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  1. S06.E09: Lean In

    Julia and Joel: It's probably been said before, but I always interpreted the situation leading to the marriage breakdown as Julia being clearly depressed. Adoption related depression/anxiety/stress, closely followed by a loss of self esteem when she was no longer working. I think this is what she was referencing when she said she needed Joel and he was weak. But I think that short scene with Julia and Camille was the writers short handed way of trying to explain what Joel may have been feeling. Julia saw him as being 'weak' through all those difficult stages, when maybe he was feeling just as vulnerable as she was, and he needed her support. Or maybe he was misinterpreting her poor behaviour as selfishness, and not symptoms of depression. Why Joel didn't articulate any of that, though, is beyond me. Lazy writing, I guess. But I see no fault in Camille and Zeke encouraging their daughter to give the marriage another go, especially as there is no doubt that they both still love each other. Max/Kristina/Adam: We are definitely being punked by the writers. That is all.
  2. S06.E08: Aaron Brownstein Must Be Stopped

    Abso-fucking-lutely! The Parenthood I signed up for in the beginning would have handled the Max situation with so much more nuance and depth. I had hoped that Snowflake Academy would give Kristina the opportunity to interact with other children on the Autistic spectrum. It may have highlighted that a lot of Max's problems are the fault of his personality and her poor parenting; not his Asperger's. It would have been interesting to see the difficulties parents face when trying to alter their misguided parenting skills. Otherwise, what's the bloody point of this school? Why subject us viewers to such a stupid storyline in the first place? It's infuriating! Exactly. Sometimes I think it's an editing issue. It would have been a great scene if she'd countered her praise with a lesson in how and why his behaviour was inappropriate. Sadly, no.
  3. S04.E07: Baby Made A Mess

    Did anyone else hear the comment Olivia made to Fitz on the phone? "No, I don't lie." Oh, how I cackled!
  4. S06.E07: These Are The Times We Live In

    I agree. I'm pretty sure Zeke knows there has been a major lack of communication (mainly from Joel) contributing to the breakdown of their marriage. I think "fight for your marriage" is just another way of saying "make your feelings known, before it's too late". So true. This last minute rethink would have made much more sense if it had happened before Joel moved out and broke up the family. But, sadly, sensible storylines are not for this show any more.
  5. S04.E06: An Innocent Man

    I know! Such a pathetic man. This programme has really, truly, lost it's way. What a waste of talent, for all involved.
  6. S06.E02: Happy Birthday, Zeek

    Exactly! Sarah might need to work on her tone and timing, but what she was trying to say was really important. Being a good parent/grandparent/friend isn't just about offering unquestionable support. It's important to have people in your lives who will ask those difficult questions, even if they're hard to hear. Agreed! Surely after the deed she should have been reaching for the Morning After Pill if she didn't want a pregnancy.
  7. S06.E01: Vegas

    Well, every single storyline I hated last season has been extended. Whoopie! But, of course, I'll stick it out til the bitter end. Hoping and praying Christina and Adam will have some kind of comeuppance for their terrible parenting of Max. I already know I'll be disappointed. And if Joel and Julia don't end up back together, this will have to be my last Katims show. After Roswell, then the character assassinations on this; I don't think I can take any more!
  8. S05.E20: Cold Feet

    For those of us who watched Roswell, we're not surprised at all.