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  1. Katie played good villain in the show Merlin. Well, she played a good villain when they made her stop smirking every time her character Morgana did something devious or evil.
  2. I expect Chris Wood to show up on another CW show.
  3. Some people really need to get a life. Sheesh!
  4. The Starling City Times: News and Media about Arrow

    I really don’t get this culture of tattooing some celebrity’s picture or autograph in your body. That is just extreme to me. Just no.
  5. Spoiler Discussion Thread

    I honestly don’t want a baby for Felicity before she builds her own Company or builds a legacy for herself. However, I will also enjoy it immensely if Felicity gets pregnant just because of the reactions it will get.
  6. I don’t think David lives in Canada. I thought he lives in Atlanta but I could be wrong.
  7. Yeah. I don’t want Constantine and Ava to be her closes relationships too. I hope her and Zari or new Amaya become get more closer as the season progresses.
  8. How involved is Marc over on Legends? Oh, wow. I never realize this but it is actually true. I think Zari is more close with Ray but I thought her and Sara grew closer during her dream episode?
  9. I am cool with this. Honestly, I am kind of tired of talking about him. Let's talk about something positive and happy like Emily or David. lol
  10. S05.E06: Exit Wounds

    I don't really think what Octavia is doing is all that bad compared to what others have done in the past. I do however think the show has managed it make it seem like she is a bad leader when Kane is out there betraying his people because he didn't like how things were being done. And, he is protecting his druggie of a Doctor girlfriend.
  11. S04.E23: Dream Home

    I am sad they killed Beau Bridges off but happy this whole thing is over.
  12. S05.E22: Jake & Amy

    This was a wonderful episode. I am glad the show is back.
  13. GH In The News: The PC Press Club

    One thing I really like about Kelly Monaco, Rebecca Herbst, and Kimberly McCullough is that if they are not promoting a couple/storyline then they rarely care about being front and center in promotional stuff. Like they do what is asked of them and they leave. I like that.
  14. I figured they were writing Sara as someone who doesn't think she deserves love and that is why they have been having her hookup with random people. Now, I am hoping Sara realizes she deserves better for herself and stays with Ava. However, I hope the writers don't use Quentin's death to have her self destruct again.
  15. In a perfect world, I expect not to have to deal with racism or misogynism crap but unfortunately we don’t live in a perfect world. Also, I really hate this mentality that it is our responsibility as minorities to teach a grown men or people how to behave in public. No. We can tell a person when they do something wrong but it is that person’s responsibility to learn from his or her mistakes and not let it happen in the future. If the person not only refuses to learn from it but attacks people for continuing to educate him/her then that is on them now. And, just because someone is not as bad as other people out there doesn’t make them less of a terrible person. They can still be bad too.