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  1. Spoiler Discussion Thread: The Sequel

    Looking at that shot of Emiko in GA costume with the hood up and i’m reminded again of how off the hood looked. we know it’s Emiko. We just saw her put on the costume. They didn’t need to pull it back just enough for viewers to see her entire face. She looks like she’s wearing a raincoat or something.
  2. If Stephen and Emily want to break the Internet (or just make Olicity fans go nuts) they should do a duet as a teaser or promo 😜
  3. S07.E08: Unmasked

    OK. I guess I’d nod eagerly, too 😜
  4. S07.E08: Unmasked

    I think that’s what he says while taking his shirt off. I’m referring to the one right before. Hold on, lemme find a clip. It’s at the 1:52 mark, right before Felicity nods.
  5. S07.E08: Unmasked

    I noticed something during another rewatch of the first Olicity scene. Just before Oliver takes off his shirt, Oliver tells Felicity something and she nods. Could it just be him saying he’s taking off his shirt? There’s no dialogue in the closed captioning, unfortunately. Maybe I should watch again. For science. 😊
  6. I saw the wink, I gotcha 😊😉
  7. S07.E08: Unmasked

    He was the wrong boyfriend or suitor in When Calls the Heart, which quite a number of my friends used to watch. Used to because the show screwed up their ship ...
  8. Spoiler Discussion Thread: The Sequel

    I wonder if Overwatch will be part of SCPD now that the Green Arrow is basically a deputized cop. Will she continue being in his ear or will that now go to Dinah as his handler? And what about the others? Wild Dog also suiting up? The prospect of more Dinah is souring me on the show. Not even Laurel was able to do that.
  9. Spoiler Discussion Thread: The Sequel

    Well, she’s GA’s boss now, sort of. I’m gonna guess we’re getting more of that amazing comic partnership 🙄 She and Stephen were dull AF even though she was giving that inappropriate smolder her all in the last ep. (She was also doing it to Big William that I kinda worried she’d jump the kid)
  10. The Starling City Times: News and Media about Arrow

    When was Felicity ever this? ISTG, some of these reviewers have never watched this show.
  11. Ratings and Scheduling: Hail to the Gods

    Did Blackstar or anything Kat-related trend? The Shadowhunters fandom is pretty big and social media savvy, isn’t it?
  12. Spoiler Discussion Thread: The Sequel

    I’m probably borrowing trouble but I thought that was KC at first. Must be the spider lashes. ETA: oops, just saw @statsgirl‘s lash comment. 😂
  13. Small Talk: The Quiver

    That’s a lovely color and setting @Mellowyellow and I agree with @statsgirl, I think a conversation with the teacher were you raise your concerns might help.
  14. No, Colton, although you’re part of the reason fans came up with that. When you and CL started getting pushed to the forefront at the expense of Diggle and Felicity 😏