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  1. So it's a problem for Amy to call her husband from a pay phone, but just fine for the Summerland folks to drive right from Mutant Camp to the old Haller house and Division 3 Headquarters? Yeah, not loving how Amy's worries are just dismissed out of hand. Hell, couldn't David just teleport her to her home so she can tell Ben she's OK in person? How the hell did Carey manage to move that headband from his body's hand to David's head while in astral form? And what was Oliver doing with the musical notes he was calling up in front of the bullets? Interesting to find out that both Oliver and Carey are aware of who Amahl Farouk was. Have they had conflicts with him at some point in the past?
  2. I seem to recall her outing him in a People Magazine interview.
  3. I think Melanie has some low-level telepathic power. She's initiated mindspeech with David, she's involved in Ptonomy's memory work inside Summerland residents' minds, and as Terrafamilia pointed out she's been able to manipulate the surroundings of their mindscape on a couple of occasions.
  4. I suppose it also gives him an avenue of antagonism toward Peter that isn't immediately rendered toothless by the latter gaining super-powers.
  5. I suppose it could have been as simple as "Dear Lord, Archie's already getting targeted by cougars as an anonymous 15-year-old. If he succeeds as a musician he'll drop out of school before junior year and I'll be a grandfather ten times over by the time he can vote!"
  6. While I would agree on giving Hawley free reign on the adaptation in general given what a good job he's doing despite considerable revamping, my adoration of Patrick Stewart trumps that. I can barely watch James McAvoy in the role, and that's an actor I've really liked for years.
  7. What I wonder about is the transformation of Carey & Carey's relationship. They have literally been either physically present or in psychic communication for every single memory either possesses. Redefining that dynamic and convincing them they're two people who met later in life and just clicked really well must have taken a boatload of work on "Lenny's" part—it would have to rewrite every single experience they recall in realtime as the memories are triggered.
  8. Hell, that's Avengers movie opening weekend money!
  9. Heigl convinces me of the existence of a higher power because she's now on my TV set in the role that her preferred facial expression was made for.
  10. Too true. I feel sort of left out that I'm ambivalent about one of those and another will be a Hell-freezing-over eventuality.
  11. People overseas are missing out by not going to see Hidden Figures in droves.
  12. I'd dearly love for some of those roles to be going to Lupita Nyong'o. It's not that I don't enjoy getting to hear her performances in voice work, but I'd like to see her onscreen as well.
  13. I'm another person who is damn well going to have my phone with me in the theater; I'm the only child of elderly parents, one of whom is disabled and prone to falls. However, I have it set on vibrate and leave the theater if I need to take a call. (Mom actually interrupted my first viewing of Jurassic World by calling back immediately after going to voicemail, which of course made me think there was an emergency and sprint for the exit. Turned out it was something mundane and she just didn't think about the implication.)
  14. Did Dierdre Hall's character participate in the welcoming back of cads? Because I have to say, I get a chuckle out of the prospect of one of those guys maybe someday finding himself in a literal Devil's threeway.
  15. I'm kind of surprised Melanie was able to feel anything from touching the bullet at all; I'd assumed an astral projection of her mind would be completely immaterial.