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  1. Oh thank you, totally did not see the heart. Yeah I didn't think the movie event was anything special either except for the intro. I wonder if it is the actor but I found the character whom the actor who plays Jack played in H&A very boring and I find Jack so boring albeit a bit creepy. To me he has this serial killer smile, but still boring.
  2. Why can't I like posts any more, love both the above. And agree with all of it.
  3. There were some weird costumes at that party, and all the boobage on the women, good heavens. Who was Amy supposed to be? And lol @ the 'disguises' of Tyler and Piper - Tyler looked like Dicki Knee. And his hair, good grief. How stupid were they, now he just got a much longer sentence. And Piper showed her family and friends that she would rather not see any of them ever again as opposed to being able to see Tyler in jail and still see all of them.
  4. General Episodic Thread

    Yeah I thought the same about Roo's shirt. Indeed, Ash deserved to be arrested. As do all of those stupid River Boys. And Tori and Justin deserve to be arrested for stupidity imo. Lol @ Robbo being able to run like a gazelle after being so sick. Glad the cop called him a cop killer, Tori seems to be completely ignoring that he is a murderer. Hunter sure is moving on quick. What are they doing with Tori's hair? It is getting bigger and bigger and is now way out of proportion to her body.
  5. Agree with everything except I don't mind the actors playing Rory and Kirsha. I like that Kirsha is more quiet to balance out the other stronger personalities amongst the younger women and I think she is sweet. Yeah looking forward to seeing some school stuff with all of them. I didn't see Izzy first time around, I assume she is trouble.
  6. Yes the older I get the quicker time goes. Loved the kids finally getting their own back on Paul eventually. Jack gives me the creeps, something about that 'drink the koolaid' smile. What is going on with Mark?
  7. General Episodic Thread

    Yeah agreed that Robbo isn't directly responsible but imo he sure had a lot to do with it, along with Kat herself. To me he is like one of those men that take women hostage emotionally and he even did it physically at one time. But for him she would still be alive but then she went along with him although she didn't know everything he had done. Totally dysfunctional relationship imo but they were playing it as this big love affair. Never did like Ash, his default position is always aggro and violence, yes very stupid. Now I loathe him, and the writers, for bringing the River Boys back. WHY? They are awful, I don't want them. Eta What is up with Tori and the hold Robbo has over her? Why on earth didn't she ring the police, her reason made no sense. She is being so stupid. Good grief Ash and this whole revenge thing is so boring, wish they would wrap it up finally. If I haven't said it before - I hate Maggie's hair. All those straggly strands and she keeps shaking her head around so they keep shaking about. I wish someone would give her a decent cut. Wth, there is a huge explosion and everyone is going around as if nothing happened.
  8. Oh no, they broke Aaron and David, I loved those 2 together. Hope they get them back together. Glad Piper didn't end up pushing Ben to go through with changing his statement. So I am assuming Eve Morey is pregnant which is why Sonya is being sent off and the blocked body shots.
  9. Ugh Shane is an ugly drunk, he should have been arrested. Mishti did the right thing. But her superior is awful. I remember there was a story why Xanthe stopped working at the spa but can't remember why. Yeah why do they keep showing Dee/Andrea in the background but not following up? It's silly. Enough of Toadie and Sonya's love life - please.
  10. General Episodic Thread

    Wow the stupidity of Kat and Tori knows no bounds. Although it occurred to me that Tori may have been self-serving in keeping Kat connected with Robbo. Amazing how quickly sales of businesses go through on these shows and pretty rude of Brodie to just walk out on the diner.
  11. Season 5 (A & B) Discussion

    Yes exactly, imo she showed how little she really cared while acting like she was doing him this huge favour. And I didn't think it was funny at all but insulting towards Walt.
  12. Thanks kirkola. How lovely of Caleb. They all seem lovely in interviews.
  13. General Episodic Thread

    Robbo is awful and I am over him. I liked him at first but he is just an other thug. Kat deserves much better and to find out the truth about him. I HATE Maggie's hair. Just had to vent about that, lol. It's a terrible cut and style imo. Wow how dumb and blind is Kat. She totally endangered Tori's life and now Tori is being dumb too by not giving the address Robbo gave her. And afaiac when a man says he is nothing without you that is not romantic and not love but a huge red flag. And what happened to Hunter? He was so jealous, now he is ok with Olivia going to Paris with Axel? And he is so caught up in his big gesture that he is completely missing what is going on with Olivia. I don't like it when people have grand plans and in putting them into action leave the other person feeling ignored, like when people make others think they have forgotten their birthday. Why would you want to make someone feel bad?
  14. General Episodic Thread

    Ugh so tired of that story writing of getting a couple together and breaking them up over and over. It's so boring, imo. Willow is a total pain, run away Justin. Heh @ the cop shop being a great place to run into your friends. Every time I think they have mellowed Alf a bit he loses it again. I find it so tiresome.
  15. Yes not good for the kid at all to save them from the consequences of their actions, imo, does not help them mature and take responsibility. Just cripples them. I think I remember Toadie and Sonja having fertility problems before and Nell being a bit of a surprise pregnancy? Dipi needs to mind her own business and stop trying to run other people's lives for them. She annoys me. Eta - Good stuff tonight, imo - several people stood up to Toadie's dreadful mother, Terese stood up to Paul and Sheila stood up to her bully. Eta - so it's over for the year. Glad Tyler finally fessed up. I am guessing it's not him who killed Hamish though. What a cliffhanger though - who took Gabe, is he safe? I would have been pissed at Paul with the whole apartment thing with Leo and David.