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  1. S08.E01: The End

    When the wagon came into play, i actually said "ooooh, here comes the coven..." only to have my hopes dashed. I think it's hilarious that it's 18 mos later and evan peters hair is the same. Ummmmm... didn't it grow out? Who's cutting it? Meh, wasn't impressed with how slow it was once underground but I'll keep watching. I couldn't watch Cult (didn't like the characters so not invested - I'll try again) so glad this appears to be slightly different.
  2. Rebooted Season 2 Discussion: Bring on the Men

    He did use the wrong pronoun, which i was happy to see as it let's the viewers realize that mistakes happen with pronouns, even in the lgbtq+ community and with grace, yoli can let it go. I'm sure he heard it, but he chose to let Tan self edit moving forward. Had Tan said it again, is expect a correction. My oldest brother is my sister now and I've supported her through thick and thin. Unfortunately in our dysfunctional family, she chooses to hang with the member who called her a wrong freak rather than myself. Wow, what does that say about me? Eeeeep. Meh, not bothered... too much I really like sean but did feel that lulu was a nut. Why home school the kid? He was talented but I'm looking forward to what he does on his own. I love the fab5 guys and enjoy the differences. I can't believe it's been 15+ years?
  3. S01.E01: Pilot

    Exactly. This character and actress are not fun for some reason. I can't quite figure it out.
  4. S09.06 The Whole Enchilada

    I laughed when New England bought 3 avocados for their chayote tacos... on flour tortillas! Blech! What was that lady thinking "ooh, i love that they did these on flour tortillas!" The editing was hilarious. I liked that the trucks were downtown and then suddenly... on HOLLYWOOD BLVD! That was some crazy transporting I finally figured it out... with her dark eyebrows - christine is Milhouse's mom!
  5. S03.E15: One Million Percent

    Why doesn't hannah just do prague and stop whining about it. Don't cancel the flight, just go already! Brooke you're a lovely gal but dumb as a sack of hair with jaoa... Kasey you are just a crappy princess with terrible hair.
  6. Exactly! Hannah has been back and forth to Adam giving him updates on guests and he loses his cool! What bothers me is that the crew knows how joao is but on deck they like him. I don't get it. He's a horrible horrible human being who treats women so poorly, but no let's be concerned with what hannah is doing or not doing. Goodness that bugs! As for Sandy... i like get better than the previous med captain, but I've never been very fond of her. The way she handled this was terrible.
  7. S08.E30: Road Rage 2018.07.23

    Criminey these people are so trashy! It's beyond gross now and even with the money, i wouldn't want to be associated in any way! I hope jenelle loses all of her children. :(
  8. S08.E30: Road Rage 2018.07.23

    Because they care about their audience, don't'cha know? It would be just too much!
  9. S05.E16: Hangout Lighting 07.17.18

    Thank you for the clarification! :)
  10. S05.E16: Hangout Lighting 07.17.18

    Sigh. Where to start... "My first offer is always the best offer..." and it looks like that is still the case. 25% for $250k or 20% Marcus, 5% bonus for $200k. Lol and she seemed to think she won out in that deal. No you dumbass, you still gave up 25% but for $50 less. And Dustin can't add up in excel - well you can't seem to add up in your head... I hated that she kept agreeing to something and then backtracking. That's a wimpy move! Marcus, Dustin, Brian... who else? "But i thought if you were a business owner, you have to be a bit cold..." what? You have some wacky ideas about business owners, especially when you can't stand up and state your mind at the first meeting, but agree, then backtrack. I loved the building restoration and it did seem to be just a showcase. Edison lights are not a longstanding design item. When she said that 60% of her sales were ETSY i had to stop and stare off into space.
  11. There was definitely so many things that made me want to go hmmmm on the la serenatta episode... 1) when they showed the video of elder member, wife, son and grandson didn't have any emotion, but son's wife started crying immediately. Weird. Blood relatives, no real response. Daughter in law, tears... 2) wife and son of dead owner had a very strange dynamic which culturally did not jive. He was probably raised as the little king especially if he was the only child but it doesn't explain the animosity between them. I've seen latino males raised this way and when father passes there is absolutely no treating mom like that. 3) stone was beyond... was he wearing a toupee? 4) what color did Gordon paint that place - sometimes it looked like an odd blue green, other times green and other times teal. 5) not strange but christina got a title card! Wahoo!
  12. All Episodes Talk: The Barbecue Pit

    We watch the show on istreamitall.com which is great. The show really does hold up. We introduced it to our 10 yr old recently and are on season 5. every episode, the family hears me say "oh this is a great episode." It's become silly when i say it but so true! I love watching Peggy think her big feet are beautiful and spa-peggy and meatballs! Lol. Bobby is the best tv kid around. A complete oddball, but kind and sweet, with a girlfriend! Ha! My son now wanders about impersonating the characters. His Bobby is spot on but i die every time he does hank saying "bwah!" in surprise!
  13. That took me about 10 min of thinking "what is wrong with that makeup?" before i realized it was a disguise, then it took me about 10 more trying to figure out it was Mike. Great job for him but there were some mannerisms that just couldn't be ignored.
  14. I agree that Joao does seem unhinged. He's a mess. When he broke that glass, that was enough for me to say "I'm it, he doesn't exist anymore." I agree that Hannah isn't communicating properly with captain. It's not about the resume anymore, it's about Kasey not knowing how to do laundry! Christ what an idiot! Sure, I've fudged a resume here and there but I've never straight up lied like she has. That one gumball guest... "i didn't put that about the colors on my preference sheet because i didn't want to look like an asshole! Teeeeheee" ASSHOLE! Oh no because you look so much better now! I hate her. And who puts makeup on for a private yacht dinner? I sure would not! Dang, if you're that worried, why not go on hells kitchen or something. I really hate captain this season. I think she is letting "stardom" get to her. Finally, Adam... i can do a capresi salad... dang. If you are going to do a salad, make it special. That crispy fish - come on - make a nice white fish in a citrus sauce maybe? His fish looked really dry.
  15. Blurgh - mouse toast. I need to clean my brain...