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  1. This show reminds me of ER buts its a lot more pointed. Where ER would have the patients lack of insurance as a B plot and their personal story as an A plot this show often flips that script.
  2. Conner Canon and Continuity

    I wonder if it wasn't that her injury was that bad as much as her reaction made the rest of the force question her ability to the job. Especially as a woman and rookie she probably would have had to fight very hard to get off that desk if certain people had decided that was where she belonged. I could see Jackie deciding she didn't want fight that hard. Considering the feminist of Roseanne I'm surprised they didn't go with this angle. Although I suppose 90's feminism would have demanded Jackie stay on the force and fight the evil sexists.
  3. S01.E02: Independence Day

    I think you may be watching the wrong show if your not into politics. This show seems to be trying to make a point about the medical system and its flaws, I don't think discussing race and how it impacts the care received is a bad place to start. The recent articles regarding African American rates of death related to childbirth compared to other populations alone is damming. Race does seem to be a factor in care received in hospitals as a rule its something that pops up in multiple studies. The way race impacts care highlights what an absolute lie it is that a free market results in a egalitarian system better than almost any other factors. If this show wants to be as timely and political as I think its does this won't be the last time it deals with race. I do think in this case the show was leaning harder on the economic disparity between these two patients then their races, though. You could have made the rich donor black and it doesn't have a big impact on the story.
  4. S01.E09: Trapped

    I seem to remember Abby's mom having a minor heart condition in a addition to the Dementia so that's probably the official cause of death. Especially since shes been agitated for several days that will aggravate a heart condition. I also seem to remember that heart issues are not uncommon for dementia patients since it can be caused by lack of blood flow to the brain and narrowing of blood vessels. Plus its tv, although I am surprised they killed her off this quickly. This show is starting to surprise me which is a very good sign. I have to echo although Henrietta and Athena love. Most shows are scared to even have two black female regulars let alone let them be good friends.
  5. S02.E18: The Wedding

    He might have been a POW and their just finding his remains now there has been a lot of work in that area because of DNA analysis. Or his remains were located years ago and because Jack was dead they weren't able to find any family at the time and Kevin only finds out about it when he looks into their service records. I also just realized Jack only ever refers to him as lost not dead which could mean a lot of things. Nicky could have been one of the GIs who discovered heroin over in Viet Nam and Jack and his family cut ties with him shortly after they came back. I was yelling at the TV for them to do this it seemed so obvious. Especially since it could count as her something borrowed since Kevin would want the necklace back. I wonder if its Beth Tess and Randall are visiting, since Randall looks so much older. It would be believable for her to have just passed. Also I feel like if it was Deja or Tess, Beth would be there too. Dan Lauria's character also died of a heart attack and not long after his youngest left home. He was probably around the same age as Jack Pearson. Its actually rather fitting he is on this show.
  6. S04.E17: Dumbster Fire

    This wasn't my favourite episode but it did confirm my standing theory about Walter and his emotions. That its not that he's just repressed he actually processes his emotions differently than other people. That's why he seems callous so much of the time he literally doesn't feel things the same way other people do. His cognition processes so fast his brain has compensated by throttling his emotions like a computer does when you try to run one program too many. He can learn some better ways to express himself but he will probably always struggle and never really be "normal". That's Paige grated a bit in this episode asking Walter to think a certian way he literally can't. She knows this and has learned it more than once. Although in fairness I can see how it would drive her crazy sometimes it just felt like fake drama on the writers part.
  7. S06.E08: Sometimes You Just Can't Win

    Yeah I have a feeling this could end up backfiring on the creep. For one the son is firmly Team Mom and he's at the age where that counts to the court. For another shipping a kid of to boarding school is not going to endear him to a judge. Hell the fact that things got so heated Deacon felt he had to intervene might not play well either. Ironically I think he has a point that Jesse over compensates for his dickishness so I do think not putting him in the middle might help. I just think it means Dad should exit or pull back though since h is actually the bigger problem. Realistically he should be looking at supervised visitation. If it can happen to Brad Pitt I woud be shocked if it didn't happen to this asshole Also unless the dick can bribe every cop and judge involved in the case no way was what Deacon did assault. He was the one putting hands on child Deacon removed and restrained him. Deacon has two witnesses on his side and really he should have just as much influence as Brad. He runs his own label and should have plenty of money and goodwill behind him. People might be afraid of Brad but people like Deacon. He also has no history of violence when sober, which is a distinction a judge should take note of. Although I'm sure all of this will be ignored because DRAMA. Well that might be why she is so devoted to Juliet.
  8. Detective and Mystery Shows

    I like Shetland too, There a fourth season airing right now in the UK. It can be a bit slow in parts but the show got a lot better in the third season. If you like British Nordic Noir you might want to try Happy Valley next it probably favourite of all the the British cop shows I've seen.
  9. S01.E15: Will You Take My Hand?

    I doubt Ash is gone for good actually. He was a very popular character who was part of a popular pairing and showrunners pay attention to that these days. As has been noted the Klingon war entered quite differently in Canon. I wouldn't be surprised if he comes back to warn Starfleet of an invasion after L'Rell is deposed. I suspect this is a reprieve in the war not its end. TPTB probably wanted to wrap things up in case they weren't renewed.
  10. S04.E16: Nerd, Wind and Fire

    Paige said at the start of the episode that they used the bail money to pay bills and get back in th black. So Toby and Happy got what was left over. IVF alone can run up to 100 grand easy. Plus they might have to harvest Toby's sperm which can be expensive on its own. I have to say I like that they made it Toby who has the issue.So many shows make it seem like a female issue but male infertility is just as common. In fact Toby being older (the actor is over 40 so I would assume Toby is around the same age) makes him at a higher risk for these types of issues.
  11. It just occurred to me that Tilly is what Harry Kim should have been. Its funny but there are elements of Voyager in this show, the crew as family aspect, the technobabble and action adventure aspect. It definitely takes more of a cue from DS9 with the serialization and the war arc but its interesting what they are using and learning from.
  12. S08.E12: Sleepwalking

    He could say her aunt asked him to watch while she went to Sturgis and just hasn't come back yet. If no one is going to charge him with kidnapping social services probably won't care they have too many other things to worry about. Also long as they don't suspect Lip is pedophile or harming her in some way they'll probably just see him for what he is a good Samaritan. Hell they might even be willing to ask him hang on to her until they can find a solid foster home. Especially since I think his friend would back him up if social services called her.
  13. S01.E13: What's Past Is Prologue

    I called the time travel. I have a feeling the solution is going to be jumping back in time again. Although if it means they can save Hugh it would be great. (It would make the most sense for them to jump back right after the jumped away in the first place. ) Lorca is evil feels a little simplistic but I'm glad we got Georgiou back. The ride the wave solution reminded me if Voyager a bit that would have been a very Janeway solution. Also Saru is a surprisingly good captain.
  14. The Orville fans piss me off me because only watching part of Seth McFarlane Oscar hosting showed him to be a racist, misogynistic asshole who clearly has no understanding of IDIC. Kirk would have found "We saw your boobs" appalling. What he did to Salma Hayek was disgusting. The man has no business anywhere near Star Trek. I can't see how The Orville can be anything but a shallow simplistic imitation of Trek. Although maybe that's what some fans want something fun where they don't have to think too much. Its just to me the tough episodes Duet, In the Pale Moonlight, Scorpion and even Vaulting Ambition are the best of Trek . Especially as a mixed race woman. When I was growing up B'lanna Torres was the only person like me on tv. (And I am not the only one Mark Oshiro's review of Cardassians is heartbreaking). Its half the reason I love the show so much. I can't see Seth McFarlane as capable of any of that.
  15. S01.E12: Vaulting Ambition

    That why I suggested something like nuclear winter an environmental disaster like a super volcano eruption or an Armageddon style meteorite could kick up enough dust to block out or reduce on Earth for a long time and cause a major die off. If enough humans died off to create a genetic bottleneck humanities vision could change. I would assume the light sensitivity means they have better night vision. Something that would make competing for food on a devastated planet easier. Also its not true that humans have stopped evolving completely. Otherwise there would be no genetic differences between ethnic groups. For instance Americans from the south who are descended from people from the British Isles have a much higher type 2 diabetes risk than the current inhabitants of the British Isles. The most common theory is that its due to differences in diet. Or African Americans have a higher risk of high blood pressure because the slaves ships most of their ancestors arrived on didn't give them enough water so the people who had the best chance of surviving the journey were the one who could take in salt and survive on seawater. Something I just realized now is the the Terran Earth is always a depicted as a darker blue and green then the Earth usually is but if there is more cloud cover on their Earth it would be darker in colour from space. I do think we should consider the source on that one. It might be her way of rationalizing Micheal's betrayal. Lorca always seemed more paternal to Michael than anything else to me. . Hell I wouldn't be surprised if in the Mirror Universe Georgiou killed Michael's parents and Lorca simply told her the truth. Although I suppose its also possible that the Terran's don't have pedophilia taboo There does seem to be a decent streak in Mirror Lorca. I do think his friendship with Ash was genuine and he's not a true sociopath. I think it would be wild and somewhat fitting if the crew just decided Lorca was a good captain and never told the Admiralty about his true identity. Speaking of Ash so far his story seems a little anti climatic at this point. He really wasn't a very effective sleeper agent. It would have been a much more interesting story if he had actually succeeded at sabotaging the ship or tried to assassinate Lorca. Although if the actual point of the story is to introduce L'Rell and make her part of the team (she can't become Starfleet because it was such a big deal the Worf was the first Klingon in Starfleet but she could be an unofficial crew member ala Seven of Nine) and Voq's story was really about her I can accept that. Also with Dwain Murphy ( Killjoys) and Billy MacLellan (The Expanse, Wynnona Earp and Dark Matter) Disco is only an Orphan Black and a couple of Stargates away from a blackout in Canadian scifi actor bingo.