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  1. I do wonder though if TPTB might actually be hoping this will blow over and they will be able to bring Danny Masterson back. At this point the next season won't shoot for while and there hasn't been any mention of his case anywhere for a while. The whole Scientology angle (I found it interesting today that Leah Remini accused Scientology of digging things up to attack Paul Haggis with while some have said she's done the same to Danny Masterson with these allegations) makes things a bit murky and there have yet to be any formal charges filed. If nothing is ever proven I could see Netflix saying it innocent until proven guilty and giving Danny Masterson his job back. As much as I would love to think things have changed I have a feeling some of these guys are going to come back from this. The pipeline stuff annoys me because pipelines are not inherently bad and when eco-nuts like Maggie act like it is. Pipelines can actually be good for the environment because it means we don't have to move gases in tankers. Opposing every pipeline is just hating on oil companies for the sake of it.
  2. There have been other religious humans before on Trek. Chakotay followed some branch of native spirituality and Kassidy Yates was a Christian. I think there are a few other but I'm blanking on them now. Religion has died down in the future it seems but it hasn't died out yet. I do wonder if they might be able to save Ash Tyler , I hope so. There's a sensitivity there thats rare in an action hero. He's become one of my favourite characters. Also no way does Stamets stay dead. I'm thinking we're going to see time travel get thrown in to the mix next.
  3. I would like to think Peter and the writers know better at this point. Also as I've noted before I really don't think there is any love lost between Alison King and Chris Gascoyne and the show probably dropped a bundle to get them back. I doubt they would risk making both actors unhappy by putting them back together. Although I totally I agree Carla is a writers Pet so I won't rule it out completely. Maybe its just shipper goggles but I wonder about Leanne. I noticed how Peter seemed to confide in her about the slip at Christmas. That would be a bit of irony Toyah whips herself up into a frenzy over Carla the enemy without when it her sister that she invited under her roof that's the real threat. I also have to say the reveal about Susan and the fallout was great and exceeded expectations. Chris Gascoyne was amazing as per usual and old Bill Roache still has greatness in him. I was even surprised by Adams actor who was much better than expected. I wish we had got more of Tracy in this if only to have more of a female voice but that might be coming. Especially since Peter is struggling with guilt and these new revelations.
  4. Considering Enterprise showed that in the Mirror Universe the Nazi's won (They redid the theme song for Enterprises Mirror episodes it showed this) that wouldn't be surprising. However The Terran's don't seem to follow any of Earth's racial hang ups (see Burnham as a black captain) it may be they've forgotten that one too.
  5. The thing is I think Lizzie could be happy with Tommy if she just accepted what he has to give rather than wishing for something Tommy really isn't capable of. I really think that's what it is more than anything else its not that Tommy doesn't appreciate Lizzie or even really jerks her around. He's always been pretty clear about how he feels about Lizzie even when it wasn't pretty. Lizzie wants what he had with Grace and I think that Tommy gone. Part of him died with Grace and I don't know if he would let himself feel that way about anyone again. Or even if he could if he tried. I actually think Tommy does respect Lizzie as an equal, he less guarded with her than anyone and he confides in her more than anyone except Pol. I just feel sometimes like it more a case where Lizzie wants Tommy to be someone who doesn't exist than manipulative Tommy jerking poor Lizzie around. In all seriousness if Lizzie wanted to get away from Tommy I really don't think he would stop her so she isn't innocent in perpetuating this cycle their stuck in. Like all relationships it takes two and Lizzie holds more cards than she gives herself credit for.
  6. It occurs to me that a simpler explanation would be that they just implanted Voq's brain pattern in Ash Tyler and the real Voq is in stasis some where. I swear it happened in Voyager at one point.
  7. The accent bothered me because it was inaccurate. The Changretta's had lived in Birmingham since Arthur was young enough for the mother to be his art teacher. So most of Luca's childhood would have been spent there. Luca should have had a Brummie accent. Or even an accent like Sabini's which mixed Cockney cadence with Italian intonation. In any case the Brooklyn accent doesn't make any sense except as an affection he picked up to blend in. I was also thinking the other day the Union storyline would have worked better with Ada going undercover instead of Tommy. The tension between her and Major and her principles would have been more interesting to watch. Tommy could have coached her and fretted and railed at the army man and we could have seen more of Ada and Tomm'y relationship. If nothing else it wouldn't have felt like a poor replay of Grace.
  8. Holy shit. I knew Arthur was alive. He opened his eyes again when Tommy was holding him. That wouldn't happen if he was actually strangled. I like that the shows throws in little details like that and the black star from a few weeks ago that give hints but doesn't really give it away. I was never as enthused over Alfie Solomons as some but Iiked that he knew what he was doing in the end. He manipulated everyone to end up exactly where he wanted to even Tommy. Also someone I noticed who was missing in the end was Michael. Is he not coming back or was he just busy working on something else during this season? I actually hope the Gold's are back next season. Paulie was fun and Aiden Gillen gave Aberama some real depth with very little screen time. Aberama might actually work with Polly going forward. He's not going to demand she change nor would she of him. (Although I would hope Polly talks him into a haircut.) They would both come and go when they want to and be together when it suits them. Their equals and that's rare for people who deal in control the way those two do. I agree that the Jesse Eden segment was a bit tacked on and rushed. Charlie Murphy has a bit of a flat affect and it really didn't work for the firebrand union leader. Also the fact that she and Sophie Rundle look so much alike is confusing and gave the whole thing a slightly Freudian angle. I wish they had given Tommy a different in with the commies than his cock. It cliche and the show has done it already with Grace. I think Tommy married Lizzie sometime between the meeting with Jessie and the election. I kinda figured that would happen the second Polly said she was pregnant. In fact I think Polly gave Tommy some of her signature straight talk and made it happen. Although Tommy would hardly be the first MP to have a bastard child.
  9. I think its partly both those things but its also mostly displacement. By dealing with other peoples shit he gets to avoid his own and Lip is someone with a lot of shit to deal with. I think given the way he reacted to Cami's breastfeeding a couple of episodes ago its about Monica too. Looking back I never really saw him grieve and Monica was his mother too. I think that's part of why he invested in Brad specifically. I think on some level Lip see Brad as Frank, Cami as Monica and himself in their kid and he wants to fix them and avert disaster. I think Lip feel like if he can put Brad's family back together it will somehow make up for some of his own scars.
  10. Cabe's presents got me. This show is ridiculous but that's why I love it.
  11. I also wish someone would point out to Ian that he would have been one of those shelter kids without Fiona. Maybe Lip will next week, since it was Ian who has usually played mediator when it was Lip and Fi butting heads.
  12. Lip was amazing in this episode (and so was JAW) and so raw and open and dogged. I think he may have found something of a calling here. Perhaps not an substance abuse counselor I have a feeling he has too many triggers for that to really work but helping people in a general. He might make a good teacher himself or a more general type of counseling (God knows the Gallghers could use one). Hell he's smart enough for med school if he could get his shit together long enough. Its funny all the Gallaghers were fixating on some type of quest this week, Fiona with the old lady, Ian with the shelter,Debbie with her morning after pill and even Carl with paying for school.
  13. I don't think she has. I think she knows damn well Chagretta is trying to cut her off at the knees. That's why she put a black star in Tommy's diary to warn him.
  14. I don't think Gillian is someone who hates or resents doing emotional labour, I think she probably actually happiest when taking care of someone else. I feel like sleeping with John is more like self sabotage then rebellion. Due to her abusive history she has a bit of impulse control issues. A lot of women after being tightly controlled by a partner go a bit to the other extreme and sort of run wild. I always felt Gillian's sleeping around was her way of reclaiming her autonomy and body after what her ex put her through. I think with this go round with John though was more about being wary of Robbie's proposal and wanting screw it up in someway. Both because her self esteem issues say she doesn't deserve him and he's going to leave anyway but also because domesticity and marriage are terrifying for someone with her history. Even if she knows logically that Robbie is not his brother and would never hurt her part of her still has PTSD and is terrified at the thought of being married. I do think Robbie knows her though and could be good for her. He's calm and patient and really seems to love her even when she in a full on rant. That secret between them is a doozie though. Why not just have the baby have some kind of health crisis? That would have given Celia a chance to really recognize what Kate and the baby meant to Caroline and that they are a family.
  15. I kept expecting him to ask about the Asgardians. This definitely seems like something they would have put a stop to. Although may now that their planet is destroyed they lost their influence in that part of space. Also where is Xandar? Would Coulson know about them? They seemed to be the main people fighting the Kree in Gaurdian's timeline. The more I think about this the more likely it seems like this has something to do with Thanos and his reign of terror. Why else would both Xandar and Asgard seem to be missing from the timeline. I doubt Daisy destroyed the Earth. In fact I would bet money the Kree did.