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  1. Did you play the "Trespasser" DLC? Just curious -- it definitely provides a more complex overview of who Solas is. But I'm so biased, since I think he's the best character in the game, along with Bull. There are things you will learn about Solas (and the core game story) that you'll only get if you romance him. Or, on the flip side, things Solas only reveals to a deeply loathed, low-approval Inquisitor there, too. (Although I was the opposite -- I played DAI through the first time as a Bull romancer, and totally loved the storyline, then when the end postscript scene happened, I basically let out a screech and immediately started a new playthrough romancing Solas. It was really funny.) I admit that I have a tougher time with Blackwall -- Solas did what he did in a genuine attempt to save the world. Blackwall did what he did for money, which will always ick me out, although I do like his redemption path. I loved some aspects of MEA but I felt like it was sometimes jarring -- some writing and character moments would be really lovely and complex, then others would be seriously clunky. Like, I romanced Jaal with a FemRyder, but by the end I hated the romance (and found Jaal adolescent and disappointing), and worst of all, I felt like my character was objectified in a creepy way during their cringeworthy love scene. But some of the game's moments I thought were gorgeous, and it was fun to play overall. Not anywhere near as good as the original ME trilogy though. I just felt like it was obviously, painfully rushed to release (all the Asari with the same faces!). The saddest thing for me is that within two weeks of release, so much had been fixed and improved, but there was a really toxic, vocal portion of the fanbase that had already written MEA off completely, and I don't think that was deserved. It ended up being a decent game -- I'd give it a 7 overall. And I do plan to play it again eventually at least once more. That's awesome. I love Trevor Morris's work for DAI -- it's just so sweeping and cinematic -- but Inon Zur's work for Origins and DA2 was wonderful too. It's darker and more haunting, I think. And I love all the bard songs (and the instrumental versions too). I'm so with you on Anthem -- I'm going to support Anthem as a BioWare fan, and I'll give it a shot, although I admit that the fact that it won't have any romanceable characters is a bummer for me -- it lessens the immersion. But all I want is for Anthem to come out so DA4 can show back up on the radar! As I mentioned above, I feel bad for BioWare about MEA -- my perception is that the team on the project was a little inexperienced, so they got bogged down during production on a few elements that (for instance) took over a year but were then completely abandoned. And then they ended up having to crunch like crazy (and bring in some of the Edmonton folks) to meet deadlines, and I really do think the release should have been delayed so that the game's little weak spots could have been tweaked. The fans were just savage over little things (like the dead-eyed character faces) that were 100% improved within just a few weeks, but that badly affected sales (because the word was out). I did enjoy it, and know a ton of people who did, but I also found it a little disappointing and ultimately not as memorable as it could have been -- the characters were just so tepid, and felt very young and naive. By the end, I felt like I was playing a teenaged character in a group of other very nice teenagers... which is part of the problem for me -- compare the nice MEA crew to the complex very grown-up people we met in Mass Effect 2 or Dragon Age: Inquisition -- characters who were lofty or lonely, cruel or kind, honest or deceptive, seeking redemption or coldly following orders...? There's just no comparison for me. Meanwhile, I definitely feel the same way about Dragon Age! In terms of the fantasy series, while I liked Skyrim, it didn't have the same dramatic impact (and I couldn't get into Witcher -- the fact that I had to play Gerault just irked me, since I like building my own characters and prefer playing females). For me it just comes down to the characters and the writing, and that's where I think a lot of games let you down. It's also why thousands of people still play Dragon Age: Origins or Mass Effect a decade later. (I also love DA2 and feel like it's underrated -- it's so much fun, and the characters are fantastic.) I do love several other titles -- The Last of Us was gorgeous (but so tough!), as was Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but Dragon Age will always have a special place for me.
  2. Yay! I so agree. The voice actors are (typical for BioWare) absolutely fantastic, principles and side characters. They're all just wonderful. If it helps, my favorite romances are Solas, Bull, Sera, Cullen, Dorian, and Cass. Solas's especially is so tied to the core subtext and story, and it's incredibly satisfying in Trespasser, albeit bittersweet. If you get stuck or feel stagnant, I definitely recommend other genders/romances though -- they so open up the game, especially if you replay. I'm looking forward to Anthem, but my heart is with the future release of DA4. ;) Also, on the music, I so agree -- and Trevor Morris's score was amazing. It was equally fantastic (even better) on the DLCs "The Descent," "Jaws of Hakkon" and especially the sublime "Trespasser." Also, I hope you got all the bard songs! Not just from DAI but the ones from "Trespasser" are gorgeous and BIoWare offered them all free for many years. If it helps, the open world concept is optional -- you can skip a lot of that if you need to. So, in case it helps, a few suggestions: If you want to finish quickly, stick go the Inquisitor's quest path (but I do suggest doing all companion loyalty missions at minimum -- also, SAVE THE CHARGERS!) You don't have to go anywhere you don't want to -- some later areas are mostly skippable I do suggest grabbing as much power early as you can (it gives you the most options). Discover camps and close rifts! The banters in DAI are the best across the entire trilogy. If yours aren't triggering, it's a bug. You can trigger them with mods (PC) at Nexus, or read them all here: https://dragonage.wikia.com/wiki/Iron_Bull/Dialogue (click on each companion dialogue to read theirs). The banters are AMAZING. When in doubt, bring out Bull and Solas, Bull and Dorian, Bull and Vivienne, Sera and Blackwall, and Cole with EVERYONE. They're fantastic. When in doubt, follow the "Inquisitor" quest path GET OUT OF THE HINTERLANDS. Get over to Val Royeaux, go recruit Sera, Bull, and Viv, and mix it up. Take Sera, Bull and Solas on all Hinterlands "helping people" quests for max approval. Support mages -- IT'S A BETTER STORYLINE Romance Solas (seriously, it's tied to the main story and so moving) ALSO -- I blog about Dragon Age with thoughts and tips on characters at DumpedDrunkDalish.com. BUT NO PRESSURE. And LOTS OF SPOILERS. Also, sorry. I'm a fan. It's bad. I hope it helps! And I'm so tickled you posted here! I was the ONLY ONE HERE FOR TWO YEARS. I'm just sayin'.
  3. S03.E12: The Fillorian Candidate

    There's so much good stuff in this episode, and the play of tension ramping up to the finale is just wonderful. I can't get over how great this season is (and I love the show no matter what). But damn! One of the things I felt so bad about last season (although I enjoyed the season as a whole) was what a thankless storyline poor Margo had to navigate. So I'm delighted that this season has really given her such an incredible arc and enriched her character so much. She isn't the spoiled brat from season 1 (although, to be fair, she was always more than that underneath). She's now a true ruler who is willing to sacrifice and die for her people and her country, and it's amazing to watch. I love her new "fairy eye" and I also loved that the Fairy Queen's regard for her was so rarely and so openly affectionate -- you could tell she really appreciates Margo (like all the best people do!). And when Eliot gracefully knelt to show his allegiance here, I almost cried. It was such a typically generous Elliot gesture -- he loves Fillory, and he loves Margo, and he knows what she's been through. And he knows she loves it as much as he does. I disagree that Julia has anything at all still to "earn." Every single one of the magicians has made mistakes and suffered incredible torments. It's also worth pointing out that almost every time Julia was a victim was because she literally made the decision to sacrifice herself in some way for someone else. Every mistake she's made, she's paid for (often brutally, and in spades). I'm delighted this season to see Julia take a little of her own power and happiness back. I cracked up so hard at that reveal! Just priceless! And when you go back and rewatch the earlier parts of the season, he's often petting the sloth or HOLDING ITS HAND. Oh, thank you. Also, it absolutely was deliberate -- Dean Fogg and Jane admitted as much -- that leaving Julia out of Brakebills was one of the only timelines that offered them a chance against the Beast, even if it meant poor Julia would have to suffer incredible torments right from day one. I loved Julia in the books, and although her journey's been more schizophrenic in the show, I love her here as well. That's a great point. I'm actually really amused and impressed at how different Arjun Gupta is as Penny23, too -- he's believably Penny and yet markedly different. And (sorry) he has fantastic chemistry with Julia. I've never liked him with Kady, so I'm all in for shipping Pulia or Jenny. ;) I loved the "footage not available" part too! Also, I know poor Margo (and poor Summer Bishil!) had to go a whole season without an eye, but I absolutely loved her badass neverending supply of exquisitely matching eyepatches for each of her outfits. The costume designer must have had an absolute blast! Another book-Julia fan here (and I think Stella Maeve has done great on the show, against almost impossible odds). I'm so glad Julia has been giving a little bit of a break this season -- we've even seen her smile a few times! I've always felt sorry for her at the tremendous amount of fan backlash Julia has always received. I love the 'bestiality' aspect because in a "if Fillory was real" way, there wouldn't be an eyebrow lifted if all these sentient creatures dated and intermixed -- if humans dated fauns or demigods or fairies (even if Fairy Queen would eyeroll) or whatever. And Eliot saying that he was so happy his daughter found love with a bear was the sweetest thing ever. Hale Appleman is a national treasure. It grossed me out! Now that we know what that is, it's incredibly sad and grotesque. That's what I dislike about the Library too. They're making decisions affecting multiple worlds and are utterly ruthless about who pays. I loved the scene between Quentin and his father -- I especially loved that Quentin has grown so much as a person in strength and character that he wasn't going back to tell his father he would save him... but that he was NOT going to be able to save him, and he wanted to tell his father to his face. I also loved the little moment when his Dad said he had never known magic consciously for most of his life, but he felt the emptiness in his heart when it was gone.
  4. S03.E11: Twenty-Three

    I'm so interested in how Penny23 will work with the group now! And I have to agree with those who found his kiss with Julia really hot. (ahem.) Poor Josh. I like that no matter what timeline he's in, his innate cowardice and weakness is something he has to struggle against every time. And MARINA! I love Kacey Rohl, and would be delighted if this means she's back more often. Besides, while I know Marina is awful, I did think she redeemed herself ever so slightly by immediately and compassionately attempting to help Julia after her assault by Reynard. She really did everything she could to help Julia there. I also liked her last season when she stood up to Reynard. Because she really was tough and brave there (I'll never get over the cat scene!). So I'm hoping -- if Marina's back -- that maybe she'll continue to be a grey-hat. I think she could really add an interesting dynamic to the mix.
  5. S03.E10: The Art of the Deal

    This season is so amazing. Each episode, I'm more impressed with how all of the character arcs tie in together. Like many, I loved how truly committed Elliot and Margo are now to Fillory. I think Elliot always has been, but now Margo is too, and it's wonderful to see. I like Fen so much more this season -- they've finally made her a character who isn't just a dupe or an airhead (I was very uncomfortable with Elliot's marriage for a number of reasons). She's a strong, loyal and loving person, and I was really moved by how quickly she wanted to help the poor captive fairies, even given what the Queen had done to her in Fillory. And the Queen! Such a badass! I really liked that she was willing to risk herself for her people, and the scene in the jail cell was so powerful. See, little moments like this are why I can't quite hate her. I know she's awful, but's like she has a bigger view of the chessboard than everyone else and it's fascinating. Also, her actress, Candis Cayne, is wonderful (I had no idea until it was mentioned here that she's trans -- she's fantastic in the role)! I loved the moment when she made that decision to break the deal, and just went nuclear on the McAllisters (who richly deserved it). I was just sorry what's-her-name got away. Such a terrific post! I completely agree on all these fronts (and to echo others, I love that you used "Red Wedding" as a verb!). Fen with the emojis was everything, and so cute. All her scenes with the Queen were so powerful here. I didn't even think about the fact that Penny ate food in the Underworld until you mentioned it! I guess I'd assumed, because he's still alive, that he would somehow still have to eat... but I think you're right. That bite into the cupcake was pretty portentous. Although I can't blame him -- his choices seem to be (1) steal another ticket and end up in another unknown eternal destination that very well might be Hell itself, (2) stay shackled and miserable, or (3) join the book club, lose the shackles, and eat delicious CALORIE FREE afterlife cupcakes! I mean, I probably would've gone with option 3 too. I did love that he gave up his ticket so that snarky girl could find her family. That's Penny all right -- hard outer shell, soft sweet center. That's beautifully and poetically said. I love the Narnia books but always, always resented Lewis for... I mean, that right there is guaranteed to screw you up. Forever. And honestly, for me as a writer myself, it's so much more interesting and complex to have them actually have to live and grown in their magical land, and to have their choices matter. It's why I will always love episode 5 of this season, where Elliot and Quentin lived their entire lives together. And the thing is -- it could have been a hell for them. There they were, recreating tile patterns every day (something that would drive plenty mad), but instead they made it part of their everyday lives, and managed to live and love and flourish every day in a quiet kind of paradise. That's the kind of stuff I'm interested in. Great explanation. For me, the show has two choices: It can go into massive detail about every single portal trip (and we'd lose a lot of other lovely moments), or it can handwave that we're in season 3, they know that we'll figure it out. My own take was that we know of at least two regularly used portals (on the Muntjac and in the clock), and that Fen didn't need a key to leave, so I'm assuming the portals are pretty cool about our gang just coming and going as needed. Great point -- I definitely agree that the Fairy Queen has some sort of nonlinear view of the world(s) and of time and space. Also -- +1000 points for "The Cupcake is a lie!" (For me, it's a "Dragon Age: Origins" reference, but I know it's a meme across gaming now ever since Portal.) Yeah, but I would argue it's not quite the same. While the Fairy Queen is awful and scary and it's not cool that she does that stuff, when she takes an eye or toe, etc., it is painless and magical and seems to be able to be at least potentially reversed. She also does seem to treat those around her like actual people, albeit as inferior people. Whereas, the McAllisters simply openly enslaved their fairies, treated them like things, and while they were at it, occasionally violently amputated pieces off of them to use for their own selfish purposes (permanent injuries), and ultimately beheading them. I mean, at least the Fairy Queen isn't openly eating or sniffing human remains.
  6. S03.E09: All That Josh

    Like everyone else, I loved this episode so much. And as "Under Pressure" is one of my favorite songs, I was so tickled when those instantly recognizable opening chords started up. (Also, I was a big fan of McNamara's terrific show "Eyes" from a decade or so back (canceled almost immediately, dammit), and "Under Pressure" was used incredibly memorably there as well -- he must be a diehard fan of the song.) I didn't love Kady's number -- it was okay, although she looked and moved spectacularly. But (singer nerd here) while she has a pretty base vibrato, she also sings from her throat and it's (for me) a little painful to listen to. She did much better on "Under Pressure." I was tickled that Josh has such an unexpectedly sweet voice, and I loved Hale getting to sing again, with that gorgeous relaxed falsetto of his. And Penny has a great voice! That was a nice surprise. The actor who plays Todd also did a really nice job in this episode -- he really managed to convey a nice, creepy sense of 'bright' menace. (Also, what's up with the girl's face at 1:09 in the video of the song? The one with the black right cheek? Is it a tattoo?) Like others, I also loved the thoughtful way the song built and how all the lines had meaning for the individual characters, poor Elliot and Margo literally singing to console one another as they face death (and I love that Elliot got the line about family), Penny singing about sitting on the fence, Quentin/Alice singing about being open to one more chance, Julia singing about freedom while saving the fairy (made me weepy), and then all of them singing joyfully about acceptance, and love (love love love love). Also the image of the Muntjac soaring up out of the falls and across the perfect blue sky and sea -- right as the song reached its height -- was such a beautiful image it made me cry. This season of the show is easily its best yet. And I continue to love the way it's so absolutely willing to be experimental and weird and wonderful and cheeky and full of heart.
  7. S03.E05: A Life in the Day

    Apologies for the momentary soapbox, but there's a pretty simple word for Quentin's orientation: he's bisexual. While I agree that Quentin may not be a 6 on the Kinsey scale, he has demonstrated incontrovertibly sexual feelings for both men and women openly on the show. He has now slept with Elliot at least twice now, both times consensually. It's canon. So all the posts excusing Quentin's feelings or attempting to quantify them as being about "friendship" or "transcending" his sexual preference are arguably close to bi erasure for me. Eliot and Quentin have always had complex undercurrents -- as early as S1, Episode 2, Elliot jokes with Quentin (trying to distract him from his potential expulsion from Brakebills) about taking him off and seducing him, and Quentin smiles and says it "sounds nice." I felt like the show further doubled down on this in this episode, in that it was Quentin who made the first move, just to make it clear that it wasn't Elliot acting out and Quentin responding out of loneliness, etc. Quentin wanted to sleep with Elliot again, and he did. So, to me, Quentin's bi. It doesn't matter if his sexual feelings are for only one man or many (and yes, this bothered me when people did it with Ianto on "Torchwood" too). I know mileage varies, so just my 2 cents. Meanwhile, I loved this episode -- just a gorgeous chapter in "The Magicians." I tend to save up seasons of this show and then bingewatch them because I love the show so much, and this season has just been knocking me out. It's been an absolutely superb, rich season and I've been enjoying it so much. And this is by far my favorite episode of the show ever. An absolutely gentle, complex and beautiful episode. I loved everything about it. And I love Elliot so much (and his unspoken love for Quentin), so when Quentin kissed Elliot I may have let out a pterodactyl screech of happiness. Just a really lovely moment, and so unhurried and simple. Hale is such a good actor (and I pretty much think that of all the gang, but especially Hale. The way he looks at Quentin breaks my heart a little. And I thought the kiss was absolutely lovely (and especially that Quentin initiated it). It also doubles down on Quentin having real attraction and romantic feelings for Elliot (although I've always felt that -- Quentin basically followed Elliot around with little hearts in his eyes in Season 1 even after he fell for Alice). I thought that was Elliot providing a quiet reflexive escape clause in case Quentin freaked out (but he didn't). I definitely interpreted the rest of the scenario differently. Beautifully put. This was one of my favorite episodes of this show -- it was so rich and expressive, and there was so much emotion, beauty and horror (poor Margo!). Margo is terrific -- Summer Bishil manages to make her consistently tough, vulnerable, crude yet genuinely warm and empathetic. When the ax flipped during the wedding I was so shocked I actually gasped out loud. Sheesh. I'm with you on Quentin, his wife, and Elliot -- to me it was pretty heavily implied that Elliot, Quentin, and Quentin's wife appeared to have a comfortable poly relationship. I also loved the son's final message of love and then departure -- that entire sequence was just gorgeous. Kady is the weakest character for me in Season 3 so far. I don't always fully buy her reactions or find them logical, and that scene just didn't work for me at all. She has the man she loves in front of her -- the man she thought was dead -- who has been through pretty literal hell, had to burn his own body, has moved heaven and earth to reach her, and she literally throws down the key and silences him, then huffs off in a snit. That's a beautiful and subtle detail. It's interesting how intertwined the relationships are now. They all love each other so deeply now, and that's a beautiful thing the show has been able to make very clear. The scene of Elliot comforting Quentin after the death of his wife was just wrenching. And yeah, I think there's just always going to be that little spark between Elliot and Quentin. I'm not sure if they're OTP -- I suspect not, although I'd adore it -- but I think they'll always love each other in a romantic way even if they don't express it very often.
  8. S02.E09: Rosalie 2018.06.29

    Oh, thank you -- and I'm so sorry for what you went through as well. It was a horrible time. It was even worse when I grew up and realized how terribly our own government had let them down.
  9. Holy crap, @Glory, that's the best compliment ever -- you seriously just made my millennium. I'm so glad you enjoy the blog! (Obviously, I'm a little obsessed...) And I'm so glad you liked the Mind-Chess banter -- it's such a great example of the care that went into the game. I mean -- it's a BANTER -- something many many players will never even encounter at all depending on their game choices and which companions they bring with them, etc. And yet it's crafted by Patrick Weekes with so much care, and tells us so much about Bull and Solas as characters. It always kills me that Solas The fact that it's based on "The Immortal Game" just makes it even cooler.
  10. I'm so glad you posted! I'm delighted someone else here loves the game as much as I do, no matter how much time has gone by. (Side Note: I did end up playing DA2 and LOVED it once I gave it a chance -- it's not perfect, but it's a lot of fun. So please ignore my snark on that -- it's worth a playthrough and it's also doable in 12-14 hours.) And I'm so glad you're still playing and on your fourth Inquisitor! I've played several different options and characters now as well, and I still discover something new every single time. The relationships, characters, and romances are absolutely my favorite aspect as well. So much beautiful writing goes into them, and the characters really evolve or change depending on our decisions and relationships. My favorite characters are Bull and Solas, because they're so complex, but I love pretty much everyone. PS -- Just in case it's of interest, I was such a die-hard fan that I started a blog about Dragon Age ("Dumped, Drunk and Dalish") that analyzes several of the major characters and companions, and also write regularly about Dragon Age now for "The Fandomentals." I'd welcome for you to check it out and offer any further thoughts or feedback!
  11. S02.E09: Rosalie 2018.06.29

    I loved this episode, with the exception of the Ruth/Sam stuff, because I scream my outrage at the television every single time there's an attempt to create chemistry between the two. They're great actors, and I buy that Maron would have a massive crush on Ruth. I do not believe, on any level, that Ruth would fall for Sam. I just don't. Setting aside the cliche that he's decades older, this is a guy who is an absolute trainwreck. Yes, he has his occasionally genuinely sweet/funny moments. Maybe even 60% of the time. But the other 40%, he's a tone-deaf cokehead capable of pretty staggering cruelty and assholery. This entire time, I've been so impressed with Ruth and Sam's friendship precisely because I thought they were selling a friendship, and as friends, each provides something wonderful for the other. I love them together when they're family. I do not, under any circumstances, want them to fuck. And the slow-dance scene here had me cursing. I just don't buy it. I hate every single minute of it. I just think it would be SO REFRESHING if this wasn't a fricking utterly predictable train-wreck romance. Them becoming family to each other would be lovely and believable. She'd have people in her life and wouldn't be alone (and would continue to find her gift for writing and performance with a great collaborator). He might finally get his shit together and get off the drugs and booze simply because he's doing work he's proud of again, and trying to be there for his daughter and friends. Although I did crack the tiniest smile at Ruth sleeping on the couch with Sam yelling at Justine to turn the music down, going, "Ruthie's trying to sleep!" But... ugh. Me too! I was literally thinking this while watching them. They were just adorable together. I've liked Chris Lowell since his time as poor thankless Piz on "Veronica Mars," and I have to really give Lowell credit -- I not only love his work as the character Bash here individually, but he also just makes everyone else better whenever he shares a scene with someone. So I love him no matter who he's with in the show -- whether poor Flor, Bash, or Debbie, or Carmen. Oh, that's right! Dani pulled the phone sleight-of-hand for Lito! (I still miss Sense8...) It broke my heart. I thought it was a superb and quietly devastating moment. When the nurse says Florian has died, Chris Lowell does this absolutely incredible thing where it's like he's trying to hold his face together from sheer will, as if he's about to break into little pieces, and... it absolutely killed me. Lowell also does this thing in that scene where his eyes start darting around the room, as if he's somehow looking for safety. And then he tries to pull himself together. And then he does it again at the very end as the song swells. Just a beautiful if incredibly sad performance from him there. I was in my teens in the mid-80s and my aunt (who was very bohemian) tended to date guys who were either bisexual or who hadn't figured out they were gay yet (it was literally my aunt's type). They always remained friends, so I had a bunch of wonderful gay uncles in my teens and then within a few years... everyone had died. All of them but one. My respect for this show would go up 10000% if Ruth sleeps with Sam and it is clearly shown to be, and realized to be, a colossal mistake by both of them. I don't think that will happen but I'd love to be wrong. Oh, you and me both. I hate it. I'm absolutely against it and am really unhappy with the show for going to such a cliched and predictable well. In a way, it was worse for me because of the scenes between Rosalie and Sam and Ruth unintentionally underlined the disparities of the situation -- Maron is 55, Sciorra is 57, and Brie is 34, but in classic film language it was obviously Brie who was supposed to be the romantic fit for Maron, and it absolutely drives me nuts. And skeeves me out. And makes me tired. I mean, this show is written and directed by a female-heavy staff, and with an overwhelmingly female cast, but of course even here, Ruth is required to fall for the aging cokehead asshole who has (on several occasions) treated her and her costars like absolute crap, all while staring at him like he's everything she ever wanted... gah. I can't. It was so much better and lovelier when I just saw them as friends who became family to one another. Kudos to your whole post. I tried to post a longer answer but the Internet ate it. Suffice it to say -- I hope Arthie and Yolanda get together (I've been shipping them since that gorgeous dance), I hope Bash has the strength to come out, even if just to himself. And I hope Ruth gets her shit together and realizes that a romance with Sam would be a mistake of earth-shattering proportions.
  12. S02E01: Viking Funeral 2018.06.29

    I was disappointed that Debbie didn't clue the other girls in that the contracts were horrible and they shouldn't sign. They could have had the power to actually protect themselves if someone had spoken up. I know it's more realistic that Debbie didn't do so, but it did make me feel for the rest of the women, who are so desperate for jobs and inclusion, and who didn't have her clout. Also, for me this was where Sam was at his absolute worst so far, but I'm hoping he calms down again going forward.
  13. S01.E10: Money's in the Chase

    I loved this, and was surprised at how emotional I became when Ruth and Debbie fought in the ring, and at every step Ruth was just so rock-solid and there for her. When she smiled and said, "Go get your trophy," I actually cried a little. Alison Brie has been a revelation in this role for me, as has Betty Gilpin -- I've wanted her to have a role worthy of her ever since the absolutely cringeworthy part she was given on "Nurse Jackie," where the character description might as well have been "hot blonde female doctor required to be topless in at least 1 out of every 4 scenes." And yet I felt she actually transcended the brutal and sexist cliche of her character and she made me care about her anyway. Here, she's been fantastic -- she makes Debbie a real person who's kind and supportive, and whose pain is palpable, but who's also insecure, entitled, and selfish. I love the rest of the cast as well, especially Bash (and I'm with everyone who loves his friend/mance with Carmen), Cherry and her husband, and Tamme. I think Mark Maron is amazing as Sam, but please God don't ever let him become involved romantically with Ruth. I love the show, and loved the entire season. I think it's actually richer, deeper and more important than it seems, too -- yeah, it's a cute little show about female wrestlers in the 80s, but it's also a show with an overwhelmingly female cast, writer's room, and assortment of episode directors. Then add in the fact that we have a wonderfully diverse array of body types, ages and skin tones and it's like a beautiful dream. I'm really glad there's going to be a season 2 -- the show deserves it.
  14. I thought this was a great episode, and I'm so bummed there's not more discussion in the show forums. It's a terrific show, it's empowering and fun, the characters are great, it's overwhelmingly female actresses, writers and directors, and it's funny and strong. It's perfection as far as I'm concerned.
  15. S02.E08: Dear Mrs. Kennedy

    I thought this was excellent. I thought Hall was okay as JFK (and unlike the recapper thought he did achieve brief flashes of JFK, especially in his speech). I was also not sold on the actress who played Jackie at first (Jodie Balfour) yet somehow by the end I thought she was absolutely extraordinary. Jackie's final talk with Elizabeth was so unexpectedly moving, and I thought Jackie's combination of strength, intelligence, and absolute fragility was incredibly poignant. And Claire Foy continues to knock it out of the freaking park. So many emotions are visible on her face even when she is (sigh) given little to say.