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  1. Ransom has been renewed for Season 3! I am very surprised. Happy, but surprised.
  2. The place to discuss media mentions (articles, news, interviews, etc), Ratings and Scheduling.
  3. They managed to do it with John Besh on Top Chef. (edit him out)
  4. Yes, 50s is right. Dorothy and Stan divorced after 28 years, and were married at 18. I'm not sure if Stan was older than her. Anyway, that'd make her at leas 56. Granted with this show's continuity she may not have aged pasted that. :-P But they did keep the timeline right of the marriage and divorce. Sophia was 80 or early 80s when the show began. I know she was 84 at some point. Rose was similar in age to Dorothy, and Blanche was the youngest, but not as young as she says. People did age differently back then, even though "back then" is in my lifetime. Some is the hair and makeup and clothes style, some is getting married and having kids younger, and I'm sure there's other factors. I know they all had facelifts at various points in time, but even so if you look at the first seasons and just at their faces, they really don't look that old.
  5. Season 14 (2018) Discussion

    I read an interview with Colin where he said they film all the episodes for the season in 1-2 weeks. So they slice and dice this up across episodes, and of course a lot gets left on the cutting room floor.
  6. For returning I'd love to see Jaime Camil again. I just watched his ep again (it just aired on Up) and he was a good as I remembered.
  7. Season 14 (2018) Discussion

    That Hoedown was the best! "young Joe Pesci"! "Abe Vigoda"!
  8. Anyone watching the new shows? They've already done Comedy Actresses and Actors. Up next (tomorrow) is Drama Actors.
  9. Season 14 (2018) Discussion

    I do like that they're mixing it up a little, in terms of who does what. Not a lot, but a little. It shakes things up a bit, plus you can see that all can do it all.
  10. S03.E25: Boo Normal; Once Upon a Time

    I liked her, too.
  11. All Episodes Talk: Who Pays the Price?

    Agree on all these. Bruno was played by Mark Bendavid, last seen (for me) on Dark Matter.
  12. MIght be another one to chalk up to "plot contrivances!".
  13. Pet Peeves: The Holy Trinity and Beyond

    That is horrible! Dear lord. The Trading Spaces one was so much better. (wish I could find a pic, but I'm only coming up with 360 tours from the episode where you have to let a video play and this room isn't the first one).
  14. Renee: The future is cloudy....

    The topic here is Renee, not Paige, or Stan, or the general discussions. Each main character has their own thread. And if you want to discuss relationships growth and arcs we have the Retrospective thread. If you want to discuss the last episode, we have a thread for that, too. Thank you.