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  1. S15.E10: Top Ten Perform

    Stepping as a genre was just wrong, so wrong, and Doriana Disco has needed to be retired for many seasons now. That said, Hannaleigh kicked Cole's ass in stepping, and I was relieved that Doriana didn't choreograph her usual injury-inducing, potentially career-ending, disco routine. At least Hannaleigh and Cole both survived the Doriana Disco Dance of Death. But which of this pairing are the producers trying to bury? Both of them? I thought Jay Jay kicked Jensen's butt in the Afro-Jazz routine. Other than the missed lift, I couldn't take my eyes off him and had to watch it a second time to notice how lackluster Jensen was in this routine. But she's a producer favorite and destined for final 4. I like Slavik, but was so distracted by his major shoulder slump problem in the jive that I was entirely distracted from evaluating anything else about that routine. I adored Darius and Magda's smooth jazz routine. The choreo was wonderful and they both danced it so well. But, Darius, OMG! At this point, I've settled on Darius as my choice to win.
  2. S04.E02: Breathe

    We may never learn if something triggers Jimmy into running a scam on Neff copiers, or if he actually set out to do something nefarious from the outset. If he was triggered, it would seem to be related to the Hummel figurines, and not coincidental that the one thing he's interested in taking from Neff is the Hummel figurine. I'm thinking this is a call back to Season 1 episode 5, "Alpine Shepherd Boy", which was the name of one of the Hummel figurines belonging to Mrs Strauss. In that episode, Jimmy has tried a few avenues to find his footing in the legal world. It's when he visits elderly Mrs Strauss to assist her in estate planning that Jimmy learns he has an affinity for elder law. Mrs Strauss collects Hummel figurines and her estate consists of bequeathing her Hummels to various friends and family members. She's the first client that hires Jimmy. Later in this episode, Jimmy tells Chuck about all these events and Chuck seems very pleased with Jimmy and encourages him in the pursuit of elder law. So, maybe the Hummel figurines at Ness evoked some subconscious memory for Jimmy of when Chuck was supportive of him. As well, it could evoke memories of a happier time when Jimmy felt like he'd found his calling in elder law and could do good things for his clients. In any case, judging from the previews, it seems like the only thing Jimmy wants to steal from Neff is the Hummel.
  3. Better Call Saul In The Media

    Thanks so much! As I watched it, it was surprising how many plot points my memory had confused with what was from BB and what was from BCS. This was not only funny, but very useful.
  4. S04.E09: People Like Us

    I didn't mind the show spent its time setting the table for the back half of season 4. Especially after watching Talking Dead with Hardwick. Danay (Luciana) was asked to sum up the rest of season 4 in three words. Her answer: "Storm. Walkers. Comedy". If the show intends to devote several episodes to the ZombieNado and introduce a welcome (to me) element of humor, I'm in for that. Bring on the flying zombies! Drunken Strand in a black velvet smoking jacket and his line, "I used to be a millionaire", were the best things ever. I loved Strand's sassy, worldly character in season 1, and despaired that it was entirely sacrificed in service to the show's misguided Madison worship. Welcome back, Strand! Strand and Dorie riding out the ZombieNado together is a fantastic pairing. I hope the show keeps the two of them together for a while. Charlie...look at the flowers soon please.
  5. S13.E10: Judge Cuts 4 - 2018.08.07

    I agree, he's mediocre. But, like most (all?) of these contestants he's only being put through because of his disability and sad story. They really should change the name of this show. I would suggest "America's Got Sob Stories", but that wouldn't include the Japanese sumo boys stomach act. Whatever anyone wants to title the show, it clearly has nothing to do with Talent. Yeah, let's bring back the water spitting frat guys for our Wild Card act, but let's cut Sergey and Sasha in the quarterfinals. Lindsey Stirling's already been mention as a talented violinst the show discarded. I'll add "Nuttin But Stringz" from Season 3, and holy cow, NO sob story! This show used to so much more watchable. I'm out.
  6. I think we already know how that will end...
  7. Madison Hildebrand

    Madison won't be returning to the show. I'm not unhappy about that. http://www.bravotv.com/the-daily-dish/million-dollar-listing-los-angeles-season-11-madison-hildebrand-not-returning
  8. General Gabbery: DWTS

    Amen. I didn't watch the athletes' season, and I have absolutely zero interest in a kiddies' season, which I sure as heck won't be watching. I hope @crowceilidh is right about Sept 24th premiere of the "real" DWTS, because I may still be interested if they don't stretch its premiere out any later than that.
  9. S02.E08: Loplop

    Hi, @cleo. I just watched this episode last weekend too. I'm still thinking about a couple things from the episode that I haven't been able to find satisfying answers to online. First, the apparition man that Peggy was interacting with from the basement stairs that was giving her all the woo woo advice about being and not thinking. Most people assume the apparition was a hallucination or delusion of Peggy's, based on her new age-y interests. That would make sense to me except for one thing. The apparition's vocabulary, grammatical construction, and somewhat complex thoughts were all beyond anything we've seen in terms of Peggy's intellectual ability to express or imagine. That lead me to speculate whether the apparition was truly something outside of her self, such as alien. Next, the whole Hanzee's haircut scene. As you noted, Hanzee has been shown as a smart man. He's seen the evidence of how cray-cray Peggy is, and the violence/murder she's easily capable of. So, when he says he's "tired of this world" and asks Peggy to give him a haircut, what's really going on there? By "tired of this world" does he mean it in the sense of "it's time for me to die"? And that he's chosen for Peggy to be the one to kill him? Or, as seems unlikely, does he fully expect crazy Peggy to simply give him a literal haircut? As a follow-up, had Hank and Lou not arrived so suddenly and unexpectedly, would Peggy have killed Hanzee, or no? I can see it as possible (however remotely) that Peggy would have simply have cut Hanzee's hair without plunging the scissors into his neck, (even if Hanzee had actually wished her to kill him), but the sudden arrival of the Law triggered her survival instincts. She quickly saw that she might be able to talk the officers into believing that the kidnap/torture/murder of Dodd had been all Hanzee's doing, made easier for her by a freshly dead Hanzee not around to contradict her story. Understand, I'm not asking you to answer these questions; rather, I'm just conveying what's still on my mind five days after seeing this episode, which is easily in my top 3 of best hours ever seen on television.
  10. S13.E08: Judge Cuts 2 - 2018.07.24

    The (2 more) better be Sacred Riana and Troy James (creepy contortionist) or Imma be hella pissed.
  11. I fully expect Jeffrey Dean Morgan to be the lead actor following Andrew's departure from the show. Lauren's leaving, Danai is surely not sticking around after season 9, the show doesn't give a crap about Melissa McBride, Norman Reedus can't act, and Carl 2.0 (Henry) is still too young even after the time jump. Just sayin' it fits with the show's pathological obsession with Negan.
  12. I was sad to see James go, as I did enjoy him on the show. I wish Leah Jenea had challenged someone else, because that girl is super talented, and belongs in the final 4. But so did James. I would be happy to see James as one of the comeback performers next week. If so, he'd be unwise to challenge Leah into a rematch, though that would probably be his marching orders from the producers. I'm not a Sharaya fan, nor a rap fan, and would be happy to see her eliminated in the comeback challenge. But, is it required that she can only be challenged by another rapper?
  13. Gene speculation thread

    Yes, please!
  14. S13.E04: Haunted Hotel 2018.06.26

    I liked Kevon's maid enough that I could mentally include it in other earlier, better seasons. Matt's purple chef was awful, I thought, and for the same reason as Yvonne. I'd argue that the chef's teeth weirdly sticking out on the outside of his mouth and well above the top lip looked even anatomically worse than Yvonne's stapled mouth. This is the only time I can remember Glenn saying that the judges' decision on the winner wasn't unanimous. Has that happened before? This has been a sadly uninspired final season. I wish the show could have gone out on a better note. Aah, for the days of Tim Burton Bellhop, the Cello woman, and puppet ballerina (still my all-time favorite).