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  1. Don't these idiots have a deductible? So the insurance company pays from dollar one for the damage fixable by a pen and for just "clipping" someone and they should be blameless and pay nothing and have no rate increase? I think the driver they "clipped" may not feel that is so minor that it should have no consequences.
  2. I don't live under a rock and had not heard the word boba. Bubble tea I've heard of and never tried. I don't think there is any weird asymmetry with Jeremy's mouth/teeth. It looks just the position his mouth was in at the moment of the picture.
  3. S13.E06: Divine Dryads 2018.07.10

    I'm glad someone else was as appalled as I was with the out-of-place, extraneous teeth! I'll never understand how anything won with that idiocy. It was the sort of thing the judges would have ripped someone for previously. OK - I get it, the judges have lost their teeth, therefore they reward teeth. This show is sadly going out with a whimper. Almost nothing is memorable or notable in a good way. All these people are doing is demonstrating why they didn't win the season they were on. Obviously, the pool of possible contestants dried up, but couldn't they have interesting challenges at least. There would be a chance someone would rise to the occasion, instead the challenge is: Make a Monster. Yawn,,,,
  4. I'm just starting season 19 on Netflix, the last season available. I really liked Tom Barnaby and was skeptical of John Barnaby, but he quickly won me over. I see a touch more sense of humor. I never liked Joyce Barnaby and Cully was only interesting occasionally. Joyce always seemed stiff and cold. Sarah is like a breath of fresh air, she has a much more lively personality. And I love Sykes. I do see that the stories have changed over time, but not in any jarring way to me and I like the addition of ethnic characters, even though I agree with the quote above. The character may be played by a non-white actor, but is largely interchangeable with a white actor. It would be better if they interjected at least a little non-while culture. However, this doesn't ruin the show for me. I am more jarred by the changing parade of DSs. I assume that is is mostly that the actors want to move on, but just when I start to know and appreciate a DS they are gone.
  5. I finally have to jump in with my two cents. I am continually amazed at the different perceptions of attractiveness. I have so often read that Jana is beautiful or gorgeous and I look at her and wonder what on earth people see that I can't. She is perfectly OK looking but so ordinary and unremarkable that I can't imagine her standing out in any group. I think Jinger has really come into her own with her styling and is very pretty. Pre-Jeremy she was pretty, but needed better makeup, hair styling, and clothes. She very likely gets encouragement from Jeremy, but I think she has an innate sense of style that she can now express. She is doing attractive pregnancy to the hilt. Ranking the older Duggar girls: Jessa (facially, I still think she is beautiful), Jinger, Jana, Joy and poor unfortunate Jill. The Duggar girl husbands: Jeremy is attractive facially and has a great body; Ben is relatively attractive; Derrick is just plain scary.
  6. No, that's not entirely true- because that would mean there would be over 1000 TIMES the current population of 7 Billion folks eight generations ago and I don't even think our planet had 1 billion people until about 1800. The answer is that quite a few cousin marriages occurred especially in isolated and small communities. It is true that there is not a true doubling each generation back because of intermarriages of relatives, the genetic contribution from each generation is a diminishing amount. I have 3G ancestors who were first cousins, so their grandparents were my 5Gs twice - meaning that instead of having 128 5Gs, I have 126. That is a small genetic contribution. However, that does not diminish my interest in them - they, all of them, are still where I came from.
  7. The show prompted me to look up my connection to the Salem witch trials - the brother of my 7G grandfather was a judge, but you are right, that topic has been done enough. Which brings me to something I think - the stories from non-celebrities could be every bit as interesting, if not more, than many of these people. Also, there are so many other subjects that have not been done that I remember. I would love to see the fleshed out story of many of my ancestors who pioneered in Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Kansas. I've never cried over an ancestor, but I certainly have had deep emotional reactions to various things. When I saw the England census for 1841 and see the little boys listed with coal miner as occupation, I felt that one.
  8. S06.E08: Sand Trap 2018.06.18

    ITA. I can't imagine any way they could incorporate a baby into this show without ruining it. Think of Sherlock interacting with a TV Precocious Toddler - ridiculous!
  9. I found this one interesting even though there was a lot that had previously been covered in other episodes. I have ancestors who were in Essex County Massachusetts in the same time period and one collateral ancestor who was a Salem trial judge, so of course that is of special interest.
  10. S13.E02: Midnight Monsters 2018.06.12

    I watched the first season of this show and I refreshed my memory of the challenges and makeups. It confirmed what I and others are saying about the decline in talent. There were absolutely breathtaking makeups compared with things ranging from mediocre to abysmal so far in this season. I would like to be wowed by something in this final season.
  11. S13.E02: Midnight Monsters 2018.06.12

    I've really appreciated this show for the lack of contrived conflict and drama. The people are competing, but seem to support and help one another. Unfortunately, they have apparently run out of truly talented people, so I'm ready for this to be the final season. ITA! Yes, the bunny was creepy before and disgusting after. There wasn't a one that was whimsical - none of them seemed to even understand the concept. I didn't care for any of them on this episode and not really on the last one either. While I'm complaining, I've wondered for several season why the challenges are almost completely monsters, demons and aliens now. They started the show with a lot of more interesting challenges, like painting someone into the background. There is so much more to makeup than this. A final complaint - I think somewhere in there, Mckenzie is an attractive women, but I really dislike the way she styles herself with the painted on dresses, excess makeup and garish hair color.
  12. I hope that's where the scripting came in, that she, in fact, had some idea of why people left Ireland and some idea of the conflict between Protestants and Catholics. This is hardly obscure history. You are coming close to talking me out of liking this episode...
  13. Oh sure - I guess I've gotten used to the fact that none of it is spontaneous and so it doesn't stand out to me. The celebrities are not doing any research on their own and of course it is scripted. I just responded to the parts in which Molly Shannon seemed to emotionally connect with so much of it. It would be a better show if there was no pretense of the celebrity doing research. I think Finding Your Roots is a far superior show for the way in which the information is presented.
  14. S06.E07: Sober Companions 2018.06.11

    I'm here with a shallow comment. I liked Joan's dress and was happy to see her in it. Glad to know she is not in a suit every minute. I was tired of the serial killer as of the first episode with him. The sooner they can dispatch him the better.
  15. I thought Molly Shannon's was one of the better episodes. She may have been "on", but she seemed entirely genuine to me, not putting on the bug-eyed, "it's insane" act. It certainly was prearranged to find cousins (who expected her) in her ancestral home), but Molly didn't seem to know she would find such close relatives. To meet a 1st cousin of her mother's is a quite close relationship. Molly seemed grateful to make those connections, since she lost her mother so young. I found it quite touching because she was emotionally moved. That's not what I am usually looking for in this show, but it mattered so much to Molly and I could appreciate what it meant to her. I knew some of what the potato famine did to Ireland. When I hear details of it, I can't imagine how anyone survived such devastating circumstances. It's so bad, it is nearly unbearable to think about. I had recently been trying to imagine the lives of one of my ancestral families who had 16-18 children (can't verify the last two), pioneered in Illinois in the mid-1800s and lost 5 children in a cholera epidemic. Think of all those children - no Pampers, no ready to eat food, no ready to wear clothes, no washer, nothing to make bare survival anything but back-breaking and often tragic. How did they do it? What kept them going?