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  1. S37 Spoilers and Speculation

    Agreed. The issue I have with Angelina Mike and Alison is that I feel like they all think like they are playing this incredibly amazing game... when really they have not done a whole lot but react and try to avoid elimination. A good winner should be proactive. I don't think any of these three could be said to be proactive. Mike and Alison just go wherever the wind takes them. I suppose Angelina could be said to be slightly proactive the way she dropped Goliath and went over to David and told Carl she was with them until the end, but still... I don't feel like she was calling any of the shots. In her mind though, she deserves to win just for her amazing rice bargaining alone.
  2. S04.E08: Legends Of To-Meow-Meow

    Best episode of the entire series so far! So much fun. I loved how they went back and fixed things from previous episodes. When Charlie was shown checking to see who had died after her various fix attempts, I was howling when she saw it was Gary and had this “ehh I could live with this reality” look. Sirens of Space-Time!!! The 70s soundtrack! The way they all spun around in unison! The hair flips! Loved it.
  3. S04. E08. Screech, Thwack, Pow

    I am beyond caring about Zapata and Burke. I didn't like how those outdoor scenes in Mexico were filmed, it looked like it was too bright and everything was washed out. Hard to look at. I know that Remi is charging at Weller because she wants to kill him. But why is Weller charging at her? Does he think that he can physically knock the ZIP out of her?
  4. S01.E01: Episode 1

    I don't disagree that it is not incorrect, and I agree with you that the show is a British show made for a British audience. I was just curious as to what terminology an English person would use to describe someone of East Asian descent. Or do they not make a distinction?
  5. S02.E01: Dead Reckoning

    Anyone watch this? I saw that a third season was released and I hadn't even realised there was a second season. I found the first season to be dreadfully slow. I liked Jason Momoa's character but I couldn't care less about the young kids. Did the second season improve?
  6. S01.E01: Episode 1

    Just started watching and I am hooked. For those that are more familiar with modern day English society... Madden's character referred to the two bombers as "Asian". They appeared to be of Indian or Pakistani descent. Here in the U.S., I think generally when people say "Asian" most people refer to people of East or Southeast Asian origin - Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Filipino, Thai. I think Americans would either say "South Asian", "Indian" or "Pakistani" to refer to people of those descents. Question, is there a separate term the English use for people of East Asian descent? Because when Madden said the bombing suspect was an "Asian male" but had no bomb, from an American perspective that seems like it isn't specific enough. If I was on the train I'd be looking for someone of East Asian descent and while the person of South Asian descent could walk right past me.
  7. S01.E10: The Killers

    I finally sloughed through the end of this season and unfortunately I found it a chore. I would have been satisfied with a traditional whodunit mystery. I did appreciate the world building but I really couldn't care less about the sister or Ortega. If they had stuck to the main plot of discovering who killed Bancroft, with maybe a side of what happened to Lizzie, I think it would have liked it more. I felt like the sister and that strange assassin guy of hers was just a little too out there. Not sure if I will be back for the next season. I know that Anthony Mackie was cast as Kovacs. Ortega mentioned something to Kovacs about returning Ryker's sleeve. Does this mean the actor who played Kovacs in Season 1 will be back in Season 2 as Ryker?
  8. S37 Spoilers and Speculation

    I’d be surprised if Angelina is the winner because her edit has been generally negative. She’s been portrayed as whiny, controlling, self-promoting, manipulative and fairly unlikeable. If she is indeed the winner the editors certainly didn’t need to play up those qualities, they could have left some of these comments of hers out. She could have been portrayed like Mike Holloway... someone abandoned by her allies but somehow persevered and stayed strong. Also, all the frequent comments of jury management could have been excised if she is the winner. If there is indeed going to a women’s alliance of Angelina, Kara, and Allison (plus Mike to make a majority), they had better show this to us soon. But I would kind of dislike it if the other women on the jury (Elizabeth, Gabby) vote for her solely because she is a woman. Because so far, it would seem to me that whichever David is in the final would be more deserving. I seem to vaguely recall in past final tribals that at least one woman has said she was voting for the female finalist because she wanted a woman to win and not a man. Why is it ok for a woman to say she is voting for a woman because she wants a woman to win, but if a man were to say he wanted a man to win and not a woman, he would get accused of being misogynist. I guess there is still a lot of time so I am curious as to how she is going to play from here on out. So far I think she’d be one of the worst winners in terms of strategy.
  9. S37:E11 So Smart They're Dumb

    I agree. But all of those people are a lot more mature than Gabby. She’s just so young and immature and I wouldn’t at all be surprised if she had difficulty separating the Game from Real Life. I think back to that early day on the beach when she was the weepy ingenue with the coquettish baby girl voice and asked him “will you play with me” and his response was “in the sand???” I wouldn’t be at all surprised if she had feelings for him that developed into something more than alliance mates over the course of 30 days.
  10. S37:E11 So Smart They're Dumb

    That was such a farce. They might have just as well scrapped the season midway through and just handed him the money. Or they could have created a new Rupert style award - Best Performance by a Marine on Survivor. They had better not pull that "It's Raining Idols" crap again.
  11. S04.E07: Hell No, Dolly!

    I thought Gary was a gay virgin? In the episode with the unicorn it was established he was a virgin, and they established he was gay and into Constantine. He asked Constantine if whatever they did with/to each other took him out of the qualifications and Constantine said no. But then Constantine seemed interested in re-exploring. Nothing became of that. Now all of a sudden Gary is head over heels in love with Mona? I got the line from Nate that Gary is exploring but it just seems so random, and the only purpose of that C plot is to give Gary and Mona something to do.
  12. S37:E11 So Smart They're Dumb

    I agree, I don't think he's really done a whole lot. As much as I hate the fixation on "building a resume"... he doesn't have one. I tend to dislike the "I need to make a big move to build my resume" line of thinking. But you can build your resume by playing the game and making strategic moves that are good moves for the sake of being good strategy as opposed to shock value. I don't think he's really done much of anything. He just sits there and picks what he thinks is the safest route. Some people have definitely won by getting others to do the dirty work for them (I think that might describe Sandra and her "anyone but me" strategy) but I don't think Mike can even be said to have gotten others to have done the work for him. He's not controlling the shots. He just gloms on to whatever seems like it could be better for him. I think Mike and Angelina have fairly similar games at this point. Although I'm sure Angelina will think of herself as the mastermind, and ya know, SHE BARGAINED FOR RICE!!! It's particularly interesting that Angelina said that Mike has always been her #1 since the beginning because I really don't think they've been like that? Or has the editing just hidden it? Mike certainly didn't back Angelina when she wanted Christian out and it was Elizabeth. Mike certainly didn't push to include Angelina in the Secret Six or whatever that was called. What's worse is that after Angelina got her feelings butt hurt because two Goliaths voted for her and packed up her things and went to play with the Davies, she voted with the Davies against Alison while Mike voted for Carl. So now he's "always been with her since the beginning"? Pfftt. I wonder how much of that was for jury management... "I was always loyal to Mike from the start". Because she hasn't been. If she makes it to the end and pulls this crap I hope someone like Alec rips her a new one. She is a flipper, plain as day. She's only loyal when it suits her to appear loyal. The only person she is loyal to is herself.
  13. S37:E11 So Smart They're Dumb

    It was certainly Mike as far as I know... it was his voice. Moreover, Nick seemed fine voting for Christian. I guess they didn't consider the possibility that Davie would spill the beans. What I'm wondering is why Davie didn't vote along with Christian to vote Alison out. I know that he wanted to make it look like he was with the others but I guess he didn't consider that Mike and Angelina were going to have a backup plan in case Christian had an idol. Seems like he just assumed that Christian's lone vote for Alison was going to send her home. Had Davie talked to Christian and voted for Alison, it would have been a 2-2 tie. On revote there would have been Nick, Christian, Davie, Mike, Angelina, and Kara voting between Alison and Gabby. I think Nick would have been the swing vote and it would have been interesting to see what happened. Would not be at all surprised if Christian finds another idol next week. He's clearly the producer's Darling Boy for this season... much like the season when Ben the Marine who was constantly in trouble would find an idol every time he took a leak in the woods. Not to mention TPTB inventing new rules for him to get into the finals with that BS "supposedly planned in advance" firemaking challenge. Yes, I know, blah blah blah Quiz Show scandal, FCC, etc but it'd be hard for anyone to prove the allegations... they could simply just say they were always contemplating sudden changes in the game, just like Julie Chen Moonves and her "Expect the Unexpected" mantra on BB. I'm still a little bitter over the blatant favouritism shown by the producers for Ben the Marine.
  14. S37:E11 So Smart They're Dumb

    If Davie hadn't been trying to save Christian, he wouldn't have told Christian that he was the target. Christian thought that Alison was the target. Davie knew Christian had an idol so essentially told Christian to play his idol. Since he knew Christian had an idol, I'm assuming he voted for Christian to make it look like he was with the others.
  15. S37:E11 So Smart They're Dumb

    I see where you are coming from, but my point is that I think Davie is probably perceived as #6 out of 7 if they were going to rank them in order of perceived threats. So in that respect I think EVERYONE except for Mike is acting as Davie's shield. Yep. Gabby realised that, so good for her for trying to do something about it. Davie doesn't seem to realise that because I think in Davie's mind he is playing an awesome game and has controlled the game and everyone will see that when he makes it to the end. I think Davie and Angelina are suffering from the same delusion.