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  1. The "i'm not going to rat on my pals" crap made me want to hope she wound up in jail for six months. I"m glad "perry mason" lost the case.
  2. i didn't like the 'twist' a the end. It was too pat. The good guys are right even if they're wrong....sheesh!!!! The guy was innocent.
  3. Nonfiction. that's the funny part.
  4. In the background of a delivery service commercial (I'm not sure if it's FedEX or UPS), there are two women working at a place called conspiracy books, and in the background, there's a poster for a book called Did the 15th Century Happen? I want a copy of that poster, as I actually have a book about a theory that the Middle Ages Never Happened.
  5. Bad writing is bad writing. Torres is a fictional character and the message is" if it's a good cause, it's alright to force someone to give you money." It's a bad message and it hurt the plot.
  6. Jimmy put on a great deal of pressure, even putting the "charity's" WEBSITE ON HIS COMPUTER, and pretty much forced him to give the money. It was not voluntary, as Jimmy had gotten everyone else to SHAME him into doing it. He was not only unable to make a proper decision, but forced away from his computer while he was making the 'voluntary' payment so he couldn't rectify the mistake. The money was being saved for YEARS in order to pay for something he had been dreaming about, and he was unable pay his regular bills. ALL of it, including the $50, was stolen. The side-plot was an advertisement for the charity, and a bad one at that. It was a disservice to both legitimate charities and the integrity of the characters. It's an example of poor hackneyed writing.
  7. The Charity thing was insipid. I'm sorry it just was. It was like Jimmy was stealing money. Torres should have gotten SOME of his money back.
  8. The ending was totally stupid. The father had he only record that showed he had given up all his parental rights. Why didn't he destroy it ages ago? What happened to the REAL mother. I know that this is based on a real incident, but still....the kid was trafficked by the orphanage and kidnapped by Ms. Famous Actress.
  9. That's the point of the whole show. Chidi and the other three, according to the high mucky-mucks of the afterlife, deserve to be tortured forever and ever and ever.....The Bad Place and the Good Place are part of the same entity, and that entity has something against them.
  10. Had it been fiction, the assassination of Anwar Sadat would have been funny. He was reviewing a parade, when one of the brigades in it, stopped, saluted, then opened fire, before continuing it's goosestepping.
  11. did they change the name of the episode from "team cockroach" AFTER it aired?
  12. I could see the Fab Four becoming the Scooby Squad and help Sean against Michael. or have them find out in three or four episodes that this was not try three but was 134, and having them rebel in some other fashion. Counter-punking, if you will.
  13. Perhaps, but she won't be REAL Eleanor. Remember that plot twist at the end of season one. She's assistant devil #136 and always was. I expect that if it's go-round #2 instead of go-round #27, then it'll be about the ONLY Eleanor figuring out what's what again, but with we, the viewers being in on the joke. I'd love for Ms Bell to do an Orphan Black schtick and play a dozen characters.
  14. Good. It would be like the early days when half of all of us watching had already read the books and knew what was going to happen.
  15. In the great winter/long night, the polar caps would expand and they could walk over.