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  1. Small Talk: The Prayer Closet

    Mine too! It is truly inclusive and for everyone to enjoy. Even for us vegetarians! (Coming out of lurkerdom for Thanksgiving appreciation.)
  2. S05.E04: Purple Rain

    I guess I wouldn't "look like a Prince fan" either, but I have been since the song and movie Purple Rain. It is a big regret of mine that I didn't see him when he came to my city a few years ago. The tickets cost a fortune, but I wish I had just put them on a credit card. ETA: I can't even begin to relate to Madonna.
  3. S05.E04: Purple Rain

    Old white woman here: I loved Prince. It's ridiculous to think those people didn't know who Prince was. This wasn't particularly well done, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.
  4. I love this post so much! It's good to know that others are as creeped out as I am by her as I am. Honorable mention for creepiness to Ree Drummond. I remember when Food Network was about cooking.
  5. Am I the only one who is bothered by this show treating animal cruelty for laughs? Cam throws the chicken over the fence and says "they can fly a little". When they were at the dude ranch in Wyoming, it was treated with great hilarity that Mitchell blew up the bird house with firecrackers (we don't know if it was occupied, but it was a bird's home). I can think of many examples, but it seems that most mentions of animals involves the animal taking it in the shorts. I always worry about the welfare of Larry and Stella - the characters don't. Jay loves Stella, but Gloria hates her and wishes for her death.
  6. S11. E04. No Wrist, No Reward

    I can tolerate Christian, but I despise Cleen. I'd like to see something wipe the smirk off his face. They seem to be so biased toward him, - I think they should just blow him, give him the win and get him the fuck off my TV screen. I'm not a fan of tattoos, but I am a fan of artistry and skill and this show seems to put that farther into the background with each season It seems secondary to the manufactured and exaggerated drama.
  7. That's what keep me watching. It's a shame that the challenges stopped being creative and the talent pool got so shallow.
  8. TCM: The Greatest Movie Channel

    Thanks, RATGIRLAGOGO! I'm at least glad to know I'm not the only one who would like to see it and wonder why it is not shown.
  9. TCM: The Greatest Movie Channel

    Because of the recent death of Tab Hunter, I wanted to watch Damn Yankees again and discovered that I had gotten rid of my DVD of it, for inexplicable reasons. It is out of print and eBay prices for used DVDs is astronomical. Which leads me to TCM and Previously TV. I don't remember ever seeing it on TCM and hope I'm wrong and might see it turn up some day. It's a Warner Bros production and TCM has Warner Bro movies in its library. Do any of you know if it has ever shown on TCM? Surely they could show Meet in St Louis a few less times and fit it in. Thanks in advance if any of you can help!
  10. It appeared that his his hair was combed up and over from that seam. A couple of times the hair lifted away from his apparently bare scalp. I don't really rubber-neck at car wrecks, but this was a puzzle as to how it worked.
  11. That was quite a weak finale to the weakest season they ever had. I watched only because I've watched since the beginning. Their "All Stars" weren't stars at all, just people who had failed to make an impact before and were still limited. It sounds harsh, but the show went from imaginative and fresh to an endless parade of variations on monsters. It was wonderful that it was free of manufactured drama and conflict - the contestants actually helped on another, but that alone could not make a compelling show. I really don't know what they/Glenn found so wonderful about Matt. Wasn't he the one put teeth externally, in odd placements - there was a time someone would be eviscerated for crap like that. There were only two characters in the finale that I thought were good - the jester and the grasshopper; the fox wasn't bad. None of the Alices looked good and the prize for WTF was he thinking was the gingerbread man - just hideous. Which brings me to Matt - I hope he takes some of his winnings and has that dead animal removed from his head. That hair is so horrifying that I found it hard to look at him and was worried we would see even worse when a breeze would lift it and potentially expose the whole mess. Can't someone tell him?
  12. S05.E05: Quartet

    I don't usually care for spy stuff, but to see Morse involved with spies was wonderful, tense and scary. I hate that there are so few episodes in a season and I will miss this show. I don't want to lose Thursday and I wish for a resolution with Joan.
  13. Yes times 1,000. I've already written about Liberty, but they make me angry, too. The special snowflakes that think that the results of their poor driving shouldn't cost them anything and think that if they total their car, they get a new one with again, no cost. Where do these morons think the money for repairs and replacement cars come from? Do they believe in the car fairy?
  14. Don't these idiots have a deductible? So the insurance company pays from dollar one for the damage fixable by a pen and for just "clipping" someone and they should be blameless and pay nothing and have no rate increase? I think the driver they "clipped" may not feel that is so minor that it should have no consequences.
  15. I don't live under a rock and had not heard the word boba. Bubble tea I've heard of and never tried. I don't think there is any weird asymmetry with Jeremy's mouth/teeth. It looks just the position his mouth was in at the moment of the picture.