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  1. A couple of issues with that. Archer was still an Admiral when Kirk was at the Academy so Georgiou could at most be Hoshi's daughter and even that would mean Georgiou was born when Hoshi would have been at the very end of her child bearing years. Also Hoshi was Japanese and Georgiou is Chinese.
  2. Yeah maybe its just me re-reading Harry Potter but I wonder if the connection might be with Michael's human parent's. They have given us no information on them and it wouldn't be that odd for him to have known one or both of them. Hell if he was serving with them at the base the was obliterated by Klingons it would help explain why he hates them so much. It seems like Michael pretty small when the attack happened Lorca could have been a family friend and she simply doesn't remember. Or he could have been part of the rescue team and she's blocked it out. The way he was acting was very protective and paternal which tracks more with him knowing her a child then them being lovers in another universe. Although I suppose he might have mentioned something like that in the episode where Sarek was lost.
  3. Yeah this is kinda why I hope there is some other explanation. Even its a Stockholm syndrome violent relationship. The story of Ash Tyler s actually braver and more interesting than Voq. Starfleet isn't the US navy though. Its more like NASA where everyone is ranked but being a Lieutenant in the command stream doesn't mean you out rank a lieutenant in the science division. As was pointed out Troi commanded the Enterprise at certain points. When Paris pointed out he outranks Torres it because he was made lieutenant first not that he wore red. In fact Tuvok outranked Paris despite the fact that he was security. They made a point that Janeway was a science officer. I don't think Starfleet works that way. They've always been more about straight ranks than specific lines. Which makes sense since its primarily a scientific organization. You wouldn't want a command only made up of line officers you would want them to be scientists and doctors too.
  4. Well that was interesting, and a lot. There was a lot of joint Starfleet and Klingon wreckage there. I wonder if they haven't jumped in time. It would be a hell of mind screw for the crew if they jumped into the middle of the Dominion war where the Klingons and Starfleet were allies. I have this vague idea of them being hailed by Martok and everyone being very confused. I think it could be but I also think it could be that he colluded with her while he was captive. That would certainly explain why they kept him alive. Of course I could be giving the writers to much credit. Also turning Voq into Ash complete with memories seems a little head of the technology at least as far as I can remember. Michael is awesome I know this is gonna start the Mary Sue haters up again but she was truly awesome. Kol cannot be dead. He's Dax's buddy. Unless we were always in a mirror universe which would explain a lot. Stamets and Hugh killed me, I wish I could believe he was gonna be okay.
  5. Its more complicated than that.(This case was big on my heavily NA social media feeds for a while) The fact the foster parents were getting some help from some fairly racist organizations for one. (There were some groups who got involved with helping cover the foster parents legal fees who clearly thought protecting the child's whiteness was paramount) I also seem to remember the foster father made some comments that made it clear he should not be raising a mixed race child. They are also the ones who called in the media circus hopping to stir up a public outcry. Frankly they were lucky to keep the kids they had by the time it was all over. Also the law that came into play in this case was because of residential schools and other racist policies that split up Native families. I also think placing the child with family is optimal and usually in the best interest of the child unless they are actually unfit. It was heroin not crack that Randall's mother was using. In the final scene William is preparing a needle you inject heroin, you smoke crack. Heroin doesn't have as many ill effects on unborn babies like crack does, which why opiodes are used in epidural's. Heroin doesn't cross the placenta so the only ill effects Randall might have had at birth are more likely to be from his mothers poor nutrition than anything else.
  6. I'm not sure about sensory issues he doesn't seem to have the issue with over stimulation or loud noises you see in kids with those types of issues.(Colin does a lot of this in the early seasons of Jon and Kate) I wonder if its a language processing issue which given his history wouldn't be unexpected. Both the language switch and inner ear issues could contribute to something like that. The way he was frustrated when Jen asked him to spell Dad but was fine when Jen was telling how reminded me of kids with things like dyslexia. It might be part of the discipline issues as well,. It does seem like a lot of the time Will isn't willfully ignoring his parents he's just wrapped up in what he's doing and doesn't seem to process what they are saying.
  7. Now that you have brought this one up, it feel like a plot hole if Ash has never been to Lorca's office. Hell knowing Lorca the whole reason he has the damn thing is because its a Klingon detector. uhj;ojiho The only thing I've really noticed that about Ash that stands out is that his English is a little formal. No American says "Pardon" like he did with Tilly last week. If an American uses the word at all it would be "Pardon me". Its all just little things like how he phrases things that are more in line with someone who isn't a Native English speaker. Which given his colouring could have a perfectly innocent explanation. Or even just be the London born actor slipping up. Its really the only thing that doesn't feel right and doesn't feel like the writers are trolling.
  8. Consumption was a bit of a catch-all term for lung disease back in the day. Asthma was often referred to as consumption, along with COPD and most other chronic lung conditions. Ian could simply have scar tissue from old lung infections. Claire will probably be able to clarify in the next few episodes.
  9. I feel like Sisko would be all"Look at this rare thing of beauty, lets enjoy it for a moment,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, now lets get back to fucking with Dukat" So sort of halfway between Lorca and Picard, very warrior prophet. Sisko liked African art and building Bajoran light ships and he also liked kicking ass. I have a feeling he would have liked Lorca better then Picard though. (Locutus aside Picard and Sisko are very different people). I really loved the music in the episode that song was perfect for the moment and I have no trouble believing that song is still played several hundred years from now. The Wyclef Jean seemed a little modern at first but the Staying Alive cue got funnier with each repeat. It also worked surprisingly well as a background for Tyler's speech. I also really like Tyler and he and Micheal are totally cute. I haven't liked a scifi couple this much in a long time. I really hope he not a Kilingon Ash Tyler is actually a pretty awesome character in his own right.
  10. He would be heavy but not impossible, especially since she didn't give a fuck if Andrew got a few bumps and bruises in transit. All she would have had to do is drag him under his arms or by his feet. Of course the other explanation is that she called Tom to help her. I can imagine a very funny scene where Tom shows up starts to ask what the hell Laura is up to and then realizes it Andrew and he doesn't care helps her move him and leaves her to it.
  11. I actually wonder about Deluca. He seems to have been deliberately cast as a younger Derek and has been given a lot of moments that are very Derek like. I wonder if he isn't the end game and they have been working on getting him there.
  12. I don't think Will has a mean bone in his body, he actually really sweet and loving. He gets angry and expresses it in a physical way its not uncommon in kids his age. (My cousins boy reacted to his sister taking away something he was playing with by hitting her last time they were here. He's only a little younger than Will) Will is a little less controlled in his reactions but he has BIG reactions to everything. I think he is a bit behind his peers but watching the old episodes it actually remarkable how far he has come. Considering his rough beginnings and even just his own natural enthusiasm I think he's actually doing quite well and a lot of that is a credit to his parents. Will is a kid who would have struggled with self control even if he had the best possible start in life and he certainly hasn't had that. I also wonder if the move to the US set him back a bit too since the Chinese culture would handle Will's issues differently. I also don't think being authoritative is the best approach for Will. With and impulsive kid like that simply saying "Stop That" is only going to work for about half a minute. Empathy works though and explaining to Will that he needs not to "Chop" because he might hurt somebody would probably work better. I also don't think the kids are completely undisciplined by any means. In fact the one thing Bill and Jen are really consistent for is putting the kids in timeout if they lash out physically. There not perfectly consistent every time but I suspect no parent ever is. Kids needs change and every situation is different being inflexible causes its own problems. Yes this might actually be one of my favorite things about her. I also love that Bill and Jen embrace that. So many little girls get taught that fighting for yourself isn't "Nice". One thing you can say about Bill and Jen is they appreciate and embrace their kids for who they are.
  13. Its taken them 60 years but Star Trek finally has a female friendship that actually feels real. They talk workouts and hot guys and are awkward and funny and awesome. I know Star Trek had has female friendships before and they have tried I just can't remember it ever being this natural. Dax and Kira always felt forced and were often used as a way to info dump about who they were dating. It was always clear their scenes were written by men. B'lanna and Seven had some honest conversations but were always sisters and never really made it to friends. Janeway was close to both of them but the power differential always meant she was more of a mentor then a girlfriend. I also like that pretty much everyone on the show is flawed and complicated. Lorca is a mess and he is all the more interesting for it.
  14. The GIF is from The Wire its Wee Bay. The Actors name is Hassan Johnson.
  15. I wonder if part of the reason for getting government assistance was Bill's medical care. As a cop Bills dad would have had insurance but it might not have covered everything. Going on social assistance means all the kids could get medicare. I wonder if the Klein's might have been one of those cases where it wasn't so much about the parents not being able to work but even with 3 working parents they couldn't keep up with medical bils so the family was better off on assistance.