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  1. There's also this song by a band called Catatonia which name-checks the X-Files protagonists...in the title/chorus. And going back to the 80s and name-checking other musicians, there's the opening line of "Come On Eileen" from Dexys Midnight Runners. "Poor old Johnnie Ray". Turns out he's name-checked in other songs too; by Billy Idol, Van Morrison, and the cultural reference-laden "We Didn't Start the Fire."
  2. TAR31 Anticipation Thread

    I think that that counts as a point in Rupert's favor rather than a detriment. I'd still rather have them than any Big Brother team...
  3. That explains it. It's an ugly dress so she doesn't outshine the bride on her day. A.k.a., the bridesmaids' dress principle.
  4. S20 Talk

    Leg 3: Paraguay. Gonna talk about this one a little differently. First off, that was indeed a show of domination by the Border Patrol in this leg. The polar opposite of Leg 1 for the sisters; everything (except the start of the Roadblock) went right for them. First place throughout the entire leg. A very solid performance, and well-earned. The smugness in the post-leg TH was a bit of a turn-off. They now need to nearly get eliminated, to add some needed humility. So much BaldSnarking at this Detour! I think only 4 teams stuck with their original choice, and two of those almost switched. I think I would have chosen the harp. I did the math and that pyramid needed 385 watermelons. Moving and stacking 400 melons in the heat, vs 36 harpstrings indoors? Even with that snarl, the harp seems the better choice. When the one Kentucky boy compared stringing a harp to running a gas throttle, I had to pause the episode for a moment. While I never would have thought of that analogy, from what I remember from my Small Motors class in junior high, he's not wrong in the slightest. It does work in a similar way. And talk about an unusual crossover skill... (Still need the volume down a bit though. KF should help with that, I hope.) Now that I've seen the Express Pass used...I'm still not sure about it. I get why they used it; they had a lead on 5 teams before the Detour, then had a problem with the one side. And all the other teams caught up as they BaldSnarked (including ones that also BaldSnarked.) But was this the best use of it? I don't know. They probably would have liked to have had the option when they got to the Roadblock, that's for sure. I would have sworn Rocker twin would have been better at the harp task. As did he. His experience should have been helpful. But it really looked like Soccer twin was the better of the two at the task. Roadblock was nutty. Obviously, it was possible, but looked to be nearly not. Having a bottle limit and a penalty thereafter looked to be a good compromise. Otherwise there could have been a team or two days behind. And was it just me, or did the clue-giving head dancer look somewhat like Survivor's Courtney Yates? Credit where credit is due, the RHT did do well at the tasks in this leg. She was pretty good at the harp Detour after they BaldSnarked, even managing to celebrate finishing quietly. She also did really well at the Roadblock. Even if it looked like she got a Botox treatment just before starting on that. (So glad that the Amazing Editors threw that face in, with a close-up nonetheless. It feels like they hate that this team is here too, and are using everything available to make them look bad. Which, given the team, is a lot of ammunition.) However, her behavior before BaldSnarking and during the transition between the two was expectedly poor and childish. Yes, Vanessa (the Tiny of this season's HugeTiny team) did "start it" by trying to impede their melon gathering, then pointing out that RHT's ass was visible through her pants and snickering about it. But to cite that as why you're BaldSnarking? Congratulations, RHT, you've been psyched out! And two other things regarding her complaining afterwards in the cab. First, despite what your wardrobe would indicate, you're an adult. If you're going to call another woman a bitch, just use the word "bitch"...bitch. Second, "overdone makeup"? When was the last time you looked in a mirror?...bitch.
  5. S07.E19: Strange Bedfellows

    It's the helmets. They look like the one Leia wore when she disguised herself as the bounty hunter Boushh in Return of the Jedi.
  6. S20 Talk

    Going on a binge-let: only one episode a day. That ought to give me plenty of time to get through the 4 seasons I need to watch before the currently shooting season airs. Leg 2: Argentina. To start, the cluster at with the first clue. Since everyone got to the square long before the delivery time, did no one think to suggest that they all get their clue in an orderly fashion, instead of behaving like 20 ugly American children? I mean, I would have suggested that teams get their clues in order of arrival, which had not changed from departure times, no matter if it was to my benefit or not. And even if someone did suggest it, I'd wager there was one specific team that would have nixed that process. Detour: Interesting options. I'm not sure which option I would have taken. It appeared that the fire option was faster. But I also know the history of animal "assistance" on the Race, moreso with species known to be stubborn. There'd be the fear in my mind that the donkey could be "broken", and that'd slow that side down to a crawl. I'm also fairly mechanically minded, so I probably would have leaned to the solar cooker option like almost all the teams did, even knowing that it'd take a long time to get the water to boil. Travel: Long-haul bus travel in the Race always has some complications somewhere. And here, I wonder if it was a form of Cab Karma. The Jersey boys used the Mississippi girls (as is the guido nature) and got ahead and onto the second bus, while the girls found themselves on the third. But the second bus had the problems and the third passed them in the night, so the girls got moved way up in the pack, while the Jersey boys fell down again (taking 3 other teams with them). Aside from the vehicle being larger, that feels a lot like Cab Karma kicking Jersey ass, and it's only Leg 2. Roadblock: I think my strategy for this one would be to try one calculation only for the first paddock. If I got that one wrong, I'd go back and start counting the cows in the next one. That way, I'd be ignoring the activity at the active paddock, and be ready to start dividing immediately once the auctioneer moved on. I do like that a few of the teams did start teaming up on the task. That hearkens back to an another old Race maxim I espouse: Alliances should be mutually-beneficial and temporary. The teams that worked together did so just for this one task (so far) and only did so to check their math and get ahead of another team. I also like that the Roadblock was the task that started turning the red-headed twit into Flo. I have no idea what she was expecting going on the Race, but I do know that you can't make others to do the hard work for you. To win the Race, you have to earn it, which means it's going to be hard. And this is just Leg 2. It's only going to get harder. Suck it up or quit; preferably the latter. (Schadenfreude is going to get me through much of this season.) Overall, I do like that it was Mark of the Kentucky boys leg to shine. He owned that Detour, and wasn't too shabby at the Roadblock. It sounded like he made simple math mistakes, which can happen when you're trying to solve a problem under pressure and a time limit. And good of his partner to give him full credit on both tasks, and trying to get Mark to stop kicking himself for the mistakes he made. Good ol' boys indeed. (Bonus point for their volume being lower throughout the leg. Again, I get the excitement of Leg 1 and like their enthusiasm overall. Still like them better when they ain't shouting.) Also, while I didn't recognize the greeter myself, it was cool that the soccer twin did. It looked like it surprised the greeter that any of the Racers would know who he is, so to be recognized and called a legend was awesome. Also, the moment of the two guys just kicking around the ball at the mat was sweet, and probably a great thrill for said twin. Alas, poor clowns. Shoulda seen it coming when they mentioned his beating cancer twice at the top of the episode. "Sob story" out of the blue in act 1 usually indicates the death knell in act 5. Not surprising they had noses at the ready for their Philimination. And the whole prepared walk/stumble into the sunset. I just wish that the Amazing Editors would have cut short the circus music over the credits. That went on too long. Oh, speaking of the editors and music; I forgot to mention that I kinda this season's version of the opening theme. I don't think I've heard it before, but it's a pretty good remix. The electric guitar chords are a fitting touch and not too overpowered.
  7. S20 Talk

    I fell out of TAR watching for a while, and have been meaning to play catch-up. With the upcoming season being a All Star season of sorts (including Survivors, who don't bother me too much, and BB contestants, who always have since TAR5), I decided I should go ahead and watch the relevant previous seasons before that one starts. I know the seasons to watch (but not really who to watch for...no spoilers please.) so I started with the first episode of the earliest season I needed to see. And within 5 minutes, I began regretting my decision. As stated, A BB team was bad enough, but these two? Double that. And then I saw the Jersey boys. "Oh good, two teams for me to hate." (Although I may change my mind about the self-professed guidos as time goes on, depending on their Race behavior. But not the other team. Screw those imports.) No issues with other teams yet, but the Kentucky boys might grow to be annoying if they can't control their volume. (Enthusiasm is great and all, but the one is at an 11 when I could really use him at a 5-6). Onto the leg itself. Damn, that opening task was a killer. I mean, I kinda get it. Having a needle in a haystack task at the start to help with the initial plane bunching and while the teams are "fresh" (Tour de Phil notwithstanding) makes sense. But when the last place teams are only really starting the Race nearly 2 hours behind, it feels unfair, even if it's about to be somewhat nullified by said plane bunching. Argentina. Beautiful locations, as per usual. Having the first real task after getting there be a Roadblock felt odd for some reason. A Detour but no Roadblock in Leg 1 seems "normal". But a Roadblock without a Detour; that's a bit weird to me. (As is Roadblock before Detour, but not as much.) However, the fact that it was a Roadblock that involved both Racers somewhat mitigated that oddness. Adding to that that the Racer not doing the Roadblock was made to jump from the plane is a nice, if somewhat expected, twist. Empanadas! This seems like a task that would be one side of a Detour (similar tasks have been on other Races). And the trick with the two kinds of crimping was a nice touch. It would have been better in a later leg, once KF has started kicking in, to see if Racers are still able to pay attention. Also, since they were in Argentina, I'm letting the "empanada Nazi" joke go. Three teams with car problems in the leg. The clowns had some issues with stick early in their driving (leading to the title quote), but managed to do better by the Roadblock. The Jersey boys TH about Mama asking about learning to drive stick a couple days before them leaving...and Mama being right managed to endear them to me some. They're at least self aware. That leaves the Philiminated sisters. And talk about problems. Almost everything went wrong for them from the get-go. They were the last ones to find the starting clue at the starting line. Then the one got their car stuck in sand during the Roadblock, putting them into last place. Then they neglect to read the clue properly before the empanadas and leave their bags in their car, costing them time later. Then when they just pip the Jersey boys on the empanada task, they can't find Phil in the middle of an open courtyard! That allows the Jersey boys to finish ahead of them, thus causing their Philimination. Has there even been a team with a worse first/only leg? This is the first season of the Race I've seen that has the Express Pass. Because of that, I'm not sure what to think of it yet. I'll have to see it used before I pass any kind of judgement. However, I like that it has a leg limit, so it can't be used for an insta-win at the end. And based on the rest of the description, I'm glad that the Army spouse team won it instead of the second place team. Final thought: the titular "Tears of a Clown" really came in the preview for the rest of the season. The Race is not supposed to be "nice". It's supposed to be hard. A hell of a lot harder than sitting on your ass in a TV studio for months.
  8. While I have been appalled by every story that has come up in this thread (all of which has made me rethink some of my behavior when I was an ignorant teen male, and realizing that I was close to crossing the line on occasion back then, but never did...as far as I know. There might be some women in my past that think I did cross a line. And that thought makes me want to do better.), the Chloe Dysktra story has hit closest to me. Because I've met her a couple times. Once at a post-Nerdist tour event, and the second time at a con. Spent about 5-10 minutes talking with her total, so I have no illusions that she remembers me. But she was absolutely adorable, personable, and sweet both times. Based on the implied time-frame, both our encounters would have been during her ordeal. She showed no outward signs at the time, so it was probably before the anorexia and hair-pulling (although at the con, she was wearing a wig; she is a cosplayer after all.) I like to think that if I'd known what was going on that I'd have tried to help her somehow. I'm just glad she's in a better place now, and finally getting the support that she needed.
  9. S07.E15: Badda-Bing Badda-Bang

    Well, it was rather fresh in Sisko's mind, since he'd had both of his "Benny Russell" experiences within a year of the events of this episode.
  10. How about some DVD news? Shout Factory has had the license from the original Saban-era for a while, and has produced every single season on DVD; from the original MMPR Season 1 all the way to RPM released this March. (The Disney-era and beyond are also available on DVD, but were not licensed to Shout.) Well, for the 25th anniversary this year(!), they're doing a special 20-disc steelbox set of the entire MMPR series. That's all 3 seasons, including the Alien Rangers saga, plus the original movie, and 2 discs of bonus material. And speaking of Shout and licenses, they'd also made a deal with Toei to release the original source sentai series (with subtitles, of course). They started at Zyuranger, which was MMPR Season 1, and have put out every season since that one, up to Timeranger (Timeforce) coming out next month. They also announced something else coming out later this year. They're also releasing Jetman, the series that came before Zyuranger. It's the first Shout sentai release that isn't connected to a full season of Power Rangers (although Jetman did appear in part in Gokaiger, as did every other previous sentai in the line, and Gokaiger was adapted into (the markedly inferior) SuperMegaforce). And many sentai fans say that it's one of the best sentai seasons, and is often recommended as a entry point for new sentai watchers. There's a lot of speculation about this new entry in the Shout series, as there has been with every new Shout sentai release. When they first released Zyuranger, people were immediatly asking if this meant that Dairanger (the next season, and the one that became MMPR season 2...minus the suits, except the white one) would be next. And when that did come out, the questions started slowly morphing from "Will the next season be released?" to "When will the next season be released?" (Standard answer to that has become "two seasons a year; one in the first half and the other in the second, specifics to come when Shout says.") And there was always the undercurrent of "Will there be releases for Shinkenger (Samurai) and beyond, or will it stop at Go-onger (RPM)?" But with Jetman coming out, there's now two new questions that are variations on a couple of the older ones. "Will the previous season (which is currently Fiveman) be released?" and "Will there be releases going all the way back to Gorenger (The original sentai series)?" The usual answer to all of these questions, going back to the first Zyuranger release, is that it'll depend in part on the sales of each existing release. As long as it seems profitable for Shout and Toei to keep making these DVDs, they probably will.
  11. Survivor In The Media

    Looking at the three teams, my guess is that they were each picked based on a different primary criterion, although the other criteria would also be factors for each. One team was picked primarily for recency/recognition. One team was picked primarily for general popularity. One team was picked primarily for sheer availability.
  12. S01.E14: Objects in Space

    It was a callback to the earlier gun moment in the episode. "No touching guns!" It showed that she was learning to integrate into the 'verse again, by comprehending something someone not her brother told her, and using it herself in somewhat appropriate context.
  13. S01.E12: The Message

    Another typical thing that happens when filming tv shows is shooting the episodes out of order. This may be due to budget, location, or a host of other factors. I mention that to bring up that this was the final episode of Firefly that was filmed. And the reason that that is important is the score; particularly for the funeral scene at the end of the episode. One of the great things I've always heard about Firefly is that everyone involved in the making of it knew how special it was. Not just the cast, but the crew on every level of the team; from the directors and editors to the key grips and gaffers. And that includes the composer. Also, by this point, they knew that this was probably it for the show (barring a miracle). So, when they gave the composer the version of the episode for him to write the score and music for, he also knew this special thing was about to end and he wanted to say goodbye. So he did, with the score. That's why the music in the funeral scene is extra-beautiful. It's not just for Tracey, but for all of Firefly.
  14. S01.E08: Out of Gas

    The latter, I think. There's a minor flashback that shows why that gun is there then. But it's easy to get lost in all the other flashbacks. In fact, this episode has two passages of dialogue that are incredibly important to the fanbase. One line became a rallying cry, and the other...well, I'll get to that. The first line comes from the Mal/Wash fight on the bridge about the distress call. During that fight, Mal gives the order, "Make the signal go further." The Browncoats took that as a call to action. The word about Firefly became "the signal" and everyone did their part to make it go further. Before streaming came along, often you'd hear about Browncoats buying multiple copies of the DVD set; one for their own viewing, and others as gifts or to loan out to other potential Browncoats. (I was a variation on this theme. I borrowed the first DVD in the set from a friend. After watching it, I returned it and bought my own (first) set.) There was also a podcast created named "The Signal", dedicated to keeping the love alive and figuring out ideas to help boost the signal. 15 years later, and we're still doing so. This very conversation is part of making the signal go further. All because of one line. (One that gets a callback of sorts in the movie.) The other passage is linked to one of my favorite BTS stories; not just for Firefly, but for all TV and movies. Two things you need to know/remember for this story. First, when a show has finished its run, the cast and crew will often take home props and/or wardrobe as a memento of their time on the show. For example, Gina kept her gun, Adam kept most of his shirts, etc. Second, Joss had managed to get Buffy un-cancelled a few years prior by striking a new deal with a different network, so he was trying to do the same thing with Firefly. But by the time they'd finished shooting everything, there still wasn't any word. Joss was still working on it, but by this point it'd take a miracle. One day, Joss headed back to his office, and there was a package in the mail on his desk. In it was the prop Alan Tudyk had taken; the big red button from this episode. Along with it was a note: "When your miracle gets here, you just pound this button once." A couple years later, the miracle happened and Serenity hit the big screens.