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  1. All things considered I wonder if the colonies are really as bad as they are made out to be. The only information about them comes from the Aunts and the Commanders which makes it suspect to me. It could be just propaganda for all we actually know. Like how District 13 was supposed to be irradiated rubble in the Hunger Games. Perhaps will see that in the next season. Yeah I suspect if Fred could easily arrange a tragic "accident" for Serena Joy and get a new wife if he truly wanted to. Divorce might not be legal but I suspect a widower would be encouraged to move on. The other thing to remember about using Nick as a sperm donor is that June is quite fair. I can someone who doesn't pay much attention to biology might think that their child might pass as the commanders. Also that is an advantage of not knowing anything about June as well. Serena Joy could easily blame any Asian traits on June's background. She could say June had a Japanese grandmother or something like that and Fred would have a hard time arguing with her.
  2. The movie as whole does pass the Bechdel test though. From one of the first scenes when Gamora talks to the Golden leader woman about payment and they produce Nebula. Three women talking about business not men.
  3. In the spirit of ScifiDebris where all shows are scored relative to their series I give that a ten out of ten for maximum Scorpioness. It was actually terrible by many measures but in terms of this show it was great. I laughed, I awwed when everybody got rescued and I shook my head at the ridiculous "science". It was fun and the characters were cute that really all I ask of this show so I'm pleased. Also Scotty can come back anytime I'm sure the team could use a pilot.
  4. Except its not the end of the story. In fact it actually demonstrates something essential to this story. That consent is not black and white and its sometimes more complicated than just yes or no He was her doctor it an imbalance of power at the very least, especially in Gilead where women have so little status. Just like if your boss offers you sex and you refuse its still inappropriate because it puts you in a difficult position if you refuse. He could have forced the issue and there would have been little June could do to stop it in her position. If a doctor did that in the normal world he could lose his license with good reason. Its not rape as it stands, but it would not be consensual sex even if June did agree. Or if the doctor did have good intentions. Its a distinction that important especially since I'm sure one of the justification behind handmaids is that June and the others agreed to serve therefore it can't be rape. In fact I bet that Fred is selling that line to the Toronto Star. Also the "Aunt" talking to the Toronto Star is totally Moira right? That's how we're getting our second season.
  5. Alex grew up in violent household where he learned to protect himself with violence at the age of fifteen. He will probably always have violent urges and that will probably always be his first impulse. Its a product of how he grew up and the fact that he did not act on it is progress. Just like Amelia's first instinct will always be to self medicate. Alex can learn better ways of coping but it will always be part of who he is.
  6. I think this actually supports what I'm saying about POC being tolerated officially but being marginalized in practice. If we have one black commander in a sea of white faces it definitely suggests a racial imbalance in terms of who is in power. Especially since we have seen so many more POC in lower ranking positions. It also doesn't mean he isn't the token black and is actually Commander in Charge of Paper Clips or the Gilead version of Ben Carson. Like the Aunts show there are always those who will sell out their own for some token esteem from the powerful. I also suspect like with Handmaids tolerating POC is necessary to the regime itself. It occurred to me is that given the current demographics of the US military(Over %30 POC as of 2015 mostly either Black or Hispanic), I doubt they could pull off a military coup without involving any POC. I also wonder if its just a matter of time and that they are waiting for an excuse to remove the non-white males from power as well.
  7. I think its important to note that while we are still seeing POC in this Gilead we haven't seen them in any kind of position of power or authority. I think it entirely possible the commanders are completely lily white and so are their wives and anyone with actual power but they are fine with subjugating POC as Martha's or drivers(Is Nick actually POC or just really tan?) or handmaids. Like how Trumps cronies insist they aren't racist but can't seem to comprehend a black man as an equal either. It actually makes more sense for a couple of reasons. One it gives them an easy exploitable labor source, killing off all the non whites in the US would actually be crippling to the economy in itself and the war and infertility would just compound that. Two its saves them the trouble of figuring out how to deport or systemically murder them or having to devote resources to those ends. (Insisting on devoting resources to continuing the Final Solution even after heavy losses on the Eastern Front is part of why the Nazi's lost) Finally it gives them a certain level of deniability internationally when it comes to human rights. Gilead can say "yes we are a theocracy but we are not forcing anyone to convert they can leave if they want to. Handmaids? What handmaids? They are volunteer surrogates. That woman who claimed otherwise is a liar. We are a tolerant nation. See how we let that one black guy wear a uniform and speak on the news." Like how Dachau was just a camp for "Enemies of the State". Or how North Korea has work camps for it "Criminals". Its actually a more realistic approach and even more on the nose than what was in Atwood's original book. Like with women the Commanders can't really afford to kill off all POC and ultimately don't need to. All they have to do is strip POC any power and make sure they know their place.
  8. Officer down can just refer to officers in deep trouble or getting shot at though too I believe. Also I have a feeling she was just thinking Woz or one of the guys would be hit by the way things were looking when she left.
  9. There was actually several lynchings in NYC around the civil war era so it was possible. Copper actually included a couple of them in the show that how I learned about them. There was a lot of tension regarding the draft and the war itself. Its hard to say how liberal the community was living in was but racism didn't end at the Mason Dixon line.
  10. Well Sarah Baeumler is in this one, HGTV is passing her off as a designer but she actually doesn't work with Bryan. In fact Sarah actually said she did this so she could work with someone other than Bryan. Although I actually like watching them work together even if I end up rolling my eyes a fair bit.
  11. Any other Canadians watching Home to Win? They premiered the second season tonight. Its still chaotic and probably not for anyone with a low tolerance for Bryan Baeumler but its fun. It has Sarah Richardson so I will watch even if it means fast forwarding through Tiffany the clown. Its actually fun watching everyone interact and seeing who takes charge (Sarah Richardson) who quiets down (Sebastian Clovis) and who becomes even more energized (Bryan Baeumler). The snark from Sarah Richardson, Tommy Smythe and Nicole Bryk alone makes it worth watching.
  12. I think Steven's reaction was a little over the top but I think that just sort of where he lives. I also don't think his reaction is all that different than many of the other celebrities who have found an ethnicity in their background that they weren't expecting. I remember Brooke Shields was even more OTT when she found out she had French ancestry. Anyone who survived any of those brutal Civil War battles is brave in my book. I also think you underestimating the cost it would have on someone to actually "Pass". To pull that off George would to have had little no contact with his father not to mention any sibling he may have had who might have looked less white than him. He would have to live in fear of being discovered everyday of his life and possibly lynched if he was found out. At the very least he could have lost his job and his home. Possibly even his wife and children if she wasn't aware. I doubt it was decision he took lightly or out of cowardice but out of necessity and as way out of poverty. I don't think it was necessarily the easy way out, or that it meant he never struggled.
  13. I was almost wondering when he started sweating if he was going to have a heart attack at the altar.
  14. Depending on when you ancestors made their journey the most like explanation is actually the Trail of Tears. Or trying to locate family who had already been taken away. If you do have NA ancestry you might want to consider educating yourself about our history.
  15. LTIF is a comedy though and the characters are actually supposed to be larger than life. I like to think of it more as a pleasant diversion where Happy Valley is gripping. Happy Valley is actually something of a departure for British drama where its gritty and realistic. You might want to try Scott and Bailey its probably more your style. I did like that they really seem to delve into Gillian's pysche and the scars Eddie left there. Even if they did it in an off the wall sort of way. Whether it was all in her head Eddie does still haunt in a very real way and its at the root of so much of dysfunction. Even the verbal diarrhea was shown how it was a defense mechanism in the scene with Robbie. She probably used to do that with Eddie just saying whatever popped into her head to keep him calm or distract him when something set him off. As much as I love Gillian and wanted her to be happy with Robbie the final outcome is a lot more realistic. I also wonder if he might come back yet once he's had some time to think. The way he tells it he's been in love with Gillian most of his life Although it would have been nice to get more of Raf in all of this. They never did say if he was off at university or not. Or even address how he feels about his Dad. He's very perceptive about his mother and seemed to get why she was freaking about Calamity's imaginary friend. Yet they've never addressed whether he was aware of the abuse or how his mother put an end to it. I almost thought she might tell him when they were sitting at the table together after Robbie left. Its something they hinted at heavily but its never been addressed. Maybe that will be part of Gillian's story next season. Of all the boys he's my favourite and he has the most actual personality, it would be nice to see him get an actual arc. I liked Olga. In a lot of ways she feels like a better match for Caroline than Kate was. Caroline needs some to challenge her I think and Kate was always a bit of a pushover. Although Kate was something of a cipher so it nice that Olga has if anything too much personality.