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  1. Specifically, he has to use it as he votes. The Nullifier has to be put inside the urn with along with the name of the person to whom it will apply. So that'll definitively be before the idol is played, unless someone tries to pull a Ben-bomb.
  2. Absolutely. There's no way they would have done this swap set-up at 17. Bi probably mentioned that she might quit because of her injury when medical checked her out in the previous episode, with confirmation after (trying to) sleep on it, and the plan for the swap was moved up a couple of days or so.
  3. S37 Tribe Tracker

    The swap did provide new tribe names, so those are listed in this update. Also added are the tracking codes. Each contestant now has a two-letter code in front of their name representing their tribal history; first letter is either D or G for David or Goliath, and the second letter is the initial letter of the new tribe names. If any further swaps occur before the merge, the codes will grow longer to reflect those changes. Since this was a change to 3 tribes, let's start with the newest one: Tiva (the Green Tribe, or "Slamtown"): (GT) Alison (DT) Christian (GT) Dan (DT) Gabby (GT) John Jabeni (the Purple Tribe, or nuGoliath): (GJ) Angelina (DJ) Lyrsa (GJ) Mike (DJ) Nick (GJ) Natalie Vuku (the Orange Tribe, or nuDavid): (GV) Alec (DV) Davie (DV) Elizabeth (GV) Kara (GV) Natalia (DV) Carl (Sent to EI first, then joined tribe after TC). And just for completion, everyone out of the game before the swap, with reasons other than TC noted: Pat (Medevaced) Jessica Jeremy Bi (Mediquit)
  4. S11.E02: The Ghost Monument

    Apparently, according to tweets from the production team, that's part of the Chameleon Circuit interface. It's there to show what the TARDIS looks like from the outside after landing in a new location/time. But since this particular Chameleon Circuit is broken, it's always going to show the police box. Also from them, the reason that the biscuit was a custard cream is because that's Jodie's favorite kind. And all they told her for that bit was when she sees that particular pedal, step on it. They didn't tell her what it would do. I don't get why everyone is saying that the Ghost Monument/TARDIS appeared every 1000 years. The race official said it appeared every 1000 "rotations", shortly after saying that the two racers had only 1 "solar rotation" (ie, "day") to get to it. I took that to mean that the TARDIS was appearing every 1000 days, not years. Which would give it more time to grow a reputation as a "monument" on this planet. In either case, it was "lucky" that they arrived on the right day. The Doctor was right about them not surviving another rotation. No food, no drinkable water, toxic air, not to mention the robot guards and killer bandages...
  5. S37.E03 I Am Goliath Strong

    I prefer to take the third option: Jeremy doesn't know the difference between a "showmance" (Dan/Kara) and a bog-standard mixed-gender alliance (presumably John/Angelina, John/Natalie, Natalia/Alec).
  6. Technically both are correct. However, the former is more prevalent in British pronunciation, whereas the latter is more American. (Not sure about Australian.)
  7. Well, the show was set in Appalachia...
  8. S37.E03 I Am Goliath Strong

    That would have been an interesting season, if it had ever happened. These two have never been on the same season.
  9. S37.E03 I Am Goliath Strong

    Under the circumstances, CBS/Survivor allowed for her to make a rebuttal, similar to Zeke's statement after the Varner incident. Jeremy apparently started this war of words with a prepared statement he read out at his first post-game interview with Dalton Ross, before he would answer any of Ross's questions. A courtroom tactic to be sure, but hardly normal Survivor interview behavior. And given the nature of the "accusation", TPTB decided to let her release a statement on this issue only, instead of making her wait until her gag order would normally be released (whenever that might be.)
  10. But that was a puncture wound (from a badly constructed challenge.) Bi's knee injury is purely internal; straining and re-injuring her MCL according to her TH in the episode.
  11. All buttons missing from forum pages

    The buttons are all in the "hamburger", aka the three horizontal lines.
  12. Apparently on Twitter, Randy (from Gabon and HvV) pointed out that Survivor never gives any airtime to an injury unless it leads to a medevac. And since there were three separate moments (during the puzzle, right after the challenge was over, and after the return to camp) regarding her injury in this last episode, he's concerned for her too.
  13. S37.E02 The Chicken Has Flown the Coop

    The Ballad of Abi and RC.
  14. Sounded like he's reprising his Batman from The Brave and the Bold. Dare we conjecture a shared universe, like the original DCAU?
  15. S37.E02 The Chicken Has Flown the Coop

    Not just drinking laws; all laws. It's part of the Survivor Rulebook. As for why, I assume that CBS Legal put that in as a COA clause.