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  1. You must have gotten through the recording in about 15 minutes.
  2. Kathryn Dennis: On Her Own!

    She didn't exactly shoot this picture herself, like on her Instagram. She had a hair and makeup team that took care of how she looks in the photo and a professional photographer to take the shot. This is a photo for national publication. Apparently, the staff felt this picture captured her and who she is and was more than suitable for the article.
  3. I guess it depends on how she bills herself on the show? If she kept her name and didn't change it, this would be appropriate. I haven't seen anything, one way or another.
  4. These folks, along with 90 day, reflect the most dysfunctional in our midst. The more I see of these people, the more I understand how it is they have issues finding a partner in life.
  5. I will never do this again without a DVR. Never.
  6. Glad I am not hanging by the neck waiting for these decisions.
  7. I have never seen such navel-gazing as I have in the first 45 minutes of this program. What a bunch. They should all say no.
  8. S05.E26: Saudi Arabia

    Sadly, that hypocrisy has never mattered to the GOP - one can go back to John Kerry being 'swift-boated' by the W campaign for one of the earlier vestiges of this irony. And it routinely works. There have been countless so-called efforts to get us out of Saudi oil, including fracking, but the reality is, they're also strategic access to the Middle East. We lose SA, there's no way we can protect that region.
  9. I left a couple of seasons ago. Couldn't take the shrieking. Couldn't take the back-stabbing. I left during the season when they were gas-lighting Shannon just before David left her. I tried coming back the next season, but the gas-lighting and abuse of Shannon continued and that was enough for me to walk away. When they have actual, married housewives on this show, I might come back, but the entire franchise is a mockery of the term 'housewives' when darned few of them are actually even married anymore (I'm looking at you RHONYC) and too many of them aren't even so much as dating. I think the franchise has run its course and either needs re-tooling or shelving. In any case, you're welcome CHENOA to join me in the sane world where people speak rationally in tones below that of a dog whistle.
  10. When I watched this, on repeat, I was wondering something: it seemed they bleeped out the number of women he slept with on the run that I saw. There was no curse word or anything suggestive about a number like 50 (I could see it if, maybe, it was 69), but they bleeped it out. Any ideas behind that thinking?
  11. My husband is a chef by trade who typically has no time for cooking shows (why would he? He's been doing it for a living for 30+ years). I turned him on to AB and GE when we got married four years ago and he's hooked. For him, since he never saw the originals in the first run, they're all new to him and he gets a kick out of the 'science' aspect of the presentation. He's looking forward to the reboot, but it's interfering with the baseball playoffs, so he'll catch it later.
  12. Thank you! The rules are clear. He broke the rules, not just once, but multiple times; not just one rule, but many rules. He is not a US citizen. Why should he be treated any differently? Ask his victims if they think this is fair, while they're recovering from his thievery. It's too bad that he is being sent back to a country that he knows nothing about. Deportations occur every day where the sentenced has no prior experience. Again, why should he be treated any differently? No, it's not right, but then again, what he did isn't right either. And the penalty must be paid, just like it is for everyone else similarly sentenced.
  13. And that's where my mind is with all of this - she's had the attention of a pregnant teen, she's had the attention of being a new mom. She's addicted to the attention, so the wedding is the next big thing, followed by the second pregnancy, which will generate some, but less, attention. The letdown will be pretty big, as she ultimately comes to realize that it comes to an end.
  14. We need to hook you and Rachel up - you could probably do this yourself!!! LOL!!! I think you're exactly right.
  15. I think the formula of the show has run its course. He may be the #1 show because he's pretty much all there is anymore. I like watching the older shows on OWN (by the way, on another topic, anyone think that OWN may be going under? Probably 1/3 of her programming is the older eps of this show, which she owns and doesn't cost her anything to run?). But the difference between these older shows, where he's engaged and not relying on platitudes, is so different than what little I'm seeing on this season (17). The guests aren't remotely interesting and he knows it, or he would be more engaged. There are never any update shows because, I'm willing to bet, there are no success stories anymore. Famewhores who just want to be on TV are all he can get and the average viewer just isn't interested. He may be the #1 show, but I have to wonder how much is viewership is down over, say, 5 years ago.