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  1. S09:E23 02.18.18

    I kinda feel like if the entrepreneur(s) are willing to sell 100% of their business, and all interest in it, for $100K, then they shouldn't be on Shark Tank. That's antithetical to the definition of entrepreneurs seeking capital from venture angels, which is what this show is supposed to be about. The Coin Out guy's business premise didn't make sense. When Mark asked him what the merchants would get in exchange for paying $20/month, plus a 3% transaction fee, the guy said the merchant would get the benefit of building customer loyalty by offering such a terrific service. Now, I do use all cash when I go to fast food places, coffee kiosks, and the like. I don't like carrying around a bunch of change, but I would never intentionally choose a particular merchant only because they offer this Coin Out thing. In fact, even if the kiosk or drive-thru window had the Coin Out gadget, I wouldn't use it because I'd be in a hurry and not willing to stand there and input my information into the device just so that I could accumulate that thirty-four cents in the cloud. Also, the guy said, the merchant doesn't get access to any of my personal information, so it does nothing for the merchant's customer retention or future marketing purposes. Actually, a lot of businesses offer cash discounts because it saves them the transaction fees (which are roughly in the same 3% range) the credit card companies charge the merchant on credit transactions. Why would they want to pay for the "privilege" of making cash transactions? Still, the Coin Out guy was just like a Kevin O'Leary mini me, which was cracking me up. I was hoping like hell that he would choose Kevin to make the deal with just because it would've made me laugh to think of how they'd surely kill each other in the not-too-distant future.
  2. I wish I could say, but I have no idea. I found it by putting a variety of search terms in google to try to find out who Henry was since I couldn't remember him. I do remember the guy had dark hair and that he rambled off-topic more than a little, if that helps.
  3. Honestly, I had to look up both Henry and Gavin to remember who they are too. While looking up Henry, I ran across a youtube channel of a TWD comics fan who watches and analyzes plot points (as if there are any!) in TWD. He had some observations regarding Henry. He says that TWD Carl strayed pretty far from the Carl character of the comics. He opines that Comics Carl is a cold-blooded bad ass and would never do a lot of the things that TV Carl does, such as chase off after some guy in the woods to help him with food and supplies. He also mentions that it was Comics Carl that killed Lizzie, rather than Carol doing it, whereas TWD Carl wouldn't do something like that. He thinks that, in addition to TWD Carl having physically grown up too much to fit future storylines, it would be out of character for TWD Carl to be involved in some of the upcoming stories in which he's featured. He, (the youtube guy), thinks Henry may be Carl's replacement to carry forward future plot developments that would otherwise have belonged to Comics Carl. He bases this speculation on Henry being younger than Chandler, and that Henry has been shown developing his skills and interests in being a bad ass fighter. Seems possible, in which case I think TWD fans are still going to be so pissed off about Carl's pointless death that the majority of them are unlikely to transfer their attachment from Carl to Henry, a guy who many of us had to look up to remember. This show is already stupid enough without them asking longtime viewers to mentally replace Carl with Carl 2.0 (Henry).
  4. S01.E03: Hitting the Pavement

    I couldn't agree more. Among her many crass comments on this episode, regarding expensive bathtubs: "Not unless it's going to go down on me and give me an orgasm". This, from a 47-year-old woman who's dealing in high-end Manhattan real estate? The fact that she says these things so frequently, and on camera, while mugging to show how cute and "edgy" she thinks she is, makes her look like a ridiculous tryhard.
  5. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    Did you see her hallterview where she said the plaintiff was jealous because her boyfriend (the bearded, balding, goofy homeless-looking dude) is "beautiful"? I didn't know whether to laugh or hurl, so I just threw up in my mouth a little.
  6. S09.E22 02.11.18

    I've had a pair of blue light blocking computer glasses for a few years too, though mine aren't made by Gunnar, and only cost me nine bucks on amazon. I got them because I have major issues with insomnia, combined with spending too much time on the computer in the latenight hours before bedtime. There's a lot of credible research showing that exposure to blue light in the hours before bedtime disrupts the circadian rhythm and can contribute significantly to insomnia. I can say that these have helped me more than anything I've tried, and likewise have helped other insomniacs to whom I've recommended them But, as far as I can tell, Gunnar doesn't have anything patentable and there are a lot of similar products readily available for a LOT less cost.
  7. S01.E03: Hitting the Pavement

    This episode wasn't entertaining to me. As a fan of the MDL franchise, I like Fredrik. I've always found him to be good-natured, light-hearted, and funny. I dislike all of the Real Housewives shows, and that seems like where Bethenny belongs. She's a gross, loud-mouthed, no class woman...so unlikable. I hate the way she treats and talks to Fredrik, and not in a "character that I love to hate" kind of way.
  8. From The Spoiling Dead Fans Army facebook page. Q&A spoilers for episode 8.9 "Honor" This should put to rest Kirkman's fakeout tomfookery about Carl's death. Still, the heard-but-not-seen gunshot in the church will leave some people wondering if it was Carl killing someone else, and he's hiding under a dumpster pew or something.
  9. S09.E22 02.11.18

    I could happily eat an avocado dish every day. All the Avocaderia's meal recipes looked delicious and their presentation was beautiful. But I looked up Avocaderia's website and it states: "We only use avocados from Mexico, all year round". No thanks. I only buy California-grown avocados, because Mexican-grown avocados have an inferior taste and texture. If that weren't enough, the Mexican avocado industry is controlled by drug cartels in every link of the supply chain. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=mexican+avocado+cartel
  10. S09.E22 02.11.18

  11. S10.E07: Who's Your Daddy?

    Huh. The same day he died (Feb 3), his wife updated her facebook profile pic to this:
  12. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    Maybe Judge Judy is part of the celebrity group whose employees are contractually forbidden from ever making eye contact with them. This rarefied group reportedly consists of JLo, Katy Perry, Sylvester Stallone and Nicole Kidman https://www.datalounge.com/thread/13398571-celebrities-who-have-forbidden-employees-to-look-them-in-the-eyes Given the appalling elitism JJ often displays, it wouldn't surprise me even a little bit.
  13. Not a single new post after episode 4 about Modica's Deli. The show really is that bad. I had no interest in watching it live on Wednesday night, so just got around to watching it last night. Yet another entitled son/enabling mother combination. Tabatha produced a 180 degree turnaround in the son's attitude just by listening to him say that he was gay and he didn't know if his extended traditional Greek family accepted him because of it. But when Tabatha asked him how his mother reacted when he came out to her, he said she was fine with it. Huh? When Tabatha told the mom what her son said, the mother made a big ritual of putting a small gay pride rainbow sticker on the business's window and all was well. What? The business was $200,000 in debt and making no profit during dinnertime. Tabatha had them come up with a happy hour menu and it turned everything around just like that. Really? Now that the show isn't resuming until March 2nd, I can't say whether I'll be in for the second half.
  14. You're so right. We've seen every one of those scenes multiple times. Even Carl's death is going to be so tedious, and have so many repetitious monologues, that we'll feel like we've already seen it several times before it's over. Huh. Maybe that's part of Gimple's plan - Carl will have so many labored death monolgues, complete with death rattles, that we'll be glad he's gone when Rick finally stabs him in the head.