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  1. Yep. Though somewhat marred by my awareness that bullets from normal machine guns should be bouncing harmlessly off of Asgardian armor and flesh. In the comics it was the mortal dead under Hela's control that he held the bridge against, not reanimated Asgardians.
  2. stealinghome, you summed up my own thoughts on the matter pretty well. At best, I think Snyder might be well-used in setting up the choreography and cinematography of action sequences moving forward, as those were generally excellent in Man of Steel and fairly well filmed in BvS but shot in the foot by the crappy rushed CGI. But he should be kept far, far away from storytelling tasks.
  3. Isn't he having to climb 20 stories of scaffolding to and from his home? That'll burn some calories off.
  4. Early on I'd have said it was the other person being able to see his (remember in the first episode the red in his eyes was screaming mouths, like windows into Hell?) But I'd have also assumed that it wouldn't really need any outside factors other than a human soul being present for his power to act upon, and the eye contact would have just been window dressing.
  5. Wow, making a nurse run away in disgust over a body fluid is really overachieving! I think she may be in the wrong career. (Though I totally get it destroying any attraction she may have felt for Josh—she HAS to be used to seeing much worse on the job.)
  6. I would like Jennifer Lawrence to GTFO of the X-Men franchise at least as much as she would. Mystique hasn't been worth watching since Rebecca Romijn played her. Substitute "basil" for "space" and "bathrooms" for "everything" and my local Thai place already has one.
  7. “I do not understand why everything in this script must inevitably explode.” ~Teal'c
  8. Oh yeah, I was singing lyrics to it in my head as they went. Maybe it's because I'm much more familiar with the ABBA catalog than most of the music they reference, but it really didn't feel like the melody got far from the inspiration this time. I think my local CW affiliate censored the episode. The thing with Josh's acne apparently skipped the gross(est) part; it cut at him trying to pop it in the mirror, then later picked back up with a bandage on his face talking to Heather about it. Did they have the woman who was flirting with him notice and flee in disgust?
  9. I hope this means there are other players in this game manipulating the Sinnerman that are outside the whole celestial family squabble. Perhaps the Silk Man or one of the Jin en Mok like Cestis or Berim from the comic series. Things from outside creation might reasonably have less fear of pissing off the Devil than anyone who, y'know, could end up in Hell at his mercy for all eternity. (Though such things still were less powerful antagonists than he and had to spin elaborate plans. I continue to think Yahweh and "Mum" are the only two beings who should be able to alter Lucifer's true form against his will by fiat.)
  10. I generally like his movies for what they are, but I think he's a terrible fit for the Trek franchise. Having the familiar characters talk like ALL the characters in his movies do just won't work.
  11. I don't necessarily disagree, but you do know the Invaders team was created by Marvel in 1969 as a retcon of the WWII heroes' exploits, right? I believe the original heroes had a couple of team up appearances back in late 40s, but their formalized team adventures weren't actually published during the war.
  12. Yep. I secured permissions for the imagery on a prekindergarten curriculum, and 8 fine art images took more time and effort (and gave me many more headaches) than doing the same for over 300 stock photos.
  13. I think I preferred the hoodie look from the promo. But if the Doctor's new outfit is the only thing about the casting decision that gives me reservations, I'd say we're in a pretty good place. I have every confidence Ms. Whittaker is going to make a superb Doctor.
  14. If the Sinnerman doesn't know for certain he has seriously impressive supernatural backing, playing cat and mouse with and taunting the frickin' Devil is a supremely foolish endeavor. Or would be if Lucifer weren't being written as dimwitted and possessing less impressive tricks than your average stage magician. Being a mortal crime lord and serial killer who's making a personal enemy out of the guy he presumably thinks is charge of Hell just makes no sense. At least when Linda's husband was taking potshots at Lucifer and trying to manipulate him into a fatal situation it was obvious that learning the truth had sparked a serious psychiatric meltdown for someone who wasn't particularly stable to start with.
  15. Linda was able to eventually shake off the fascination that Lucifer inspires in everyone he's sexually interested in (besides Chloe), so I'd like to think she has the self-awareness and mental discipline to resist doing something that would hurt one of her friends. Particularly since the attraction seems to have developed naturally rather than hitting her like a supernaturally charged freight train all at once. And it's fairly icky when you consider all the tangential relationships involved. I felt like the stuff about Chloe being distracted by Lieutenant Underwear Model's arms (should he be doing heavy lifting a few weeks after taking bullets to the torso?) while Ella ships them out loud was written by a preteen girl. Who is the staff member who's pushing this crap, and can we pack them off to a Justin Bieber concert tour and let the writer who's been handling Amenadiel's and Linda's scenes take over their responsibilities?