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  1. It’s on YouTube, Jared has stated what his intentions are at several conventions. So unless you are saying he’s lying, I’m going to take him at his word. Not even calling retirement lazy, I’m retired myself but based on what they say, I don’t agree with your assertion that he works every bit as hard as Jensen.
  2. Not saying they do, just what they have said. Some of it from the recent conventions.
  3. These aren’t slams, these are things Jensen and Jared have said at conventions. You can write these things off as jokes but Jared has said he was thinking long term in the early seasons and pretended to be bad at stunts so he wouldn’t have to do them. He has said he likes the scenes where Sam gets choked because they are easy. He has said when Supernatural is over he only wants to act if people just call him up and give him jobs. He jokes about getting to leave early because Jensen gets all the stunts. Jensen on the other hand had the CW formally recognize and thank him for his leadership in season 11, he constantly talks about loving stuntwork. He sought out extra work as a director. So yes, we shouldn’t make it personal and Jared is essential to the show and cast morale but I can’t agree that he has worked as hard as Jensen.
  4. Some of it has to do with how much they are like their characters. The other part is how much It appears that TPTB are playing favorites in real life as well. Jared wants a beard...he gets a beard, Jared wants to talk about the show....the phone is glued to Dabb’s ear, Jared wants a storyline....you can guarantee they will give him anything he wants. Jensen on the other hand....screw him. Dabb can’t even be bothered to talk to him when he has a legitimate question. Jensen wants a beard....yeah, that’s a hard no. No one has worked harder for this show than Jensen, so when it looks like he is being treated like dirt, people tend to get defensive and start playing favorites themselves.
  5. The saddest thing is Supernatural is actually very easy to write for. All they had to do was write Dean saving the damsel, killing the monster and have him shed a tear a couple of times a year and it would be the number one show on the CW. They didnt even need to do it every episode. Use that formula then you can have an episode or two devoted to the legion of misfit Sues in between. The show would never have to worry about cancellation again instead of desperately trying to squeeze in their fan fic before it all collapses.
  6. I think that is because 90% of their shows can be summed up as “super-team fights big bad”. Which also unfortunately now applies to Supernatural as well.
  7. He hedged it. He said if the ratings held and J2 wanted to, the show would continue.
  8. I’ve been more interested in the half hour drops but generally Supernatural seems to be trending downward. I think there should be a rebound next week for the reasons you mentioned and Charlie is supposed to be back. I expect the show will be back to .4 next week. Regardless, if the season finale dropped to a .1, I believe we are guaranteed a season 15 just to close things out.
  9. It’s the same thing that happened in season 6. When you prop one character as the greatest hunter/leader/snowflake in the land and dump on the other, you make the other character the underdog. People generally root for the underdog so instead of making the pet character more popular, you just make them less.
  10. I pray to Chuck you are right. This is the first real .3 the show has gotten (I don’t count the thanksgiving episode). They were smart enough to realize Legacies was the better choice so it’s going to come down to if they think the current show is salvageable and that would require a writing staff change.
  11. Finals arent aren’t in yet but currently this ep lost about 70,000 viewers and .1 ratings in the second half hour due to everything they shoved down our throats in the first half. No matter the ratings structure today, those that are watching live are turning the show off.
  12. S14.E05: Nightmare Logic

    If by some miracle Kripke writes the finale, I bet he will give this show the enema it has needed since season 12.
  13. .2 would be disastrous but I would be amazed if it adjusted down. The end of the season though (given Dabb’s refusal to course correct on anything) .2’s will probably be the norm.
  14. Completely agree. My head cannon was Amara brought back Mary’s body but either left her soul in heaven or ate it outright since Chuck seemed to be the soul creator while she was the devourer.
  15. I agree that season 8 wrecked Sam’s character and they haven’t done anything in the 6 seasons after that to repair the damage or make it up to Dean. I still got enough from the actors and storylines to believe they cared about Dean. They have all said hurtful things to each other in the early years but that was kind of the point. They hurt each other but care more even if they went about it in the wrong way. I bought that Bobby, Cas, John and even characters like Ellen loved him even when they yelled at him. These days the only character I feel remotely cares about Dean is Jody. Currently, my only wish is Dean goes to the bunker, fills up Baby’s trunk with weapons, tells everyone to go screw themselves and drives into the sunset.