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  1. I agree, the charm of the actor is essential in selling the character who was basically a layabout living off of the largesse of Robin Masters and unable to have a romantic relationship that lasted more than a couple of episodes.. Yes. I'm worried it's going to be a whitewash. One of the surprisingly good things about the original show was that is went against the prevailing view that everything was fine for the vets who came back from Viet Nam. Magnum P.I. showed that there was PTSD and pain and broken families for the returnees. (These were the days before Bellisario swung hard to the right.) I will be surprised if the reboot carries that speaking truth to power aspect.
  2. Spoiler Discussion Thread

    Part of the problem with the studio-mandated/fan pandering characters is that they're not very interesting but the EPs don't care. There was a big backlash against Rene for being crude so what do they do the next season? Give us Diaz who is even cruder. I don't think they care enough about Curtis to try to make him more likable. He's there for comic relief and to throw his balls around. E2 Laurel has a real impulse control problem (e.g. blowing Diaz off the room, killing the guards). The show could use that to make her more sympathetic and distinguish her from E1 Laurel and Dinah. But I bet they're going to ignore it and it's going to be all daddy issues.
  3. In real life, it's not advised by defense attorneys because getting put into a mental hospital indefinitely could mean being locked up for longer than if you served the sentence
  4. I wish the show would stop duplicating characters because it's boring. And it detracts from the originals. I'd really like to see a slimming down of the cast as soon as Oliver gets out of prison but I'm afraid they won't do it. When Curtis came on, suddenly Felicity couldn't write algorithms and needed help doing what she usied to do with no problem. Rory had to help her wtih Judaism (but I didn't mind so very much because I liked him). The worst was when Curtis mansplained her in the s5 crossover. Now she can't even have her own company without the Curtis hobble. Crazy Puppy is a low rent version of Oliver, or maybe it's just RG pushing it too much. If they redeem Black Siren, how exactly is she going to be different than Dinah? They're both meta screamers and fighters. The show has to many masks and too much of their skill set is redundant. Thea didn't become Speedy until Roy left. That's the way to do it.
  5. Small Talk: The Quiver

    Chocolate with raspberries is awesome. I make a chocolate truffle cake that's pretty dense and we add a raspberry sauce (raspberries pureed with a little icing sugar) and it's so good.
  6. Spoiler Discussion Thread

    I'm curious if Beth will be any better at remembering the show's history than MG and WM were. Malcolm Merlyn, Slade, they did horrible things but that was all wiped away when the show wanted them to help Oliver and Team. So far, it seems that if Black Siren is headed down the same track.
  7. S03.E20: The Tipping Point

    You're smarter than I am. It took me 24 years to figure it out -- and I have a degree in psychology. We want to believe that those we love love us back.
  8. Since All American is a Berlanti show, I'm guessing not long.
  9. This is exactly what Diaz is like. And trying to hide a huge inferiority complex. Because that's the true Green Arrow, not this Oliver guy who is married to Felicity. Why does it not surprise me that Jesse Schedeen thought that Michael Emerson's understated and creepy performance lowered the material but he loves KA's loud and bombastic Diaz?
  10. But she's the fake! He's just protecting the comics purity. He's a hero! Forget that John Diggle didn't appear in the original comics, he's got the fighting cred and he didn't steal Black Canary's role.
  11. Spoiler Discussion Thread

    For some reason, they don't want Felicity to have her company free and clear. Curtis was freelancing tech services while Felicity still didn't know what to do now that her )severance package was used up (how about the fact that she's still supposed to own Ray's PT shares?) and when she had the idea to form a company, Felicity needed to ask him to join her in a new company because they don't want her going solo. Diggle gets ARGUS, Dinah gets her own love interest --> nemesis and Black Siren gets Diaz but Felicity can't even have her own antagonist in Cayden James, he has to be handed over to Oliver.
  12. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    I thought Drew said about that once Jason's memories are gone, his real self will emerge. That was after Kim made a comment about a joke that he made was just like something the old Drew would have said. Drew also said that he needed to do it for his children. (I wonder if he included Danny and Jake in that thought.) Knowing that Sam has dumped him for Jason, I can why he would want to get every bit of Jason out of himself.
  13. Thanks for the info @Primal Slayer/ MG always said that he wouldn't kill off Thea because she's Oliver's only remaining family member. And then suddenly, William is a regular on the show for season 6, surprising most of us. The BTS stuff I want to know is why Willa asked for a reduce workload in seasons 5 and 6 when she doesn't seem to have anything else lined up.
  14. I can't see the blind item (wails). What does it say?
  15. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Would Bensch have legal rights over the baby? I know that in some jurisdictions rapists do even when it's rape. I would be too afraid that Bensch would claim visitation or maybe even joint custody (he's an established doctor with pots of money while Kiki is a lowly medical student) to try that.