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  1. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    I thought they did a good job of justifying why Franco is so involved with what's going on with Kevin. Leaving a trusted therapist is not easy and some therapists start preparing their patients months in advance of termination. Franco did open up to Kevin a lot so it makes sense that he would be reeling at being dropped, ad desperate to find his files so that no one else would know his secrets. I got the feeling that now that she's reached some sort of balance with Sonny and she can see Avery, she's afraid to take him to court and rock the boat and lose what she has. Stupid TFGH.
  2. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Everyone who he had already killed. Mary Pat, Kiki, the TV guy was #12. Carly was #13 because she's so annoying and won't drop The Man In The Next Room, and Sonny was #14 so that Ryan can take Ava away. It's way past time to move the focus off the mob. They're not even well written, which might have been a saving grace. I phrased it badly. She cares about the mysterious man next door and won't drop it. Carly Carinthos, saving the world.
  3. How about philosophy? Or really any of the sciences? However it does explain his lack of logic. I'm sure that his advice of go to law school because it's as good as film school for writing scripts but don't actually practice law is going to make both lawyers and screenwriters happy.
  4. Spoiler Discussion Thread: The Sequel

    I blame having to work with and take orders from Dinah for the lack of hotness in Oliver. NTA brings everything down.
  5. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Oh Ryan, as much as I love that you're targetting Carly and Sonny next, you need to actually watch this show. They are the rock on which all ships crash and sink. Speaking of ships, I'm really liking how caring Ryan is of Ava and how he wants to make her happy. Sure, he's a serial killer but he's got a heart. Isn't that all we ask of Jason? Carly so was entitled about"Kevin" today. I agree, she needs to spend time taking care of her kid (NOT Avery) and stay out of other people's business. I actually liked Kristina today, probably because both Jason and Sam need to STFU about Shiloh. It's super conspiracy levels of crazy to think that Hank knew that Drew was related to Jason and went to Afghanistan, when neither Drew no Jason knew, and put himself in Drew's way to get blown up so that Drew could save him and he could get close to Jason through his moll. I also hated the fake Godfather-type convo between Jason and Sonny, with MB bringing his hand up to his face so that we could see The Ring. Poor Obrecht, even when she tries to do good to someone she cares about, it fails.
  6. Spoiler Discussion Thread: The Sequel

    Why can't it be Curtis? Really, the show doesn't need Curtis and it would be more meaningful than a recurring character.
  7. S07.E09: Elseworlds Part 2

    I'd say that Iris got as much or more as Felicity on her show. But neither character got the attention that she deserved. I'd say that while Curtis didn't get more scenes than Felicity, he was in on the secret and she wasn't. And he, like Cisco, got quite a few scenes. In fact, I think Cisco got more than Felicity and Iris. It wasn't total crap but between everyone dumping on Oliver and Felicity being made to feel lacking because she didn't instantly recognize that this wasn't Oliver, it came close. MG's need to write Oliver and Felicity badly for the sake of drama taints these episodes.
  8. Tidying Up With Marie Kondo

    I do. My parents' stuff is better than my stuff, and it is filled with memories. This method targets a specific group of people who just need a shove to to get rid of stuff and clean up. It does nothing for those who grew up poor and for whom throwing something out means you may not be able to get another when you need it, or those who perceive objects differently. I miss How Clean is Your House?
  9. I missed crediting that scene because I was so angry at the gaslighting that Iris knew immediately that it wasn't the real Barry because they are the bestest ever, and making Felicity feel like crap because she didn't intuit that it wasn't Oliver instantly. And then she had to deal with Oliver keeping things from her again when everyone else knew. As others have pointed out, they pretty much had to resolve the Olicity fight in that episode because unlike The Flash, Arrow was going into a six week hiatus and they had to resolve the fight before then so that viewers would come back in January. WestAllen may not have got an arc but they got at least as much time as Olicity if not more. I'm tired of Felicity getting dumped on this season.
  10. S04.E10: All The Lonely People

    The show is set in the ER though, that's where the excitement is. They even created the hybrid OR so that Connor would have a reason to hang out down there too instead of on the surgical floor, and then they made him less than competent so he would need to call Bekker for help all the time. They have occasionally shown Charles in other wards and even consulting in a prison one episode but all the action on the show is in the ER so that's where he's going to be. I'm sure we're soon to find out what her issues are, and Charles will help her through them. And then hopefully she'll leave for the research labs. They ruined Sarah when they tried to make her a psych resident so that Charles could mentor her. They should have made her an emergency medicine resident or left her in pathology mentored by Dr. Nina.
  11. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    I know it won't happen but I'd like Ryan to stay around. This is the only storyline I'm interested in and JL is killing it. Would Jason go with his usual passivity and let Danny work it out on his own? Or would he threaten Nina? My guess is the first.
  12. Ratings and Scheduling: Hail to the Gods

    I buy both DVDs and CDs of things I want to keep and re-watch or listen to later, just as I buy books that I can re-read like old friends. If it's only on-line, it can and most likely will disappear at some point.
  13. Timeless

    I get the impression that people who liked Wyatt and Wyatt/Lucy were generally pleased with the finale. As I didn't, I didn't have warm fuzzy feelings to distract me from the flimsy plot and the waste of the characters of Flynn and Jessica. I would add Denise to that list, I think. But they barely scratched the surface with her. I recommend watching episodes 2x4 through to the end. Flynn joins the team and has to negotiate relationships with everyone, most thinking he's a murderous psychopath, Lucy gets more interesting away from Wyatt and even Wyatt gets better as he has to deal with what to do about the new Jessica. There's also a nice scene with Denise and Flynn that gives an insight into what it's like for Denise when everyone else leaves to go on a mission. If you like blues, don't miss King of the Delta Blues where they meet Robert Johnson. So much potential. And then the wrap-up movie wasted it. I don't know if they ran out of time to tell a good story and so they wrapped it up quickly by killing the alternative love interests*, or if there was no real story there and it was just window dressing. I think it was the latter given how they never really came up with a consistent Rittenhouse story, it was all one shots that often didn't make sense in terms of a long game plan. And then they wrote a Christmas story. Personally I thought that naming one of the Lyatt twins Flynn was pissing on the Lucy/Flynn shippers but either the producers didn't see that or they didn't care. But at least Rufus and Jiya ended happily. * it reminds me of the first episode of season 3 of Arrow where they shot Sara with an Arrow and then had her fall off the roof into a dumpster to make sure she was really, truly dead and could not be brought back so that Laurel could be the Black Canary (and then they realized what a mistake that had been)
  14. Spoiler Discussion Thread: The Sequel

    How did the son know that Robert killed his father? Both the captain and Robert are dead. Did Oliver find the son to tell him? I thought it was the guy who wanted the pay-off who Robert accidentally killed. I know you jest but here the leader's crony just got appointed to a $200,000 a year position. BS probably has more experience than many people who have got those plum jobs lately. Publish it fast!