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  1. I hope we haven't seen the last of Anton Yusef, DeBlanc was my favorite character last season.
  2. The instant Dexy's Midnight Runners started playing, I knew all three would be singing along before the song ended. If the Saint of Killers can unerringly zero in on Custer's location regardless of how much of a head start the latter gets (and the way Tulip drives it ought to be quite a bit from even someone tireless following on foot) or what side trips he's made in the interim, why bother asking the people he runs across where Custer is? He clearly doesn't actually need the information from them.
  3. I'm thinking likely. Wouldn't there be medical signs if she had been in the process of zombifying when killed? For that matter, wouldn't it take a LOT more physical damage than we saw to keep her from reanimating if she'd been infected?
  4. Wahlberg and I were in total agreement, I didn't want him on the couch either. Tom Holland was fun, and while I'm not a fan of Sienna Miller she seemed a good sport. I felt kind of bad for Serkis being prompted to do his Gollum voice on command, but it is amazing to watch some of the technical details of his work as the world's preeminent motion capture artist.
  5. The Iron Man armors still have the chest plate headlight in post-Iron Man Three appearances, and it's apparently the location of something power generating even though Stark doesn't have an arc reactor embedded in his chest anymore—Cap cracking it with his shield caused an immediate power down.
  6. Oh thank God, I'm not the only one who thinks Pegg stinks up everything he touches as far as Star Trek is concerned. Though I did like this movie better than the previous two; it mostly felt like a middling 2-part episode of a new ST series with a really big FX budget rather than the previous wrongheaded travesties, and both Kirk and Spock at least vaguely resembled the characters I'm familiar with.
  7. You'd think they'd just draw a circle on the mo-cap suit rather than giving him a Power Girl boob window, though...
  8. I've talked about doing so with friends in the process of discussing politics in general, but I sure haven't made a point of mentioning it to people I've just met for racial brownie points like Bradley Whitford's character did.
  9. I'm just glad that they moved really fast on getting Clark into a serious relationship with Lois, because I think otherwise there would have been a much greater danger of them pairing Diana up with him (as shown by the wrong turn the comics took after the next-to-last reboot). Way too prom king & queen for my taste, and it would disregard/overshadow what should be the primary romantic relationships for both. As for Batman, I'd hope that Jeremy Irons' Alfred would pop up with a helpful "run, my dear, as fast as you can!" if there's so much as a glimmer of interest from him.
  10. There's also the question of whether resurrection is something Odin is even capable of doing—I don't recall that being in his mythological purview. Whereas it's right in the wheelhouse of Ostara (and Jesus). Hell, they even gave an actress in her 90s a nice romantic moment that was lit and shot like one for performers a third of her age would have been. That doesn't happen very often; if women of her age are treated as having love lives at all it's usually for comedy horny grandma style. There are several factors at play, including that as it says on the tin this is a story about the American versions of the gods. Places around the world where technology's influence is lessened and pagan religions are more prominent aren't involved. And the recipients of most of the religious devotion in the US appear to be a neutral party (which goes with that whole Prince of Peace thing).
  11. I don't know if I can agree with the latter point. In a purely visual sense, Man of Steel was beautifully filmed. Zack Snyder does have an excellent eye for what looks good on camera, regardless of his problems with story and characterization. The "First Flight" sequence was as impressive a character-coming-into-their-own moment as the "No Man's Land" scene (though it lacked the latter's moral significance), and I actually think his lengthy final fight/destruction porn sequence was visually superior to Jenkins'. She clearly has a truer understanding of the heroic nature of these iconic characters though.
  12. Chris Evans' base salary was that for the first Captain America movie, so it doesn't sound outrageous for me. My main concern is if Gadot's WW contract had similar performance bonuses to Cavill's, because after BvS she was a more proven critical hit than he was prior to his solo feature. Really I'll only be outraged if she's not paid at least as well as he is moving forward.
  13. They've kind of cheapened the Time War as time has gone on (distilling it down to a Dalek fleet shooting at Gallifrey through a planetary force field), but my original impression from the first season of Nu Who was that both sides were using time travel as a weapon, repeatedly changing the past in attempts to gain advantage over each other. So the war was happening everywhere, in the distant past and far future, and causing universe-wide disruptions as history was rewritten again and again.
  14. The Doctor has crossed his own timeline before, and it's seemed as if the consequences of doing so are somewhat lessened by being in different regenerations (the War Doctor's observation that three of him in one place for an extended time could cause paradoxes, as opposed to Nine and Rose immediately causing calamity by interacting with their past selves). I think the situation with the Mistress is somewhat unique in that she's spent at least several decades only interacting with a former friend that she doesn't regard as canon fodder, rather than running amok among "lesser" beings whose lives she doesn't value. At least one of their talks had the feel of a therapy session, and if the Doctor has been conducting those for a whole human lifetime with the goal of awakening her conscience it's possible he might be getting some traction at this point. Of course it's also possible that upon being given some freedom she might backslide, which could be what's going on with John Simm's teased appearance (if it's not a case of actually crossing her timeline and meeting that earlier version of the Master).
  15. Well, in the latter movie Spring is more or less an afterthought and the real focus is on the holidays. The iconic Judy who sang "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" might come off as more of a slight to Ēostre than a sign of respectful fellowship given her apparent ambivalence about sharing her holiday with all the Jesuses.