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  1. S07.E08: Unmasked

    Apparently, if you are Felicity Smoak on Arrow going dark is doing everything you can in order to defend yourself and your family against people who want y’all dead.
  2. S01.E09: Dead Reckoning

    I didn't even know this was a mid-season finale until that "Manifest returns January 7th" promo. Whaaat!?! Anyways, I like the show but I am just tired they are focusing on Ben Michaela and their problems only. I don't know why I thought this would an ensemble show but I did. Saying that, I do think Ben should be more assertive with Grace. Ben has been the one making most of the comprises in their relationship and all she has done is make everything about herself. Her and Olive have both been selfish to be honest. I understand Grace thought she lost her husband and kid but they are back and she hasn't really been that supportive of the trauma they might have experience or question what happen to them. Grace is not even open to listening to what Ben is telling her about what they are experiencing currently. She didn't even take a minute to question how Cal could have found Ben. She just immediately continued with blaming Ben. God! I really can't stand her. Also, Ben, Saanvi, and Michaela are way to trusting with these passengers. I still don't trust that Doctor lady. I also don't trust that Vance is dead. Nope.
  3. Season 15 Discussion

    I really like both girls from Jennifer's team. I also like most of Blake's team. I am just wishy washy on both Kelly and Adam's teams.
  4. S02.E09: Empathy

    I think Claire and Morgan's patient case was interesting. I also think that patient shouldn't have been their patient. The patient seemed to need more psychological evaluation then surgery.
  5. S07.E07: The Slabside Redemption

    The only parts I liked about this episode was Turner and Oliver effing shit up and the Olicity reunion. Oliver leaning into Felicity's hand seeking reassurance and a sense of peace was everything. You can tell the guy went through hell. The writers gave Diaz every advantage they could think of when it comes to being Oliver's equal and he still ended up in Oliver's cell. Like Stanley was more menacing then him and his mumbling long ass speeches.
  6. Same. Claire is such a little trouble maker that she actually manages to make Ben more enjoyable. He needs someone with her type of energy.
  7. S07.E06: Due Process

    I must be a messed up person because I did not think anything Felicity did tonight the "crossed the line". Hell, I was cheering for her to end Diaz mainly because I know how incompetent Star City's police department especially with Dinah in charge. Felicity doing everything in her power to get her husband released got them the result they needed. Oliver will be free thanks to her. Anatoly is free thanks to her. I really loved that whole way scene between Felicity and Laurel 2. You can just tell how much Felicity is hurting right now. I wish she had less judgmental person to talk at this moment in her life. Also, I know this board hates Curtis the most out of the 3 but I hate them all the same. They just take turns on who I hate the most each given episode. This episode and season, it is Dinah that I hate the most. She is beyond incompetent and she never fails to blame others for her mistakes. Her being judgmental 24/7 is also exhausting to watch. So, the fact that she is judging Felicity and Oliver in the future leads to me to be on Olicity's side automatically.
  8. I freaking loved Gabi today. Camilla killed it.
  9. S05.E03: Scarred for Life

    I liked this episode. I honestly think Bow and Dre balance each other out. I was surprised learn that Diana would let anyone bully her but she is a child who is going through growing pains. So, I understand why she doesn't want any labels attached to her at this point. Also, I thought Jack was popular but apparently not. Saying all of that, I call BS on both Bow Dre and Bow letting Junior sit at home doing nothing. The whole point of gap year is to find yourself and Junior is not gonna do that by sitting at home. Both Dre and Bow should have expected him to get a job and volunteer at charity he is passionate about. Seriously, the show is doing this whole gap year thing wrong. I did however love the hug between him and Ruby. I hope she motivates him to be more since the parents are not doing it.
  10. S07.E03: Crossing Lines

    Watching this episode, I couldn't help but feel like the show wanted me to think that Felicity was crossing a line by doing everything in her power to help catch or kill Diaz but I was screaming things like "kill him Felicity. Kill this mofo". So, it didn't work.
  11. S05.E04: News Flash

    I liked this episode. I always thought Iris and Nora's relationship will be the best one emotionally. The build is gonna be hard but I can't wait to see the payoff and I hope there is payoff after having to deal with Nora's behaviour toward her mother for the past couple weeks. I was also right in saying this show writers for Nora like she is a teenager and not a full grown smart woman in her late 20s. Blaming current Iris for something future Iris might have done is stupid. I can't help but think future Iris and Nora haven't had the talk about the reason behind the power dampening and Nora is taking it out on our Iris. I hope the show starts writing for Nora as adult and they continue to build this story. For now, I am just happy Barry was able to support Iris and be there for her emotionally. She needed someone in this corner in this episode.
  12. It is like Jefferson can't catch a break man. Tobias walks free. Honestly Freeland's criminal justice system sucks. Looks like Anissa's little Robin Hood adventures will be catching up with the whole family. Dr. Jace is seriously more of psychopath than I thought. Honestly, Lynn needs to do something about her and soon before she puts her own family at risk. Am I the only one who remembers Khalil insulting and trying to humiliate Jennifer even before he was injected with Green lightening? Khalil is beautiful but let's not forget he is also an a-hole. Also, I can't believe Fowdy died like that.
  13. S05.E04: It's Her Kid

    I love seeing Annalise bonding with Teagan. I also loved seeing Bonnie and Annalise having more scenes. I am glad to know Bonnie's sister is not a twin. At least we won't have to deal with that. Connor continues to be needy and irritating to boot. Oliver also needs to mind his own business. So, at the end of the episode, were they hinting at Nate being the one who dies?
  14. Spoiler Discussion Thread: The Sequel

    I was fine with Olicity not having a baby this season but then they casted Kat and y'all started with her being baby Olicity. Honestly, I am so gonna be disappointed if Kat turns out of to be anyone but Olicity's child.