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  1. This is one of the best detective shows that ever was...yeah, I know that Ian McShane was in "If it's Tuesday, this Must Be Belgium" a decade before, but this is what made his career.
  2. The thing was, was that there was a time when the Emmys were only broadcast television. I understand why people began to complain about pay cable, but this is ridiculous. I remember how Sundance had "Transparent" on it's channel, but most of them are not available on cable with an older TV (I got this huge early flatscreen thingie which weighes like a hundred pounds), I can't really get it to do streaming (which is expensive). So when all those shows I couldn't see got nominated, I just turned it off.
  3. Small Talk: Love Fest

    All crimes are hate crimes. You don't steal or kill or whatever strangers you love.
  4. Adventure Time Is Set To End In 2018

    they did. and if you hadn't been following it closely, it was mostly incomprehensible.
  5. All Episodes Thread

    the problem was that they didn't show the major episodes that pushed the plot. I binged what they had on PPV and it wasn't bad. I still can't stand the character design. I noticed that there was no discussion here for the better part of a year.
  6. S01.E07: Falling

    Alan (Adora's husband) had a flashback....does this mean he's the murderer? He's a minor character, mostly, and while weak in character, he may be strong enough to pull the teeth of the girls out. I just find that weird.
  7. Sometime, next week, in the middle of the night, there will be an eight to ten minute preview of season three. I guess it's a gift for your DVR.
  8. All Episodes Talk: That Can't Be Right

    Just binged the animated version and I don't like it one bit. Oh, the animation's fine, but debunking stories that were just made up by the show's writers, like the Copernicus segment, is just wrong. Also, the fall of the Berlin wall thing, while getting some details right, yeah, the bureaucrat misspoke, but, but there was no way the people of East Berlin would have heard the interview with the American journalist, it is just as wrong as the made-up story it debunks...and don't get me started on the mostly fictional history of the Middle East.... Very disappointing indeed.
  9. The Meg (2018): It Will Eat Bruce For a Snack

    It DID have he best single scene in any action flick. As to the Meg, it was well done, but generally awful.
  10. S06.E16: Uncanny Valley of the Dolls

    The joke at the end was the best denouement of any episode of the entire series. I've never seen Sherlock ever punk somebody before...or even tell a joke.
  11. The Romanoffs in the Media

    So it's about a bunch of middle-class poseurs, eh? The ones who actually sat on the throne were either perverts or morons or both. (Yes, Peter the Great was a perv.) I was hoping that someone would do a thing on the false Dmitri, the only proven imposter to sit on the throne of a major country, but I guess I'll continue to wait.
  12. S03. E13. The Business of Saving Lives 2018.07.18

    They had enough time to work it out. I believe there's a thread somewhere about shows that deliberately end on a ciffhanger. IT was nice that they didn't. The show went off the rails when Angus' brother fell out of that helicopter. If an actor isn't working out, just kill him/her off or have them move to Cleveland or something. There didn't seem to be a real plan or anything. Still, the acting was great and some of the plots were really good.
  13. S06.E11: You've Come a Long Way, Baby 2018.07.16

    DID anyone else here get another show on the DVR? Why does CBS DO that? Jeez!
  14. S03. E13. The Business of Saving Lives 2018.07.18

    The whole video camera thing was absurd. In any ER, let alone one in a major city that goes into Code Black almost every day, an intern shooting video would never be tolerated no matter who his daddy was. Well, at least one did. The show was based on that very video. The plotline was a tribute to the origins of the show.
  15. S03. E13. The Business of Saving Lives 2018.07.18

    I do believe Harden won an Oscar@