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  1. S06.E03: I'm Also a Boat Captain!

    They're also eating and snacking a lot more often than I do in a given day, so small portions are probably in line.
  2. S06.E03: I'm Also a Boat Captain!

    And for the most part unemployable in any other industry. Or other parts of the cruising industry. I was waiting for someone to ask her if she likes eating eggs.
  3. S06.E02: Foam, Party of One

    Isn't Acapulco having a major problem with drug cartels and murders in recent years?
  4. S06.E02: Foam, Party of One

    Were those ads for his business(es) on his hat and robes? Good grief, who would patronize something that man promoted?
  5. S06.E00: Captain Lee's Yachtrageous Moments

    Never mind that the poor man is fairly cross-eyed. I kept looking at him wondering if all the many many Paul Mitchell photos of him were taken from the side or back.
  6. S03.E17: Reunion

    True, or all the most drama creating crew members would find their belongings sitting on the dock.
  7. S03.E17: Reunion

    Something bothered me so I rewatched the part toward the end of the episode where Joao was talking about that "other personality" that comes out when he drinks. He said that it only used to come out occasionally with his friends, but that on the show he "brought it out" because he thought it would be fun. He said it slightly different than that, but in essence it would be fun. The "other personality" hasn't come out since he's seen himself on the show. Joao was an a#$hole during the nights out on purpose because he thought it would be entertaining. He chose to do that crap. He's stopped doing it because he saw what he looked like on TV. Joao is a stupid d#$k and this reunion was supposed to be his recasting of his personality. It didn't work. Hannah's recasting came off well because she was forthright and said she was wrong clearly and firmly. Joao was still mealy mouthing.
  8. S03.E17: Reunion

    Conrad and Hannah were sucking at their jobs until the point where they broke up. They were spending too much time and mental energy on each other and various bits of drama and weren't putting in the effort into their work. Sandy should have handled it differently, yes, but she was right that they sucked. Hannah was a pleasant surprise at the reunion. She must have seen how badly she performed her job and behaved overall. She did the right thing at the reunion and own up to the crappiness and take the slings that were deservedly thrown at her. Joao is emotionally a child. So are Brooke and Kasey. Best of luck to the bunch of them and I hope they get some therapy and do some growing up.
  9. Those are those Keurig coffee pods. They have a board up there with grooves cut in that allow the pods to be slid in with their tops facing the wall. You can see the number of balls/pods increase and decrease during the various episodes.
  10. Except for the whole fire ax thing. Keith could use some therapy, if not medication. Freddie years ago was once of my favorites. He's certifiable.
  11. I was surprised that Hannah didn't announce the brand of dress she wore on their evening out at the end of the cruise. Maybe she was too distracted by pot stirring to drop names of labels.
  12. What we DID see appeared to be rather unpleasant. The daughters don't like their step mother at all and are very clearly sending messages to that effect to both Dad and his new wife.
  13. Hannah is delusional. She wants to be the ringmaster, the queen bee, and fell apart and went feral when she wasn't. It has nothing to do with her loving men too much or whatever that BS was. Jwow is a superficially affable a@#hole. Brooke and Kasey are naive idiots. I wonder if any of them will see themselves through different eyes once they watch this season. I really think that's what happened with Adam, that he didn't like how he appeared last season and consciously changed his behavior on board. I think that Hannah, Brooke, Kasey, and Jwow won't be able to do so. They're too deep into their malfunctions.
  14. S14. E19 Storm Surge

    Part of the big changes in weather we see are related to the El Nino-La Nina cycle. El Nino parks a big blob of warm water in the north Pacific just south of Alaska. In La Nina, the polar jet stream is running right up and across the Bering Sea and a blob of cold water is parked in that same general area of the north Pacific. These decadal (although the shifts don't have to strictly be on a decade based cycle) patterns can often be more obvious to the observer than are the longer term climate related patterns. That's why climate scientists and meteorologists are often reluctant to out and out say that a specific storm is related to climate change. A pattern where there are more storms or a change in intensity over ten years, sure, but any individual storm it's harder to say.
  15. S14. E19 Storm Surge

    Mandy is who Sig had been looking for in Jake Anderson. An heir apparent, someone to learn from him, and someone who knows and loves Sig and can deal with his moods. She'll be a great captain of whatever sort of ship she chooses.