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  1. Right? This season is chock full of horrible.
  2. Don't leave, Tasha. Ugh. Big mistake.
  3. I keep yelling at the screen that Eric should call her bluff. She threatens to leave - tell her it's an idea whose time has come. Start discussing airline tickets and arrangements for her swift return to Indonesia. Come ON Eric! Manipulation 101.
  4. Is Leida for real? Her bossy act is so over the top, it can't be authentic. This has to be a totally producer-scripted story line.
  5. Did Coltee just say " from zero to bitch"? Hahahaha
  6. Haha. Almost all. Olga is sweet and very beautiful. My heart goes out to her when Steven gets jealous of her giving attention to the baby. She looks so vulnerable and fragile.
  7. Some of the people on this show are just horrific.
  8. Leida is appalling! Tasha is more adult than either of them.
  9. Olga is so lovely. I really hope Steven can get a grip on his anger issues because Olga is going to be miserable in America.
  10. LOL! Larissa telling Coltee he's an attention whore, and Colt telling Larissa to calm down because, "you've got a ring, ok?" Worst couple ever.
  11. Kalani says, "I know that I love him" ... What?? I don't see any "love" in this situation. I wonder what she actually means when she says that.
  12. She reminds me of an older version of Whitney Thor.
  13. I'm guessing it's 'beef stew'.
  14. So ... why is Leida marrying Eric, anyway? Sounds like she's got plenty of other ways to come to the U.S., if that's what she wants.
  15. Honestly, I find this couple unwatchable. I can't relate to either of them, and they're both so unlikable. They're not even in the ballpark of being remotely suited for each other. Larissa needs an aging, bored, married sugar-daddy who will keep her in leather couches, fancy cars, and air conditioning. Colt needs a woman who will agree to be his wife-appliance and have zero expectations. This has to be one of THE worst matches ever on this show, and that's saying something.