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  1. Anime & Toons: What Are You Watching?

    So I was at the screening of the Bebop movie (dubbed version) earlier tonight at my local Alamo. After the pre-show goofiness and the previews, there was a short documentary that was an interview with the main American cast. It was cute, having all 4 together and talking about how they connected with the characters and enjoyed the project and became family like the characters did. It felt like this is a special feature on the recent 20th anniversary DVD release of Bebop, so if you have access to that, try to look for it.
  2. Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    A while ago, YouTube pop music reviewer Todd in the Shadows decided to see how bad an actress Madonna really is (mainly because he likes bad "pop star" movies), so he decided to watch and review every movie she was in. Here's the first in the series:
  3. TNG in the Media

    Another option: Picard as the head of Starfleet Academy. Thus getting a series set at the Academy which has been long requested by fans. It's not an unreasonable move either. Picard was once offered the position in TNG, and he seemed both honored and interested. But he declined, staying as the captain of Starfleet's flagship. (Ok, that was in season 1. But still.) But after several years in the big chair, and a couple major wars (Borg, Dominion), he might be ready to take an "easier" position. Also, a series set at the Academy makes guest appearances much easier, if anything like that were to happen. But Indiana Picard is also an idea with a lot of legs. A basic concept for this was also brought up in a TNG episode, "Rascals". That's the one where Picard, Ro, Guinan and Keiko got physically de-aged. At a certain point, Troi talks to the young Picard about what he might do if the change is permanent and he (and the rest) would have to "grow up" naturally again. One suggestion she made was him taking a sabbatical and indulging in his archaeology hobby. He did say that that option had some appeal, but it wasn't for him at the time. Again, after a few years, he might have changed his mind. Either of these would probably be a good concept to run with. Or they might have something else in mind. With Sir Patrick as the lead though, at the very least there's going to be high-quality performance no matter the plots.
  4. For those that aren't really believers, but enjoy on an entertainment level, a video you will appreciate.
  5. I wouldn't even go that far. I think it'd be better with all new characters with practically no connection to the original cast except the school itself. Maybe one legacy character, two at most. According to Wikipedia, there was a FoL Reunion special in 2001 (filmed around 9/11!) which showed that Tootie and Jo both had daughters, and part of the plot was Natalie dealing with 2 wedding proposals. The daughters were 10 and 12, so they'd be too old to be regulars in the new series, but there's potential with Natalie and/or Blair. Or Blair's cousin Geri. Or even any of the other 4 girls that appeared in the first season (remember them? One was played by Molly Ringwald). So there's a way to get a legacy character or two. In any case, I'd leave the door open for the original cast to appear if they want (like a special alumni homecoming or reunion episode), but not rely on any connection beyond the title and setting. I think that qualifies as a remake, not a reboot. I do agree about the definition of revival. And Star Trek is the easiest way to define them all and a couple others, even if you have to go theatrical a bit. Original: Star Trek (TOS) Revival: Star Trek the Motion Picture (and movies 2-6) Reboot: Star Trek TNG (DS9 and Voyager are spin-offs). (and movies 7-9) Remake: The Abrams-verse movies. Retcon: Enterprise Retcon Reboot: Discovery
  6. That would require Pogs to come back first. A Facts of Life reboot could actually work. Remember the original premise: the (mis)adventures of a group of teenage girls in a boarding school. It's a relatively timeless concept, but with the way culture has changed since the '80s, there's lots of new stories to tell, and new angles to explore in the old ones. And it would be another show with a majority female cast, which we do need more of.
  7. Update time! Post-production for Season 12 is progressing on schedule and looking good. The comic book got a good reception at SDCC. And the tour plans are proceeding apace, even with a change in movies. (See here for details from Joel, but the TL;DR version is: Remember that I said that Deathstalker would require some judicious editing? They tried that...it didn't work. They've moved on to Deathstalker 2 which is less problematic.) The rest of the update is Pledge Drive stuff. There's been some changes made. Special bundles have been added, and the box sets will be region-free. And one of the items will now be included at no additional charge with every pledge (and refunds will be made available to anyone that made a pledge that included paying for that item before this change). But the biggest thing is Joel answering the questions of "Why the Pledge Drive?" and "Where is the money going?" Joel said that he wanted to tell us about that at first, but then thought it might be too insidery. But since there's been so many questions, he decided to share after all. This is pretty important, so I'll quote Joel on this. So the Pledge Drive is to help cover the remaining costs of the season, and thus far, the Drive has raised about half of what they figured they need to avoid going into the red. But the Drive is only half over too...
  8. Survivor in Other Countries

    It's Australia...what's one more venomous snake going to do?
  9. Sailor Moon in the Media

    A recent article from Kotaku. It's about the search for the lost pilot of a weird and very 90's American live-action adaptation of Sailor Moon that ends up finding something even weirder...
  10. Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Much like Donny himself does.
  11. Explains why they're a jobber squad.
  12. TAR31 Anticipation Thread

    With the Moonves scandal now in play, I wonder if this practice will soon be ending. If Les is out, his wife will have less power at the network, and her shows won't be as forced to the forefront as they have been. Survivor's powerful and popular enough to withstand the scandal, and TAR ought to be able to, what with the constant Emmy nominations and multiple wins in the category. But BB's connected way too close to not get some form of splashback.
  13. Doctor Who in the Media

    And now there's a new fun photo-meme going around on the primary Doctor Who subReddit: "X in Y's outfit." It's mostly head-swapping photo-shops, like this one of 10 in 7's iconic outfit. With the occasional drawn art version, like this one of 12 in 13's clothes. Of course there are also those being cute about this meme and posting screenshots of just post-regeneration moments, like this shot of 6 still in 5's clothes. Not every combination has been done yet, but there's quite a few to look for...mostly involving 11. Worth a gander if you're in the mood for something not so serious.
  14. Doctor Who: Shada - The Lost Episode

    Which were so good, they were reused for the Fourth Doctor's appearance in The Five Doctors.
  15. Great find. Powerful read (even if I do disagree with some of the writer's interpretation of the episode's events, but those are not the point.) Thanks for sharing.