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  1. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    I wasn't watching when Liz got together with Franco. I know that for the past year Liz's sole role has been to prop him until she started supporting Kiki. But as far as I recall, Franco has treated Jake decently. He's encouraged Jake in his art and other things, and just generally being there for Jake when he needs him. And Franco does want to do nice things for Liz and her kids even if often they're seflish. Who would be a better example of a relationship? Sonny and Carly are like a yo-yo, breaking up and then getting together again. Sam married Drewson, remarried him when she knew he wasn't Jason, and divorced him so fast it make heads spin. Nina and Valentin break up when he lies to her and she leaves him, and then he does a magnificent gesture and they're together again. Lulu and Dante had a good marriage but now he's gone and Lulu is single parenting. And now here's Michael marrying Nelle in order to put her down. Is there any relationship on the show for Jake to aspire to?
  2. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    I got the impression that even if Jason cares, he's not going to bestir himself enough to actually give Jake a talk on what is molestation and what to do if it happens to him. Jason gives only 5% (if that) of his attention to his young sons, and the other 95% to Carly and Michael. two grown-ass adults.
  3. All Episodes Talk: Who Pays the Price?

    I don't know how Cynthia got Jaden away either, especially since she's famous and wants to continue her acting career. I guess they ran out of time to explain it. Or ran out of explanation. I really, really like Cynthia's interactions with Eric and the way he treats her like an equal, is a good set-up for a ship if the s how gets renewed. I think Delaine brainwashed Evie through a program on her phone. Listening to it subliminally for all those months could be very effective. Delaine may be back since Carlo Rota is married to Nazeem Contractor. The only thing I didn't like about the episode was the implication that the wolves attacked and killed Delaine. Dogs and wolves don't attack like that unless they've been abused and while I hope those wolves were really trained to pretend to attack, it left a bad taste in my mouth. (Interestingly, a lot of the research of wolves bonding with humans has been done in Hungary)
  4. I got Killer Frost. I'm not sure why because I said my weapon would be a computer and said my dream team is Team Arrow..
  5. Spoiler Discussion Thread

    And since both EBR and CH have anxiety issues, they may do well together in interviews. She's had time over the summer to read two more!She can be DA now! Seriously, it does a disservice to who E1 Laurel was, her relationships with Tommy and Thea as well as Oliver, and her passion for helping people (off and on, it was there is season 1 and returned off and on) to just let LL2 slip into her shoes. It makes the people who are shallow enough to think that the only thing that matters are Laurel is that she wears black leather and screams but it's an injustice to who the character was. The quote from the article is Setting aside that LL1 had a huge craving for revenge (see s2 going after Oliver and s3 after Sara's death), this could be a good story for her. Actually the only good story I can think of because to drop her right into LL1's shoes makes no sense. Why get rid of the original only to have her clone do the very same things? And it also makes Dinah redundant in terms of the team. I expect Felicity to either be in protection and taking her responsibilities to William seriously, or running the team since Diggle is working for ARGUS. Anything else is unacceptable. NTA is deadtome forever. Maybe if one remains, or even if two remain but all three staying. Nuh, nuh son.
  6. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Does he care? Does he care how Helena was terrorizing and manipulating Jake a year ago? He couldn't even make plans with Sam and Danny to see the fireworks, he was only with Danny because he accidentally ran into them.
  7. S01.E04: Ex's and Oh's 2018.07.12

    I agree that Castle is in the vein of the older mystery shows. Even Beckett's mother's murder was nowhere near The Wire type viewing. Castle worked for me because while Richard Castle was a goof and very fond of himself, there was a solid core to him that could be mature when it was necessary. The way he raised his daughter while a single parent was one of the things that anchored him and that's why I could buy Beckett's attraction to him . I don't get that maturity with Sam; I feel like she's 16 rather than 36. In the previous episode I know it was humiliating to have to dress up like a slice of pizza but that's the adult thing to do to get her career back. In this episode, yes it's humiliating to have a sex tape out there but why did she shoot it in the first place, and having shot it, why didn't she make sure it was off the boyfriend's computer? In 2018, every adult and most teenagers should know the risks of the internet. I can see the charm of Bilson. I just have trouble seen her as a longterm relationship to 45 year old Eddie. The FWB with the cop works much better for me (and is a more mature relationship IMO). The current TV comparitors to Take Two for me are Private Eyes with Jason Priestly and Carter with Jerry O'Connell. They're on smaller networks than Take Two but I think both are better shows for light summer viewing.
  8. S01.E03 Taken 2018.07.05

    I completely understand her dismay at having to wear a pizza slice costume. It was her reaction to it, the lack of acceptance that this is what she has to do to get her career back and the horror of Eddie finding out what she was doing (which was legit acting) that left a bad taste in my mouth.
  9. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Jason saves what is left of his heart for Carly and Michael. Liz has accepted it on Jake's behalf, Sam blinds herself to it. Jason treats Carly like shes 12 ... wait, I was with a 12 year old this afternoon who is more mature than Carly. Jason could have been around for all of Michael's youth and adulthood and I bet he still would have treated Michael like a child. It's typical of a child of Sonny and Carly to go about it in a manipulative and dishonest way. Why bother with the whole wedding/will thing? Just pay her off for full custody and let her know there is no more money coming so there's no reason to stick around. This whole plot of marrying her and waiting for her to try to murder him (which assumes that she murdered Zach which they don't know for sure) is ridiculously labyrinthine.
  10. Stars In Other Roles: Doppelgangers!

    Vinessa Antoine (Jordan) has got a gig as the lead in a CBC drama about a corporate lawyer who returns to her hometown of Dartmouth Nove Scotia to do legal aid.
  11. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    "A hostage" is anyone who Sonny, Carly, Jason and Michael don't have complete say over. Michael was an adult when Jason "died" but CarSon and Jason have continue to treat him as a child. Strangely Sonny is the one least infantilizing him. For all the bitching about how terribly the Qs treated Jason and why he had to be "saved" by Sonny, they treat Michael far more like the adult that he is than Carson does.
  12. Fridging is something we haven't seen before? Has he been paying attention? This is the same thing just emotional rather than physical. This is the Arrow TV show, Tom.
  13. S01.E03 Taken 2018.07.05

    Ricardo Montalban pitched "Cordoba leather", the great Orson Welles hocked mediocre wine and George Clooney is selling Nespresso. Sam's antipathy to doing the commercial gave me "get over yourself" feels. Enjoy the 'cheese'-iness.
  14. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    On year 478 of the Nelle plot... Today's wedding ,which should have been a big fun summer thing, showed me how I don't care about any of the characters on today. Maybe Drew, Chase and Kevin a smidge but not enough to make me watch. Carly is doing a good job of proving why she needs to be in Ferncliffe. Personally I was rooting for Mary Pat. Carly is going to ruin Michel's (incredibly stupid) plan and she will be praised by all. Oscar's and Joss' unrelenting' hate for Julian and Ava is a black hole of annoying. I did like the natural conflict between Lucas, Carly's sister, and Brad, Nelle's friend. That was well done. I don't remember all that well because those were ancient days when my aunt watched and I had better things to do like play with dolls but I think there were a number of problems during that marriage.