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  1. Midwives and nuns in other roles

    Pam Ferris, our erstwhile Sister Evangelina, plays Queen Victoria in the upcoming film Holmes and Watson.
  2. The Baking Topic

    It is very possible to make a flaky and delicious all-butter crust. All in the technique, I'd say.
  3. They seemed to be known in Poplar, though, so I doubt it would have been just that simple. Besides, even if that was their functional relationship, they might not have been willing (for themselves) to pass it off as such publicly.
  4. Everyone's Talkin': Industry News

    Don't know what will come to him personally, but at least for the time being, he's out, and Deciem's still in business.
  5. Agreed. Given how much they put the principals through (especially in the last two seasons), I was glad to see them left with some resolution. It’s a rare series that starts strong and keeps getting stronger all the way through, but this was one.
  6. That's quite a cast (not just the MM alums, the whole thing).
  7. Mad Men Elimination Game

    I've looked at songs from both side now, from win and lose, and still somehow ... I know The Best Things in Life Are Free must be eliminated.
  8. The DVDs of each season are pretty much available at the time the seasons first airs on PBS (they are promoted when it's on), so they've been out since spring.
  9. Mad Men Elimination Game

    I haven't played every round of this iteration, by far (I feel as if I've not always noted the music to the same degree as some, or perhaps I've just not rewatched as obsessively), but given that I made the case somewhere in an earlier elimination game for the perfection of Both Sides Now as a choice for its episode (ah, found it), it's been gratifying to see that so many others have it as end-game.
  10. I do think that, in that clip, that his accent betrays more of a NY background than it does elsewhere on TWW, thanks to his pronunciation of 'r'. Often his speech seems highly enunciated and and slightly clipped, which contributes to its distinctive cadence. It's not unusual for people to betray more of the regional accent of their childhoods when their voices are raised, however. Interestingly, per the Wikipedia entry BManilowe linked, Silver had a lot of language study under his belt, with a BA in Spanish and Chinese, and an MA in Chinese History; since he studied in Taiwan, he probably had proficiency in Mandarin at that point. From that entry:
  11. He sounded Northeastern to me, but not as if he has a New York accent, based on my experience from living in NYC. And there were aspects of his inflection and manner of enunciation that are unlike anyone else I’ve heard, from anywhere in the country, and quite distinctive. (Incidentally, my mother, who grew up in and around NYC, is very keyed to the subtle differences between her pronunciation of vowels in certain words as a native of the Northeast and that of my brother and me, who grew up in California, but she does not now and has never had a “New York” accent.)
  12. He really doesn't have a New York accent, and if Ron Silver ever spoke with an accent influenced by a specific Outer Boroughs neighborhood (and the way Bruno sounds sure doesn't resemble any I've heard), as someone working (and trying to get work) in film and television, he likely would have ditched it. Not all natives of NYC have discernible "New York" accents, even those of earlier generations, in my experience. As is often the case, there are various factors that contribute, including geography and socioeconomics. At any rate, his speech is somewhat sui generis to my American ears.
  13. Mad Men Elimination Game

    On the Street Where You Live
  14. Mad Men Elimination Game

    As on the nose as the song is, I really love that moment when the rowdy music kicks in just as Peggy leaves. It's like a release valve after all the tension running through the episode.
  15. The Baking Topic

    I baked a birthday cake for my friend's daughter, vanilla sponge layers with sliced strawberries between them, frosted with strawberry whipped cream. For the frosting, I used Stella Parks's super-thick and fruity food processor whipped cream recipe made with freeze-dried strawberries. First time I've done it, and I have to say it's a great idea — it tastes strongly of real strawberries, is very easy to work with, and she claims it will last up to a week in the fridge without weeping thanks to using the freeze-dried fruit. My one piece of advice is to really scrape the ground fruit/sugar mixture out of the edges of the processor before adding the cream because it wanted to stick there.