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  1. S04.E06: Call to Action

    We are supposed to accept that Lena is a genius but I'm expecting Nia and Manchester to figure it out first.
  2. Mike is a Corinthos. Drew is just a wannabe Jason.
  3. S04.E06: Call to Action

    It doesn't make sense that she has to take orders from the DEO. She has a job so she doesn't need the money. She should be a contractor, not an employee subject to Haley's orders. The Agents said something about his () machine not being enough to hide that he's an alien so I assumed that he was. She could have replied with the times Superman and Supergirl saved people. Just as not all humans are good or evil, all aliens aren't either. I assumed that it was because they didn't smell like humans. The gold stars were too much for me though.
  4. S04.E06: Call to Action

    I would say that the show is getting too over the top with the evul humans but then I read the news of what's happening in the US and I go okay then.,, When Kara was arguing against Lockwood and he brought up that the Europeans tried to wipe out the Natives, why didn't she say "you're assuming that aliens are violent because your people are. " Why is the crabby WH lady (whose name I still don't care about) saying that the Sons of Liberty are none of the DEO's business? Isn't aliens being killed part of their responsibility? In trying to keep her grey they're making her stupid. I'm glad the dragon was okay. The conflict between Lena and James felt realistic, which is a nice touch.
  5. S04.E08: Play By My Rules

    I miss Latham. I wish they would move Rhodes back to the surgical department instead of the ER. I worked as a ward clerk in a city ER while I was in university (Best. Job. Ever. if you like people and keeping busy) and yes, there were a lot of doctors around. So many that the ER was split into about four sections (quick work like wounds and breaks, qssessment and out, long care, longer stay) and there was a triage nurse to get people through faster. Never all the doctors of course but it's a TV show so people want to see the characters they watch for.
  6. S04.E07: The Poison Inside Us

    Latham is still around but he's on the surgical floor. Now that Rhodes is doing his surgeries in the ER, there's not much reason to have him appear on the show. It's a pity though because I thought Rhodes's helping Latham with his ASD issues was one of the best things about season 2. April's brother is still at the hospital but now that you mention it, I haven't seen him the last few episodes. Ethan should really give up on woman and spend his time with that bird.
  7. S04.E09: Death Do Us Part

    It's funny how the show keeps pushing these "great romances" like Choi and April, and Rhodes and Bekker at us when many viewers don't like them.
  8. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Sonny sleeping with Margaux prevents her from going after him for her father's death or anything else, as least the writers think so. But why she would sleep with him other than because she's drunk or drugged is beyond my ken.
  9. S04.E08: Play By My Rules

    They have no idea what to do with Connor. Or Maggie, who is taking a demotion from charge nurse to scrub nurse so they don't have to pay another actor. Colin Donnell is handsome enough and Rhodes is screwed up enough in his family history that he could be a Doug Ross type if they would go that way. He was good in season 1 when he was a hotshot competing with Will. He was also good while being mentored by the Hawaiian shirted Dr. Downey, and season 2 had a good bromance with Dr. Latham. But since then there's been nothing notable about him except that terrible "romance" with Bekker. But it's the same with Choi who has been pulled down by always needing to be on the opposite side of any discussion with April. The show has got two hot, handsome guys and it's wasting them both because it doesn't know how to highlight them. And also because it took too long to get an emergency patient up to the OR. At least that was the show's logic. My question is why the ER chief is doing a routine gall bladder surgery? Wouldn't the patient want a surgeon doing it rather than an emergency physician?
  10. S04.E08: Play By My Rules

    I guess Manning's god complex is catching because Halstead too over the role today.Natalie was right to go to Goodwin but she should have told Will that she was going to do it. I kept wondering why a man who was the sole parent of a young child would put a DNR on his chest. A parent has a responsibility so if you want to have a DNR, make sure there is a paper in your wallet explaining who is her guardian if something happens to him., Are surgeries in the US paid to the department where they are done (ER, OR)? I can't figure out why it was important for Sharon to have the gall bladder surgery, which could have been done in the OR, done in the ER unless the insurance paid the ER itself. (Here the money goes to the hospital overall budget.) It was a pissing contest between Rhodes and the new ER chief (who is a complete waste of airtime). Sharon had a good point, that it's too costly to keep empty but ER guy deliberately schedule his surgery to use the hybrid room to show Rhodes he's the boss. Bekker is ruining Connor. April needs to get over herself. Even if she thinks she's got it, she should shut up and listen to Maggie who's been doing the job for years. I wish that the show didn't love April so much. Maggie is not replaceable,at least not by her. Go, Ethan, go get your old girlfriend back.
  11. S15.E08: Blowin' in the Wind

    I absolutely agree that that's what they are going for with Maggie but it doesn't work any more. Jackson isn't the first guy she's slept with, he isn't even the first guy on the show she's slept with (was Deluca the first?). Unless Maggie is on the Asperger's Spectrum or has ADHD or another condition where the person can't read social cues, none of which we've seen, there's no excuse for her lack of basic social skills any more.
  12. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    I thought the writer did a nice job with the art therapy scene, someone did some research. The tiny Aiden in his drawing was a nice touch. I also appreciate Franco telling Aiden that he inherited his mother's talent in art. I thought the show had forgotten all about that. Jason and Sam running to Michael to tell him that Nelle is in Ferncliffe shows how bankrupt the show is in terms of knowing what to do with them. There was no need to tell Michael that Nelle was there, she's behind bars whether it's a prison or a criminal hospital and Michael has her measure. The writers really have no idea what to do with this "great romance".
  13. Maybe you could make it something similar but not the same, like "Eternal Hope" or "Eternally Yours".
  14. KH is now a regular on Suits. She'd have to get permission from the new network to appear on Grey's again
  15. Creme caramel is my weakness. I stepped out of my usual reading area and found Starling Syndrome by delinquentdee. An AU where Thea meets Felicity first and tries to organize her love life. Roy, Tommy and of course Oliver appear.