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  1. All Episodes Talk: The Barbecue Pit

    We watch the show on istreamitall.com which is great. The show really does hold up. We introduced it to our 10 yr old recently and are on season 5. every episode, the family hears me say "oh this is a great episode." It's become silly when i say it but so true! I love watching Peggy think her big feet are beautiful and spa-peggy and meatballs! Lol. Bobby is the best tv kid around. A complete oddball, but kind and sweet, with a girlfriend! Ha! My son now wanders about impersonating the characters. His Bobby is spot on but i die every time he does hank saying "bwah!" in surprise!
  2. That took me about 10 min of thinking "what is wrong with that makeup?" before i realized it was a disguise, then it took me about 10 more trying to figure out it was Mike. Great job for him but there were some mannerisms that just couldn't be ignored.
  3. I agree that Joao does seem unhinged. He's a mess. When he broke that glass, that was enough for me to say "I'm it, he doesn't exist anymore." I agree that Hannah isn't communicating properly with captain. It's not about the resume anymore, it's about Kasey not knowing how to do laundry! Christ what an idiot! Sure, I've fudged a resume here and there but I've never straight up lied like she has. That one gumball guest... "i didn't put that about the colors on my preference sheet because i didn't want to look like an asshole! Teeeeheee" ASSHOLE! Oh no because you look so much better now! I hate her. And who puts makeup on for a private yacht dinner? I sure would not! Dang, if you're that worried, why not go on hells kitchen or something. I really hate captain this season. I think she is letting "stardom" get to her. Finally, Adam... i can do a capresi salad... dang. If you are going to do a salad, make it special. That crispy fish - come on - make a nice white fish in a citrus sauce maybe? His fish looked really dry.
  4. Blurgh - mouse toast. I need to clean my brain...
  5. S05.E08: Faded Royalty

    Bah - this idiot. I do like the Grandfather shirt but it is no different than Ben Sherman, Munsingwear or Fred Perry. I think he's off on his demographic. He should be aiming at the old mod kids who've grown up - 35 to 55.
  6. Flipping Out In The Media

    But this is grounds for ... an opinion not a lawsuit. I'm shocked she found a lawyer willing to file against contracts that were signed.
  7. SURly Staff In The Media

    He'll be with her forever - but forever is long enough to find a new younger model...
  8. SURly Staff In The Media

    Lala and Herman are going to be together forever and ever! https://www.usmagazine.com/entertainment/news/vanderpump-rules-lala-kent-randall-emmett-discuss-their-future/ Yeah right, you stupid stupid girl. Better invest in some new babas!
  9. I like that Conrad is trying to be a gentleman. Shows that he's in a different place than Hannah though. Kasey is awful. She is one of those people will do as much screw up work hoping they won't be asked to do xyz again! God I hate that. I'm done if they make J a bosun. The guests - blurgh. I don't mind some crazy but these guests are too much.
  10. Yes! What a weird, not self conscious in any way, apology.
  11. Category Is...Quotes

    I know i don't have it right but at the end when Pray says... "Rise up, triumph!" Yep tears. I'm lame...
  12. S01.E01 Pilot 2018.06.03

    Ok I've followed ball culture since the late 80's - Ryan Murphy did you just finish Paris is Burning and that was your pilot script? AND Pray would have slayed as a house mother. I was happy to see House of Pendavis mentioned and that a member from Xtravaganza is playing a judge and contributed on the crew. They need some House of Ninja to bring the balls up to vogue speed. Edited because I'm an idiot and there are trans actors here... Finally, Damon - more flash dance, less prance! Sigh. I'll watch for Pray alone. I'll keep watching...
  13. Nxivm - the gal who was branded and had brought in over 2000 people! My husband was born and raised Jehovah's Witness. His whole family is still in the group with his brother an elder. I asked him if what he thought his brother would do re the child abuse allegations and unfortunately, he doesn't have a clue how his brother would react. So sad.
  14. S06.E23: Reunion, Part 2

    I can't wait until they cover Lala's bottle bedtime routine. Good grief.
  15. S04.E23: Dream Home

    Way more believable! I would have been on board with this. I did like the "attempts" at comedy in the bleack episodes... sharing a spoon, neck in stairs, fireplace... but hated the episodes generally. Why didn't Ruby go with Dre? I hated the call from Bow while Dre was at work and he was so annoyed with her. Disaster.