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  1. S03. E11. Disposable Heroes 2018.07.11

    The pods came from the spaceship, right? They are filled with subjects like the guy who was running all over the spaceship last (?) week. I thought the first pod guy was speaking Korean and the woman was speaking some Slavic language. There were no subtitles on my TV. I figured they were dropped down in some alien rainforest proving ground where they were told to fight an enemy...that they found out they couldn't see. Although the woman seemed to see a white mist through the scope on her helmet, she didn't see it again when she lifted the scope to put the rifle to her shoulder. This has become a very interesting show! I am glad I stuck with it, though I am hazy on the global implications of two alien races battling it out on or for Earth...why don't they use super-duper alien technology instead of relying on a few thousand best-and-brightest humans. Even the best trained are killed fairly easily!
  2. S08.E01: Cake Week

    YES! Watching the CBC airing, I don't know who the idiot is who decided to cut the technical bake in favor/favour of seventy-million stupid commercials. Canada, I thought you were better than that. Make the show an hour and a half...I don't care. I am deleting my recording and will wait until it's aired on public TV. Probably in the year 2020, but I can't see missing out on one of the REQUIRED components of the competition. I don't do apps.
  3. S13.E06: Divine Dryads 2018.07.10

    Yes! Whatever happened to those "quick fire" challenges? I liked them, and I think it got the creative juices flowing.
  4. S01.E06: Love Is the Message 2018.07.08

    I thought that was her...and I tried to watch the credits but either they used her real name (which I don't know) or I missed it because THE CREDITS ARE JUST TOO DAMN SMALL for these old (tear-filled) eyes of mine! I figured someone here would let me know and you did! Thanks!!!!
  5. S01.E03: Giving and Receiving 2018.06.17

    I used to work at Casual Corner. Bought my first, last, and only pair of Calvin Klein jeans size 14 with my employee discount. Unfortunately, we had sales targets to meet and I only met mine once so at the ripe old age of 19 I discovered I was never going to be a saleswoman and focused on other career goals. LOL!
  6. S01.E06: Love Is the Message 2018.07.08

    Why do I put myself through this every week? I am just a regular woman who lived through the AIDS years. I lost four people I knew, young beautiful men and I just cry and cry and cry remembering them and missing them.
  7. All Episode Talk: Corrie

    Okay: I hate (in no particular order) Johnny, Carla, Kate, Michelle, Adam, Ryan, Ali, Toyah, Beth, Alyah, and the other crying lesbian whose name I don't care enough to remember. Who do I like? Eileen and she's GONE. I am kinda glad she went with the new mother (name? can't remember) because I had a hard time telling her apart from Shona. I like Eva, though she's kind of a dumbass. Will any of the Old Dears ever retire? I can't wait to retire and I'm not 60 yet!
  8. S01.E05 Plum Tuckered 2018.06.25

    Plum was standing on the sidewalk near the curb eating a hotdog. The guy barreled into her and then yelled for her to get out of HIS way even though he could have moved around her. He was a jerk and though he was no Adonis, yelled that she was a fat ass. He blamed her for existing. And then punched her in the face.
  9. Season 5: All Episodes - Got Nose?

    My, my, two famewhores in one episode! Twice as much fast-forwarding meant this ep clocked in at about 15 minutes, especially as I could really not see what was so horrible about Nose Woman who married the most HANDSOME MAN IN THE WORLD and she was a disgusting pig. I thought she looked very pretty before the surgery and afterwards...just fine. I mean, I get that there were problems with her nose's interior, but the exterior was nowhere near as bad as most of the previous patients Paul has worked on. So okay, honey, now you're fixed. Now you can stand beside your ADONIS and not have the villagers throw garbage at you. Be happy! Just shut up, Joey. Go to the deserted nude beach and run around and flex your "muscles" and wait for the skin cancers to start growing on your weird plastic face. Ugh.
  10. S03.E02: Bread

    Yes! I would kill for a hot Montreal bagel with sesame seeds right now! That yeasty chewy taste puts "rolls with holes" completely to shame! Also, as a purist, I do not like the idea of sweet bagels at all. I think the dough should just be unflavored dough with a variety of toppings...poppy seeds, salt, garlic, onions, etc. I know I will get murdered by above posters, but a cinnamon raisin bagel is anathema to me!
  11. Re that Million Dollar Listing guy...Freddie? I thought Andy was going to smack him at one point. I seemed to me that Andy was not pleased to have him in the clubhouse. Loved Alison whozit and Billy Porter. Thought they were delightful guests.
  12. I am not a high-end gal, and I think I would prefer Adam's meals to Ben...simple proteins cooked with good sauces and as much as I can eat! Yummy. I remember Ben the Gourmet Chef serving Log Cabin Syrup for a breakfast in a previous season and my Vermont soul cried out in HORROR. Real maple syrup or NOTHING. I mean, I get that it's hard to provision maple syrup while you're actually on the High Seas; that's why you order three gallons BEFORE you leave the US. Kasey is a dolt. She snarked to Brooke 'Silver service? What, there's bronze, silver, gold service? What does that even mean?' Even sweet Brooke looked like she couldn't believe what she was hearing. I hate lazy, dumb, entitled princesses who think they don't deserve to spend their time doing laundry. Oh, and Princess, getting a psych degree at Long Island Community College isn't exactly rocket science, you know? It's not Harvard Pre-Med!
  13. S13.E03: Aztec Aliens 2018.06.19

    I don't understand why they have to come up with back stories for their aliens. That's not the job of the "makeup" artist, is it? Intergallactic bounty hunter??? Seriously? Just come up with a makeup that meets the parameters of the challenge. I don't need to hear a screenplay! Also, fewer cowls and masks and more...makeup. Please!
  14. S19.E02: Jackie R. 2018.06.12

    I remember that they were married young-ish and husband doted on her as being the perfect princess. Then she had kids and he switched his attention to the boys and she felt ignored and was jealous of her own children for stealing all the attention away from her. So she was a spoiled self-centered bitch drunk OR sober.
  15. S19.E01: Sam & Brad K. 2018.06.05

    Yes, I noticed that too. He's a real prince, that one. Didn't seem like he made any effort to integrate her into his or Sam's family.