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  1. S36.E11: The Finish Line Is In Sight

    So now there's 8 people left and it's going to be very obvious when the "Naviti Strong" don't target Laurel and Donathan that Laurel and Donathan are in a side alliance with someone. So it looks like it's going to be Wendell/Dom/Laurel/Donathan against Kellyn and her "Naviti girls" Chelsea, Angela, and... the one who is so memorable that I'm completely drawing a blank on her name. Seriously, can't remember who she is. I really have no desire to see the presumed Battle Royale between Dominick and Kellyn. Just don't care who wins. I might save myself some time and just quit now.
  2. S36.E11: The Finish Line Is In Sight

    I deleted too and didn't pay attention during the credits. Did Kellyn vote for Laurel and Michael? She said she was going to put two on Laurel. We saw Laurel vote for Kellyn. I assume Michael voted for Wendell. The two guys put two votes on Michael and I assumed Kellyn put the two on Laurel? I wish Michael had talked to Laurel at least and they could have put two votes on Kellyn. Michael still would have gone home with only Dom and Wendell voting, but I'm confused as to why he didn't even talk to her.
  3. S36.E11: The Finish Line Is In Sight

    Disappointed that Michael went out, but he gave it his all. That was a good plan to make people think he had an idol. I think he has definitely punched his ticket for a Second Chances season. What I don't understand is that Donathan should have been fairly certain that Michael didn't have an idol since he asked to borrow his to make people think he had one. Why didn't Donathan and Laurel have a conversation about what is going on in their half of the tribe? I was waiting for Laurel to tell him that people think Michael has an idol and then Donathan say he doesn't. I really don't have anyone left to root for. In all the years I've watched this show I don't think I've ever had no one left that I like with so many people left in the game.
  4. S36.E10: It's Like the Perfect Crime

    I was hoping for more things from Angela last night. Despite her assertion that she's going to start playing, she did nothing. But because she went to Ghost Island she got more screen time than usual. The truly useless ones are Sebastian, Chelsea and that other blonde that looks like Libby but isn't Libby. I think that's Jenna? I don't think she even spoke. I didn't see it until this episode, but I think Michael looks a lot like the Chicago Cubs' Kris Bryant.
  5. S36.E10: It's Like the Perfect Crime

    Laurel sucks. If it hadn't been for her, we could have lost Kellyn. Dominick sucks. "OMG these WOMEN aren't content to just sit there and do what they are told. They're actually trying to take control of their own game, we can't let that happen." What I don't understand is that all of them are openly talking about Dominick, Wendell and Kellyn as "the strong players" and yet nobody is doing anything about it. Sorry to see Des go but I'm glad Michael stayed. Not sure why Michael took Donathan idol hunting without making sure they're still on the same team. Nobody knows about the Laurel/Donathan alliance with Dominick/Wendell, right? As a plan it's pretty smart. Just wish it wasn't Dominick and Wendell.
  6. I'm about five days behind on the show. Haven't posted in this thread in ages but I felt compelled to come here after seeing Taylor lash out at Bill. Two thoughts: 1. Hunter Tylo is still a thoroughly craptacular actress. Her rant reminded me very much of drunk Taylor trying to seduce Hector with her "I am Taylor Hayes!!!!" dance. 2. She makes a really really bad bleached blonde.
  7. In The Media: DWTS

    I liked Mirai Nagasu until her bizarre interview that she didn't really care after bombing her individual competition, she just wanted to be on Dancing With the Stars. I'm so sick of the blatant overexposure of Adam Rippon. And no doubt the story about how the two of them sat on her roof eating In N Out and crying that they didn't make the 2014 Olympics helped a lot in getting them both on this show, it was probably a package deal, like Meryl White and that curly haired partner of hers. I'm happy that Chris Mazdzer and Arike Ogunbawale made it. Don't have an opinion about Tonya Harding... the woman made a really bad mistake and she will forever pay in the court of public opinion. If they try to frame this competition as a "redemption" for her then my eyes will really roll. Otherwise, I am really really hoping she does a dance to that infamous Jurassic Park soundtrack and complains about a broken shoelace. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.... puzzling. He seems like a clear first-out to me. He's like 2 or 3 feet taller than his partner, not even sure how this would work.
  8. S36.E08: Fear Keeps You Sharp

    The only one left that I like is Michael. I'd like Laurel more but I can't stand Wendell and she cozies up to him. Many of the women are so nondescript and useless that when Jenna went out at the immunity challenge, my reaction was "she's still here? I thought she was voted out ages ago". When Michael goes out, a lot of my interest goes with him. I have zero desire to see whether Dominick and his posse or Kellyn and her "Naviti girls" takes each other out.
  9. S36.E08: Fear Keeps You Sharp

    I'm sorry to see Chris go. Yes he was arrogant, but he was a good TV character who was hilariously clueless as to how he came across. I'm not sure why he thought it was a good idea to take 11 people on a trip and tell everyone that we should split the vote without even discussing with anyone first why he thought the two needed to go. He should have started small with his close allies and then get others on board. I'm not sure why they think a game dictated by Dominick and Wendell is any better than a game dictated by Chris. I loathe Dom. I don't care for Wendell either, he is railing against the "dictatorship" of Chris but he looks like he's doing the same thing. He acts like he's so noble and above it all when his poop stinks just like everybody else's. Kellyn is so incredibly irritating. I can't stand her voice and those goofy faces she makes.
  10. S36.E06: Fate is the Homie

    Ugh. Even Michael voted for James. Why couldn't they have taken out Kellyn? She is uber irritating. "Don't be mad at me, I'm doing my best." It was probably Des' fault but whatever. I hope that somehow Michael survives. And I am loving Chris. He is hilarious. Whether on purpose or not, I find him entertaining. I also noticed that Dominick was the one who kept talking about Chris at least twice, whereas Chris briefly mentioned something to Wendell about Dominick and didn't mention him at all in confessional. Sounds like Dominick is the one fixated in Chris and has been ever since the decision to give up the puzzle. Dominick is the one who felt threatened. We met Libby and she seems like a complete non-entity.
  11. S36.E05: A Diamond in the Rough

    Wait, there's a Libby too? I thought Chelsea and Jenna were the only two new characters that suddenly joined the show last episode. Now I learn that there's another new person that has yet to appear? It must be frustrating. I know that three days of filming are condensed into 42 minutes of airtime, but it must be tough to be watching the show and realising that you are really that insignificant to the game as a whole.
  12. S36.E05: A Diamond in the Rough

    Some articles on the internet are calling him an underwear model. I'm not really sure what that means, whether he primarily does underwear modeling or that's just part of the whole modeling gig. Maybe he doesn't want to be known as an underwear model? I would imagine that part of being a model means you're going to be shown frequently in underwear, and I would think that if you're going to be a model you probably aren't shy or self-conscious. So I am unclear as to why he is billed here as a realtor. Maybe the show didn't want two "male models" on the same season. And it's weird how many male models this show has had. Chris and Michael, Jeremiah Wood, Ken from recent seasons. I am at a loss to recall any female contestants that were billed as "models". Does anyone remember? Pictures would be nice to jog the memory. :)
  13. S36.E05: A Diamond in the Rough

    It doesn't bother me. My daughter's dream job is to be a dolphin trainer. It's not because she wants to exploit dolphins into performing for humans. It's because she really loves dolphins and this is one of the only ways one can have regular interaction with them. She loves animals and regularly reads nonfiction books about all kinds of marine life and knows more about dolphins and penguins than I ever will. I think zoos and marine parks are great places to learn about animals. I know animal activists think that the only place to see an animal should be in the wild, but that's simply not practical or cost-sensitive for 99% of people. So while I found a lot to dislike about Morgan, I can't hate on her for her job. Just like how I think the world of male modeling is... curious. And here on this show we have two. One seems a bit overly impressed with himself and has really rubbed Dominick and one or two others the wrong way, and has seemingly turned off a lot of viewers. The other is well spoken and playing well and seems to be a fan favorite. I can't dislike anyone for their job, everyone has to make a living somehow.
  14. S36.E05: A Diamond in the Rough

    I guess Chris and his story to Donathan doesn't bother me... it doesn't bother me that he called it strategy. I don't necessarily think he was trying to exploit his mother's illness. He was trying to find common ground with Donathan after hearing Donathan's story. I thought that's what his confessional said, that he is trying to make connections. It is no different than several seasons ago when Zeke was on the outs after a tribe switch and trying to find anything in common with others. He tried bonding with the red headed attorney when he found out he was on the Oklahoma football team by saying he was also from Oklahoma. And then he tried bonding with the big gay cop that nobody knew was gay over their common preference. I don't think Chris or Zeke were trying to get people to sympathise or feel bad for them. There must be a lot of time sitting around doing nothing and people have to talk about something, so they try and find things in common. Whereas with Adam, although he snot sobbed his way through many confessionals, he had only shared his mom's cancer story with Jay. Then at Tribal Council he snot sobbed to others for the first time and basically said they should vote for him because it was his dying mother's dream to see him play and win Survivor. Because she's dying, and he has to Survive for both of them. It was so cheap and disgusting and I find him the most disgusting winner of all time. I was also a little disappointed with Jeremy revealing that his wife was pregnant at final tribal. I think he would have won anyways but the sympathy vote is a large part of why Jeremy and Adam both won their seasons unanimously.
  15. S36.E05: A Diamond in the Rough

    Bradley looks to me like the love child of Just Jack from "Will and Grace" and Matt Lanter from."Timeless". And while I would agree he seems like the stereotypical jealous jerk, to me I think he'd be more likely to be starring in "Love Simon" than "Bridget Jones Baby". That crank was awesome, I loved the image of how uneven it looked. Two on one side, two on the other, it didn't look like a smooth cranking, Looked very herky-jerky, slow as the stronger side their arms went up then very fast as they were going down.