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  1. Episode 9: Janet(s) Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani and Jason are now in Janet's world, an endless void, made necessary when Shawn's minion demons came a calling out of his makeshift portal. It's up to her to protect them while Michael tries to get information on just how the points system works for Good Place/Bad Place separation from the former's accountant who assigns said points.
  2. Season 10 all episodes talk

    I find the Israel-hate on the various NCIS franchises annoying. Having most of the Israelis being pure evil (on our side, though) is gross and boring.
  3. S03.E09: Don't Let the Good Life Pass You By

    Sure you can. Thanksgiving.
  4. S03.E09: Don't Let the Good Life Pass You By

    it turns out they explained this earlier in the season: As soon as one finds out the system, the clock stops. This is why our four heroes cannot go to the good place after they saw the portal. Doug saw the whole system while he's still an amoral stoner, and his points haven't moved since he had his vision.
  5. S16. E07. A Thousand Words

    I am not Banksy and neither are you. I'm pretty sure I met him once.
  6. S05E05: Ghosts

    On another topic, the suicidal actions by the guest star was totally weird. Also, as to why the King, who went to Oxford, needed a translator is protocol. In Europe, the French President and the German Chancellor speak english to each other because it's neutral. When they talk to the British Prime Minister, they use a translator. It has to do with national pride and not having to demean one's self by speaking a foreign language.
  7. S05E05: Ghosts

    A word about the Thai monarchy. The real New King lives in Bavaria. The military dictator likes it that way. His coronation is now running nearly a year late.
  8. S11.E04: Arachnids in the UK

    I think that this may be where the series jumps the shark, so to speak....
  9. Episode 8: Don't Let the Good Life Pass You By Michael and Janet visit the person they believe to be the blueprint for how to live a good life on Earth; Eleanor turns to Tahani for advice. Episode 9: Janet(s)
  10. S03.E07: A Fractured Inheritance

    Yeah, they probably were. I've seen awful art selling for hundreds of thousands at places like the Armory show in New York or the Venice Biennalle...and don't get me to go on about David Shrigley (ugh!)
  11. S03.E06: The Ballad of Donkey Doug

    https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4188688/ https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/09612025.2010.509934?src=recsys&journalCode=rwhr20 Remember, I only mentioned this because , Helena Dax did.
  12. S03.E06: The Ballad of Donkey Doug

    Florence Nigthtingale was a total bitch, which may have been necessary at the time.
  13. S03.E06: The Ballad of Donkey Doug

    Nope. At the end of "Big" Tom Hanks tells Elizabeth Perkins "I have a million reasons to go but only one to stay..." before leaving her. Donkey Doug did one nice thing and a million bad ones. It doesn't work that way, or Tahani would have been in heaven had she been hit by a bus the day before. The "Touched by an Angel" stuff was better than I expected but not much. However, the simulation scenes were as good as anything in Season 2.
  14. S01E05: Connecting Flights

    I don't think they have either. The NSA is mostly internet and communications monitoring. These guys have no power of arrest. Also, why doesn't Ben go to his old employer? or at least why don't we see Ben go back to his old employer?
  15. Episode 7: The Worst Possible Use of Free Will Eleanor recalls some forgotten events from her past.