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  1. S08.E00: Christmas Special 2018

    My recollection is that I read that they shot part of the season organically (in order), but at the same time they were shooting later Trixie scenes ahead of doing the remainder of those episodes to get them done before Helen George left for her maternity leave.
  2. New Year, New Batch Of FMK Matchups

    Eh, Nina had it coming.
  3. New Year, New Batch Of FMK Matchups

    Gotta note that if you're married to Jack Bauer, you might end up dead, as Teri did at the end of Season 1.
  4. S08.E00: Christmas Special 2018

    The difference is between a medicalized birth in a very clinical setting, presumably, and a more personal midwife-attended birth with someone who's been seeing them through the prenatal process. The Nonnatan midwives still attend the births in the maternity home, with Dr. Turner available as needed, as with the Poplar home births so it's still community based. There have definitely been past episodes where the midwives encouraged a patient with multiple kids at home to stay in the maternity home for a birth just to have a break from the chaos of home life for a for a bit.
  5. S08.E00: Christmas Special 2018

    We really didn't learn anything about her current status (where she's living, how she's supporting herself, etc.), other than she'd been widowed. I can fanwank it that she's got some money from her late, older husband's estate, that's financed her return to England and her life there, potentially including the car.
  6. S08.E00: Christmas Special 2018

    That brother and sister were fairly young children when they were sent off. The first season took place in 1957, and this Christmas special is (I presume) taking place at the end of 1963, since the final episode of S7 included the Kennedy assassination. The brother and sister here were at least in their mid 20s, it seemed.
  7. Call The Midwife In The Media

    Here's an interview with Leonie Elliott (Lucille), where she talks about her family background and how it's informed her role, among other things.
  8. Thanks for highlighting this, as I am a longtime user of Burt's Bees lip balm (for regular lip balm, I prefer the pomegranate), and I also have some colored lip products and am currently using a BB facial cleanser. Wish I'd known about it before!
  9. Patsy: Keeping Dark Secrets

    I think the difference is that for the midwives, room and board is part of their compensation, so it is probably a financial consideration as much as anything else that they share. Delia was paying for her room and board at Nonnatus House while she worked as a nurse. She didn't start out being in midwifery, but after living there for a while she decided to train as a nurse-midwife, as I recall.
  10. Patsy: Keeping Dark Secrets

    Patsy regularly snuck off to Delia’s room at night, because Delia had her own room. Patsy was roommates with Trixie, as I recall, so it was in Delia’s room that they had privacy.
  11. Midwives and nuns in other roles

    Pam Ferris, our erstwhile Sister Evangelina, plays Queen Victoria in the upcoming film Holmes and Watson.
  12. The Baking Topic

    It is very possible to make a flaky and delicious all-butter crust. All in the technique, I'd say.
  13. They seemed to be known in Poplar, though, so I doubt it would have been just that simple. Besides, even if that was their functional relationship, they might not have been willing (for themselves) to pass it off as such publicly.
  14. Everyone's Talkin': Industry News

    Don't know what will come to him personally, but at least for the time being, he's out, and Deciem's still in business.
  15. That's quite a cast (not just the MM alums, the whole thing).