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  1. S07.E13: A Very MJ Wedding

    Am i the only one who likes Destiney? I like that she's always pleasant, doesn't seem to engage in the venomous gossip that reza and mj bring and she is just cute.
  2. S07.E13: A Very MJ Wedding

    Dang, i used to think Tommy was a big ol' CREEP, but he really did stick with mj. I guess i was wrong. The jumpsuit was a thousand times better on mj than the dress. Her makeup was better as was her hair (although it was pretty messy).
  3. S06.E05: Naked Smoothies

    Hey you guys... did you know chandler's dad is a captain? Ugh this charter guest is so gross.
  4. S08.E08: Soujourn

    Ryan must be way too far up his own ass to listen to anyone saying "dude, this is a freaking mess!" Maybe he's busy burying himself in mounds of cocaine while wearing a wig? What is with having the actors play so many parts? Was he too busy to be bothered with casting? Is he afraid he'll lose his status if one of them gets upset? Criminey. The first 3 episodes could have been handled in 1 episode. I agree with PP who said it seems like they are writing this on the fly. Oh the audience wants Nan? Hmmmm.... oh let's write her in with Papa! Oh no, they miss Angela? Let's give her 10 lines next week! I was entertained this week, sure but the satanist church was a farce. They could have at least PRETENDED to be more on the level with that. Kathy bates and cody are definitely stealing this show. As for Michael being so tearful... did christ have a period of doubt in faith? (Not religious, sorry) but maybe Ryan is having Michael parallel christ?
  5. S07.E08: Clash the Persians

    But he used it in a derogatory fashion which caused mike to reply "but your half jew." It was definitely said in anger and in spite as if he was spitting it out.
  6. S07.E08: Clash the Persians

    Ok, did we hear Reza call Mike a blanking jew? I thought i heard that, gasped but didn't rewind. Then Mike said something like "your half jew?" How could they not cut that out?
  7. S06.E02: Foam, Party of One

    Why make the deck crew get to at 6. Lame. Get them up at 8, and discuss the situation. Chandler Chandler Chandler... you need some emotional iq... Rhylee - wowza where do i start? What a mess. I'm in a male dominated field. It's not picking up having things based though. I never go in acting like the men need to accept/respect me. I go in, working, being humble and speaking up, not over speaking. I get respect and acceptance based on my work ethic. The only time I've dealt with misogyny, it's been from management with pay disparity. I would NEVER wear a white flimsy dress with no bra. Just no. I still have my chef crush on hippy Adrian and even actually don't mind the man bun (which i normally hate with the fire of the burning sun). I like his energy, confident and capable, rhylee and caroline can learn from that.
  8. S06.E01: We're Not in the Caribbean Anymore

    So does Capt Lee rent the yachts for the season or is he hired by the owners? In light of recent days, i must admit i feel uncomfortable making Chef Adrian a tasty piece of meat...
  9. S06.E01: We're Not in the Caribbean Anymore

    Oh Capt Lee, let me help you retrieve that pin. Mroar. I like Ross so far. He seems pretty grounded. A little too alpha, but i like him. Chef adrian... i don't like flitty hippy boys like you, but... i could just eat him up!
  10. S08.E02: The Morning After

    Sigh... So purty... I hate this season. The opening was far too fast and now we are turtle show. I can't wait for Emma Roberts to show up and stink up the show even worse.
  11. S08.E01: The End

    When the wagon came into play, i actually said "ooooh, here comes the coven..." only to have my hopes dashed. I think it's hilarious that it's 18 mos later and evan peters hair is the same. Ummmmm... didn't it grow out? Who's cutting it? Meh, wasn't impressed with how slow it was once underground but I'll keep watching. I couldn't watch Cult (didn't like the characters so not invested - I'll try again) so glad this appears to be slightly different.
  12. Rebooted Season 2 Discussion: Bring on the Men

    He did use the wrong pronoun, which i was happy to see as it let's the viewers realize that mistakes happen with pronouns, even in the lgbtq+ community and with grace, yoli can let it go. I'm sure he heard it, but he chose to let Tan self edit moving forward. Had Tan said it again, is expect a correction. My oldest brother is my sister now and I've supported her through thick and thin. Unfortunately in our dysfunctional family, she chooses to hang with the member who called her a wrong freak rather than myself. Wow, what does that say about me? Eeeeep. Meh, not bothered... too much I really like sean but did feel that lulu was a nut. Why home school the kid? He was talented but I'm looking forward to what he does on his own. I love the fab5 guys and enjoy the differences. I can't believe it's been 15+ years?
  13. S01.E01: Pilot

    Exactly. This character and actress are not fun for some reason. I can't quite figure it out.
  14. S09.06 The Whole Enchilada

    I laughed when New England bought 3 avocados for their chayote tacos... on flour tortillas! Blech! What was that lady thinking "ooh, i love that they did these on flour tortillas!" The editing was hilarious. I liked that the trucks were downtown and then suddenly... on HOLLYWOOD BLVD! That was some crazy transporting I finally figured it out... with her dark eyebrows - christine is Milhouse's mom!
  15. S03.E15: One Million Percent

    Why doesn't hannah just do prague and stop whining about it. Don't cancel the flight, just go already! Brooke you're a lovely gal but dumb as a sack of hair with jaoa... Kasey you are just a crappy princess with terrible hair.