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  1. paramich, I thought that line about him growing a beard was a laughing hint that Belle might have been a little torn about Adam no longer looking the way he did when they were falling for each other.
  2. I'd found that off-putting in the early marketing too (am I the only one who is very much over Tony's manpain and RDJ delivering one glib comment after another with the most bored, insincere affect he can muster?), but was determined to see it because Holland was so good in Cap3. Glad I did!
  3. As others have said, they probably didn't have any idea the Hulk would run off to wreck downtown Johannesburg rather than venting his rage on his teammates and a bunch of drydocked wrecks. That falls under unpredicted collateral damage as far as I'm concerned. I'm not saying going after Stark for revenge was morally right, but I don't see it as an indication the twins were malevolent/evil in general as opposed to consumed by vengeance.
  4. I'll note that the only people Wanda and Pietro seemed particularly cavalier about harming or killing were a gang of murderous illegal arms dealers and the boon companions of the man who designed the bomb that killed their parents and left them buried in rubble with their corpses for three days. I can't really fault them for their choice of targets given the circumstances, only for not having the foresight to predict the collateral damage.
  5. Oh, was anyone else cracking up about the cop calling Arthur "kid" in his hallucination/flashback? I mean, I know he was revisiting an event from when he was much younger, but Alan Ritchson looks like a well-preserved forty year old!
  6. I think having Dutch and Davin relapse into a sexual relationship would throw off the chemistry of the show, but it also seems the writers are aware of that and not presenting it as a good thing. At any rate, I'll take them knocking boots and getting another case of the Oh Nos if it wards off any chance of a romance between Johnny and Dutch, that's a relationship I want to remain strictly siblingesque.
  7. I wasn't specifically thinking of it in terms of military/tactical training (can that train you to face hallucinating your worst nightmares?), so much as the other characters just being more stable/mentally resilient in general. I'd bet Pepper Potts would handle such an experience better than the entire team, maybe with the exception of Cap.
  8. Maybe not 100%, but it's not a coincidence that the two Avengers involved in creating the genocide-happy robot also happened to be the two whose own psychiatric problems and character flaws made them the most profoundly affected by Wanda's mental tampering. I mean, Thor could theoretically cause more widespread devastation than the Hulk, but his reaction to seeing visions of his worst fears realized was to visit an old friend and go on the Norse analog of a sweat lodge vision quest instead of rampaging through the nearest city.
  9. To be fair, all we really know for sure is that, at least in that moment, Ares believed he was telling the truth. I can see that he might have thought so, and had to buy in to his own righteousness in exposing humanity's flaws and punishing it for them in order to deal with the fact that he killed most of his family over the argument.
  10. I liked the bit with Pennywise slowly emerging in the projector images. But he looks ridiculous popping up in the sewer drain and doing that Paranormal Activity/The Conjuring style sudden jump forward in the tunnel.
  11. What, you don't want to see an entire movie filmed in BootyCam?
  12. One of the things about tech level, I can see a number of the inventions like Iron Man's new element-powered arc reactors, Pym particles, etc. being so godawfully expensive to produce that only a crazy billionaire with an obsession would ever implement it, or requiring such rare materials that mass production is impossible. I mean, the technology to make effectively indestructible vibranium armor has existed since WWII and any government or military organization would want that. Only catch is aside from Cap's shield, the entire world supply of it was in the hands of a small isolationist nation until Ulysses Klaue managed to steal a big batch of it.
  13. I've not seen it pointed out, but I imagine the fact that her intervention made the casualties visiting diplomats from a technologically advanced nation rather than a few hundred Nigerian commoners in a marketplace had a significant impact on how fast and aggressive the US government and UN were about getting those Accords on the table. There's also the complication that in addition to being a walking nuke, Thor is also a head of state who represents an entire floating asteroid/golden city full of somewhat less powerful walking nukes whose technology is centuries or millennia ahead of anything on earth. If he'd been present I think even Ross would have realized the necessity to tone down his my-way-or-the-highway approach.
  14. Is it wrong that as I read that list I was hoping it would include an all-African American cover band named The Dred Scott Chili Peppers?
  15. That lowers my opinion of Eugene considerably, if he thinks Tracy living to give Custer a handjob is more horrifying than blowing her own brains out at the thought of kissing him. Yeah, given the source material I didn't really expect any of those things. I'm in it strictly for the actors' performances and hte production values.