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  1. S03.E17: Reunion Part One

    Oh, god, how much of a DOUCHEBAG is Joao? Every word out of his mouth is a lie. And that idiot Brook acting the poor pitiful done-wrong. As Judge Judy would say, "YOU picked him." And SHUT UP, Kasey. I see enough of those stripper-fairy Pnina gowns on Say Yes to the Dress; don't need to see them on Bravo. And I completely believe it was left over from her pageant days and she figured no one saw her in it then, so why not put it out there? Poor Jamie and Colin. So hard to be so cute and so invisible because of the dramatics of the Love Triangle.
  2. S03.E15: One Million Percent

    That was weird, wasn't it? Why was Jamie just looking so strangely...while the Floozy kept jerking the handlebars around. Would the Primary be responsible if they ran the jetski into the ship and scratched the paint? Was Jamie scared the Floozy would drown? What was that all about? Young women attracted to asshole men will never cease to bore me rigid. Hannah needs a career change. Colin has lovely parents and deserves so much more than Depressive Brooke. Just keep cooking, Adam. I'd eat that pork in a heartbeat.
  3. Who are the Salmon Sister and why do we care that they need a notebook?
  4. All Episode Talk: Corrie

    Didn't Billy break Sean's heart? Oh well, pride goes before a fall. Living conditions in those terrace houses boggle the mind. I think at one point Gail had eight people living with her! I get that these characters are poor and paying the rent is difficult, but then you see someone like Steve...STEVE MACDONALD...being expected to pay for a sixth (?) engagement ring, a castle wedding, etc...he's no Bill Gates, but Tracy is taking him for every penny. I would love to see someone normal, who goes to University, gets a good stable job, marries ONE person, and still manages to be entertaining. Oh well, that is certainly not a scenario made for Corrie. Maybe Daniel will be that character, but...I don't like him either...
  5. S03.E10: The Final

    When I saw the fondant fancies, they are what I consider petit fours. Cake, jam and some kind of gross icing. I do not like those kind of little cakes. I despise fondant...rolled or dipped. The cake in the Mary instructional video don't appear to have been iced with buttercream before she's dipping it...it looks like she's just dipping cake. I was happy John won...Brendan always rubbed me the wrong way. I loved James...love me a tall wool-sweater wearing Scotsman! But he did just blow the showstopper. Those chiffon cakes look like angel food cake to me...what's the difference? And while I understood the gingerbread people around Brendan's cake, I don't recall seeing him make them...and I don't think they enhanced his showstopper flavor profile. When I'm retired and have lots of time, I am going to take up baking as a pastime. I'm pretty good at simple things, but want to expand my skills to puff pastry and piping and pies, oh my!
  6. S04.E10: Close Your Eyes

    I had no idea that there was a dead bird in the fireplace...I now don't even care that I now know. I thought that the house was Charlie's own house and the people may have been her people. That theory didn't pan out; so then I was looking at the blonde athletic woman in the photo and thought it was Laura/Naomi/June. But that didn't pan out either. So then I just didn't care. I am just watching to watch and wait for more Drunk Strand because HE is my ZA spirit animal.
  7. S04.E09: People Like Us

    Still, that was pretty funny. She was more than a zombie herself...not hearing the violent clash behind her as Strand bashes the zombie to bits. And wasting a perfectly GOOD bottle of wine. Luciana sucks.
  8. S14.E01: By Land and Sea

    It did me in. I started to watch, got through the team assignments and the menu lesson, but could not take any more and deleted it and the series from my DVR. I will stop in here now and then to see how these fame whores are doing, but I just can't take it any more. It's not a guilty pleasure...it's just plain embarrassing.
  9. S04.E09: People Like Us

    CLOSE THE DAMN DOOR! Why none of these people have any survival sense astounds me. Keep the doors shut and locked at all times! I would absolutely be in that mansion with Strand and Luciana. The others are just dumb. Loved drunk Strand. I'd be drunk too. I would not be running after that feral Charlie in a hurricane. Let the zombies eat her.
  10. S03.E13: We Used to Be Friends

    Whether Brooke likes it or not, Hannah is her boss. The boss gets to do whatever the boss wants to do. She is absolutely right that she worked her way up the ladder to the top rung and now the people below her do the grunt work. Brooke just feels sorry for herself because she s dating a jerk and everyone hates him. Except Sandy!
  11. All Episodes Talk: Open Your Pores

    I totally agree! A tacky strapless wedding gown is completely OUT of the question when there's a small bump near the armpit, but let's SHOW OFF those gross disgusting tattoos!
  12. All Episodes Talk: Open Your Pores

    I just wondered why Third Breast Woman couldn't just wear clothes with sleeves. Like, she couldn't get married because she has to wear a strapless bride's dress? You have got to be kidding me. I wouldn't have married that creepster with the two creepy parents under any circumstance, but using the inability to buy a stupid dress as an excuse is...lame. And I fail to see how having a lump on your upper back/neck makes it impossible for you to get up and get a fork. Big Mama has a much more patient and loving son than she deserves. That being said, that was a quick and easy resolution and now maybe Sonny-Boy can live his own life.
  13. The Purple Mattress ad with the bearded guy so confused me at first. Not the bearded guy, but the blond man being dropped on the mattress with the eggs. For the longest time, I wondered why he was dressed like Prince Valiant or Prince Charming. Come to realize it's the protective jumpsuit and the harness he's wearing that make the sleeves puff out and looks like a medieval bodkin. Am I alone in this? The previous Purple Mattress commercial with the girl has her costumed like Goldilocks, so I was trying to figure out the fairy tale connection.
  14. S02.E08: Crossroads

    He always is! Yum yum.
  15. Media: Killing Eve On BBCA

    My dvr recorded all the extended episodes; are they worth watching? Are the episodes so different that it's worth all that time?