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  1. Anthony Bourdain's favorite New Jersey restaurants could become a 'food trail'
  2. I don't know....I'm currently watching Netflix and am about to start S4, but I've been watching episodes on CNN out of order as well. In the early Netflix episodes (S1-3), there was a light, witty, vibe to his voice. It was snappy and quick-witted. He sounded tired to me in the Berlin episode, like his words were think and heavy. I also didn't think he looked good when the photographer took his picture. Not sick, but very fatigued and drawn. But then, you wonder if you're "seeing" things in light of the way he died. I am enjoying the series even though it also makes me sad, and I agree with those who thought this episode was dark and perverse. That's not my thing.
  3. And...now I need more Kleenex. Teen Cancer Survivor Mourns Loss of Anthony Bourdain After the Chef Helped Pay for His Cross-Country Trip What's difficult for me is, as I'm watching the episodes, they're all new to me, and Anthony's personality and narration literally fill the screen and in some cases jump off of it. Logically, intellectually I know he's dead, but it's just so difficult to believe that this vibrant guy on the screen is no longer with us AND that he took his own life. If he had died doing something risky while filming, that would have at least made some sort of sense, as sad as it still would have been. I hope someone is collecting all of the notes and other items that have been left at his old restaurant. His daughter might want them one day...if not now, then maybe at some point in the future.
  4. A little happiness amidst the sadness courtesy of Netflix: Twitter I'm very happy, as I'm currently only in Season 2.
  5. From People: Anthony Bourdain Hadn't Finalized Divorce with Ottavia Busia — and Said He and Asia Argento Would Never Get Married
  6. My first thought was "I wonder if he was on Ambien," which my family members have been prescribed by their doctors in order to maintain good-quality sleep. However, Anthony was also a recovering addict, so (if he was in treatment) doctors might not have wanted to prescribe Ambien.
  7. Several members of my family are dealing with mental illness, and I'll tell you, sleep is very important. Based on my experiences with my own family members and what I've read about Anthony's grueling schedule, if he wasn't sleeping, he was in trouble. Lack of sleep coupled with depression or bipolar disorder places a person on edge. Add any negative stimuli (even a small one), and things can shift in a frighteningly fast period of time....resulting in potentially dangerous and impulsive behavior. Unfortunately, I can see a scenario where he encountered a stimuli that he perceived as negative when he was alone, thus setting off the chain of events that the authorities believe was impulse-driven, and no one was with him to stop him. I bet that "dark mood for days" was the depression creeping in due to lack of sleep, but no one around Anthony might have realized he was heading toward trouble from a mental health standpoint.
  8. I think I read the same article, but I don't think it was Wednesday. I think speculation is that Anthony might have taken his life some time Thursday night because he missed dinner, which was odd because he knew the chef. Eric then became concerned when Anthony didn't arrive for breakfast Friday morning.
  9. I think what's saddest is that Anthony Bourdain might not have known how his death has affected people like me who AREN'T into food. Food does not rule my life. I hate three-hour dinners because they take too long. I eat when I get around to it, but there are plenty of times that skipping eating is just fine by me. I didn't watch Parts Unknown until yesterday (when I started binging on Netflix, which I will continue to do until Netflix takes the show down later this week.) I had seen earlier TV featuring Bourdain, but stuff like tripe, brains, and hearts was so not for me. Yet, I knew who Anthony Bourdain was. He was the first celebrity chef that I really was aware of since Julia Child. He was before Bobby Flay and all of the other names we know now, and to watch Parts Unknown now is to see just what we all have lost. Compounded by the fact that he was in a mental sp.ace of such crises where he made the decision to take his life. The whole situation is just so profoundly sad...mostly for his daughter, family, and friends of course, but also for the world at large
  10. S15.E24: Date with Destiny

    I don't agree. We saw the Gibbs headstone (as a three-person headstone) for the first time in this episode. I don't ever remember seeing it configured that way before, and there clearly was an empty space for Jethro. That means that he's had that plot for awhile and has apparently never made any effort to change anything. I think that headstone is a clear signal of what Gibbs's future will be, and it explains his subsequent marriages. Gibbs will let a woman in for awhile, but that headstone, and the fact that it still remains that way years after Shannon and Kelly died, seems to be an enormous message that Gibbs wishes for Shannon to always be his ONE. Plus. Jack's a co-worker. It wouldn't surprise me if we don't ever see anyone else romantically tied to Gibbs. The headstone might as well be saying, "There would be no point."
  11. NCIS Cast in Other Roles: Gibbs was Shoop!

    Except, of course, Marlee Matlin. Maybe next season. That reminds me of "Bait," one of the early episodes when the audience learned that Gibbs knew sign language. It wasn't explained how Gibbs learned to sign, so fans came up with the "logical" TV land answer (and Reasonable Doubts reference): Tess taught it to Dickie. I bet over the course of RD, Mark did actually learn some sign language from Marlee, as well as from other experts who were probably on set.
  12. NCIS Cast in Other Roles: Gibbs was Shoop!

    I didn't know about YouTube, but I really wish the rights could be worked out so a streaming service could have it. Then the quality might be somewhat better. YouTube can be dicey. If a streaming service got the rights, I would so binge the crap out of this. Mark is still looking good now, but he was in the prime of HAWTness back then. Plus, he and Marlee had mad chemistry as Tess and Dickie. I also liked the man who served as Tess's courtroom interpreter, and there was a quirky judge whom I thought was cool. I know that licensing is a big deal and I don't wish to deprive anyone of his/her money, but technology exists to stream content, and it's annoying when the monetary issues can't be worked out.
  13. NCIS Cast in Other Roles: Gibbs was Shoop!

    Jump in the wayback machine with me if you're interested in seeing the opening credits from Reasonable Doubts. The YouTube clip is included in this short interview with Marlee Matlin. I loved that show. Marlee Matlin Reminisces About Having Reasonable Doubts With Mark Harmon
  14. S15.E24: Date with Destiny

    I can see why they didn't do it that way. Just asking someone if he recognizes a voice would be too broad, I'd think, for someone with dementia. They needed him to recognize the voice and tie it to specific times and behaviors, which he would have been unlikely able to do unless prompted. I agree with secnav1. The situation was not ideal, but he was the only available witness who could corroborate Jack's ID, and no doctor would have ever allowed it if Gibbs and Vance had asked. It was a plot point designed to move fiction along. The whole scenario would never have occurred IRL.
  15. S15.E24: Date with Destiny

    Jack did say that after Mansould? figured out that her team had no actionable intel that he tortured all of them just for the heck of it. I thought Mansould was intimating that he was kidnapping Vance because Vance was the hero that rescued Jack and thus spoiled Mansould's "fun."