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  1. Cooks, were you worried that he'd follow you, or did he simply turn his attention to more unsuspecting prey (like Debra)?
  2. Yikes Cooks! You and I are of the same mind because I also thought that we were going to get to John murdering Debra's other daughter. Dude also spent time close to my next of the woods. Not sad that Terra's actions toward him were fatal. She has done a great service for humanity. I attributed that more to the current color of her hair and the location in which she resides. (Think Pamela Anderson or Jessica Simpson.)
  3. Kaitlyn Conley has been sentenced. Kaitlyn Conley sentenced to 23 years in prison Kaitlyn Conley sentenced to 23 years for death of her ex-boyfriend's mother Tension runs high as Conley sentenced for manslaughter
  4. Not sure of the complete details. I only read about it later. What I read is this: Diane Neal alleged on Twitter that there was a situation involving unsafe working conditions on the New Orleans set, and the issue was being ignored. This went on for a series of tweets. Somehow, an NCIS producer became aware of the situation and publicly told Diane via Twitter that this was not an appropriate forum to address such a situation. From what I recall, Diane's tweets had a combative tone to them. She deleted them within hours, but the damage was done. She hasn't appeared as Borin since.
  5. This might be of interest to some. Amazon has just added CBS All-Access as a channel for $9.99 a month. You can add channels through an Amazon account, play whatever content those channels offer on a device that has the Amazon app, and then delete the channels whenever you want. The channel can be added again whenever you want (like when a specific show airs). It's a way to stream content without having to get familiar with a whole other streaming platform.
  6. More thoughts about Gibbs/Abby and Mark's power. He undoubtedly has it. There was the ousting of Bellisario. There was speculation that Mark was not thrilled with the Los Angeles spin off. LA hasn't occupied the same night as the mothership for years, nor has Gibbs appeared on LA in years. I will always believe that Mark was displeased with the manner in which Cote left and that has something to do with why we haven't seen her since. The whole thing with Diane Neal (Borin). I don't think NCIS TPTB were pleased as a whole, but I also think Mark was also displeased. Those are all instances where I believe that he has invoked his significant status on some level. If Mark and Pauley were really and truly at odds, I'd think he'd be exerting power, not her, AND while there would still be an exit story for Abby because of her importance to the series, no way do I think it would stretch to May if Mark and Pauley were clashing. I think one would have been written and filmed by Christmas, (warm and fuzzy send-off for Abby during the holiday season) not wait until spring if there were issues between the two actors.
  7. That is an incorrect statement. Like others, I haven't been counting, and I'd be willing to say they might be doing FEWER scenes, but they have indeed shared at least a single scene. The use of the word single is loaded language. Plus, I think Abby's screen time can be explained in that we're soon going to see a lot of her. I read an article years ago where some industry person said it's common practice that when a major character is written out, the actor/actress is minimally featured for a period of time because exiting the character usually involves a lot of screen time, and the performer will be working a bunch at that point. If Abby and Gibbs don't share significant scenes once her departure arc starts, that could be an eyebrow-raising event, but I think we're still in the "plausible explanation" stage now.
  8. I call BS on this for the simple reason of scheduling. Mark does indeed have a tremendous amount of power. That has never been disputed across many media articles. Where does Bull happen to sit on the CBS schedule? Right AFTER NCIS. That's a prime spot. NCIS New Orleans doesn't even get that spot, and Mark's an EP of BOTH NCIS and New Orleans. If Mark were feuding with Michael, I doubt that Bull would be sitting where it has been for two years. The NCIS franchise still makes a ton of money for CBS.
  9. A reputation that stretches across several series and is echoed by women such as Allison Janney, Marlee Matlin, and Jamie Lee Curtis. As of right now, I'd say that Allison is pretty close to Mark as far as status goes. There are women in the industry with enough status who could challenge Mark Harmon if there were a need to challenge him about potential behavior, but that has not happened.
  10. I don't believe this either. If Mark behaved this way, I think we would have seen evidence of it before now. Also, years ago, there was speculation that Pauley might have to depart the show due to the situation with her ex. That never happened. If there had been an issue between Mark and Pauley, that would have been the perfect time for her to leave with perfect cover, Pauley has also been one to publicize NCIS heavily for years, which has long been referred to (by the cast no less) as "Mark's show/sandbox." Now, if you replaced "Pauley" with "Cote" in this article, that I'd buy. There were whispers that Cote and Mark clashed, and Cote rarely did publicity. Emily is also still there, and for as much as some don't like her character, I think she would have left if the environment were that toxic. Pauley and Mark have worked together for a decade and a half. I don't think Mark's behavior would have shifted that much toward Pauley without at least some rumors surfacing. Like I said, rumors have surfaced about Mark and Cote. I think the "last year" is simply that Pauley gave them a lot of notice, similar to the way Michael did.
  11. Except that it was food out in the country. I live in suburbia, and even here, food left outside would attract at least raccoons if left out overnight. That sandwich looked to be in pristine condition in a sealed plastic baggie, making me think that it was dropped recently. It also appeared to be uneaten or minimally touched at best. Rather than garbage, I thought it might be something that someone might bring with him/her if they expected to be watching Seth and Lisa's home for an extended period of time...which points to the intruder theory, and which is one of the things that brings reasonable doubt into the picture. Testing that sandwich bag could have provided a clue. If Seth's DNA were on it, it could have been garbage as you suggest in your scenario, but if someone else's DNA were found, the intruder theory could have merit. That's why I would have acquitted Seth based on the presented evidence. Too much reasonable doubt for me to be sure that it was him.
  12. 'I Think Clay Lost Control' Juror #3 Speaks Out About The Clay Starbuck Trial I tried to watch the Starbuck Dateline episode online, but my computer decided to have a moment and apparently did not like this episode for some reason. I had seen the episode before, but I couldn't remember the details. I also thought there might be new information about the case, so I went looking around. Nothing "new" to report, but I did find the above article.
  13. That's not how I interpreted it. The double life started shortly after the teacher's death occurred. I thought the three days referred to the period of time after the teacher's body was discovered. Melissa began to crumble emotionally from the stress and took her own life. I thought it was an interesting episode because, as Gibbs said, it was a death investigation, not a murder case. That has to be something that NCIS does IRL, so it was interesting to see that part of the agency's work. Yeah for Bud. Bonus would have been an appearance by Harriet. I like Jack, but darn it, I miss Ducky. If David is resting easy somewhere, good for him, but at least give me some dialogue to tide me over. Find something else for Nick besides telling us that he's supposed to be the gorgeous, manly stud. (He doesn't float my boat, but to each his/her own.) I understand that's supposed to be the pretty face. That's been established. Move on.
  14. 48 Hours did it.
  15. I don't agree with that. If Frank had just begun the affair, then I would. However, after three years, then I believe the other woman does have some culpability as well. He's not divorced after three years. At that point, the other woman is choosing to believe the line of bull that he's selling. There's no divorce. She knows that he's married. At that point, she can't plead being clueless. Something may be hinky in Frank's marriage, but it's not hinky enough to make the other woman reconsider things until she's three years in. Since she waited around for three years, I think she did play a role in emotionally hurting Nancy.