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  1. S11.E08: The Coma and the Oxford Comma

    Really though, I wouldn't have minded Dewhurst resembling Candice about as much as Don King does as long as we got that great episode where they went on a double date and played pool.
  2. S04.E09: Elseworlds Part III (2018.12.11)

    He's Dr. Destiny in the comics, whose MO is using dreams to warp reality. The members of Loverboy used to wear bandanas more menacingly than Barry and Oliver did. The idea that slowing the earth's rotation down would somehow freeze time makes my brain hurt. And traveling at Mach 7 is supposed to make the Flash and Supergirl burn up? Do the writers not know she has to fly faster than that every time she reaches orbit?
  3. Whenever I see a stage show like that, I always think of Drawn Together and its Pokemon spoof announcing that it's "here to destroy all and give children seizures!"
  4. S04.E07: Hell No, Dolly!

    Clearly Neron had not researched John Constantine's background thoroughly before making that agreement.
  5. S11.E10: Beat the Press

    And it did have the Holy Cannoli moment between Frank and Avery, which while not particularly funny was at least upbeat and a good showcase of the relationship between the characters.
  6. Season 3 All Episodes

    I seem to recall Professor Knowby's ghost making an appearance in Evil Dead 2, so that'd been a feature of the setting almost since the beginning. We didn't know much about it other than Knowby being trapped into haunting the cabin by his tampering with dark forces, though. Brock might be the first hint that all supernatural forces/metaphysical systems aren't evil.
  7. Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

    Surely they learned the lesson of Fant4stic Four?
  8. S04.E07: Hell No, Dolly!

    I think the kaupe is just a specific, unique evil spirit in Hawaiian folklore, not something that infects people with a curse to turn them into more of the same like werewolves or vampires. Of course that doesn't mean the show won't go that route with Mona. It is interesting that this season has leaned hard into showing the guy-on-guy aspect of Constantine's sexuality. From my recollection the comics tended to just barely touch on it, so kudos for being more progressive.
  9. I think he'd also make a good Kaluu if they ever dig that deep in Dr. Strange's stable of villains.
  10. Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    In any event, it doesn't sound like the actor whipped out his phone and started texting in the middle of singing "I Got You, Babe" on stage where everyone could see, so I'm gonna keep my side-eye leveled squarely at Kanye.
  11. S11.E09: It Takes You Away

    We saw 12 eating a bowl of soup/stew in that barn in "Hell Bent," so regular recognizable food must be a thing on Gallifrey even if the Time Lord aristocracy might not partake in favor of something fancier/more advanced.
  12. S04.E07: Hell No, Dolly!

    The fairy godmother said she knew what was coming after Constantine and she preferred standard-issue Hell to facing it. Presumably that means Neron holds a grudge for being banished (and has made its intentions widely known on the supernatural grapevine).
  13. S11.E09: It Takes You Away

    Overall I quite liked it. Not fond of the anti-zone bits which seemed fairly pointless (and Ribbon reminded me of somewhat similar characters on Buffy and Babylon 5). But I liked the opening scenes, the mystery about the mirror, and everything that happened once they emerged into the mirrored reality. It was nice to have a somewhat quieter, more introspective episode.
  14. SNL in the Media

    Damn. I'm no fan of Pete's, but that is just over the line.
  15. That's probably not on their to-do list until after they tabulate the profits from their 2019 movies.