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  1. All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    Thank you. I knew I had seen this case before but could not figure out how I had seen it. When the episode started, the PI creeped me out, but as the episode went on, he seemed genuine. Intense but genuine. I was in Fayetteville many years ago on a short trip. The reason for the trip had nothing to do with the military, but one of my friends on the trip was from Fayetteville. She was a military spouse, and she said that the military is a HUGE deal in Fayetteville. Also, this is the South, and the PI made a brief reference to Kelli not being treated right as a woman and needing to be found. I chalked the PI's reaction to part Southern culture, part respect for the military, and part just being a good person. Sure, he was intense, but he did an admirable thing, and I bet there are many families of crime victims who would love to have answers like he was able to get for Kelli's family. ETA: I liked that Andrea got this assignment. Hasn't she mentioned more than once that she's a military spouse? It seemed appropriate that she would be assigned to this case.
  2. S15.E17: One Man's Trash

    Thanks for sharing! I didn't know that. I'm fine with Kasie. Pauley has decided to move on to other things, so we're going to need someone new. We've just been introduced to Kasie as a character. The writers need a little time to even her out, and I like how they introduced her via Ducky. The case was kinda interesting. I'd be interested to hear the backstory as to how Mike Wolfe came to do the show. I wonder if CBS has considered doing something like ABC did with Castle? ABC hired a writer to write actual books as "Richard Castle." If they found a person willing to really study the show and the character of Ducky, a book could be written that way.
  3. Word. I have heard of abuse situations where women feel they must return to the abuser because there are children involved, but there were no children in this situation, and Noriella and Daniel were separated for what, 6 months. Then, she goes back to him because he suddenly threatens her family? Sorry, not buying it, and even if that were true, why not ask her rich benefactor to help her and her family relocate? He ended up paying $750,000 to bail her out of jail. I don't buy that her family was threatened. Her story is all kinds of hinky, but it apparently worked because the judge sure bought it.
  4. Rob's DNA was at the scene in the form of blood. They tied Monica to it because they figured out that she gave Rob a link to the security system and her passcode. Plus, she was watching it on her phone as it happened. They've said that the evidence against Monica is circumstantial, but Rob had security system access, the security passcode, the security DVR is missing, and Rob and Monica were having an affair. It doesn't take much to figure out that 2 + 2 = 4, and she's involved. Unhappy in her marriage or not, get a divorce. That $1.6 million in life insurance wouldn't have been enough to maintain her lifestyle anyway, even in Toronto (another expensive city). Plus, Monica's a special kind of evil for enabling the possibility of one of her daughters finding her dad, and that turned out to happen. Rob and Monica's lawyers should cut a deal based on this episode alone. They are clearly guilty, and even with a jury of 12 who haven't watched this episode, they are just postponing their inevitable fate, IMO
  5. I can understand the need to give her a deal in order to get to Daniel. However, he got 25 years. Noriella should have gotten something like 4-5, IMO. In one breath, the judge said she had opportunities to stop what happened, and yet, in the next breath, the judge says he can see no reason to send her to jail. I have no issue with her abuse history lessening her jail time, but six months (time served) is too little for leading someone to his death. You hear about robberies and crimes like that. The driver or the lookout or whatever still bears some degree of culpability. Completely agree.
  6. All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    I'd dispute that she was aware of what she was getting herself into. She was willing to engage in unconventional sex with James even though he was married to Tonya. That's atypical sexual behavior that a person with bipolar disorder is much more likely to be attracted to because impulsive behavior is also much more likely. Telling the truth really has nothing to do with it. It was true that she was a surrogate, but that doesn't mean that Marie understood what that meant, knew how she had gotten herself in that situation, or understood how Tanya and James manipulated her into that situation. In terms of clear thinking, that's all relative when it comes to bipolar disorder. When a person with bipolar disorder is properly medicated, the thinking is more clear than when they're not on meds, but even with the meds, their thinking is not "clear" in the sense that a person without mental illness has clear thinking. It's not the same. A person with biopolar disorder has less impaired thinking when they're medicated, but they still have impaired thinking. I will agree with you that I would like to see psychiatric hospitals reopen on a larger scale. They can't have the abuses of many years ago, but they need to be available as a viable option for more than 72 hours. There also needs to be a way to safeguard a person's rights but also be able to commit him/her to treatment if things get to a crisis point.
  7. The episode number may need to be adjusted. I'm not certain if it's correct. I had an almost instant dislike of Noriella, and while I can accept that she was abused and that should be a mitigating circumstance, there was still something else about her that I didn't like. I agree with the juror who said she seemed coached. She didn't seem genuine to me, and even considering the abuse she suffered, I thought she should have faced some prison time for luring Michael to his death.
  8. S03.E00: Comfort And Joy

    Eastern European Upside-Down Christmas Trees Upside-down Christmas trees and 4 more Pennsylvania German Christmas traditions
  9. All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    I have to disagree somewhat. This wasn't a choice....well not a choice of her own making. Engaging in sexually promiscuous behavior or risky sexual behavior is a symptom of bipolar disorder. A couple of years ago I read an article that the life span of a person with mental illness is typically about 12 years shorter than a person who does not have mental illness. The disease itself does not kill the person but it causes the person to be more willing and prone to engage in behavior or put themselves in situations that could lead to harm or death. That's what I believe happened here. Marie's bipolar disorder was an indirect cause of her death. Her choices were not hers. She was either not being treated or not receiving the proper treatment, and that led her into the situation that ultimately led to her death.
  10. S03.E00: Comfort And Joy

    I think PBS has a scheduling issue during the holidays. Many British shows have holiday specials. During this past holiday season, I saw Call the Midwife during the holiday season, along with Last Tango in Halifax. I can see them just deciding to air a couple during the holiday season. I think Ernst was intentionally trying to make Harriet hate him so that they would not be tempted in the future and have her be put in danger. I've heard of one person in a couple doing that. He/She believes this will make things easier for the other person by forcing a clean break instead of continuing to hang on in the hopes that things might improve. I'm not thrilled by Skerrett and Francotelli, and I don't buy that she's not at least a bit wary of him. I fear that she's going to find herself "in trouble" (to use an old-fashioned euphemism), it will cost her her position in the palace, and he'll want to bail on her for whatever next great opportunity is available. He gave that Irish servant that watch to sell, but there's a difference between doing a kindness and being a stand-up guy. I don't think Francotelli is the latter.
  11. S01.E14: Call Out

    That would be me. When Jason said "Send the dog.," I was like "Really, do you have to?" That's the one area where I struggle with the realism on the show. My mind knows there are actual dogs who actually work like Cerberus, but dammit, my TV doesn't need to stress me out like that! I also like the addition of Brock. I love Marsha Thomason's character. There's very little that I've seen where she's not great in whatever show she does. I was kind of surprised at Davis, though. The two women don't have to be buds and laugh or giggle like sisters, but all Vanessa was asking for was Davis's first name. Davis is also badass in a good way. I found her response to be unnecessarily catty for the sake of causing tension between the two women. Why not let them both be badass as have her simply say, " My first name is Lisa,, but everyone calls me Davis"? We've heard her first name before. It's not a secret.
  12. All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    I assumed that it was a situation like what happened during World War II, Korea, or Vietnam, only without the war. American man over in the Philippines meets Filipino woman, and the American man brings the child to the U.S. where his wife quietly adopts the child.
  13. All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    The show didn't say, but remember that Marie had bipolar disorder. I can buy that the times that she was taken in by families during her adulthood were probably times when Marie was particularly struggling with her illness...not taking her meds, her meds were in need of adjustment, etc. She was likely in a vulnerable state.
  14. All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    That was my thought as well. I wondered why they didn't sue for custody. I know James is the father, but he also killed Marie. How does the wife of the man that killed the victim get the child? Tanya got exactly what she wanted, and I do think she knows more than she's telling. I'm not saying that she participated, but I can't buy that she's totally clueless if the body was buried in the backyard. Like she wasn't curious about the appearance of suddenly disturbed ground? She never looked out a window at the backyard? I know this is stereotypical, but the moment I heard "pastor" and "strip mall church," I knew James was the father. Fly-by-night churches like that always seem to have some sort of secret intertwined with religion. I didn't see the polygamy coming, though.
  15. S15.E15: Keep Your Enemies Closer

    Nothing's darker than "Meat Puzzle," IMO, and since the current showrunners have been around since Day One of NCIS, the darkness didn't surprise me. My recollection of NCIS is that every once and awhile, the writers toss in a really dark episode. This one happened to be it, and it was sort of balanced out with the banter of Gibbs/Fornell and the fact that French Stewart manages to make Triff creepy in an amusing sort of way (in my opinion). The line about the hardwood floors was funny.