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  1. @peach LOL. As with everyone/everything else on this show, they'll get back to it when almost no one remembers it was ever there or, if anyone does remember, they stopped caring about it long ago.
  2. S14.E16: The Live Playoffs, Night 3

    Checking in to see if I was in a minority of The Voice fans who find this season underwhelming, and that's putting it kindly. I just took it off my season passes. I will miss it, but not enough to watch any of these contestants sing again.
  3. Spoilers and Spoiled Speculation

    Thanks for that info! TIVO looks ahead 2 weeks, and they're showing no upcoming episode 20 on the regular night of 4/26. If nothing comes up for the following week (May 3) after it updates again, I'll report back. At least I'm really happy to know that episode 19 isn't the finale. Thanks again.
  4. Spoilers and Spoiled Speculation

    Can anyone tell me how many episodes are in this season? Everything online indicates 18 episodes, however this week's episode is #19 and nothing indicates it's the finale episode. I also found one article that mentioned the producers have confirmed the finale episode title will be "No Man's Land". TIVO season pass is showing no episodes after #19. Color me confused, and appreciative of any further info.
  5. A long time, okay? But this isn't just war, it's War-War! :drinks:
  6. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    It's an interesting topic (to me). The litigation consulting company, A2L, teaches the meaning of eye movement using the VAK (Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic) learning style for a variety of courtroom purposes. http://www.a2lc.com/eyechart I love it when that happens!
  7. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    I'm just watching that episode now and being reminded of only one of many many reasons I'd never appear before JJ. I'm an extremely predominant auditory style learner. Typical of someone with this learning style, when asked to answer a question involving something I have to remember, my eyes always look directly sideways toward one of my ears. (Typical visual learners will look up, and typical kinesthetic learners will look down.) If I had an interrogator yelling at me every time I looked sideways, rather than directly into their eyes, when I was trying to recall/recount an event, I would be rendered nearly speechless.
  8. I'm sure you're right. I'm kinda expecting Dead Gaven and Dead Jared to hang around Morgan too, repeating, "You were suppsed to!". The other mildly interesting tidbit from FTWD spoiler is that Morgan gets to Texas (where that show is centered) by running, walking, and driving for many days and nights. So, no helicopter transport and no time jump. Unless TWD finale brings back the helicopter in some other capacity, I guess that's just one of those things we're all expected to talk about and bite our nails over until next fall. As if.
  9. Most of the season 4 premier episode of Fear The Walking Dead with the Morgan crossover has been spoiled (if you're interested, it's in that show's thread). Its story begins after the end of the "All Out War" Walking Dead finale. In the opening scenes, Rick visits Morgan (who's taken up residence at the garbage dump) to try to talk him into coming back to Alexandria. Carol visits Morgan to try to talk him into coming back to the Kingdom. Jesus visits Morgan to try to talk him into coming back to Hilltop. So, at the very least, we know Rick, Jesus, Carol and Morgan all survive the finale.
  10. Oh, @icemiser69, we wish it was a joke. As inconceivable as such a thing is, it's truly happening. April 15, in over 750 AMC theaters nationwide, those who are weird enough to buy tickets will see larger-than-life Negan leaning, smirking, and dick-talking on the big screen. If you do a google search on "Survival Sunday AMC", you'll find a lot of links to confirm. I hope this ill-conceived, horrific marketing idea fails even more miserably than I predict and AMC loses a shit-ton of $$$.
  11. S16.E10: Top 24 Celebrity Duets

    An enjoyable show overall, unlike last night, which was mostly cringe-worthy for me. All the duet pairings were good, the celebrity singers generous, with one exception that I didn't mind at all and will come back to. My favorite of the night was Dennis Lorenzo and Allen Stone. Dennis hasn't grabbed my attention previously, but he held me transfixed tonight. He and Allen sounded so good together; both of their vocals were transcendent and when they blended together it was magical. Bishop Briggs blew Trevor McBane off the stage with that performance of her song, "River". But I didn't mind, because she was so awesome! Aloe Blacc's voice is so smooth, and so easy to listen to, loved hearing him on "Wake Me Up", though Dominique was just a'ight for me. Lastly, the celebrity singer who did the most to elevate their contestant/partner...the award goes to Luis Fonsi. For me, the song "I Can't Make You Love Me" has been overused on talent shows, plus I don't particularly like Michelle Sussett. Somehow Luis's coaching and interactions with Michelle made the song fresh for me, and made me enjoy Michelle's part in it. I wasn't sad about any of the eliminations, though there are at least a few I would have kept rather than Jonny Brenns or Catie Turner. I don't get either of them. At all. If I had to pick their replacements from tonight's contestants, it would probably be Dominique and Trevor, or even Brandon, though none of them were particularly good.
  12. I agree with this sentiment. So, allowing one small sliver of hope that maybe Fr Gabriel sabotaged the ammo, rather than Eugene? Unlikely, given the show's habit of saving the characters most hated by viewers. Ugh, indeed.
  13. S16.E09: Top 24 Solos

    Me three. He's an adequate guitarist, a mediocre vocalist, and a slightly above average (for this show) showman. But, when it comes to "rock", as a vocalist he isn't the equal of any of the past Idol "rock" singers - Chris Daughtry, James Durbin, Caleb Johnson, and throw in the arguably rock singers David Cook and Adam Lambert. Katy Perry has reached unbearable levels of embarrassment, and none of the three judges seem capable of offering honest or helpful critiques. With Catie Turner looking to be a frontrunner, this reboot isn't encouraging.
  14. From the Spoiling Dead Fans forum. This was initially reported as being from a good source, but uncorroborated by multiple sources. It was later updated to say that it had subsequently been corroborated by another source. If your tolerance for the meep meep at wit's end, you might want to skip this... I wonder if they'll end the season finale with Negan running off and Rick chasing him, or if they'll end it with Rick capturing Negan and putting him in the jail that Morgan built. Either way, there will be no end of Negan, his dick, or his nutsack...ever.
  15. S16.E09: Top 24 Solos

    Wow, now that I watched that, I do remember him on Majors and Minors (a show that I loved). On American Idol I've been wondering if he's on the autism spectrum, whereas on Majors and Minors I thought he was ADD.