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  1. Depending on when you ancestors made their journey the most like explanation is actually the Trail of Tears. Or trying to locate family who had already been taken away. If you do have NA ancestry you might want to consider educating yourself about our history.
  2. LTIF is a comedy though and the characters are actually supposed to be larger than life. I like to think of it more as a pleasant diversion where Happy Valley is gripping. Happy Valley is actually something of a departure for British drama where its gritty and realistic. You might want to try Scott and Bailey its probably more your style. I did like that they really seem to delve into Gillian's pysche and the scars Eddie left there. Even if they did it in an off the wall sort of way. Whether it was all in her head Eddie does still haunt in a very real way and its at the root of so much of dysfunction. Even the verbal diarrhea was shown how it was a defense mechanism in the scene with Robbie. She probably used to do that with Eddie just saying whatever popped into her head to keep him calm or distract him when something set him off. As much as I love Gillian and wanted her to be happy with Robbie the final outcome is a lot more realistic. I also wonder if he might come back yet once he's had some time to think. The way he tells it he's been in love with Gillian most of his life Although it would have been nice to get more of Raf in all of this. They never did say if he was off at university or not. Or even address how he feels about his Dad. He's very perceptive about his mother and seemed to get why she was freaking about Calamity's imaginary friend. Yet they've never addressed whether he was aware of the abuse or how his mother put an end to it. I almost thought she might tell him when they were sitting at the table together after Robbie left. Its something they hinted at heavily but its never been addressed. Maybe that will be part of Gillian's story next season. Of all the boys he's my favourite and he has the most actual personality, it would be nice to see him get an actual arc. I liked Olga. In a lot of ways she feels like a better match for Caroline than Kate was. Caroline needs some to challenge her I think and Kate was always a bit of a pushover. Although Kate was something of a cipher so it nice that Olga has if anything too much personality.
  3. It was actually referred to as a maintenance shaft not an air duct. So more like Star Trek's Jeffries Tubes than an air vent. (Although they are still used the same way do fit the trope.) Which actually does make sense on a ship like that you would want all you electrical and other mechanical tucked away so the VIPs on board don't have to trip over the electricians. Yeah that's a scary thought but I like the idea of Fred clinging to power. I knew Holden wasn't going to die but I liked his speech to Naomi. I almost laughed when he referred to the rest of the crew as "the boys". It made them sound as they are 5 and 3 instead of more like 35. It did underline the whole crew as family aspect nicely. I liked Amos's goodbye too, I wonder if Alex just never got the chance or if he actually might still be a little pissed Holden going all Ahab.
  4. Actually he might be, he played a dyslexic character on ER and I think it was mentioned he was dyslexic himself. That might also be why he doesn't read Greek since he did seem to know a far bit of the language. I don't think he was so much frustrated with the process though as that he got involved int he story. He wanted to know what happened and was affected by the tragedy of it. He was a bit "on" but I think a lot the celebs who go on this show feel like this ia gig and they need to perform. Its not likely, for one the Bielski's were from Belarus which is actually quite far from Hungary. Also the name can be similar in various Slavic langauges but it doesn't mean anyone is related. It usually just means the names have the same meaning in the language. So if your name means River your name might be something like Riverski in Polish, Riversky in Russian and Riverchuk in Ukrainian. It usually would just mean all these families lived by a river at some point not that they're related. Plus Hungarian is a little bit different from all the other Slavic languages so Biel might not even mean the same thing in Belorussian.
  5. Yeah I was thinking that might be she was in the the dome she was looking for her dad. I'm sure its Mei just like I'm sure one of the Roci crew will end up shooting her. Maybe Meng too if he gets in the way. I think it might be Naomi who pulls the trigger but it could be any of them. What also feels inevitable is Avasarala meeting James Holden. It would be awesome if the Roci was the one to save her next week.
  6. They were tracking the age in a addition to the middle initial. You might get another Benjamin J Smith but its not likely you would get one the same age. Also Smith is obviously common but Benjamin isn't that common. Its not unusual but its not like James or William where there would be 5 in every county. I also suspect they might have had other documents that were edited out for times sake. Personally I was wondering if Benjamin might have had more kids with the third wife. It would have been something interesting to find that you had a whole other branch of the family on the show. I think the player an the preacher aren't as incompatible as you would think. A lot of clergyman get into that line of work because they are charismatic and it feeds their ego as much as any spiritual calling.
  7. LOL, its funny but when Jessica Biel was talking about being Native American, I took a good look at her and I wasn't seeing it. While NA colouring can fade out in a generation or two there are traits like bone structure and hair texture (something I suspect most people don't realize is that Aboriginal's have a unique hair texture much like Africans or Asians. Its actually one way I figure out if an Actor is Aboriginal or not in tv shows) that can linger and Jessica Biel doesn't have any of them. I was not shocked by her DNA results partly for that reason.
  8. Considering she had the same problem in the Zombie Apocalypse I think its less a make up issue and more that Sarah Wayne Callies has some seriously fantastic skin. In all seriousness I decided to give her a chance because I blamed Fucking Lori on misogynistic writers and I was actually pleased with how Katie is turning out. True SWC is limited but the writers seem to be working with her limits and Katie is actually allowed to learn and has grown into someone I actually really like. True she is still a little insufferable but Katie's moralizing has point. Katie is the ideological center of the resistance without her neither Will nor Broussard would be all that interested in risking their lives for a cause. A good resistance movement needs their zealot Katie actually works well as this groups. I also like than any love triangle remains as subtext with just a few territorial glares from Will. Hell I bet if you asked Broussard point blank if he was in love with Katie he would deny it. I just hope the writers keep it that way. Unless its a Will and Broussard decide to get drunk and bury the hatchet kind of thing. Speaking of Will and Broussard my current theory on the no kill list is that its part of the division in the Aliens themselves. Maybe some of them want to save some humans so the compromise is that some of the humans deemed useful are on the no kill list.
  9. As someone with actual Native American roots (My mothers family is Cree) I didn't feel too sorry for her. Her story where the family didn't know what tribe they are from is exactly the type of thing we actual Native people call Generokee to make fun of them. There is a strong sentiment in the Native community that actual being Native American is more than just DNA. Partly because of people like Jessica's family but also probably partly because that's how the government tries to define us. Ironically enough its not unlike the question of who is Jewish Including the fact that you would probably get a different answer depending on which member of the community you ask. Its also irritating how many people brag about native roots like it makes them magical but tend to have no idea and often times don't care about the issues facing actual native people today. That said I do wonder if anyone ever pointed out that the Ancestry DNA test doesn't completely rule out Jessica having a Native ancestor. The further back someone is in your family tree the less likely you are to share DNA with them. In fact its technically possible to not share any DNA with one of your grandparents. (Although its very unlikely) I suppose that was the only way they had to verify it. Although I would think that something that would have been recorded in the census at least, the same it would have recorded if you were black or Jewish. That's something I would like to see on this show. There is a lot of Native American history that would be interesting to explore.
  10. I thought that was a bit odd too, it would have been nice to see Catherine interact with her other grandchild as well. Realistically though if your dealing with an infant shared custody is more theoretical anyway. Daniel probably wouldn't have overnight visits or anything like that until shes a bit older anyway. It is something they can use to justify staying at his mother's longer term though as a single parent moving back in with his mother makes a lot more sense for Daniel. DI Jodi Shakleton concerns me but that's mostly just because the last time I saw the actress she was Black Hole Sue Becky on Corrie and I'm worried she'll start chasing people around with sledgehammers again. I love Claire and would be happy for her if she got a job but I also kind of like that they use her to show some of the economic realities that are at the root of the drug problems in the valley. Opportunities are pretty limited and jobs are hard to come by even more so if you have history like Claire's. Its a big part of why so many end up turning to drugs in the first place in that area. In fact that's probably the only real complaint I would have about the show is that they show that the area has a massive drug problem but don't delve into the why's of it too often. Most of the characters are middle class so we visit the Tower blocks on the show but don't delve into them too deeply. Even with Tommy there hasn't been a lot of examining in why he is the way he is. That might be interesting to get into next season. Although personally I like the idea of Tommy breaking out of jail and going after Catherine. Only for her to kill him instead or Anne could or even Daniel is an interesting possibility thematically. Tommy could escape in episode 2 get killed in episode 5 or 6 and then everybody tries to cover for the killer for the rest of the series.
  11. I wondered if it might not be because of the recent conflict in the Ukraine as well, in this case. Officially there is a cease fire and everyone is moving towards peace but I can see TLC not wanting to send a film crew and a celebrity over there just yet. Considering how visual Jennifer was about everything I can't imagine she wouldn't have wanted to go and at least see where they might have lived. I would think given Izzy's profession as a typesetter they might have been able to find out more if they could have gone to one of the local papers in Yampol.
  12. I suspect Jackson is an only but I bet Robert wasn't. I suspect Jackson has cousins and Aunts and Uncles. I can a situation where Catherine wound up being the most interested and capable when it came to the foundation so she wound up in charge. I also wouldn't past her to have staged a cue and forced out her in laws either. From everything Jackson said the Averys sound like a very old WASPY east coast clan I would actually like to see his grandfather come back again and see him interact with Catherine.
  13. Yeah I didn't figure that one either although I knew she looked familiar. I watched Last Tango in Halifax and this and I've watched Corrie since I was a kid. (Although Raquel was a before my time by a bit). I think its her voice that threw me off Raquel had such a breathy little voice, totally different from Catherine's deep rough tones or even Caroline's clipped posh accent.
  14. I actually think Nicky is right on this one (it was bound to happen eventually) that Peter is only with Toyah because he can't have Leanne. Since Ben Price (Nicks actor) is leaving and Toyahs actress hasn't been given a permanent contract I have a feeling the whole thing is just a false start. I suspect Peter and Leanne are the end game. I also think that Peter taking over the Rovers isn't the worst idea ever as some seem to think. I get that his history makes it seem like a terrible idea but he wouldn't be the first alcoholic to own a bar. I think the writers are bored with Peter falling off the wagon so it wouldn't be their first story. It might be a good way to shake things up. I've liked Steve owning the Rovers but I don't think it would change things much for him. Peter would keep Liz on. (They have so much history it would be interesting to see how that would work). I also think Peter would be good at it and a Barlow owning the Rovers makes a lot of sense.
  15. Surgeons and Psychopaths are both groups known for high IQs and being good at figuring things out. Also a lot of microwavable food has a picture of a microwave on the box. Its just in case its being eaten by someone who can't read or doesn't understand English. I think George being more of a fish out of water is to show hes less arrogant and make him more endearing. It also makes Jane useful. I like that the story is moving. We are getting a larger story the just George vs Jack. I also really appreciate that they aren't dragging out the UST.