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  1. Premature Unfurling: TV spoilers & speculation

    It doesn't matter. She is constitutionally incapable of forgiveness. She cannot grow emotionally.
  2. Premature Unfurling: TV spoilers & speculation

    Okay, a couple of general notes. Maze is a DEMON. Her job is to punish people horribly for minor infractions. She cannot forgive as that's not how she was wired. This is the basis of her character. She is capable of "like" but not "love." The humans in the know do not realize that. Second: Peirce does not want to die. That, he knows, would send him to Hell for an eternity of punishment and pain. He wants what eastern religions call Nirvana, joyous oblivion with the destruction of the self. By helping Chole, who has magic powers she doesn't now about, attain enlightenment, he thinks he can achieve Nirvana and cease the eternal suffering.
  3. S01.E09: No Man's Land, Part One

    It's part of the core absurdity of any good fantasy. The "maguffin", of which there should only be one or two before the whole thing gets too silly to follow. These are: 1) How and why the solar system divided in two 2) The Berlin Portal and how it works. While the "shadow conspiracy" should be depicted in a realistic and semi-logical fashion, the portal itself works on magic fairy dust and really needs no further explanation
  4. S01.E09: No Man's Land, Part One

    The guests' plan was to get rid of the guards so there could be an invasion of sorts. I'm sure of it Force both worlds to discover each other and break Alpha wide open. Or blow open an interdimensional hole causing panic and confusion worldwide and letting the flu into Alpha so 7% of it's population would be killed. Dunno.
  5. S01.E09: No Man's Land, Part One

    That was fun....I guess that "bright eyes" was going back to the prime side to kill the border guards and start the invasion. Don't really know why they decided to delay the finale a week.
  6. All Season 9 Episodes Talk

    yeah, and Hetty mentioned Obama the previous November. Hence, as real presidents were assumed in the series, and they aren't anymore, we should assume that in the show, Hillary won.
  7. All Season 9 Episodes Talk

    But it was a single word and changing "she" to "he" would have changed absolutely nothing in the plot, and speaking of that, the new guys were there to break up a rogue organization. Why haven't they tried?
  8. All Season 9 Episodes Talk

    I remember in '12, they mentioned Hetty and Obama a few times. Trump and "Mad Dog" Mattis aren't all that in favor of women in high level positions, and when they talk about high ranking people in the Defense department, they should have them kind of reflect the current administration. The reaction to the murder of the deputy secretary of Defense, which is on the same level as the Secretary of the Navy, was particularly disappointing.
  9. All Season 9 Episodes Talk

    When NCIS (original recipe) first came out, it was on Air Force One and had a George W. Bush cameo. I had always assumed that they were using the real president, unlike some other shows, where the west wing is fictional. I noticed that the SecNav was referred to as a SHE. Does this mean that the assumption is that Hillary Clinton was elected president in the NCIS universe? The REAL SecNAV is Richard V. Spencer, who's definitely male. (there's another Richard Spencer out there who's a Nazi and a pal of Steve Bannon, but that's neither here nor there). I guess they gave up on real politics in the background when the Deputy Secretary of Defense was murdered and they never mentioned it again.
  10. AS it's technically a spoiler until 8PM, I think that the scene where the two Howards show maximum contempt for each other while "Meek" Howard gives the info to "sleazy" Howard, is magnificent. It also begs the question as to will the two get back to where they started.
  11. S01.E07: The Sincerest Form of Flattery

    No. Why would Quayle rebel against a group who, in his opinion, did nothing wrong? BTW, she's still running a hit squad and is part of a genocidal interdemensional conspiracy.
  12. S01.E15: No Man's Land

    I think that the series is making out the principles to be the BAD guys.
  13. S01.E07: The Sincerest Form of Flattery

    we needed the backstory.