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  1. I think I missed the final decision episode (haven’t been traveling the last two weeks). Is anyone attempting marriage or was this whole series a big sham?
  2. S07.E02: Hope and Pride

    Oh, please. James needs to come down a few pegs. I will have no problem watching his demise with the group.
  3. S06.E09: No Way Out

    On, i suspect we will see much more of this in the next episode.
  4. He can’t afford the rent. I doubt he can afford to pay for school.
  5. To be fair, the title of Queen came from the idiot Walmartian cousin. He said it when he pointed out her ring.
  6. Sounds like this travesty may be coming to an end for all of them.
  7. That went well. Colt is utterly clueless in interpersonal relationships.
  8. No, Colt, you could have rational to the party and stopped the screaming. Instead, you sat there and let them say awful things. You call her rude, but say nothing about your extremely rude family. Loser.
  9. And he is an idiot for being talked into anything Leida says. He is as bad as she is.
  10. Where am I? Hopefully, out on the street on the way to the airport, Leida.
  11. I can’t handle someone who is irrational and always yelling... Your f-ing cousin started it. You sat silent and let her get verbally attacked. Colt, you are a moron, and should not be allowed to raise cats, let alone get married.
  12. And Colt doesn’t defend her to his cousin. Take note.
  13. There is a meme around that Pennsylvania has three sections: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Alabama. Seriously, outside the metro areas, it is very backward and this doesn’t surprise me in the least (being from Reading, outside of Philly).
  14. Fern has more sense than her husband to be. I was involved for some years with a guy who was alienated from his brother and sister. I convinced him to reach out and make amends. He did. 14 years later, he now is very close to them and I ended up with a very good friend in his sister, even though we have broken up and I have married someone else. Fern is right.