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  1. Unfortunately this season ranks as one of the worst for me, mainly because the election theme hits too close to real life, and it is missing many of my favorite cast members including Kathy Bates, Angela Bassett, Denis O’Hare and Lily Rabe. The season finale was also boring as there were no special guest stars or particularly revealing connections to previous seasons or the larger AHS universe. I also hated that basically everyone died except Sarah Paulson (again!) and Beverly. So I would rank the seasons as follows: 1. Asylum (most scary and insane) 2. Murder House (most coherent story overall) 3. Hotel (camp and over-the-top) 4. Coven (story’s uneven but it did have Jessica Lange in glamor mode, Kathy Bate’s hilarious talking head, the lovely architecture of New Orleans, and “Balenciaga!”) 5. Freak Show (Twisty the clown, Dandy, the wonderful Ma Petite, Pepper’s backstory, but also Jessica Lange’s worst role in AHS) 6. Cult (got a little boring towards the end) 7. Roanoke (hot mess)
  2. I liked the season finale fine, especially Ally’s “nasty woman” comment to the male senator. But I wish there were more connections to previous seasons. Evan Peters did a good job as Kai and the other cult leaders. Loved Beverly shooting him in the head at the end too. I think Ryan Murphy once mentioned the next season will be a “Coven” and “Freakshow” crossover, so maybe Ally is meeting the witches from “Coven” at the end of the finale.
  3. This episode was a nice wrap up of the season. Loved the group working together again. Steve as the babysitter was hilarious, and also liked that Hopper ended up adopting Eleven. The snow ball scene at the end was fun. Loved Steve becoming a mentor to Dustin. It was sad when he was crying on his own after being rejected by the group of girls, but nice of Nancy to ask him to dance. Billy is the worst character on the show and he can’t get off my screen fast enough. So is it implied that he is really a racist towards Lucas? Erica is the cutest younger sister ever! Hope we get to see more of her in future seasons. Maybe she can join the group! Dart dying at the end with the nougat wrapper next to him was kinda sad but still can’t get over his killing Dustin’s mom’s cat. Looking forward to next season. Hopefully nothing bad happens to Will again.
  4. I thought this was an okay standalone episode. Enjoyed the big city setting, and Kali and El did chemistry as a pair of sisters. Kali’s crew was really annoying though. Maybe Kali will join El in Hawkins at some point in the future as I think she can be an interesting addition to the older teenager crew and maybe a love interest for Jonathan.
  5. Does anyone else think the older brother of Mad Max is the most annoying character ever on this show? He just walks around looking angry all the time with absolutely no other emotion. Poor kitty! I really like Dustin and his mom so I hope nothing happens to either of them.
  6. Evan Peters was great playing all the cult leaders through history. I think he deserves an Emmy for this season. YES! Ivy is dead! Good riddance.
  7. Is this supposed to be the “Halloween” episode like in previous seasons when they featured special characters like Edward Mondrake and his ghost posse (in “Freak show”) and the party with the serial killers (in “Hotel”)? That threesome scene was hilarious. Probably one of the most intentionally funny scenes in the series ever. So how did they get Beverly away from her reporter job to work in the kitchen? What happened to Frances Conroy? Hopefully she will be back at some point. Samuels was my least favorite character so I am glad he is gone. I think this season will end with Ally overthrowing Kai, with maybe Beverly’s help. Like last season when Adina Porter and Sarah Paulson were the last 2 characters standing at the end.
  8. I really enjoyed this episode just because there was no sarah paulson screaming at the screen every 5 seconds. I thought Lena Dunham and Evan peters were great playing Valerie Solanas and Andy Warhol respectively. Yay too for the return of Frances Conroy. Wonder if she will be in any other episodes. I am starting to get bored with this season and am wondering what exactly the “endgame” is. Poor Harrison. I enjoyed Billy Eichner in the role, and hopefully he will be back in some capacity in subsequent seasons.
  9. Now that Ally has been "set up" as the shooter, I wonder where the rest of the season will take us. Guess Kai will become nationally famous and try and take over the White House? Looking forward to seeing Frances Conroy and (I think) Lena Dunham next week.
  10. Great episode! Love the reveal that Ivy and Winter know each other. Makes it seem more likely they are working together now to recruit Ally into their cult by scaring the shit out of her. Also, it was a Chaz Bono-centric episode and he gave an amazing performance as the Trump supporter/pussy grabber. The Beverly Hope YouTube video was also hilarious. Wonder if it was Emma Roberts who paid those guys to punk Beverly when she was on camera. I think those killer clowns are Kai, Harrison and Meadow right? There is definitely a female clown and 2 male clowns so I assume that's them in clown costumes actually committing the murder? Plus Harrison has killed before and Meadow saw him hacking up the body in the motel bathroom.
  11. I think everyone other than Ally and Oz are members of the cult. Definitely the psychiatrist, neighbors, Ivy, Winter and even the cop. LOL. Loved Adina Porter calling Ally the "lesbian George Zimmerman".
  12. Poor Pedro! I definitely think Ivy, Winter and the creepy neighbors are all gaslighting Ally and trying to convince her to join Kai's cult by making her scared. The nanny's relationship with Oz also reminds me of the movie "The Omen", which leads me to believe that Oz is somehow important to the cult. Just a wild guess but perhaps he is the devil baby from the "Murder House" season? Maybe the Jessica Lange character died, after which he was adopted by Ally and Ivy? That would certainly tie this season back to "Murder House".
  13. This season's opening sequence with the election results was the scariest and most disturbing one yet of all the seasons so far, even more than the "Coven" one. What a way to rub it in, Ryan Murphy! I do like the new actors this season, especially Winter (she is quite creepy) and Ivy. I haven't seen the actress who plays Ivy before this, and she reminded me at first of Kristen Bell (from "Veronica Mars") with short hair. Great to see Chaz Bono as the grocery store clerk. The killer clowns are hilariously funny. Love the 2 that were having sex by the watermelon display in the grocery store. lol
  14. This season was a waste of time for me. 2 things I hated most: the Ozzie storyline, completely unnecessary and didn't make any sense. The 2nd last episode was annoying as hell. Instead of wasting time on John's "dream" they could have resolved some of the other b-plots more like the recurring nightmare Meg had where she was trying to prevent somebody from entering the house in the middle of the night. Also, I agree with the posters who said there is no way in hell Meg can afford that house in LA on a bartender's salary. This really should have been an anthology series with each season exploring perhaps a different family with secrets. The Rayburn mystery should have been resolved at the end of season 1, and subsequent seasons should have stories of other families.
  15. I enjoyed this season and thought the last episode was pretty moving especially when we see the inmates being separated outside the prison. Best performances this season are from Taystee, Gloria and Maria. I also loved the flashbacks to Red's past in Russia and Freida's childhood as a Girl Scout, some of the others not so much. Looking forward to next season and hoping most of my favorite characters will be back.