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  1. SEAL Team

    So true that additional viewings are needed. I sometimes do that in order to properly understand all the military references. For example, I did a re-watch tonight and just figured out that Jason's "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, over" is the military way to say WTF in response to being stood down. With the actresses who play Stella and Alana both getting series-regular roles in series, SEAL Team does need some additional adult female perspective. That's why it's so important that we not lose Davis. The actress who plays Emma is also great, but Emma's a teenager. Mandy is still dreadfully boring and dull. It'd be nice to see Nyema (Ray's wife) more often
  2. SEAL Team

    That's always been how this show rolls...some storylines just disappear with no resolution (all the stuff with Nate, the debt that Ray had, etc.) About tonight's episode (1/2), I thought it was pretty good. All the Philly references (Nick Foles/Carson Wentz, Philly Philly) made me laugh. Someone probably included them for David. I like Davis and I like Sonny, but I hate this storyline. As Davis said, they will both mess up their careers, and I think Davis is awesome the way she is. Toni Trucks better not be leaving the series. I don't know where we're headed with the OCS angle. Thought it was cool to see Jason place Ray in control of making the call about taking the shot. I'm going to have to do a little Googling to see how the mission points are chosen. Tonight's were British soccer teams, but I wonder how a group of terms gets selected for each mission. Would Jason do that, or is that up to Blackburn?
  3. This is where I think the writers blew it because I could see Kate teaching music after gaining her teaching credential. It would have been a realistic way to discuss her weight (because her students would likely mention it.) However, teaching is a time-consuming profession. To suggest that Kate is going to have a challenging pregnancy, hopefully have a son, and THEN tackle teaching with NO experience is a stretch. Lots of teachers have kids, but I know very few who started the profession fresh out of the box after having a child. They usually have spent some time in the classroom before that because the learning curve (no matter what you teach) is steep. I wish the writers had done this first...and then moved to Kate wanting a child (perhaps after seeing a positive effect that she had on a student). It would have given her character a sense of purpose, as well as not made teaching seem like something you pick up if you're bored. It's not a hobby. Goodness yes about child development. You take so much of that (in one form or another), it's coming out of your ears!
  4. That may completely be a preference thing. Miguel has never done it for me. Where the writers seem to have an issue is they bring stuff in, but they never seem to let stuff go. Not everyone is going to like everything, so I'm not going to like Miguel. If more about him is going to be brought in, though, then I think something needs to go. William is the logical choice. He's an ancillary character. The only thread that needs to be continually picked up is anything to do with Jack because Milo's a lead. Otherwise, if something new is coming in, something that we've already done needs to go. The show is beginning to feel like a clip show or a series of sound bites. I think they should have a maximum of three time periods going at once, whenever the time periods are and whomever they deal with.
  5. This is me. Also me. I'm finding the time jumping less and less enjoyable because we are starting to not stay in any storyline long enough to be invested in it. I'm interested in Tess. I'm interested in Kevin and Vietnam and in Randall and Beth's marriage. However, enough already with William, and I thought the introduction of Miguel's adult children was unnecessary. The cast is bloated enough as it is. From skimming through this thread, I agree with the unrealistic nature of Katie's schooling if she wants to teach chorus. She's got to do student teaching in there somewhere, and the state of California has to issue her a certificate or a license. Each state board of education does it a bit differently, but there's a certificate or a license in there somewhere.
  6. S02E05: Say Again Your Last

    Sorry, I don't agree. The reason that Adam isn't coming home is because of a choice that Adam made, and Adam's daughter has to deal with a choice her father made. While I have great respect for the military, I don't come from a military family. If you want to serve in the armed forces and you're physically able, that's your decision. If you want to marry someone in the armed forces, that's also your right as an adult. However, I don't agree with putting that responsibility on your minor children. In my opinion, Emma wasn't pitching a fit. Her mother is already dead. Adam's death, while tragic, was also somewhat of Adam's own choice. By serving in the military these days, people are choosing to take a risk with their own mortality. Emma didn't put that fact on her friend. Adam did. Like Jason said a couple of episodes ago, "it's "supposed" to be that Jason or Adam would be the one to die so that their children are raised by the surviving parent and the military is then out of the equation (because the service member is deceased). Emma and Mikey wanting Jason there after Alana's death is the most realistic thing in the world, and I think to call it "pitching a fit" is assigning an adult sense of nobility to a child. It's unrealistic to me to say that children whose mother had just died and whose father is a SEAL would be thrilled at him returning to duty. Adam's death is not on Emma or Mikey or even Jason, in my opinion, for thinking of his children first, especially when he's now a single parent.
  7. S02E05: Say Again Your Last

    Yes. but I hated the writing for Emma I mean, I get it, David's the star, the show's called SEAL TEAM, and Jason's gotta get back to the team. That said, Emma was awfully cavalier about speaking for her brother with her "part of you all of the time/all of you part of the time" speech. I know it was supposed to be all noble and all that, and Mikey is young. However, the fact is that Alana is dead and Jason's job is high risk. He is their only parent. If Emma wants to volunteer to potentially become an orphan, that's her business, but I hated how she was volunteering her brother for the same potential fate. "Sure Dad, go and potentially get your butt killed so Mikey and I have no parents. He's A-OK with it. No problem." Ugh!
  8. S02.E03: The Worst of Conditions

    Sometimes Alana got on my nerves, but speaking for myself, I would have voted to put Mandy in that casket before I'd choose Alana.
  9. S02.E03: The Worst of Conditions

    David specifically praises her in this interview. SEAL Team's David Boreanaz: Jason's Life Shifts 'Radically' After Tragedy — Plus, a 'Heartbreaking' Scene to Come I also was a big fan of the scene between Mikey and Sonny when Sonny promises Mikey that he won't let anything happen to Jason. Loved the actress who plays Jason's mom. Liked the intro scene between her and Davis. If Jason and Mandy hook up, I'll hurl. Will someone explain to me why Ray couldn't lead the team on the mission? I like Michael Irby and all, but isn't Ray Jason's 2IC for a reason?
  10. S03.E03 Katie Girls

    Along with that, Rebecca was catching some flack for her reaction to Kate's decision. Let's also not forget the manner in which Kate was born. She herself was a triplet, and there is no indication that had anything to do with IVF. Multiple births run in Kate's family anyway. Rebecca also had a complication that resulted in Kyle's death, and Rebecca was not Kate's size. It's been awhile since I've seen the pilot, but wasn't Kevin delivered first, then Kate was delivered (or almost out), and THEN the complication happened? Kate's likely to have a multiple pregnancy because of the IVF, and her mother has a history of complications. Who knows if she'll have a similar problem as Rebecca did, but she might. There could be a family tendency there. This isn't all about the weight, and I think everyone (including the doctor) is blowing by that point. Rebecca lost a child and she wasn't obese. Add Kate's weight issues to the Pearson family history, and no wonder Rebecca reacted as she did. She lived it, and Kate seems to not remember how she came into this world.
  11. S02.E02: Never Say Die

    Given the preview, I think we could be headed for
  12. S03.E03 Katie Girls

    The writing has never been explicit on this, but I've always assumed that Beth had the job, took some time off/worked part-time when the girls were younger, and then returned to full-time status recently (until the point when she was fired).
  13. S03.E03 Katie Girls

    But, on the flip side, why is the assumption always that we're talking about a nanny state and a governmental dictate? I think it would have been interesting to show that some people individually choose not to have children and have put as much thought into it as those who choose to have them. It would have been interesting for Kate and Toby to have considered IVF but decided against it because of the risk. I have three siblings. Only one of us has a child, and those decisions have come about as a result of both circumstance and choice. In the case of circumstance, the result of not having children probably ended up being more positive than if children had been born in that circumstance (and I'm not referring to what I've previously mentioned about myself). My point is there are a ton of IVF stories on TV, and the assumption usually is, "Well, IVF is available! Therefore, why wouldn't you want to take shots and potentially risk your life" (if you were Kate)? I kind of would have liked to see Kate say "You know, biological kids aren't in my future, and I'm OK with that. I have a significant weight issue, and I don't want to take the risk...whether IVF exists or not."
  14. S03.E03 Katie Girls

    If anything, I'd think hints were being dropped the other way---that Randall and Chi Chi (or whatever her name is) are going to have if not an affair, then a one-night stand.
  15. S03.E03 Katie Girls

    Normally, I'm not a big fan of William, but I liked him in this episode because of what he said about Beth. I felt badly for her, and I agree with those who would want to read the texts exchanged between The Other Three. The three Kates were great, but I wanted more of them. Maybe it's just me, but I wish Teen Kate would have pushed Adult Kate a bit more. I really like the actress who plays Teen Kate, and I think that if Kate were ever assertive, it was during het teen years. At least that's the way the actress's portrayal of Teen Kate has always come across to me, and I like that. Adult Kate was shown as sort of giving "words of wisdom" to Young Kate and Teen Kate, but I think Teen Kate should have been talking to Adult Kate. Adult Kate is always more of a mess than she isn't.