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  1. NCIS In The Media

    NCIS: Diona Reasonover Upped to Series Regular for Season 16 Not a surprise, as we expected that this would likely happen. Diona plays Kasie.
  2. All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    Agreed, Being an irresponsible gun owner or a jerk isn't the same thing as being a murderer. That's why even the "opportunity" theory isn't solid to me. I can see that an opportunity existed, but I see no evidence that he intended to take advantage of the opportunity. He didn't suggest the route. In fact, he appeared to tell the women that this was not a good idea. He did not pick a fight or start an argument, which to me, would have shown some evidence of intent. All he did was ask for the gun, which was always kept in the car. Negligent and reckless? All day long and worthy of prison time, but I think we're getting into mind-reading to get intent out of her handing him the gun. To me, what was proven was a) he fired a gun, b) an opportunity existed (because of the presence of the gun) for someone to get hurt, and c) someone was shot. All of the other stuff was "could have," not "proven," at least not proven enough for me to convict someone of murder.
  3. All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    Tex is also from an older generation. He's 75, and the reality is that his viewpoint about certain neighborhoods is not unheard of in pep[le who inhabit his age group. I was also shocked that the jury didn't give more weight to the condition that was diagnosed at the Mayo Clinic. The Mayo Clinic is not junk science, and it was noted that Tex was asleep. The gun could have still been fired even if it wasn't cocked. It would be more difficult to do, but it could still be done. I mentioned in the 48 Hours thread that I also startle easily due to my disability. I have often been known to jerk or flail for an instant if I'm really startled. I could completely squeeze something VERY FIRMLY if I were startled, and it would be a total (screwed up) reflex I completely agree that he shouldn't have been holding the gun,, but the fact that he was diagnosed with a condition where he could flail during sleep and he was indeed asleep does impact the whole cocked/unclocked issue, in my opinion.
  4. All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    I know Dateline covered this case because I remember that we discussed it quite a bit. Making a Murderer: SCOTUS Declines to Take Up Brendan Dassey Appeal ETA: Supreme Court declines to hear case of "Making a Murderer" subject Brendan Dassey
  5. All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    Tex McIver: The jury's decision made absolutely no sense to me. Intent to shoot her, but not to kill her? My opinion from the 48 Hours thread hasn't changed. Anything with negligent manslaughter I'd buy, but nothing that points to murder because I don't think the prosecution proved intent AT ALL! I think the prosecution was so fixated on showing that Tex was not a wonderful person. He might not have been, but that's not evidence of murder. There turned out to not be a second will that anyone could find, and the relationship with Austin did not seem that strange to me. He was their godson, and Tex and Diane did not have any kids of their own. I've heard of people who take their godson responsibilities extremely seriously and are very close with that child. The only difference is that Diane and Tex had lots of money. If they wanted to blow a big fat wad on kids parties, so be it. I also Diane's co-workers didn't like Tex. He might have said some eyebrow-raising things, but that's not proof of anything. I think the sale of Diane's clothes and jewelry was very overblown. It happened two and a half months after her death, not two days or two weeks. Even if her estate didn't have debts to pay, selling all that stuff made perfect sense to me. What else was he going to do with it? I think people were so awed by it because she was so wealthy. If Tex had been Regular Joe Tex in suburbia holding a garage sale on his front lawn, no one would have cared.
  6. All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    Echoing ChristmasJones and Judy Obscure. I originally came here to discuss "The Other Side of Paradise" (in which I think the ex did it and essentially got away with a slap on the wrist), and you guys are talking about another case about someone named Lauren who had a dog named Butterbean. Apparently, I've missed a case somewhere. Sigh. It's difficult to keep up with true crime, even in the summer. Eben though there are many repeats, the possibility of updates always exists.
  7. After Anthony Bourdain's Suicide, Tom Colicchio's Wife Pens Powerful Essay on "Bad-Boy Chefs" The essay itself: The Bad Boy Chef A life cut too short' Anthony Bourdain's travel producer shares her memories
  8. I don't think it was Tony, either. I had the sense that he was standing near the fringes of the group on purpose so he could participate a little but not get involved enough to be knocked down. I thought when he said that he would feel it in the morning, he was kind of done with the whole thing, and his costume was pretty clean at that point. While I appreciated the history of how the tradition began and thought it was interesting to see the time and skill that went into the costumes, I wasn't that impressed with the modern-day event. Men who are completely blitzed by 9 am and rolling around in mud, so drunk they fall off the hoods of cars, etc. just doesn't do it for me. I did think Tony's Halloween candy analogy was amusing, though...the last peanut butter cup on Earth. Ha!
  9. Anthony Bourdain's favorite New Jersey restaurants could become a 'food trail'
  10. I don't know....I'm currently watching Netflix and am about to start S4, but I've been watching episodes on CNN out of order as well. In the early Netflix episodes (S1-3), there was a light, witty, vibe to his voice. It was snappy and quick-witted. He sounded tired to me in the Berlin episode, like his words were think and heavy. I also didn't think he looked good when the photographer took his picture. Not sick, but very fatigued and drawn. But then, you wonder if you're "seeing" things in light of the way he died. I am enjoying the series even though it also makes me sad, and I agree with those who thought this episode was dark and perverse. That's not my thing.
  11. And...now I need more Kleenex. Teen Cancer Survivor Mourns Loss of Anthony Bourdain After the Chef Helped Pay for His Cross-Country Trip What's difficult for me is, as I'm watching the episodes, they're all new to me, and Anthony's personality and narration literally fill the screen and in some cases jump off of it. Logically, intellectually I know he's dead, but it's just so difficult to believe that this vibrant guy on the screen is no longer with us AND that he took his own life. If he had died doing something risky while filming, that would have at least made some sort of sense, as sad as it still would have been. I hope someone is collecting all of the notes and other items that have been left at his old restaurant. His daughter might want them one day...if not now, then maybe at some point in the future.
  12. A little happiness amidst the sadness courtesy of Netflix: Twitter I'm very happy, as I'm currently only in Season 2.
  13. From People: Anthony Bourdain Hadn't Finalized Divorce with Ottavia Busia — and Said He and Asia Argento Would Never Get Married
  14. My first thought was "I wonder if he was on Ambien," which my family members have been prescribed by their doctors in order to maintain good-quality sleep. However, Anthony was also a recovering addict, so (if he was in treatment) doctors might not have wanted to prescribe Ambien.
  15. Several members of my family are dealing with mental illness, and I'll tell you, sleep is very important. Based on my experiences with my own family members and what I've read about Anthony's grueling schedule, if he wasn't sleeping, he was in trouble. Lack of sleep coupled with depression or bipolar disorder places a person on edge. Add any negative stimuli (even a small one), and things can shift in a frighteningly fast period of time....resulting in potentially dangerous and impulsive behavior. Unfortunately, I can see a scenario where he encountered a stimuli that he perceived as negative when he was alone, thus setting off the chain of events that the authorities believe was impulse-driven, and no one was with him to stop him. I bet that "dark mood for days" was the depression creeping in due to lack of sleep, but no one around Anthony might have realized he was heading toward trouble from a mental health standpoint.