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  1. I only have the one movie to judge by for either's singing, but he was the MVP in my opinion. My only complaint song-wise isn't really a bad reflection on Emma Thompson, it's just that Angela Lansbury's performance of "Beauty and the Beast" is so untouchable no one could possibly have won me over with their cover.
  2. I just want them to let Cavill have actual conversations with people again, and an occasional smile wouldn't hurt. They have an actor with boatloads of charm and have required him to supress it for the last movie and a half. Cavill's quite hairy-chested and in his 30s, so a receding hairline would be the norm whether or not his bodybuilding methods were natural. Relatively few guys get blessed in both departments.
  3. If it sticks around another week or so I may see it just on general principle of Oscar Isaac being one of the stars. Either The Fate of the Furious is going to completely overturn movie wisdom about being a late entry in a franchise, or everyone who wanted to see it did so in the first week they were able to.
  4. I don't know, one of my biggest life regrets is over not pursuing things further with a vacation fling I had 17 years ago. We've remained friends over the years, but I still wonder about what might have been if I'd been proactive and not let distance be an obstacle. I don't recall any snacks I passed on in 2000 that stuck with me so powerfully.
  5. Yeah, I do not like Julia Roberts, but I must admit she's a hell of an actress. She gave the most moving performance in that Valentine's Day anthology movie, which featured a lot of talented actors I love (Hector Elizondo, Shirley MacLaine, Anne Hathaway, Queen Latifah). Luke Evans is another actor I'm less than fond of for offscreen reasons, but I thought he was clearly the best singer in the live action B&B (only Audra McDonald came close), despite my liking practically every other singer better. I think the casting people knew their stuff when they picked him.
  6. I could see Sarandon turning in an Oscar-worthy performance again, but Hell will freeze over before the Academy gives her another shot at that podium. I've heard tales of really extreme diva behavior from people who've encountered Roberts. If Sandra Bullock has engaged in such, she must have killed all the witnesses. That's the go-to movie for prime Chris Evans beefcake. I'd say London is in second place, but it's best to watch at home so you can mute the dialog and fast-forward scenes where Evans is absent or wearing clothes.
  7. I never thought of Linda Hamilton as all that small. Yes, even as an extremely buff woman she's at a disadvantage in terms of mass and upper body strength against male psych ward orderlies, but she never seemed frail or tiny to me.
  8. Gabe Kaplan's face would have looked naked without one, but he wasn't really a leading man of the heartthrob type. A full beard, even of the Grizzly Adams variety, works better for Cavill than the 'stache alone. But when you're starting out as a 10 you have a lot more leeway for questionable style choices.
  9. That's what won me over at the cinema too. The movie mostly looks like Reynolds and Jackson playing themselves within the context of the situation, but the song choice convinced me these are filmmakers whose vision I'll enjoy. I hope they have a scene of Reynolds admiringly looking through crime scene photos of Jackson's work with "I Will Run to You" playing in the background.
  10. I've read people's suspicions that this was the reason they ended up making Chuck Clayton the villain of that arc with the football players making the hook-up list; it was originally intended to be Reggie, but when the actor turned out to be unavailable they had to resort to Chuck as the supporting character who could be substituted. Chuck's actions at the party would also fit much better for Reggie, being Archie's main rival/antagonist.
  11. He kind of picked the wrong metaphor there, didn't he? Maybe Alice Cooper is really a lizard person and we'll see her gulping down a rodent at some point.
  12. He probably established some kind of learned behavior like maze running or something, then tested the cured rats to see if they could remember. Not sure I'd trust that regaining that level of cognition would translate into a sentient human being's lifetime of memories and personality traits, but then again in Major's shoes I'd probably pull the trigger on the amnesia cure pretty soon rather than skirt too close to actual death/whatever grisly side effects happened to that rat before Ravi improved the cure.
  13. I'd thought that Mia and Brian lived there too once they got cleared to return to the US at the end of 6, but maybe they were just visiting? Of course Deckard also killed/assaulted an entire hospital wing full of people that he wanted to take good care of his brother, so I'm still going with the assumption that he's psychotic and unstable even if he did take good care of a baby this installment.
  14. Clive has moved to the MVP position for me this year, I'm loving him. Major really works well for me when being BFFs with Ravi or a badass in the field, but even though I liked Natalie his obsession with rescuing her is wearing a bit thin.
  15. Ugh, it's giving me Buffy/Spike flashbacks. Except I actually like having Blaine around, and Peyton doesn't have 1% of the awesomeness that Buffy had.