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  1. Pet Peeves: The Holy Trinity and Beyond

    I think the ones that keep talking about 'how many will it sleep', and worry about a lot of bathrooms, and guests, are probably the ones that are going to rent it out all of the time, and it's only an investment. The ones where the family size and the number of beds are a huge mismatch are a dead giveaway. There was one where it was a big one bedroom, and they had a bunch of kids, so that was obviously an investment. When all they do is talk about the amenities, and how walkable it is, then it's probably not for them, but for the paying guests. I wonder how many Panama City places came through the hurricane OK?
  2. The Incredible Dr. Pol

    They do have that statement on the front of every episode stating that they aren't showing every procedure, and all of the treatments.
  3. House Hunters Renovation: Tool Time!

    The basement floor tiles screamed asbestos to me, and quite a few were missing, and a lot were loose and displaced. About half looked like they were still attached, and I think removal and disposal should have been handled by specialists. I'm sure they had an abatement team take care of removal. Denver is still a hot market, (fortunately not as hot as it used to be, that was outrageous for a while) and some neighborhoods with vintage houses, and centrally located are still having bidding wars. They're lucky they only had to go $8k over to get the house. I think the bedroom floor was the wood look tile, but it had an area rug too. It might have been real wood floors, but I don't know.
  4. General True Crime Shows

    The Porco case comes to mind. Even worse was the Chris Pritchard case where he hatched a plot to kill to kill Lieth Von Stein (his stepdad), and Bonnie (his mother), in concert with some of his friends. Bonnie survived, and in spite of strong evidence, has always been a strong supporter of her son. Angela Pritchard (the sister) was in another part of the house, sound asleep, and with a fan running, and slept through the entire murder. The motive wasn't just the estimated $2 million that was the potential inheritance, if both parents died, but according to co-conspirators, Chris was angry the stepfather wasn't spending enough of his recent $1 million inheritance on Chris. Chris gave a copy of the house key, and a map to the house. Ironically, Chris P. has been out of prison for years, claims to have found religion, and is very close with his mother. It makes me think that there's more than one way to get the money someday, through mom's will. The actual killer doesn't have a parole hearing until 2022. Some of the confederates had much longer sentences, but the mastermind only got 20 years. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Murder_of_Lieth_Von_Stein
  5. All Episodes Talk: Let's Talk About Dr. Phil, The Show

    Yes, the tramp married the man who went to the funeral as her 'data', and they weren't just a casual thing before. The jerk was her third husband, and she cheated on all of them, and I know she had an ugly divorce from number three. Don't know what happened to her after, but she's not exactly on my list of people to keep in touch with.
  6. General True Crime Shows

    Unfortunately, unlike the posters here, criminals aren't too smart, and as the Live PD commentators say "We don't catch the smart ones". So who knows how many murders or supposed suicides, or 'natural deaths' aren't, and the perps never gets caught, because they didn't talk about their crime, didn't have accomplices, and didn't screw up. What I find unbelievable about many family cases is that when someone tries to kill their entire family, and fail at killing one person, often that person keeps denying the family member did it, testify in court that they couldn't have done it, and seem to forget that the person tried their best to kill them, and failed.
  7. House Flipping Shows

    I remember the WIndy City House Hunters episode. The entire house was stripped of any remnant of historic or vintage charm, looked just like any other flip house, with a too modern interior, and had a ridiculous second story perched on the top that looked awful.
  8. House Hunters Renovation: Tool Time!

    I hate the banquettes, and don't understand how an L shaped seat works with the round tables they keep putting with them. I guess the person on the end gets a tray table? I wish they had used one nice color for the wide band in the shower, instead of differing colors. A nice light aqua would have been nice. I'm not known for my daring choices in interior design however, or as a friend said, I'm not trendy. The only way the pantry cabinet would have worked is if it wasn't assembled when they bought it, and assembled it in place. Or if it was the kind with the separate base you sit it on, and that makes up for the height of the ceiling v. cabinet height. I noticed that even though the designer said they could use the wall ledge of the bathroom sink for personal items, there was nothing on it. Did they put a handrail on the stairs? It definitely needed one. And what did they do with the basement tiles? They certainly looked old enough to be asbestos.
  9. All Episodes Talk: Let's Talk About Dr. Phil, The Show

    What an interesting family dynamic in the 1/21: My Grandson's Father Nearly Killed Us and His Mother Is Battling Us in Court. Anyone think if ex-mother-in-law gets unsupervised visitation, that she'll immediately start taking the kid around her criminal relatives, and indoctrinating the grandson about how nothing was daddy's fault, but somehow his mommy's? 1/24: My Husband Told My Best Friend I Was Dying and Asked Her to Marry Him--Amazing the first wife was sick and suddenly died, and then the second gets deathly ill too. The husband reminds me of my cousin, who took a date to her husband's funeral.
  10. Live PD

    From watching the hoarder shows, and reading about hoarding, 1 in 25 homes are hoards. There are five levels, level 1 is stuff everywhere, but clear paths, and you can still shift stuff around, and the worst is level 5, the type you see on the TV shows. Many have been cleaned out repeatedly before, and some can amass a level 5 hoard in very little time. It's classified under OCD in the DSM-V (the guide to mental conditions), so my guess is that a real hoarder would be hard to evict these days. To me, the worst part of hoarding is when animals, and children have to live in the filth and vermin because of the parents. I can't imagine a kid going to school, and being the dirty kid that smells because of the hoard.
  11. The Incredible Dr. Pol

    What a lovely wedding. Congratulations to Charles and Beth, and I wish them every happiness.
  12. Small Talk: Only 2 Ounces Of Commenting Allowed

    One reason the veggies were cooked to mush is that in my grandparents generation, they had bad teeth, and needed something softer to chew. Everything was mushy, and even the bread they baked was very soft. They only went to the dentist when they were in severe pain, and then when they reached a certain point of tooth loss, and issues, they usually had everything pulled, and had dentures. Of course, they usually complained about the fit of the dentures, and since they never went and had then relined, or adjusted they didn't fit well. When I grew up some neighbors didn't think baby teeth were important, so their kids had all kinds of tooth decay that you could see, and only went to dentists after the adult teeth came in. It amazes me that a lot of this hasn't improved either. Even though there is a lot of information about how important child dental care is, and how baby teeth do matter, there still are too many people that don't have proper dental care. I'm sure many of the poundticipants, and their relatives have virtually never gone to a dentist. I still remember the older brother of the Benji and David episode saying his mother put all of her money into pageants, and since the older brother was too big to be cute for pageants she left him at home, and he'd never been to the dentist. He's the one who went to a special cosmetic and reconstructive dentist, and had those temporary cosmetic denture type teeth to cover his very painful, and deteriorated teeth. I'm hoping that after the show ended he completed the process, and probably has full dentures by now. Tooth infections can kill you, and people simply don't realize that.
  13. House Hunters Renovation: Tool Time!

    I'm just glad that they showed the egress windows. Those are a requirement for putting living quarters in the basement, and too often people have non-conforming bedrooms, and are not recognizing the danger of those tiny windows. The only part of the remodel on the bath I was not on board with, is the sink. That back edge is not going to work for putting cosmetics, and other items there, so the zero counter space will be a continuing problem.
  14. 20/20

    I found the book written by the ex-wife of Oral Roberts son to be very enlightening, about the lifestyle and the opulent spending what so many people send in to people they think are doing the Lord's work. Ashes to Gold by Patti Roberts (ex of Richard Roberts) was an interesting book to me, outlining the over the top spending, and how they all lived the country club lifestyle, while their followers were impoverishing themselves to send their last dimes to their church. Richard and his next wife, Lindsay were bounced from the management of the Oral Roberts University, after fiscal issues were exposed. In return for $70 million to bail the OR University out, Robert was out of everything but Oral Roberts Ministries (where the checks are sent). Interesting read : https://longreads.com/2014/09/16/oral-roberts-family-history/
  15. The People's Court

    Betty Boop is actually a "Sainted Single Mother" who claims she ignores her child's cigarette burns, and being fed spoiled meat. What an idiot, and I feel sorry for the poor kid, being raised by a loon like that. I'm glad the daycare owner was able to get some justice about the postings that vile creature made about her business.