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  1. I'm not crazy about the stuff I'm seeing for Killmonger styling himself as a mirror image Black Panther—that video pointing out all the Marvel heroes fighting villainous doppelgangers of themselves hit the nail on the head. But every other moment of the trailer made me eager to see it.
  2. I loved it, thought the acting was top-notch all the way around and the cinematography was breathtaking. It even managed to make me not object to Jared Leto in a movie, which indicates either genius filmmaking or subliminal mind control. I thought it was weird that everything seemed so sterile and deserted though—the stairwell in K's apartment building and the orphanage were the only places that felt truly inhabited, even when they showed flyovers of massive cities.
  3. I'm right there with you on both these issues. When Josh and Hector are the friends providing criticism, ignoring it would seem the wisest choice.
  4. I did too. I mean, his reaction was funny and led to a lot of great work from Ted Danson. But how can a demon that's existed for untold amounts of time and has a boss who likes to threaten him with destruction have never thought about the implications of non-existence before?
  5. I recall kind of conflating Julia Roberts' character in the original movie with Beverly from It back in the day.
  6. They'll get me as well if Hoechlin has any love scenes.
  7. I get the impression that Will's breakup with Vince isn't nearly as recent as Grace's with Leo. There was an 11 year hiatus, he could have had years to come to terms with being single again.
  8. Don't forget General Swanwick's driver! She seemed pretty fond of him too!
  9. Yeah, wasn't she reviewing security tapes and gasping with a horrified look on her face? What happened to that subplot?
  10. Yeah. I mean, I might have watched a espionage action/thriller about Hobbs and Elena's Interpol adventures if they hadn't fridged her in the latest movie, but Deckard Shaw is a murderous lunatic who set Han on fire and tried to blow up Mia and Brian's whole family. I don't care how many funny faces Jason Statham makes at Mini-Dom while wearing a baby bjorn, that spinoff is a no sale to me.
  11. Steppenwolf is fairly obscure even to most comics fans. Though Apokolips and its para-demons in general have been overused since the 1980s.
  12. If anything they're darkening Welling's hair to make him look younger. Which makes no sense for an accomplished police lieutenant who's also had time to publish a nonfiction book about his career and have it widely read in police circles; they should have had Welling grow his gray beard out and given him a buzzcut to make him look more experienced and less like a fashion model. (Don't get me started on the Bad Boy unprofessional wardrobe and fanfiction/soap opera name they saddled his character with!) His continued antagonism seems misplaced as well—haven't we seen that Lucifer has a supernatural charming effect on human beings who aren't protected by Chloe's special snowflakiness? I could swear that we've seen him talk his way into multiple situations where people should have been throwing him out on his ear but started relating to him as a trusted colleague or friend within moments. I just have to hit the mute button whenever Dan is on stage doing improv or stand-up comedy. It's utterly cringeworthy to me, and seems completely out of character even if it does let Kevin Alejandro show off more of his talents. Fortunately the visual of thrown rotten tomatoes didn't require sound! Seeing Lucifer holding court with a sinister grin at the end did make up for a lot of the episode's failings, though. THAT'S the character I started watching this series for!
  13. I distinctly remember their horror upon waking up naked in bed together after a boozy evening on Karen's mega-yacht, and it was shared horror between both of them whatever Jack's feelings might have been when they were first becoming friends. Will is basically a surrogate parent figure to eternal adolescent Jack, I can't see any sort of romantic possibility between them. (Thankfully, I might have to pull an Oedipus if I did!)
  14. Yeah, way too much Candy Crush videogame background in this one, just like the final act of BvS and pretty much all of Suicide Squad. (Though Wonder Woman's final act suffered that as well, and still managed to be a great movie overall.) I don't recall Man of Steel having these funky CGI problems. The disaster porn was excessive, and I was rolling on the theater floor at the Kryptonian rocket-dildos, but at least it looked like a real city being leveled and real rocket-dildos! Did Warner Brothers fire their SFX vendors and hire all new people after the first movie?
  15. On the internet no one can see how much your self-image and reality differ. Unless you post recent photos, anyway.