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  1. Knightfall In The Media

    Wow. I'm pleasantly shocked that this show got renewed. Glad they are getting a new showrunner because the last one made lots of poor choices. Mark Hamill will hopefully bring in some viewers. I'm surprised they didn't have Jeremy Renner show up in a few episodes during the first season, that would have definitely drawn some interest. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/mark-hamill-joining-knightfall-renewed-season-2-at-history-1134279
  2. Season 6 Discussion: Retribution

    Just finished the whole season on DVD. I liked it every bit as much as the Scott/Stonebridge years. I liked both of the guys here, whereas I always never cared for Stonebridge, too stiff. The addition of the two women as full fledged contributors to the team, as opposed to side support like previously, was great. Question... at the GRU site, was Scott and Stonebridge's only role to disable the power? Why wouldn't they have wanted to help get the server? They disable the lights, Michael told Damien that they should go to Sao Paolo, he threw away the phone to cut off Reynolds' ability to call him, and then they just bugged out. Really? Looking forward to the next season.
  3. S04. E01. Hella Duplicitous

    I am heartened to see that I am not alone when I couldn't remember a lot of what happened at the end of last season. When I didn't see Luke Mitchell's name in the credits, I was all, "oh yeah, he sacrificed himself in the spaceship. Oh wait. That was Agents of SHIELD. But I remember him dying here too but can't remember how or why." I couldn't remember why Tasha is now seemingly bad either. Good to see Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio. When I saw her name in the credits, I groaned, because I confused her name with Mary Stuart Masterton who played evil Director Hirst and I didn't want to see Hirst again. Then when MEM showed up, I was saying "wow, haven't seen her since The Abyss!" Almost didn't recognise her. I think it's great that this show is giving work to these blast from the past actresses who had their height of fame in the 80s and 90s. Upthread someone said they thought Sullivan Stapleton porked out over the offseason. I actually thought he looks more youthful than ever. Not sure if it's the haircut? The haircut kind of makes him look like he did on Season 1 of "Strike Back". Wish there was a way for Roman to actually not be dead. I like the character. When you say "bad" do you mean bad as in evil? Or bad is in she's a horrible actress? I don't recall her being evil. There was just way too much angst because of her resentment at being abandoned by Jane, who didn't even know she had a child. I hated the actress and her terrible acting, thought she didn't even remotely look like she could be a child of Jane's, and hope she is gone from the show for good.
  4. S02.E04: outMatched

    DIE ANDY DIE! Seriously, please die already. Jace can die too. The character is useless and extraneous at this point. And Caitlin was even more uber irritating this episode than usual. The actress spent the entire episode dialed up to “hysterical”. I’m curious to see who the patient in the white sheet is.
  5. S37.E03 I Am Goliath Strong

    I loathe Jeffy's commentary. He always acts like the challenge is going to determine the future of the free world. I think back to on Amazing Race when Phil Keoghan gave play by play of that dolly cart race in Belgium (?) and his narration was so much more professional, calm, informative, and unbiased. Jeffy is awful. "And David tribe dropped their bag AGAIN!!! And Carl STILL cannot get under the pole! WHAT is David tribe doing? They are WAY behind!" Re Jeremy's story regarding Angelina canoodling with John the wrestler. I'm sure she was. I have no opinion on whether that was why she targeted him, but I resent the fact that this odious woman seems to think she can dictate what people can say on camera. If she's going to cozy up to John for a showmance to advance her game, she could have told her husband in advance that she would pretend to flirt with others to further her game. Instead, she's all Queen Angelina refusing to allow people to talk about it on camera. Why were people so willing to comply? What was to stop anyone from saying anything in a confessional? What if they said anything to someone else while she wasn't around? Why was TPTB so afraid of her that they apparently complied with her wishes? I can't stand her, hope she goes home ASAP.
  6. I would definitely agree... if this were real life. But this is a TV show, and moreover, it's a soapy TV show. And evil twins show up about 10,000 more times on soapy TV than in real life. The evil twin is probably #4 on the list of soap opera cliches (perhaps only behind "Back from the Dead", "Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome", and "The person I slept with is my secret half-sibling?!"). I'm waiting for Sam to surface in the second half of this season. Probably in the season finale. After the season's mysteries are revealed and solved, Annalise and Tegan decide to get married. Just as they are about to say their vows, Sam shows up (soap opera cliche #5, the "wedding interruptus"). It will be revealed that the Sam that the Scooby Gang killed in Season 1 was actually his twin. Real Sam has been stuck at the bottom of a well with Real Bonnie for four years. Hey... it could happen!
  7. Assuming there is a twin, and that the twin and Bonnie have indeed been switching places for years, I'm positive that there will be no need to go back and watch again to see if you can figure it out. Because of course it would be a classic retcon... show needs some new ideas so now all of a sudden the Bonnie we know might not have been Bonnie. It's one of those things that happens on TV shows all the time that drives me a little nuts (most famous example, Bobby Ewing in the shower wiping out an entire season of "Dallas"). It likely sprang out from a brainstorming session that went something like "what if Bonnie has a twin and the twin is the killer? When did the real Bonnie get replaced? This will open up a whole new line of story." I don't mind Bonnie having a twin, I agree it does make things interesting, I just don't want them to go back and say that the Real Bonnie was replaced during sometime midway through Season 2, or that Real Bonnie didn't kill Rebecca, etc. Cause that's cheap.
  8. Even if she's not a twin, she looks enough like Bonnie that when Nate showed the nurse a picture of 15 year old Bonnie, the nurse instantly said that she was the person in the security camera photo who took the baby. Maybe Annalise already knew the backstory of Bonnie's baby. She clearly knows enough about the sister to know that the person wasn't Bonnie. As far as I can tell, the security camera photo was so unclear that Annalise wouldn't have been able to distinguish who it was at all. So when Nate told her that Bonnie was seen taking the baby and showed her the photo, Annalise maybe already knew it was the sister who took the baby. I don't think we have yet definitively found out who Frank was talking to in last season's finale when he called someone and said "her kid is here". Sounds more and more like it was Annalise. A twin swap is just so typical of these kinds of stories that I'm still sticking with the theory that the murderer is the twin, and that she would have been playing the role of Bonnie for some time. Then twin can get sent away to prison, and the real Bonnie surfaces after having been kept at the bottom of a well for weeks (like Natalie Dillon and her twin sister Janet from Another Planet on "One Life to Live" about 25 years ago). And the show doesn't lose the actress. I'm so happy that Connor was revealed alive. Now I just need for them to show us that Tegan is safe. I'm sure she would have been invited, Oliver is working full time at Caplan and Gold and Connor is an intern there. Who is left on the "possibly dead" list that we haven't yet seen? Oliver, Tegan, Asher, district attorney, Nate, Lauren's mom, Gabriel, Timothy Hutton, Nate's girlfriend. Anyone else? Oh, and possibly Real Bonnie or Bonnie Twin depending on who you think the "Bonnie" we have seen is.
  9. Was there a real explanation of how we went from the secretary trying on the belt and exclaiming in dismay when it was a perfect fit, to the psychopath boss attempting to try it on and it clearly didn't fit, and then all of a sudden the jury announces him guilty? The prosecution had established that the belt was the murder weapon and that it was the defendant's belt. It clearly wasn't his belt. He admitted to Annalise and Timothy Hutton that it was his wife's belt, but the jury couldn't have known that. The jury heard the prosecution say the defendant murdered the victim with his belt, and it was shown it couldn't be his. Seemed like a leap that required an explanation. Maybe Annalise could have said a throwaway line like "well, even though it wasn't your belt, they must have believed you did it anyways". The show did us a disservice by not having Annalise go dancing with Tegan. I love the budding friendship between these two that started out with Tegan actively disliking Annalise. I need to see Tegan in a relaxed, non-work environment. And I always love to see Viola Davis dance on this show, she always looks so happy. I loved the short-lived "ohhhhh yeah, I'm the BOSS, I still got it" dance and the accompanying music when she got enough clients for her class action.
  10. Tegan rocks. I would totally watch a show that was all Tegan and Annalise. Dump all of these needy students, they are extraneous in the shadow of Tegan. I think the “Bonnie” in the current day scenes is the twin. The victim is Bonnie. Although I still want it to be Asher and his beady eyes. He gets more and more irritating with each passing week.
  11. S37.E03 I Am Goliath Strong

    I'm a bit unclear on this tribe as well.. There is Mike the pale bug eyed guy that was on Amazing Race. Dan the SWAT cop has dark hair and a beard. There is the wrestler who I have a hard time distinguishing from the other generic white guy, I find their faces very similar. However, the one I am assuming is the wrestler doesn't seem to wear a shirt very often and I am assuming that he is the one whose body is in much better shape than the other one. I'm also unclear on the women, apart from Natalie. There is Kara, the blonde who is infatuated with Dan. There's a Natalia and there's an Angelina. I have a hard time distinguishing these two physically. I'm drawing a complete blank on the last woman. Which of these women is the third wheel in the Dan and Kara alliance? I know one is a doctor... who is that? And I could have sworn that this season has two doctors. In addition to the one who said she was a doctor at the first challenge, I thought there was another one, perhaps on the other tribe? Or maybe it was the same woman. Is the wrestler supposed to be someone really famous? I don't follow wrestling at all... is he like Hulk Hogan or Andre the Giant famous? I don't think there was that much interaction between the tribes... does Christian actually know who he is, or is he just going by what the guy said at the challenge? Why is Christian so obsessed with making up stories about a guy on the other team?
  12. S37.E03 I Am Goliath Strong

    But she did outwit and outplay him. She was indeed the low hanging fruit that everyone was ready to chop. Yet he got chopped instead. She got him to self-destruct. He was already paranoid because he assumed that whenever people paired off in twos, that they were talking about getting rid of him. Then she came over to the group of three and said she wanted to talk to the two that were not Jeremy, and he went ballistic. Not a great move on his part. I'm not sure whether she intentionally set about to cause him to self-destruct or whether it was her no-nonsense manner that he drove him mad, but whatever it was, she outplayed him. It must say a lot about how poorly his tribemates viewed him when they unanimously voted him out over the caustic Natalie. I agree with the comment upthread that he was criticising her for never having seen the show and not knowing how to act. But he was just as guilty of pretty much the same thing. He was a self-professed superfan that thought he knew exactly how to play and was offended when people weren't playing the same way. He had just a bad read on people as she did. If he had simply sit back and done nothing, nobody would have targeted him.
  13. S37.E03 I Am Goliath Strong

    I would tend to agree... for all we know, she is a great boss. Her bedside manner might be hard to take but she has started and run a successful newspaper (or maybe it's a magazine) so she must be doing something right. I have a feeling that she is tough on her employees but she takes care of them and rewards effort and hard work. The people she takes under her wing probably thrive at her company. That said, I think some of what her tribe was saying at tribal was quite on target. Dan talked something about how you have to recognise the environment you're in and adapt. She did seem to at least acknowledge it and hear it and recognise that she might have to change how she deals with people there. At the Goliath tribal meeting held by Jeremy, I didn't see Dan there. Was he there? If so, I didn't notice him. I thought it would have been a perfect opportunity for Jeremy to call Dan out on the idol. He had already told half the people that Dan had one, and he told them he knew because he looked in Dan's pants. Alec and the woman he was next to seemed disgusted not with the fact that Jeremy looked in Dan's pants but with the fact that Dan found an idol and was hiding it. Why? If they had found the idol I'm sure they wouldn't have told everyone either. Not sure why Jeremy wouldn't have tried to get people to flush the idol. Target Kara. Dan would have used it on her. Yes! I couldn't believe that she is a financial advisor. She seems like such a nasty untrustworthy person. The kind of person that thinks she can get people to do what she wants by smiling and (trying to) look pretty. Plus she's such a "mean girl" that acts so entitled. Why people would trust her with their money is beyond me. If I were her client I'd check to see how many thousands in fees she racks up on my account and compare it to other people's fees.
  14. S37.E03 I Am Goliath Strong

    I’m glad Jeremy is gone. So paranoid about everything, turned everyone off. I do agree with Natalie when she said she didn’t understand why she wasn’t allowed to talk to people to try and save herself. And he also didn’t want people to talk to others and have “side conservations”. They sit around 90% of the time with nothing to do, why aren’t they allowed to talk to each other in pairs? When Nick, Bi and Davie were on the raft while Gabby was fishing, Bi was talking about how she wanted Gabby out because she turned on Jessica. Nick is all “I know right”. But can’t Bi do the math? Who does she think voted out Jessica? She knows that there were five votes for Jessica, she should know who the four votes were for Lyrsa, why can’t she figure out that Nick voted for Jessica? Editing for this episode was terrible. As soon as they showed Jeremy having a tribe meeting about not having side conversations, I knew right away that Goliath would lose and Jeremy would go home. Then in Nick’s confessional, we see him talking with a yellow scarf draped around his neck, cuts away to show other people, no break in conversation as he keeps talking, cut back to him and he is bare chested with no scarf, still talking, cut away to show others, still talking, cut back, scarf is back. I know that these confessionals must be filled multiple times but they should at least make it not so obvious.
  15. S02.E03: coMplications

    I'm tired of Andy and even though it won't happen, each week I find myself hoping that something calamitous happens to him. He has a face that looks like it was made for punching. The Frosts are getting on my nerves too, and I'm glad that this week explained that their powers are not all powerful, because it was beginning to look like they could do whatever they wanted with their mind manipulation. Why didn't Lauren throw up a force field when the car was about to crash? I wish we had seen more of the Morlocks or at least been introduced to each individual. We only met Erg. We only heard that one has the power to make illusory walls and that one has the power to create visual windows through green goop. What else can they do? Is this the last we have seen of them?