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  1. I am gonna move our discussion to small talks.
  2. Small Talk: The Quiver

    I love the movies too. The movies have progressed with time. The shows not so much. I didn't even know there was Hindi shows until about 3 years ago. I was surfing YT and found Geet there. I finished that show then moved on to IPKKND and then from there followed those actors to different shows but I couldn't handle it. The whole Sassu maa thing drives me insane. So, I understand why people like your mom would liked it. Shows are so conservative and are all about the adults yelling to a bad sound track and hundred shocked facial expressions. lol
  3. Growing up I used to watch dubbed Hindi movies and they always had dramatic scenes. Just recently started watching it with Eng subs. So, I am used over top dramatic scenes like that. The TV shows just dial those moments up to like 180 which actually amuses me. It took some getting used at first but now I actively count how many shocked face they gonna show after each sentence😂. Also, I watched like 5 shows. Two I finished completely and the rest I left. I couldn’t handle the stupid anymore. And, I now can understand Hindi. Can’t speak it verbally but I get most things people say around me. So, it is a good trade. I think Olicity fans really started out not caring about this poll because we won so much. The fandom started to actively care when CW DC and Malec fans started acting out then it was like waking up a sleeping giant. They woke up and shut those fans up. Now, they went back to sleeping. Lol
  4. LMAO. They are not all bad. They just recently started watching Hindi shows. So, the only two shows they watched so far are Geet and IPKKND. They are obsess with this Barun/Sanaya and Sarun pairing. I can't blame them. I watched both shows a long time ago and SaRun pairing is fire.
  5. Oh, yeah. Turkish, Hindi, and Korean dramas and movies are basically what many of the girls I know watch. They also watch some American TV but not in the same rate as they watch these other type of shows. Both Kdramas and Turkish dramas have some of the most intense fans on social media.
  6. I walked out quoting lines from the movie to everyone I was talking to the next day. This movie was everything I hoped for and more.
  7. Oh, yeah. I forgot about that. If the writers who are currently writing the new episodes are the ones taking over then they suck too.
  8. S06.E13: The Devil's Greatest Trick

    I haven't watched it and I have no desire to watched it as of yet. I will probably catch up with my other shows before coming back to this. Thanks for the reviews guys.
  9. I think @ruby24, me, and others have discussed in detail the lack of steamy scenes for WA at the flash relationship thread but I will say both Grant and Candice have a chemistry. They are just not comfortable doing more in their kissing scenes. I just think some director should sit them down and request they do more than just peck in their kissing scenes. Also, I find this gif to be extremely hot. The way Ricky is smiling. Damn!
  10. Small Talk: The Quiver

    Right. As a tribute to Prince in his hometown, they could have just shown us this image before they cut to commercial instead of that bland performance cause this was beautiful.
  11. I don't get the whole "THERE ARE TOO MANY DC COMICS TV SHOWS" thing too. Like other comic companies can get their own shows too. No one is stopping them. Whenever people say, "there are too many comic book TV shows now days". My response has always been, "Yeah. So?" I mean there are too many procedural shows, reality shows, dating shows, and game shows but I don't complain. I keep it pushing. No one is forcing y'all to watched it too. Watch something else if you don't want to watch comic book shows.
  12. S01.E14: She

    I really liked Claire's story much more than Shaun/Kalu's story. I think Claire getting the worst cases and people to work with might be some sort of a running gag in the writers or something. I did like Melendez being on her side and actually telling her to, "Rise and play the game on her own terms". I also wouldn't mind if he and Claire did get together down the road. They have some major chemistry together. I didn't like Shaun and Kalu's case because of Shaun need to keep calling the patient a "he". I understand he is Austistic and everything. However, every medical school and work orientation classes now days include an education on the subject of transgender and self identification. I am sorry but it is not a class you can skip. It is inserted into your med/surge classes and into the fundamental classes we all take in medical and Nursing classes. It is also part of your orientation class when you get a job in the Hospital or anywhere you have to deal with clients. So, that just whole thing fell flat to me.
  13. Spoiler Discussion Thread

    Well! The Flash took the brain some white dude and put it into the body of a black guy- Get Out style. I don't see why this show wouldn't try their hand in reprogramming Earth 2 Laurel into Earth 1 Laurel.
  14. LMAO! One of these days, I am gonna use this. Thanks.