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  1. Except Chelsea (and Cole)

    Because WE ARE BETTER THAN YOUUUUU- Nyah-Nyah!!!!
  2. Amber: A Rill Woman Goes to Gel

    I am NOT defending Amber AT ALL but Jenelle, Catelynn and Maci all have the kids in full-time daycare which is pretty much the same thing
  3. Catelynn (and Tyler)

    Girls, plural. Please say she’s talking about Nova & Reignbeau????
  4. SURly Staff In The Media

    According to I G stories, Lala & Myman barely hung out w/the rest of the group. It seems like they went to bed early Friday & attended an event Saturday.
  5. Farrah

    do you know, I frequently get my (H & M) "couture" in my dessert, a sleeve in the ice cream & whatnot. dry-cleaning bills are a bitch!!!
  6. S07.E06: Love Thy Mother

    exactly, and there are some tertiary group members that might be interesting enough to watch....Zach & Rachael & Alex, etc
  7. S09.E01: Dot Dot Dot

    it's like you can imagine him saying, "so I proposed to Briana b/c it would be an AWESOME story line but she's in Florida and her mom still breastfeeds her, so she might not accept...now, if it doesn't work out, how about moving up here & having a baby?" Lauren: "Can I be on TV?" Javi: "of course" Lauren: "HELL to the YEAH."
  8. hi, new best friend!!!
  9. Am I the only one who thought Jen was joking? I feel like I might say that sarcastically if I went into a friend's fancy bathroom...maybe I have no social skills LOL
  10. Hot flashes, Dolores? Same. Was Milania auto-tuned live? I didn't know that was a thing. Gia had a song while Tre was in prison, also. Audriana & Gabriela could've missed their recital/game to support their sister, just sayin'. The Marty/Joe/Joe bromance is over, apparently. Also, Marge is hotter than Danielle. Tre talking about Joe coming home. Sure, Jan.
  11. S07.E36: Mugshot Mayhem

    do you know, I was thinking that, too. Like we all get super annoyed when they complain about their "job" as they shove their Louis Vuitton diaper bags into their BMWs... but MTV really does do them kinda dirty, putting out specials basically saying "look what garbage they all are!"
  12. I asked my boy-child that once, about dating apps. "did your friends talk you into it? how do you decide that's what you wanna do? it's crazy!" (mind you I'm a thousand & I realize that's the way the world works, it's just crazy to me who has been w/my mister since 1986. anyway...) his response? "THAT's CRAZY? You guys would talk to TOTAL STRANGERS!" touche'
  13. S07.E34: Backstage Pass

    she's just a reality star trying to send love...
  14. S07.E06: Love Thy Mother

    the more I know about this stuff the more I question my lifestyle choices.... Kristin Cavallari says that her daughter's middle name, James, is uncommon for a girl...hence Uncommon James. The Olsens have siblings named Elizabeth & James. I'm not sure about Reese, cuz I was too ...ahem...busy living my fabulous life (yeah, that's the ticket!!!) the sweatshirt cracked me up b/c Stassi was wearing it in the morning scene. Boy-child was a Lacrosse player in HS (he says that's what originated the "flow") and he had very messy hair & a very scruffy face. His college GF was bummed out when he cleaned up his act for an internship. I liked the beard b/c I'd never had a boyfriend who had one, and boy-child kissed me on the cheek & I had a sense-memory of my dad kissing me goodnight in the 70s (that had nothing to do w/VPR, but it's what I think of when I remember my son's beard.)
  15. S09.E01: Dot Dot Dot

    all of this. why be rude to Lauren? what will that prove? also, if someone is snooping & discovers something said about them, isn't that kind of on the snooper? I agree about Barb. I would've thought she'd have been on Doris' side but that was her chance to be back in Jenelle's good graces. also she is a saint. Jenelle is just using her to film, though. I'm not super excited to watch Jenelle drive around telling Barb how nice David is. Briana's such a bitch. "unless she's crying..." how about when Leah asked her friend what she'd been up to & the friend said, "working." Leah literally laughed in her face.