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  1. I loved the location and I think it presented a lot of challenges to the teams. I really liked that the tasks were fairly difficult. However, while the gnome task was great, I think it was a terrible presentation. We saw the gnomes getting zip lines but then after that because of editing cuts, it was just racers saying "this is confusing, it's a maze, is it here, is it there" and then a cut to them climbing to the roof. Then repeat for the second zip line. Then repeat trying to get back to the start. Would have made for a lot more interesting viewing if maybe they had shown us a overhead screenshot or map showing where they were in relation to the gnome and how to get where they needed to go.
  2. I really liked Nat and Kat, and I feel like they had way more personality than these two. I don't even know which is which and I'd be hard pressed to pick them out in a crowd. They have made so little impression on me, the only thing I remember is that the blonde one almost yakked after the Black Death. They were practically invisible this episode.
  3. So not surprisingly, media is reporting that Keiynan Lonsdale (Wally West / Kid Flash) is now a regular. Maybe I'm cynical, but what has happened so far is that they fired one black actress (the horrible Ciara Renee) and immediately replaced her with another black actress (Maisie Richardson Sellers). Now they have fired one black actor (Franz Drameh) and immediately replaced him with another black actor. I am all for diversity in casting, but these moves make me feel like they think they have to fill a quota (similar to the replacements on Hawaii 5-0 after the debacle when they effectively fired Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park). As opposed to casting because they want a diverse cast. They did add a middle eastern woman this season. But I would have rather seen them add an Asian male character instead of another one-for-one race/gender replacement.
  4. One of us will get killed? I hope it's Reade. He is useless, and I find it appalling that with his background and history that he was approved as Assistant Director. I know that was Hirsch, but after she was disgraced, all of her appointments should have been reviewed.
  5. I don't see what's so offensive about their comment. They called them wizards. This indicates to me that they think they are smart and they were impressed with them. Evan herself was pleased that they called them wizards. Alex is an Indy 500 champion and he called two otherwise-nobodies from Yale "wizards". It's not like he called them "nerds". Upthread someone said that Brittany wasn't blaming Jessica. I think the annoying repeated "Jessica! Jessica! She took my gnome!" Goes against that theory. I'm interested to see if anything is said next eppy. I miss "Eat Sleep Mingle". Without it we never would have gotten Millie the Mole's apoplectic look when the gay team announced they were gay, or most gloriously, the infamous "you threw my SPORTS BRA off the ledge!!!!" The Detour choices were so lopsided that I wish we had seen the wording of the clue. I wonder if the market teams thought the dancing sounded too hard. At least one of the dancing teams thought they actually had to perform a dance to get the clue, so maybe they thought it would be a judged thing. If so, I might have stayed away from it too. There's been so many examples of tough dance judging on this show.
  6. I don't watch Big Brother so I have no pre-conceived ideas about them, and so far I like them. They are competent and don't argue. If you're going to criticise Cody for doing his job and being a marine, does that mean you have an objection to all military people on reality shows? Ben from Survivor, the POW Ron on TAR, I think Dave of Rachel and Dave was a soldier, etc. They probably all killed people too. Brittany can leave anytime. I don't think Jessica was necessarily offering to hold her gnome. Jessica was waiting to use the phone and Brittany was struggling to hold it and use the phone so Jessica was trying to speed it up. Brittany simply forgot about her gnome and then blamed Jessica. If she had remembered about it she could have asked for it right away. I'm also not caring for Joey and Whatshisname. Joey can't run or even carry his own bag. I like the race car drivers. They went from last at the fish to second. Although I like Alex better It's interesting to me that he is the more successful one and the other one has to slum on his couch, and then the other one was making him do the whole fish task because "you are more detail oriented". This is why he's on a couch. I liked Alex's rejoinder to Phil's "for a smart team they're pretty strong". Evan gushing about being the whole package... yeah, that package saw them go from third to second to last in the previous leg.
  7. Isn't Ralph Fiennes a bit too old for Olivia Colman? She's mid 40s and he looks like he's 60. I would love to see Paul Bettany as Philip. He has that blondish look that fits. I'm curious if they are going to keep some of the supporting characters who were already old... for example, I really hope they keep Victoria Hamilton as the Queen Mother.
  8. I found myself intrigued by this episode, it was an interesting look at Philip. I found myself really feeling for him when he explained why he wanted Charles at Gordonstoun. Philip had no home or family and while the conditions were rough, he thrived at the school and it toughened him up. He has no control over 95% of his life so I didn't think his request about control over schooling was out of line. Charles was depicted as shy and sensitive and kind of a sissy. He seemed afraid of everything. Philip thought he was soft and wanted him to grow stronger and specifically didn't want his son coddled. The other boys were mean to Charles just as Philip's classmates were mean to him. But where Philip wouldn't let it break him, Charles cowered and cried behind a pillar. I felt for Philip because he was so disappointed that his son didn't turn out like him. On the one hand, maybe he had unreasonable expectations. But on the other, it is tough to watch your child fail, especially if you feel like they aren't even trying. I kind of feel bad for the child actor who was cast as Charles. It seems to me that he was possibly primarily picked because of those ears and their resemblance to the real Charles.
  9. I'm with Lorna. The mutants are at war and the other side had no qualms about trying to kill them and anyone who got in the way. For all the blustering that Reed and Caitlin did throughout the season about violence, they sure had no issues firing a shotgun at federal agents. It didn't seem like they were trying to aim for shields or legs. They were full out firing. I don't disagree with Andy, but he is just such a sniveling snot. I can't stand him. His stupid look, his stupid hair, his constipation. Terrible actor. Coby Bell is awful too. They should take this opportunity to fire him. He adds nothing to the show and actively brings it down. How come all of a sudden now Clarice is so expert with her powers? Before she strained and struggled and now it is just fluid with no real explanation. What I don't understand about all this... the Frosts seem all-powerful. If so, why was the one assigned to stay with the van while Marcos and John and Clarice went in? Why didn't all three Frosts go in? They could mind zap anyone they saw, and they could have disabled both the senator and Campbell. Or take control of the senator's mind and make him preach a statement of acceptance and tolerance. The Frosts could seemingly very easily end the mutant war.
  10. Pure speculation here, but are Kristi and Jen the winners? The footage at the beginning of the one saying she is going to yakk because of the Black Death was just so very odd. What was the point of that? It's so very extremely rare that the show ever addresses bathroom or gastric distress issues. Her near-yakking didn't rise to the level of medical illness which we have certainly seen before. I'm hard pressed to remember when in recent seasons we have ever seen any footage of time in between pit stops and the start of the next leg. I know there was the one on the strangers season with "I'm in Mensa" tattooed long beard guy with the short mom, where they talked out their differences, but that affected the team and was part of the theme. I see no other reason for them to waste time airing a non-yakking than to have a clip that they can include in the "resume" of a final three team. When Phil always lists the accolades of the final three teams in the penultimate episode and we see clips from the season. "Kristi and Jen. This team of extreme skiers started strong [clip from first leg, "You are team number one!"], overcame the Black Death [clip, "I'm gonna yakk!"] and remained consistently solid [future clip] throughout the race. Do they have what it takes to finish as strong?"
  11. There was a formula that we very briefly saw on the piece of paper. I think it was something like, some base number multiplied by weight to get a starting price. Then say they look at color, there were only two options. If clear then adjust 0, if yellowish then subtract 20% off the price. Then inclusions. If none, adjust 0, if some then subtract 20% off the price. The show made it look complicated but really, assuming they operated the scale correctly, there was really only four options for each diamond. Perfect, yellow and with inclusions, clear with no inclusions, yellow and with inclusions. They had to do three diamonds so even if they were completely clueless they could have just systematically run through all the combos of numbers. 4 x 4 x 4 = 64 possible combinations. I guess that would take time, but three hours? This of course assumes that the formula was as I outlined above, I didn't freeze frame to get a closer look. I don't think they were being asked to grade various degrees of clarity or amount of inclusions. I think it was just a yes/no for each. I still would have chosen the printing, it seemed way more straightforward.
  12. I've always assumed that the person could possibly be a former or current smoker. When you can't or don't want to smoke, the toothpick perhaps acts as a substitute for a ciggy, and you still get a bit of the oral fixation.
  13. Jeffy would be more like, "and here we go again, Henry against yet another big strong handsome hunk that I want to lick! And right from the start, Henry loses a bag of fries! And they fall AGAIN! Those fries just DO NOT WANT to stay on Henry's cart! HUNK is just POWERING through this course! Look at the flex on those leg muscles!! Henry is WAY BEHIND! HUNK has a HUGE lead!!! HUNK is just cruising to victory! HUNK WINS! And Henry loses AGAIN!!!" Phil is more like a golf or tennis commentator, making polite and quiet observations without blatantly rooting for anyone like Jeff always does. I prefer Phil. I noticed that Phil had a "Hosted by Phil Keoghan" pic in the credits last week but was booted this week. What gives?
  14. I think you're saying that the second team is disadvantaged, because the first team gets the experience of having tried it before? That certainly didn't help Henry. He even commented he knew the cart was loose and turned very easily, but he still failed multiple times. And it didn't help the Goat Lady who got beat by the fireman brother. I don't think that encouraging the teammate to go up the ladder, or telling them to take the turns slowly on the French fry race, is something that amounts to "helping". To me, helping is something blatant, like some seasons ago when someone told their partner that their rack of fish was upside down.
  15. I thoroughly disagree. I thought this was a great twist and it keeps the race fresh. For once the team that was in last place still had a chance to avoid elimination. I'm not saying I want to see this all the time, but I didn't mind it here. As far as creating a disadvantage to the less physical teams... I say too bad. The race IS physical. If you're not in good shape, you won't do well. I think of teams like the Bowling Moms who were doing well until they couldn't ascend a cliff, or that husband/wife team that were fairly overweight and got eliminated because they couldn't hike in the snow. I want to see well rounded teams do well and win the race. If you're saying it's unfair that there is such a physical task that disadvantages the physically weak... then the same can be said about a mental task that disadvantages the jock teams. I'm so happy that the goat team is gone. I don't think I could listen to the voice of the passive aggressive one any longer. It was like a baby frog. I could do without the Yale Girl calling her partner "Hen". A hen is a female chicken, and all I could think of was chickens. Joey(?) from the eating team seems pretty physically incompetent. The leg had just started and his partner is carrying his bag? I can't recall if a team of two guys has ever had one carry both bags before.