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  1. Yeah I would like this story a lot better if Maria was the target more than Aiden. She has karma coming for her for years. Although I can't imagine Maria will be very popular after this.
  2. To me the birth stuff was more annoying because it felt like it was pushing the authors agenda. That doctor was practically a cartoon. I'm sure Diana thinks every woman should give birth at home with no pain relief or doctors at all. I don't think Twilight births were a good idea either but the whole Luddite western medicine/science is evil theme in these books is very OTT at times.
  3. Yeah I feel like the shows patriotic streak sometimes works to its advantage and this was one of them. It means they try to look at things from a different angle and sometimes they hit on something really good because of it. The good ICE agent was affecting and not a story I'd really seen anywhere else. It was nicely balanced.
  4. As someone who gave up on Boardwalk Empire and loves Peaky Blinders I would say while they are similar in term of time period and themes they are very different shows. Peaky Blinders has a much stronger supporting cast and more of sense of humor. I feel like Peaky Blinders is about the Shelby family more than it is the Peaky Blinders gang. For one Tommy isn't Nucky or even Tony Soprano. Partly because he is so surrounded by family and truly seem to care about them. Tony and Nucky paid lip service to family but had no trouble killing on of their own if it came down to it. I can't see Tommy doing that in fact he would probably take his own life first.. He might blow up at Arthur for fucking up but instead of punishing him like Nucky would he buys him the pub he always wanted. Tommy is also somewhat more sympathetic because we see what he is fighting his way out of in Small Heath instead of just being told about it. The Class and ethnic discrimination are also well shown and help explain his actions. Its not likely someone who was Romani or from Small Heath could make something of themselves legally in that time period and it makes it harder to fault Tommy for what he does. Tommy is fighting for survival everyday and always has it makes him much more interesting and layered than strait up narcissist like Nucky and Tony. Plus Tommy believes the past is the past and doesn't navel gaze that much thankfully. Its funny I get what you mean but I got to like Grace during the scene with Polly and the rest of the final episode. I do think she was a bit thinly written but there is potential there. As for why she fell for Tommy I think it comes down to three things. 1) Its Cillian Murphy hes gorgeous 2) I think she is bit sheltered and is excited by the whole bad boy idea. 3) Most importantly he treats as an equal and compliment her intelligence. (Considering the time period Tommy might be the only one who has) Its a deliberate contrast to Campbell who is patronizing and over protective. As for why Tommy falls for her I think she represents an ideal. Grace is exactly the type of classy, pure, smart woman Tommy was never supposed to even look at let alone love. I also think he really does respect her intelligence and likes the idea of having someone who is a partner not just a bedmate. Like everyone else here I love Polly. She is their Queen and she knows it. Even Tommy seems to revert to a bit of teenager in her presence. Ada is a little one note but her relationship with Tommy is interesting especially when you consider that shes actually seems to be the closest to him in age.
  5. Yeah this was a legit great episode. I usually don't expect much from this show but this was great even by much higher standards Brendan Fehr was the best part of the episode and I think even the show has figured out that he's their strongest link. I had forgotten how much I didn't miss Scott and TC's pissing matches. Can they just get locked in an elevator or some other trope and come out friends or something?
  6. These people might want to cool it with the family dinners every time they do shit goes down. Darla wants to be Charley when she grows up and its adorable. I loved the scene of her and Charley bonding.
  7. I have to give the show credit for something they actually used traditional Aboriginal smudging correctly. Although usually you wouldn't put a candle in your abalone shell. The ashes from sage can be used for personal smudging for one.
  8. The thing if James was smart and thinking long term Teresa would be a good wife if he plans to stay in this business. James is a white American and the cartels are one of the few businesses where that isn't an advantage. It makes him suspicious and need to prove himself even more to most of the other people in the business. Having a Mexican wife would help with that a lot.
  9. Yeah scenes like that show that Ralph Angel might actually be a great or at least a good man someday. Its what makes him such a frustrating realistic wonderful character to watch.
  10. This kinda is supposed to be like flip or flop its made may be the same people. I like it though in spite of that, I'm more interested in the design.I love thier style and how much colour they include. I like that they go into the history of the neighborhoods and architecture, too.
  11. That's not really what I was trying to say but the two conflicts would get a very different reaction for a couple of reasons. Gilead emerging in the US would be seen as in internal conflict so other countries wouldn't be allowed to intervene under most international statutes. There would be a time when no one would be sure who was the legitimate US government so they would hold back on sending aid until they knew what was going on. We actually know they have responded somewhat with trade sanctions. Which would be the proper response to something like this. Invading Gilead even at the behest of whatever is left of the US government would be interfering in an internal matter and a violation of US sovereignty. Its the same reason no one has invaded North Korea and not officially chosen sides in Syria. As horrible as it sound they have the right to treat their citizens however they want that what being a sovereign nation is. Invading Canada however would be an external conflict so Canada would have every right to ask for help from their allies. There probably would be countries jumping at the chance to to take on Gilead.
  12. I think if they had any brains at all they would be smart not to try. First of all every theory or projection about invading Canada has said the same thing, you could invade in summer and you might do well until winter hits. After winter hits you would be lucky to hold on to what you grabbed in summer before Canada could come up with a counter attack to push you out again. That's actually one of the reasons why one of biggest military bases is in Edmonton. Its far enough away from the border to work as a fallback point for CFB Shilo and the other more southern bases in the West. In the end I don't think it would be worth it for Gilead. They also would simply be pissing off to many other countries to make it worthwhile. Also the entire common wealth army probably would be larger than whatever Gilead could muster. I doubt they have the entire US military and even if they did the US was stretched when it was trying to hold Afghanistan and Iraq at the same time Canada is twice the size and has much stronger military presence. I think Gilead wouldn't be in a hurry to overstretch themselves. That will bring them down even faster than resistance we could inflict.
  13. I think Gilead might not control the entire US Military for one. Taking over DC doesn't guarantee the whole military followed and a lot of Us military is on the West Coast where it would be easy for them to resist. Also it probably wouldn't just be Britain that would respond. The commonwealth includes India, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and a slew of other smaller countries as well. Not all of them would be required to respond but some of like the Anzac's definitely would. We are also a former French colony and would probably get some support from them if not with direct military support then certainly economically. Our second largest trading partner China might want to stick their noses in to protect their investment. Basically Canada is the goofy kid no one dares pick on because they have a lot of tough friends. In the end I think it more a matter of resources. With Gilead fighting civil war they're probably too busy to worry about what Canada is doing. Don't forget the hockey stick. Although one thing I noticed is that he said it was "mac and cheese night" Canadians usually say Kraft Dinner even if it generic macaroni noodle and cheese. I suppose you fanwank that he was translating for Moira's sake.
  14. I like them too , they seem to genuinely love each other with out I also love that they like colour in their design and that the houses are so different.
  15. Yeah I got a good laugh at that one especially how he tried to sound Posh at first and then just gave up and went full Liverpool (his natural accent).