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  1. I suppose for the Fox network just having him talk about it was groundbreaking enough. Though a Sense8-level commitment to showing rather than telling would be great (if Lucifer's promiscuous and fun again, rather than mooning over Chloe for another 10 episodes).
  2. Give The Devil His Due: Lucifer In The Media

    Well, I suppose the prospect of a resurgence of this show with the darker, more adult themes the creators originally wanted will get me to sign back up for Netflix (along with access to Jessica Jones and Sense8). But if the first couple of episodes remind me of most of Season 3 rather than being either a return to early form or an interesting new direction, I'm dropping it like a hot potato covered in poo. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend already beat them to it, turning a 180° from the subversive takes on issues that made it great in its first couple of seasons. But didn't they do that this last season with the whole interminable Sinnerman arc? It was not an improvement IMHO...
  3. Love, Simon (2018)

    What Simon in the movie did was wrong (thought not really all that horrible, on the scale of teenage meddling), but about the only sin you can accuse him of in the book is not saying "Hey Abby, I'm inviting this Martin guy along with us because he has a crush on you and is blackmailing me." He did basically nothing to help Martin other than allowing him to be present.
  4. To be fair though, I thought his acting was fine in most of BvS, he was just hampered by the horrible writing and direction. He seemed to be doing his best with a bad hand at the time; you can see the exact moment when all his enthusiasm for the role dies in that Sad Affleck video.
  5. No, really? You mean Affleck's dead-eyed stare and phoned-in delivery in his last DCEU movie didn't captivate TPTB and make them want to do another dozen films with him?
  6. S02.E11: Chapter 19 2018.06.12

    Seems like it would have come in very handy in that trial with both David and Farouk present. One thing I have a problem with, what Cary postcognitively viewed David doing was visually no different than the touches to the forehead he used to free various members of the group from both the chattering plague and those creepy tar chick parasites, and since Syd wouldn no longer have the memories he erased they're going on Farouk's word about it. We know that's what he did, but Fukiyama/Vermillion have no reason whatsoever to believe that's what happened and the only reason the others have is if Farouk is tampering with their minds to make them believe him. At this point I don't see that David has so much gone evil as mad and resentful, which are pretty justifiable reactions given the circumstances.
  7. S02.E11: Chapter 19 2018.06.12

    It's really gray... David erasing Syd's recent memories deprives her of info to make a decision, but a lot of that info came from the Shadow King, presented in the worst possible light and apparently with undue mental influence prompting her to accept everything at face value. And she appeared to be making her own decisions when David projected himself into her room, so the situation isn't so much analogous to roofying her, more like getting her blackout drunk so she forgets a fight and then cozying up to her when she's sober the next day. Interesting that Farouk basically told the truth but appeared to push Syd into believing him without question, whereas David hid things from her but allowed her to make up her mind without ongoing influence. They appear to have cancelled each other out more or less; Syd's responses in that intervention/kangaroo court (based on things Cary showed her) seemed more like her than how she was reacting before David mind-whammied her.
  8. S02.E11: Chapter 19 2018.06.12

    Melanie dropped like a sack of flour when Farouk jumped from her to his own body, but I assume she'd have woken up all right in the monastery basement at some point afterwards. So far Division 3 basically only have Farouk's word for about 90% of the things they're accusing David of, which seems like a very shaky foundation to build one's strategies on. And they're acting like Farouk is some innocent that David is maligning, rather than a common enemy who's gleefully killed (at least) dozens of people and treated them all like toys to be played with. I can see Farouk messing with people's heads to that end—Syd in the monastery and Cary, Kerry, and Clark once he was free of his inhibitor headgear, but aren't Fukiyama and Vermillion supposed to be immune to telepathic tampering?
  9. The Shape Of Water (2017)

    He's way too cartoonish a villain in everything I see him in. Whatever good other people see in his performances and rave about completely escapes me.
  10. The Predator (2018)

    Odd? They're just big game hunters compensating for their feelings of inadequacy, like rich American gun enthusiasts going on safari armed to the teeth so they can pose for selfies with a dead lion.
  11. S02.E10: Chapter 18 2018.06.05

    Remember that Farouk is a master telepath who can manipulate people's perceptions, alter memories, and flat-out mind control them. Last year he pulled most of the cast into that asylum scenario in David's mind and they weren't questioning the sudden change in setting, Lenny's role as their therapist, etc. until Oliver intervened. I thought it was actually impressive when Syd repeatedly shrugged off Melanie's narrative to ask her how she was showing all those scenes featuring David. Of course she didn't manage to question what Melanie was doing in a hole under the desert in the first place, which I'm wondering about myself since last we saw she was back at Division 3 HQ and so far as we know Farouk can't teleport like David can.
  12. S02.E10: Chapter 18 2018.06.05

    The Mi-go Monk said they couldn't drown it or burn it, presumably they weren't doing anything to keep it preserved either—just safeguarding it (at least until it drove them all crazy).
  13. S02.E10: Chapter 18 2018.06.05

    This all HAS to be a mindscape rather than the real world, right? All the weird desert time/space shenanigans, the giant drain stopper, a live bunny as a giant fishing lure, an army of martial artists crawling out of a hole in the ground swinging weaponized bull-roarers, Kerry beating them all up despite 1-100 odds, the TARDIS satchel with that gun, Melanie just showing up out of nowhere, the Minotaur (which we last saw in Melanie's mind while she was trapped by the chattering plague)...
  14. S03.E25: Boo Normal; Once Upon a Time

    It occurs to me that Rosalind Chao would have done an awesome job as the Angel of Death—she has this kind of somber grace that would be perfect. Though I suppose then the problem would have been on the other foot, buying that she could be a figment of hyperactive woman-child Ella's imagination...
  15. S03.E25: Boo Normal; Once Upon a Time

    Since Amenadiel is black and Lucifer white, I'd prefer the other archangels be Latino, Asian, Middle Eastern, Native American, etc. to keep the whole Family of Man thing going (having Uriel also be a white brunette guy was a mistake IMHO). No complaints about TPTB casting a multi-ethnic actress, Charlyne Yi pretty much hits the melting pot bingo. I just thought her specific performance was horribly wrong for the Angel of Death.