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  1. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    No, Kim specifically said that it was a glioblastoma. Gord Downy of the Tragically Hip died of it last year.
  2. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    I definitely remember Kim saying that she moved them to Port Charles because Oscar had relatives there. I didn't know the Quartermaines did the 23AndMe thing but okay. Knowing that Oscar was going to die soon, it makes even more sense because he wanted him to know his relatives while he had the chance. It was over-stepping but I understand why she did it. It wasn't for Oscar's sake but for her own; if he hugged her back, he was going to forgive her and and wanted that. I was waiting for her to tell Charlotte that she's too old to have a baby. And then I remembered that this is a soap opera and she's not. I think having people who are grey makes for a better soap opera. Tracy id a lot of bad things looking for love, especially from her parents. Monica couldn't stay faithful to Alan, and he had a problem staying faithful to her. Luke was a rapist and a con artist. Even Robert and Anna did some pretty questionable things. We don't know Margaux well yet but the worst thing she's done is hang on to the flashdrive instead of giving it to Drew. Maybe she's planning on giving it to him later after she's used it to bring down Sonny, or maybe she's not, I don't know. She's not purely good but no one on this show is, other than maybe Molly now that she's stopped yelling at Julian. Certainly not Stella who can't move beyond hating Jordan for an affair 20 years earlier. In contrast, the only good thing I can say about Sonny, Carly and Jason is that they are good to the small number of people that they love. (Although I'm not that sure about Jason given how he treated Robin when she wanted to tell AJ that Michael was his son and he needs to be reminded that Jake and Danny are his kids and he needs to spend time with them.) But on top of doing some pretty heinous things like murder, extortion and baby-snatching, they don't care about anyone else or how another person may be suffering. Jason would be all too pleased to kill Julian, the grandfather of his child just for being in the position to accidentally find the body. Sonny and Carly have no fellings for Margaux losing her father at age 2. So while Margaux may not be perfectly good (but then, neither is Farther Griffin), she's still a lot better than the mob group.
  3. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    LOL at Carly denying that she gets into fights in public straight off of a fight with Franco. Carly, Sonny and Jason discuss his being a murdering mobster like it was a reasonable choice he made, like going into medicine instead of the priest hood. And once again, no sympathy for a little girl who lost her father, this time from Carly. Out of that household, Mike really is the only one who has any kind of a moral compass. Nice use of flashbacks to Jason and baby Michael. "Jason, you know you want [a cookie]." "No." Jason really isn't human, is he? Who doesn't want a fresh giant chocolate chip cookie? One of the writers seems familiar with cancer. First Franco telling Drew "How can I help?" and now Drew telling Oscar that he and Kim will be there with him every step and they'll figure it out together. I really like how they're doing this plot. "Oscar, finding out about you, getting to know you, has been one of the greatest gifts of my life." That you can remember, Drew. Who knows what else is down there. On the other hand, I am so over Stella's bitterness and holding on to a grudge. Nina, there is such a thing as buying too clothes. It can help turn a nice little girl into a selfish, entitled shrew. And if you're wondering why Charlotte is worried you won't see her again, maybe you could remember the last time you broke up with Valentin and refused to visit Charlotte. For once the show ended on the right note, Oscar in the elevator, instead of the usual Sonny/Carly/Jason. If Sonny didn't kill the guy, why were his prints on the gun? Wouldn't he have had his own gun and it wasn't the one that killed Marino? Serious question. It was snarky but true because Joss did shoplift with Cameron. Carly can't stand that not everyone thinks the people in her family are perfect. Maybe what she was about Franco's place in Liz's life if true, maybe not. But it's the kind of bitter cruel turning of the knife that healthy people avoid doing to others.
  4. GH In The News: The PC Press Club

    Watch Spencer figure out the switch while Lulu continues clueless. Blech. I wouldn't be surprised if they only brought back Genie because they could book NB.
  5. GH In The News: The PC Press Club

    Actors have been bringing the heat long before there were sex scenes on screen. Look at Greta Garbo and John Gilbert. SBu needs to step up his game if he wants to prove that he can still bring the heat because there has been zero heat between Jason and Sam to this point including that tepid cheek kiss today.
  6. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Cameron: Why would I be asking about meaning and existence? Me: because you're a teenager. This is the time you're supposed to be asking those questions It was kind of pathetic that Sam had to tell Jason how much his showing up means to his family, including Monica. Borg boy wouldn't have noticed. Or cared. Carly was acting like Joss was innocent in the shoplifting thing. Why can't she admit to Franco that they both have a problem with the kids. When she attacked and threatened Liz, I was hoping that Franco would tell her that he doesn't have time for her insecurity. You forgot about Jason. When Sam asked him to be nice to Drew because something big was going down, he asked "Does it affect anyone I love?" as if it doesn't matter to him unless it does. This is why I loathe Jason Morgan, the only people he cares about are the five he "loves". Everyone else can go to hell. Meanwhile Sonny seems to have zero regrets for killing the father of child Margaux. All he's thinking about is himself. These are the three "heroes" of this show. If only it were to have Sonny finally get payback for something, anything that he's done. Somehow I think I'll be winning the lottery before I get that.
  7. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    There's a radio show I enjoy listening to, White Coat, Black Art, which describes itself as "medicine from [the doctor's] side of the gurney". Today's episode was an interview with actor Alan Alda who has helped develop a program "focusing on human connection and communication"and "the building blocks of empathy" that is now taught at 17 medical schools. (There's a short clip of Alda teaching mirroring to medical students at the link.) The example Alda used to show what lack of empathy looks like was an anecdote of a physician's assistant who told a cancer patient "the sooner you accept that you're dying, the better it will be for you." That sounds strangely familiar. (To finish the story after the PA had gone an intern went in and starting mirroring the patient, holding her hand and sitting with her and not pushing. With that, the patient started to process the information she had been told.) Maybe he would have been open to empathy at the time if Robin had offered it. I don't think that she did, and that's what disappointed me so much. But we'll have to agree to disagree about that.
  8. GH In The News: The PC Press Club

    Do you mean if KM lobbied for Drew? We;ll probably never know unless someone writes a tell-all book. But it feels like there were too many sudden course changes that didn't make sense. If Sam was going to go back to Jason from SBu's return, why wasn't it written that Sam was confused rather than telling Drew she was all about him and immediately re-marrying him? Why a few weeks after the wedding was she saying that Drew had stifled her all through their relationship by making her wear suits and not letting her do what she really wanted, none of which we saw, and divorced him when the ink was barely dry in the marriage license saying she needed to be free to be herself. It feels like someone pulled rank and suddenly changed the storyline. Who it was, I don't know. His ego might but he seems to me to be one of the laziest actors on the show. Making another pairing work would require effort on his part.
  9. GH In The News: The PC Press Club

    If Steve Burton pushed for the end of Sam/Drew so Jason could get Sam back, I'd argue that he has it too. Sam tempted by Jason but ultimately deciding to stay with Drew because she's not that young girl any more makes much more sense story-wise.
  10. Thereby setting up the "Peter steps into Nathan's shoes" part of the show. Personally, I find this idea worse than Friz.
  11. S04.E10: Sporemageddon

    For the shippers. ;-) And D'avin is a killjoy hunting Jaq because he has he best chance of finding him. Do we know why the Lady wants Jaq? And if Jaq is some special blend of human and Hullen, will he somehow be essential in taking down the Lady next season?
  12. Relationships in The Quad: What the Hells?

    Apologies to those who didn't watch ER but this speaks to the idea that there are clues in the writing as to which way it's going to go: I agree that it would have been Luka/Carol if Julianna Margulies was going to stay. But she told them (fairly early on IIRC) that she was leaving and the show moved to a Luka/Abby meet cute. I know that a lot of people shipped Carter/Abby because her relationship with Luka was pretty dysfunctional but that's because the characters themselves were dysfunctional and deliberately written to be so that they could have a journey and get healthy. It was never toxic the way Carter/Abby was toxic. For example, when Carter got out of rehab, doing crossword puzzles during his mandatory AA meetings because he wasn't really committed to it, he asked Abby to be his sponsor. She told him no because she wasn't secure enough in her own recovery to be anyone else's sponsor but he wouldn't accept her answer and pushed, telling her that he didn't want to talk to a stranger (any therapist will tell you that it's essential to have an outside person) and finally she gave in. The Carter/Abby shippers thought it was very cute that Carter wanted only Abby but it was just the first in a series of incidents where Abby put aside her real self to be what she thought Carter wanted because he was who she was settling for. In fact, their romantic relationship ended when Abbiy's mother told Carter that she was so glad Carter could see and love the real Abby, and Carter realized that the real Abby was nothing like what he wanted, circling back to that early sponsorship discussion. I thought Johnny saying that if he has to be a third wheel to anyone, he'd prefer it to be to Dutch/D'av was telling. The Killjoys writers may totally surprise me and end the show on Johnny/Dutch but in the episodes up to now including Sporemageddon, I'm seeing signs that she's going to end with D'av romantically if with anyone. In the writing. Hopefully she will stay BFFs with Johnny.
  13. That does kind of put it into perspective.
  14. Small Talk: The Quiver

    They both are gorgeous. I like the setting of the garnet, it kind of looks like the bow on a present.
  15. Spoilers and Spoiler Speculation

    Ugh, so in episode 4 it's still a secret? Teddy's baby daddy needs to be out in the open early in the season. I didn't think it's polyamorous so much as Owen torn between his baby mama and the relationship he was building with Amelia. Amelia and Teddy getting together would really be a swerve.