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  1. "The View": Week Of 1/21/2019

    Ditto, that little guy was a teenage creep....just nasty.
  2. S03.E03: The Big Never

    Okay this show is really slow...but know what...it's great, I am really enjoying it...not as much as the first season, but man, it's pretty damn good.
  3. Simon was a complete ass...but that said, the right dude went through...but HE should have been given the golden buzzer so someone worthy could have gone through as well.
  4. "The View": Week Of 1/21/2019

    His one man show is great, I think they have one of them on netflix. Now HE, is a straight shooter.
  5. Meghan McCain: "Both Sides" Wannabe Tough Chick

    you gals are killing it today, thank you!
  6. "The View": Week Of 1/14/2019

    Can I just say that that crap RBM wore Friday is actually worse than that tomato thing she wore the day before, and honey that is saying a lot...When I saw THAT...I screamed so loud, my senile shih tzu woke up and actually barked...honey it takes a lot to get him up! EWWWWWW and what's with the pinned down hair girlfriend? Oh honey they really really really really hate your republican ass in makeup and hair.
  7. S07.E03: Buckle Up!

    oh WOW that coat is everything...I had forgotten, thanks a million.
  8. S06.E04: Ben's Garden

    Well I enjoyed this episode but you all are right, Marcus needed to let up on all the hugging, God, the guy didn't like it, give him a break. Glad that they made his manager a real manager and worked it out. It was a good thing! Ben was creepy, but he had good ideas.
  9. Corporate

    Just watched the new season opener. It's terrific, gross, but very funny. I loved the office crush story line. I can totally relate.
  10. "The View": Week Of 1/14/2019

    whoa he is a nasty piece of tripe.
  11. "The View": Week Of 1/14/2019

    Castro is a light weight, but he will be a heavy hitter one day. But RBM, just shut the fuck up will ya?
  12. Tidying Up With Marie Kondo

    I agree, I had one doll at a time growing up in the 50's, and I never felt deprived.
  13. Meghan McCain: "Both Sides" Wannabe Tough Chick

    Meghan McCain: I am a size 12 damn it, my Daddy said so.
  14. Tidying Up With Marie Kondo

    Well, this is my true story that shows how she helped me to spark joy, and actually keep something I was going to toss. I bought a new black leather jacket (at a thrift store of course) and was going to toss my old, but still decent, bomber jacket, because that is what you should do, but know what, I picked up that old very groovy bomber jacket, and said to myself, ARE YOU KIDDING ME...this jacket totally sparks joy, it just makes me happy when I wear it. I'm keeping it! I'll toss something else! Thank you Marie! I may not fold my tee shirts, but she has helped me get rid of many things that really kinda bring me down.
  15. Well, I'm in to the end because of Ali, he is killing it. And so is Miss Gummer. Fantastic.