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  1. I thought the uncle was the father too. I have been a little disturbed by the sex in this show; it's very obvious...but I have to say I really loved this episode. The uncle was lovely, and the nephew was nice, and I thought the party looked like a blast!
  2. S37:E07 There's Gonna Be Tears Shed

    Okay, caught up with the thread. I am with Alec. I don't know why contestants on Survivor feel any kind of loyalty to their original tribe...I stopped watching Survivor years ago and started back in the Old Farts vs Millennials, maybe. I think it was a season with lots of blindsides -- I loved it. Got sucked right back in. Anyway, again, I don't understand why randomly picked teams of complete strangers inspire such loyalty way after the teams have been mixed up and rejiggered, sometimes multiple times. Was it last season that there were at least three team shuffles in the first six episodes, so lazy viewers like me couldn't remember which friggin' team had which people from the beginning so why do I give a crap about alliances set up in the first episodes when no one knew anyone else. Develop alliances when you know who to trust (or distrust) based on their actions. Go Alec. I like you!
  3. S37:E07 There's Gonna Be Tears Shed

    Haven't read any of this thread yet (I will, I promise!) but I just have to say I would watch an hour of John walking around shirtless every week for the rest of the season. I don't need to see any dumb competitions or any negotiations or plotting or anything else. Just that ….man-god...existing on this earth shirtless is enough for me.
  4. I agree that Brittni/Brandi whatever her name was is definitely related to Ashley. They have the same face! I was looking for the identification on the chyron, but it wasn't there. So maybe the producers want to keep things simple, if their family dynamics aren't drama-laden.
  5. This is caused my eyes to well up, a bit. I forkin' love Kristin Bell. How a show can make me laugh out loud and then cry a few minutes later...that's good! And I could absolutely tell that the lizard just decided to climb Mount Eleanor and that Kristin Bell was just awesome about it. (But she did NOT "rock" that bald look, unfortunately!)
  6. So after watching Emily's sob fest in "The Day After" episode, I FINALLY figured out who Emily reminds me of! Roxxxy Andrews from RuPaul's Drag Race! In her talking heads, with the red lipstick. Yes, Emily, you look like a drag queen. To me!
  7. E-GERM-ENCEE! E-GERM-ENCEE! Everyone for to get off street!
  8. My DVR didn't record the Winger/Peet episode! Sounds like I missed a good one. I'll try to watch it on the Bravo website or through that link upthread.
  9. Season Three Talk: FFwSB

    LOL, Hanahope! My, Vermont has been featured on comedy shows recently, hasn't it? I had seen that skit. We are one of the whitest states in the Union, it's true, but we have a very small population. And I think one winter of below zero temps for more than a week and two feet of snow might chase away the White Southern Supremicist demographic. Vermont is gorgeous in the autumn, but it's unforgiving in February.
  10. There are just some people who shouldn't be on shows like this. Juliette just could not keep up; there was another female a while ago who also wasn't fast enough for this very fast paced show. It makes for a boring show when people are too tactful to say anything bad or throw shade or humor at others. Nice is nice, but it doesn't make me laugh. A woman who doesn't own a TV should NOT accept bookings for pop-culture shows, duh! Also, I have an almost visceral reaction to JL's face. No Bueno. And Natural Born Killers was one of those movies that I couldn't finish watching, I thought it was THAT bad. But on the other hand, who knew little Ricki Lake was such a freak? THAT was fun to hear.
  11. Season Three Talk: FFwSB

    Vermonter here! Unfortunately, according to a recent VPR poll, Ms Christine Hallquist has almost no chance of unseating Gov. Scott, who yes, is a "nice guy," but he hired a virulent GOP-right winger as his chief of staff who refuses to work with any Democrat (the Legislature is Democrat-majority). Legislators who used to meet with legislator Scott on a friendly basis to develop bipartisan legislation are stymied by his administration and find Governor Scott is no longer available. And Scott is kind of dumb, too. But he publicly disavows Trump (good) and signed some anti-gun legislation (better!), so he will pull moderate Dems enough to make up for the few "gun nuts" who vowed to kick him out of office. Unfortunately for Christine, she's not gonna win. And yes, Ashley, we are nice and well-informed, mostly, but an African-American legislator just decided not to run for reelection because of nasty racist posts on her social media. So even Vermont is not a paradise! There's a lot of ignorance and stupid here.
  12. S03.E04: Vietnam

    My birthdate was called on the show. Like, top three. Luckily I am a woman and was too young to serve, but it was a GUT PUNCH to see it on the TV. I have four brothers, also too young to have been called up. We lived in Canada throughout the Vietnam War, and I distinctly remember my mother saying we would never return to the US if the draft continued into my oldest brothers' eligibility. While it was a distant thing during my childhood (we had enough Canadian/Quebec political drama to be afraid of), I do remember there were several young American men teaching in my high school and junior college. I really didn't wonder why. Now I know why. This episode really got to me.
  13. RE Rachel and Jon. I was shocked at the pitiful "outfit" Rachel wore to the celebratory dinner (even as they were bickering on the way), but did it appear that some people were already eating when they arrived? It looked like Mom/Auntie (?) and ex-girlfriend cousin already had plates with food in front of them. And it looked all the world that they got married beside a potting shed. No need for a $700 wedding dress for that location, Rachel! A clean pair of jeans would have worked! Everyone has said everything else that I thought during this trainwreck. Mazel tov to all these "happy" couples.
  14. S37: Jeremy Crawford

    Bye bye, Jeremy! I love it when the egos of "superfans" get them booted off.
  15. All Episode Talk: Corrie

    Oh, I completely agree with you, 40Love. Sally's striving for social prestige has always been her downfall. But my cold cold heart was melting as she was led away crying to jail.