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  1. S02.E04: Qualifiers 4 2018.06.19

    It would have been nice if the tap dancer had music which allowed you to hear what he was actually doing with his feet. And, it was nice to see someone who has actually gone to a dance school and studied dance. This show sucks, but I can't control myself.
  2. "The View" Week Of 6/18/2018

    to Geek: I thought her lips looked like the vampire sucking bitch that she is. God I hate her, I just had to turn it off today.
  3. "The View" Week Of 6/18/2018

    oh and Miss Opal.....can we all drink every time Whoopie says YOU KNOW....God, we would all be at AA meetings every day at the week. I hate people that say You Know and Like....ouch. Hurts my soul.
  4. "The View" Week Of 6/18/2018

    I just had to turn that turd fest off today. Hey Sonny, stop pouting, your new punched in and then "filled in" face is not adjusting to your current stupid pout mouth. Jesus, what is wrong with her? She is acting like she is 5. Enough already, so what, who cares?
  5. All Episodes Talk: Tread Carefully

    Oh God, he is so guilty. I have watched so many documentaries about this creep. (Including the one he made about himself when he went to trial). He not only killed his wife, he killed twice same way. Ewwwwwwwwww. This is a great case. Not going to watch this again, enough already, but everybody, enjoy, this is a really good one. If this is the one I watched before, it is fantastic. There is a special place in Hell for that lying smug turd.
  6. "The View" Week Of 6/18/2018

    Sounds like I need to skip today's episode, I feel so tribal. Wooooo Wooooooo.
  7. S01.E01: Nice Face

    Yeah you are right on the money....kinda.
  8. S01.E01: Nice Face

    Okay, MI5 answers to the Home secretary and MI6 answers to the Foreign secretary in Britain. 5 protects Britain and 6 protects from foreign agents there and abroad.
  9. "The View" Week Of 6/11/2018

    Ditto.....I am sick of her not allowing a guest to frigging speak.
  10. She is so good in this, and gal who plays her sister, actually looks like her sister, hell, she looks exactly LIKE HER. Wonderful series, just discovered it on Netflix, kept me up all night, but I am retired and can do whatever I want. Going to watch Series 2 this weekend! Love love love this series. There is nothing better than a British lady cop! The new series Collateral is fantastic too, it is on netflix right now.
  11. "The View" Week Of 6/11/2018

    My shih tzu says that MM is soooooo stupid that he can not deal. Seriously, my dog has a better vocabulary. Oh, and when I tell him to be quiet, he shuts up! Dog and Cat lovers unit against the Pig MM. 🐷
  12. "The View" Week Of 6/11/2018

    Well somebody needs to tell Whoopie's size XXXXXX ass that she never eats, let me tell ya. That gal is HUGE. I have to turn it off or fast forward through her talking with her mouth full. I'll just fast forward to the Hamm Bone today, thanks gals for the warning. Burp. 👍
  13. S06.E01: TankFarm & Co 2018.06.12

    Guys, those clothes were butt ugly!
  14. Season Two : All Episodes Talk

    God, this show makes me want to do drugs.
  15. "The View" Week Of 6/11/2018

    Oh man, I do love the Hamm Bone! He should really be a huge movie star by now, terrific actor, funny as hell, smart as f###. I adore him. What did they give him, 3 minutes of watching them eat today? You gals are right, he is just Cary Grant handsome isn't he? Ahhhhhhhh.