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  1. No, I'm quite sure. The scene with the spoo is before the scene where Londo tells Sinclair about his prophetic death dream.
  2. S37:E11 So Smart They're Dumb

    That is probably how Carl thought she'd react, since it's basically how she reacted the last time it happened. Remember everyone, Gabby was the only David left out of the John vote. She was technically blindsided too. (Granted, her part in that vote wouldn't have changed if she'd been read in to the plan, since her vote was for Angelina and was part of the back-up split vote. But I'm sure she would have liked to have known what the hell was going on beforehand.) Her getting left out of yet another vote, while Angelina and Kara (two of the opposition) were included instead showed how little she meant to Carl's alliance. So Gabby did what anyone on the bottom of an alliance should do: she flipped. And since she brought Christian along, she flipped with power.
  3. Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Depending on the height of the staircase, the height of the individual stairs, what the stairs are made of, what the floor at the bottom is made of, the angle at which one is facing relative to the stairs when the fall starts, the number of rolls, etc., I can buy broken ribs as a result of a fall like that. The hand part doesn't really fit, unless there was some other extenuating factor. Like her having a glass in that hand as she fell, for example. And if it was a glass containing alcohol, that adds more believability to there being a fall in the first place.
  4. Premiere date of January 18th officially announced. Along with some preview stills of the animation.
  5. Not so. G'Kar is eating some fresh spoo and even offers some to Londo by name just before Londo confronts him about the attack on Ragesh 3 near the beginning of Midnight on the Firing Line (aka the first regular episode).
  6. S37:E11 So Smart They're Dumb

    As another favorite reality show espouses in its premier episode, there are many different kinds of genius; mathematical, strategic, business, social, etc. From his profession, we know Christian has a technical genius. And as seen in a couple challenges, he is very good with puzzles, which is a different, but likely related genius. The both of those are why he was cast to fill the "brilliant nerd" archetype. But as we've seen over the course of the season, he also has a social genius; that general geniality and friendliness that made practically everyone on the cast like him seemingly within moments. And that's the "brilliance" that the rest of the cast are so afraid of at the moment, not his technical or puzzling geniuses. The ability to play Survivor well is yet another kind of genius, and that is one that Christian does not have. At least, not on the same level as Nick or Davie. Christian may understand the theories, but Nick and Davie are better at putting them into practice.
  7. S37 Ponderosa *Possible Spoilers*

    People don't have tear ducts in their ankles. ;)
  8. S37:E11 So Smart They're Dumb

    Agreed...no matter which side they could both be sitting on.
  9. S37:E11 So Smart They're Dumb

    Exactly. Davie wanted to appear like he got blindsided too, even though he was the only person at that TC who knew 100% who would be voted out. Ok, maybe not 100%. There was a possibility that Christian wouldn't save himself. But that would have been all Christian's fault. And Christian was walking down the Path of the Dead, he'd remember that Davie tried to warn him. Which would probably put him on Davie's side if Davie made FTC. In other words, warning Christian made this TC a win-win for Davie.
  10. S37 Spoilers and Speculation

    They sort-of uninvited the entire pre-jury of Caramoan. The only people on stage at that reunion were the jury (minus a very pregnant Brenda), the F3, and Peachy. However, all but one of the rest were sitting in the front row of the audience. And if you've seen Caramoan, you can guess who was the absent one. He was really the only uninvited guest, but they put the rest of the pre-jury in the audience so as to not call attention to his absence. Also, looking at the wiki, Vytas was also uninvited from Cambodia. I forgot about this one, mostly because Vytas was such a non-factor in that season, being the first one out. He was uninvited due to his shenanigans involving leaving home immediately instead of being part of the pre-Ponderosa, and thus being active on social media while the rest of the season was recording...including a Facebook post about a yoga class he was teaching like a week or two after he actually got back, IIRC. So he got uninvited for spoilers and possibly a breech of contract. This would be the most likely parallel to Alec, if it weren't for Alec being a jury member.
  11. S37:E10 Tribal Lines are Blurred

    Not necessarily. They could just as easily penalize them for not removing an annoyance when they had a chance. That's always the Catch-22 of the jury. You can never be 100% sure how they'll take any decision.
  12. Don't forget, all the Davids know that Christian has an idol. (He told them at their meeting when Nick and Carl put their advantages on the table as well. Nick's idol is only known to him and Davie.) It is entirely possible that Gabby is setting up the other women to put their votes on Christian, so that he can use his idol to save himself and the two of them will have the deciding votes in some fashion.
  13. Major thread necromancy because there's now an animated equivalent to the Tommyverse, courtesy of Nerdist.com. And since this animated universe is connected to The X-Files, via the Simpsons, it is also connected to the Tommyverse. Meaning it's really all just one big universe/multiverse.
  14. Anime & Toons: What Are You Watching?

    Considering they pretty much only show the Evas and the pilots, mostly in fight scenes, along with out of context character shots for everyone (including Pen-Pen)...well, it's a fairly close call. In other toon news, Nerdist.com presents the Grandest Unified Cartoon Uni-/Multiverse Theory. Ever. This is the animated equivalent of the Tommy Westphall Universe (which could also be linked to this...)
  15. S37 Spoilers and Speculation

    Yeah. That and them showing both the moments at the first IC and TC of him talking about how this might be his only chance to play the game feel almost like MDMs.