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  1. I'm not entirely sure they were totally successful in their parenting. Look at the difference in their own two boys. The younger one that's off doing his band thing is rarely mentioned by mom and dad, is he? Jay, on the other hand, is entirely absorbed in the family business.
  2. Maybe they couldn't get a release? Language too risque? Could be a number of reasons.
  3. I cannot believe there was no acknowledgement of Dennis’ passing, even just a black screen at the end of the updates. That surprises me, given he appeared at least once on the show this season.
  4. I think Dorinda is actually right to be upset. However, I would not stay around for the show. Everyone else is having fun. She is sitting there with a grimace on her face. Dorinda and Lu are pretty much done.
  5. Kathryn Dennis: On Her Own!

    So with the demise of Ashley and Thomas’ Love story, I guess Katherine was right at the party when she said Ashley wouldn’t be around for long. I think I am just glad Ashley isn’t around the children for any period of time anymore.
  6. Here’s your hat; what’s your hurry? Don’t go away mad; just go away. His father must be so proud - the son being unable to hold down even a stupid TV job.
  7. But B seems to take it to an extreme. I am re-watching the Columbia trip and she spins so out of control it is painful to watch.
  8. There have been comments on here for a long time as to what the heck Bethenny might be taking recreationally. The rapid-fire, staccato delivery of her every day speech, every minute of every day is scheduled, the brittle emotional behavior all would lead anyone with minimal knowledge to ask what the heck she's on. That said, the loss of Dennis, however he resided in her life, is going to be a big deal.
  9. I don't think I'm wrong, but wouldn't one of those hurdles be the fact that his divorce wasn't yet final? Not sure I have this right.
  10. There is only one remaining ep and then the reunion, which has already been shot. So not much work would remain.
  11. I can see where the finale has a black screen acknowledging the passing unless Andy is specifically told not to. Dennis was on the show, even on a limited basis, and certainly his past season (as noted at Ramona’s). Just as any other secondary character would have been done.
  12. None of this recent behavior is new to these folks. TRav has always been like this. Why is now different?
  13. Good thing the finale is next week. Half the cast isn’t talking to the other half. Anyone notice that Bethenny interacted with maybe two cast members tonight? At least there was no caterwauling from anyone.
  14. The closed captioning was about every third word, from both Chris and Tia, along with Colton. It is a speech pathology problem with this generation of people - it's a filler word while they try to put together a coherent thought. Hopefully, that's all she caught......
  15. Sadly, Beau Biden was supposed to be the next generation, until brain cancer had other plans. Like his dad, served as AG in Delaware, military background. All-round great guy. His passing just devastated Joe. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beau_Biden