in Neighbours but at least she had some pizzaz and was interesting. Ebony is just so bland. Jasmine is being stupid with Colby and doing her best to send him running. As if Robbo was fit enough to beat all those fit young guys - he is carrying too much weight. It seems like Colby never told Jasmine that it was a secret that he was a river boy, he should stop blaming her. And what was up with meeting with Dean immediately after he had been told not to - stupid.
  10. Nell and the actress who plays her is adorable. Maybe she will become like Sally Fletcher on H&A. Why were Toadie and Mark not helping with the search? How Sheila kept her job for so long at all is beyond me. I like how Gary is coming into his own. I have no sympathy for Karl, that was totally his own fault and stupidity and now Xanthe is traumatised as well all due to his idiocy. Boy Jimmy sure is shooting up.
  11. General Episodic Thread

    Yeah Olivia is a pain - move on from Hunter already and get out of Jasmine's love life. Heh, Justin is an idiot. It's soap opera plot contrivance. Don't know if he even has insurance. Great idea to have 2 teenagers with hormones raging under the same roof. It was so obvious that Raffy would fall in love with Ty.
  12. General Episodic Thread

    Yeah they totally retconned Robbo's story. So stupid and thoughtless of John and Marilyn imo to bring a troubled child in when they only just took in Raffi so she could be in a stable environment - makes no sense to me.
  13. Heh yes, camping trip = disaster. Stupid, stupid people - Chloe and Leo not locking the door. And Karl just staggering off into the bush on his own. Loved Yashvi finally stepping up and also her tank top, heh.
  14. S02.E10: Day 471

    I like this show much better than The Good Wife towards the end, but am so sick of Bishop and Sweeney. Thought we were rid of them but here they both are AGAIN. And I really dislike that they work for such horrible men. Glad Diane is getting herself back together.
  15. Nice to see Chloe finally wearing something appropriate for work even though she is being completely inappropriate with Leo, and he with her. As her boss he should have been the one to put the brakes on. Glad Dipi and Mark both got confronted, especially Dipi, I find her really awful at times.