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  1. S10.E09: Knee Deep

    Well I think John Goodman just won another Emmy. This was good. I liked the continuity with the previous episode. There is something truly poignant about how the family is struggling even now. I loved the joke about the misspelled tweet. It was funny but didn't hit you over the head.
  2. S02.E05: Seeds

    This season is dragging a bit. I don't think putting June back with the Rutherford s was the right choice. The show is dragging over the same ground as last year and its so hard to watch with so little payoff. There is a fine line between political commentary and misery porn the show is getting awfully close to the line. For all the complaints about Nick's actor he was really good this week. His face in the ceremony said everything. Also I suspect Fred was trying to ship him off to the front lines. Which explains why Boston seems so important if DC is a battleground. I actually liked the scenes in the Colonies best this week it actually seemed hopefull.
  3. S03.E03: Sierra Maestra

    Except it actually makes perfect sense if you consider history. No Coloniser every thinks of themselves as monstrous murderers. There is always a justification for mass murder no matter how horrific. The British Empire had common strategy of befriending one group in an area they were moving into, allowing them to slaughter whoever their enemy was and then turning on their "Ally" and ruling over them. Even Japanese soldiers who participated in massacres still saw themselves as "Honorable Warriors". This particular Rap was a pilot probably not someone in the high ranks. He could be just parroting whatever propaganda he has been told. I also think since we are dealing with alien robots they could have a very different meaning for ally and equals.
  4. Lori was not Sarah's fault. The writing was shit because the writers on TWD have mommy issues and don't like women. Watching Katie come into her own as a leader has been one of the best parts of this show.
  5. S03.E03: Sierra Maestra

    A thought that occurred to me a while ago was that the Raps aren't truly Aliens but rather time travellers sent by future humans. It would explain why they sent robots and seem to be trying to save Earth itself. Its interesting that the Rap called the humans Allies because I could see how a robot race might see thier actions as simply logical and not realize humans with our emotions would see things differently. To a race of robots sacrificing 1 million people to save the rest make sense. Humans see it differently. Broussard's adventures could be interesting if it pays off but right now it feels a little like padding. I do like the doc though. MacGregor is every inch the asshole I thought he would be. Judging by the way he was talking about the Rap I would say he was some type of scientist. The arrival procedure he had the Bowmans on is very quarantine like as well. I suspect he was a failed or wannabe soldier before and is now living out his fantasy as resistance leader. Either he probably should shut up and let Will talk to the Rap. He probably know what he is doing more than anyone else they have.
  6. S02.E04: Other Women

    They are waging war against Canada (and Britain as well) though as the last couple episodes have established. Any modern war requires massive amounts of oil. Your right Gilead wouldn't attack Canada unless they had something Gilead truly needed. (Canada also wouldn't just attack Gilead since they probably have thier own problems.) Oil makes sense although clean water might also be a possibility. I just think the lack of cars tells it own story. Even in this weeks episode these high ranking men carpooled to the skeet shooting. As Jezebels shows spiritual deprivation doesn't apply to the high ranks so why would these men be carpooling? Unless there truly is a shortage and they are trying to conserve. There is very little oil in the US itself and its only in specific areas Gilead could easily control most of the US and still not have any oil.
  7. S02.E04: Other Women

    Something that occurred to me with all the talk about Canada is that unless Gilead reaches as far in land as the Dakotas Gilead doesn't have any oil supplies of thier own. As I pointed out last year Canada wouldn't invade Gilead automatically. Gilead might attack though if they needed something bad enough and Canada has plenty of oil. That's probably why we don't see a lot of cars in Gilead they don't have gas to run them. Interestingly that was what brought down the Nazis too in the end.
  8. The Expanse in the Media

    Yeah I'm hoping Space will keep airing rights in Canada whatever happens. Maybe they'll offer to help with production costs like they did with Orphan Black.
  9. All Episode Talk: Corrie

    I'm starting to wonder if perhaps the whole Toyah and Eva mess isn't going end with Eva taking the baby back. I wonder if its actually going to be that Eva leaves her daughter with Peter and Toyah but Johnny finds out the truth and sues for custody. Which could get interesting. Technically Eva is the childs mother and if she decides to allow her friends to adopt her child that should be her right since Aidan is dead. Johnny would have rights too though which could complicate things. Could he actually sue for custody on the U.K.?
  10. S03.E02: Puzzle Man

    Or a survivalist group. Yeah that only one person is in charge and is pissy enough to not speak to people bringing in valuable intel is not a good sign. A council of war is a thing for a reason. It helps prevent mistakes and makes for better strategies. Although I fully expect our heros to be running the place by the end of the season.
  11. S10.E07: Go Cubs

    I wondered if maybe he owned or worked for a landscaper.
  12. S03.E02: Puzzle Man

    As per usual just as we are about to write Snyder off as a simplistic weasel he shows some humanity. He clearly did not want to join the resistance. It was also clear it wasn't just for his own sake. He does care about the Bowmans. He would sell them put to save his own skin but he would prefer it if he could get what he wants without them getting hurt. I also liked his snarky line about trains. The show has always had Holocaust and WW2 parallels and Snyder hanging a lampshade was darkly funny. It also reinforces Snyders Ambiguous Judaism. Also Broussard is back Yay. Hes also about to be reunited with the Bowmans. I like his new ally this show was in danger of becoming way to male heavy so its good to have another female badass around.
  13. S03.E02: IFF

    My objection to the term "Baggage" was due to it having a negative connotation which is my whole point. Race shouldn't be a drawback or a "negative experience". Diversity has been shown so many times over to be a positive. Its assholes who want to blame someone else for their problems that make it harder. That's why the Expanse's approach to race bothers me it implies our identities are the problem and not the racists.
  14. All Episode Talk: Corrie

    Actually when Johnny and Aiden first turned up ITV shared a family tree and Johnny and Mick (Michelle's Dad) are first cousin's. Which would make Carla and Michelle 1st cousins once removed and Carla and Ali 3rd cousins once removed. Which is also why I found it odd Johnny never spoke up when Carla married Paul they would have been at fairly high risk of birth defects if they had decided to have kids.
  15. S07.E08: Episode 8

    I'm not sure tonight's story unrealistic or more just a sign of things changing. Gross Indecency was repealed only 4 years after this episodes timeline. Its not the Fifties anymore and 1963 was when a lot attitudes started to shift. I also think the fact that one of these men had been married and they had a long standing friendship means people wouldn't jump to a homosexual relationship as their first thought. Especially since Dennis was ill. As far as most of Poplar would be concerned they are just neighbourly and taking in a sick friend. It also wasn't unheard of for gay couples to live together in that era (Delia and Patsy planed to at one point.). They just had to do so quietly and pretend to be roommates if anybody asked. These two also had less to lose than Delia and Patsy, only one of them is employed and theatres would be much more tolerant of gays than Nuns or the NHS. Olive would have been the only sticking point and she came around pretty quickly.