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  1. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (2017)

    Yep. Were that fictional world to continue, I'd hope that the firebombing of the station would draw a lot more outside attention to that sheriff's department and force them to clean up their act.
  2. Black Panther (2018)

    I suspect Bast can do something about that problem if she's of a mind to. Slavery as the spoils of war, for debt, and other forms of servitude would have been the standard practice of many of Wakanda's neighbors in Africa back at that time. I think they can be excused for not foreseeing multi-generational chattel slavery a world away as an inevitable result and thus the need to violate their non-intervention policy to prevent it. Yeah, Jordan was quite good to me in his introductory scene, his scene with Sterling K. Brown, and his death scene. The rest didn't impress me much, whereas pretty much every moment of screen time by Boseman, Nyong'o, Wright, Duke, Bassett, and Brown had me riveted. And Danai Gurira was the MVP for me, her Okoye was an absolute delight.
  3. My read is that Darryl is actually a reasonably competent lawyer (with a boatload of personal insecurities), though not in Rebecca's league, and Nathan was initially presented as a corporate law shark. Mrs. Fernandez also seems capable at her job. Maybe it's just Maya, Tim, and Jim that are screw-ups? (And honestly I'd previously had the impression Jim was decent at the job but just annoying.)
  4. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (2017)

    The big loose end for me is that if that guy wasn't Angela's killer, why the hell was he popping into a store to randomly threaten and terrorize a stranger from two states away when he clearly wasn't someone with ties to Chief Willoughby or fondness for the police in general? Either it's a huge plot hole that the writer and director overlooked, or he's the actual killer and people in high places are covering up for him. Despite that, I think this is my pick for best film of the year. It hit me a lot more powerfully than even The Shape of Water, and I think Frances McDormand should be a shoo-in for Best Actress.
  5. Justice League (2017)

    It makes me feel somewhat better about the direction of the DCEU if the bigwigs actually recognized that Snyder was the cause of many of the problems they've had so far and took proactive steps to boot him rather than just coming to a mutual agreement to part ways once his family tragedy took precedence.
  6. S03.E10: Daddy Darhkest

    Yeah, why exactly did Alt Snart decide to go galavanting off to a parallel world with new acquaintances while the man he loved stayed back on HIS home earth to clean up the Nazi Empire they'd both been fighting? Aside from fanservice, I mean. I thought it was interesting that Sara and Nora were able to communicate when possessed by the demon in two different time periods. That brings up the question of exactly how demons (and anyone in Hell in general, I guess) experience time in relation to the physical world. Does Mallus also have knowledge of future encounters/conflicts that are happening simultaneously for it?
  7. Call Me By Your Name (2017)

    There's definitely been an element of "wanting to be" in more than one of the crushes I've had (including one that happened when I was a little kid, and I'm pretty sure had no sexual aspect at all).
  8. Ice hockey

    I think the women's hockey is going to be better than the men's, since their best athletes aren't being held out from the games by the NHL.
  9. Whatever it is, it must have been fairly recent. I don't recall her looking like Endora from Bewitched on the last couple of shows she did before this revival.
  10. Seriously, I'm hoping I manage to outlive him for her memoir tell-all alone. I just hope he doesn't get Cavill mixed up in all that Scientology mess. As a high-profile image-conscious actor with, shall we say, a considerable amount of smoke regarding his personal life, he's a prime target for them. Of course Sea Org would have to plunge the world into a new Stone Age to get rid of all the photos of him out partying at gay bars.
  11. Call Me By Your Name (2017)

    Well, I suppose he could have opted for different actors (though doing so probably would have been disastrous in Chalamet's case). I'm fairly satisfied with the level of explicitness in the film though, it left no doubt about what was actually happening between them in marked contrast to the soulful glances and pan to a lamp that lots of movies settle for.
  12. S03.E14: My Brother's Keeper

    No, he went full Devil face in that one, but I also seem to recall him threatening someone with his eyes glowing in another episode—I was thrilled to see it at the time. I can't swear it wasn't one of the other shows filmed before the Season 2 finale, though. (Aside from the one set when he first came to LA, it would have aired before that.)
  13. SNL in the Media

    I don't think he's done much comedy, but he was hilarious in Galaxy Quest.
  14. I hope not, she was awesome in that "Welcome to Hell" music video providing counterpoint vignettes to the girl group (sorry, the pack of women traveling together for safety!). I fell out laughing when she popped up as the woman from the We Can Do It! poster. You had vastly more tolerance for that character than I; I think I hit the mute button in the middle of her second syllable. Heidi has't won me over at all yet with anything she's done. Though at least I remember her name, unlike that extraneous male featured player they hired to fill out the background in crowd scenes.
  15. S43.E10: Sam Rockwell / Halsey

    He'll always be Muerte from Undercover Blues to me!