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  1. S05.E05: Family First

    Not bad, BalisticNikki. I can see bits of most of them in Andrrrei, although I'd trade Jason Bateman for: Leo Dicaprio in Gilbert Grape.
  2. S05.E05: Family First

    And Spanish, like in Tangiers.
  3. S05.E05: Family First

    Is Annie trying to pass herself off as 24? Yeah ... no. She looks close in age to Aika, who is 36.
  4. S05.E05: Family First

    Why would one jump to the assumption that they do have broader prejudices? And, btw, forming an opinion of someone based on "knowing the type" is the very definition of prejudice.
  5. S05.E05: Family First

    In fact, isn't Elizabeth's father just as concerned about Andrrrei as Molly's dad is concerned about Luis? Totally appropriate in both cases, imo.
  6. S05.E05: Family First

    Right? Glad I'm not the only one who feels no chemistry between them. Evelyn needs to go away to college and grow up a little. Expand her purview. David is older, European, and worldly. They're such a mismatch.
  7. S05.E05: Family First

    To be honest, Broke Ass David strikes me as a decent guy. Yeah, down on his luck and a little sad sack, but fundamentally nice. I also think Annie is nice and sincere. Not sure what she's doing with him, though. His level of broke-assness is not easy to deal with, and she seems like the type to stick things out with him. Then again, I could be totally misreading them.
  8. S05.E05: Family First

    Didn't Poor David mention a couple of episodes ago that his best friend lent him lots of money already? And now he's going to be living in his house because he can't afford a place of his own? I'm starting to wonder if David went in search of a Thai wife so that she can eventually support him.
  9. S05.E05: Family First

    David and Annie are actually pretty normal and boring on their own. Living with the best friends will provide loads of conflict, no doubt. I love how it started with, "our house is your house. What's ours is yours until you can get back on your feet", and quickly moved to, "well, maybe you can contribute by cooking Thai food and giving me massages by the pool", and then went to, "we don't want you to get too dependent on us and get too comfortable, because the goal is to move you out!" 😂
  10. S05.E05: Family First

    That's what I thought, too. Manufactured awkward moment to add tension. I mean, honestly ... it's not natural for the wife to sit there unfazed after her husband just asked his best friend's fiance for a rub-down. Come on now.
  11. S05.E05: Family First

    That was really creepy. I kept looking at that guy's wife for a reaction, but she was totally poker-faced. Gaaah! Azan comes off so gentle and soft-spoken, but I keep getting a menacing feeling about his and Nicole's interactions.
  12. Oh, lol. I love how Sean keeps assuming we are all drooling half-wits, telling us, "if you don't know what that is - look it up" ... over fairly common things like sex tourism, grooming, and Stockholm Syndrome.
  13. S01.E14: Tell All

    Oh, I assumed it was established fact that he was a doctor. Maybe it was the way he so authoritatively said, "that's a classic case of scabies. Sean needs to be treated at the same time, or you will keep passing it back and forth". 😉
  14. S01.E14: Tell All

    Just another way to remind her of her place and show who's boss. What I don't understand is why someone like Chris - a retired physician - would allow himself to be shown on TV in this light. Doesn't he have social standing in his community? A partner/ex-wife? Grown children? Former colleagues? It's kind of baffling why he doesn't mind being exposed for all to see as a sex-tourist financing prostitutes in foreign countries. I can't imagine he thinks this is a flattering public image to portray.
  15. Pretty useless as an advertising/marketing tool. Didn't do the Sister Wives any good with their joolry website. And so many popular American Idols never got off the ground after all their exposure. The audiences watching these shows are not interested in buying merch from these folks ... not unironically, anyway.